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Author's Chapter Notes:
Choice that won:

A,1: Swim back to Roshi's place, and put our hand on that special level up Karma Calculator, so we can enhance our abilities before our fight. After that, go save Roshi.
"I suppose it's time to leave...!" You dive your entire body into the pool of water filling the room and blast through the exit that you created with your Giant Bulldozer.

The heavy current pushes against your body, but you manage to surpass it and make it out into the open sea. You whip your head above the surface and quickly scout the area, looking for Djawa Island. "It's gotta' be around here somewhere...Aha!"

With your destination set, you continue to push through the ocean for another long swim. Night falls before you manage to make a noticeable difference in position, but you keep moving, eventually making it to the sandy beach.

Water drips from your wet clothes and collapses onto the sand, efficiently making piles of mud. The crater that Crow made earlier comes into your field of vision, Roshi's house appearing afterwards.

"Hmm...I should dry my clothes before I rip that man's head off." You say to yourself, now opening Roshi's front door and looking around. All of your clothes are thrown on a rack that is in position to be heated by the sun, leaving you in nothing but boxer shorts. It's not like anybody is going to see you. Crow killed everybody already.

You end up inside of the room Roshi had lent you, gazing at the floor that you collapsed on when Ryuki shut down your body. You kiss your lips with a smidge of annoyance, but regain your composure upon noticing a particular item on your nightstand.

"Heh, I forgot about this." You smile while picking up the scouter that Joseph Pike gave to you after the defeat of King Vegeta. "This might come in handy." The scouter is equipped to your head handily while you walk out of the room and head outside.

A crisp aura of Ki flares around your body while you sit calmly on the beach, focusing your thoughts. "Ryuki, can you hear me?" No answer is heard. "I know you can hear me...Now hurry up and speak up!"

"Kehehehe," his voice screams in your head. "You sure have become rude, Kiryu. Perhaps I should not have filled you in on what I am. You were better off while you were ignorant."

"What abilities can you allow me to use?"

"Say that again?"

"When you explained the 'cost' to me, you said that I have a lot of hidden abilities that haven't been awakened yet. I'm asking you what they are."

"Kehehehehe, that is none of your concern." You aura flares up again and the pinnacle of your strength is reached.

"Answer me!" You scream while focusing that aura to your mind.

"Kehehehehe, no deal." Ryuki laughs. "You cannot hurt me, Kiryu."

"...Then why was the 'cost' ignored when I flared my aura up last time?"

"Kehehehehe, because I allowed it to relinquish its hold on you. You asked for it. Soon enough, your subconscious mind will attempt to invade your thoughts. Slowly, you will lose your brain and eventually go insane."

"I don't believe that will happen."

"Is that so? Kehehehe!"

"I was once given a pep talk about surpassing my fear. Controlling it. That was you invading my mind, correct?"

"It was."

"So you can mimic another person's voice?"

"Kehehehe, yes, I can. Anybody who your brain has registered, I can use their voice and personality. Depending on the situation you're in, I aid you with what they might say."

"Why would you do that though?"

"Do not misunderstand my intentions, Kiryu. I simply don't want this joy ride to end as of yet..."

"Ryuki...I will control you. Afterwards, I will be the one using you!"

"Not possible..."

"Try me." You boldly state with an unwavering aura. "With enough training, I should be able to harness the full extent of my body, mind, and soul. Once I've done that, I will use you as a weapon. No longer will I be controlled be your influence!"

You feel a sudden fade in your mind and an answer isn't heard from Ryuki. You laugh at this and stand up tall, turning to the garden that Roshi once brought you to. "Just one thing left to do...!"


"You're nearly 2 minutes late." Says a women in a calm voice. She's wearing a long, black hooded attire that covers nearly her entire body. She digs her hand into the cape without taking her purple eyes off of a sweaty man who just arrived in front of her.

"Sorry, Meli-" A gunshot is fired, stopping the man mid sentence. He drops to the ground, squirming in his position.

"When I say 12pm on the dot, I don't mean 11:59, and I certainly don't mean 12:01." She gazes at the man who is dying before her, blood leaking out of his mouth while he attempts to breath, coughing violently instead. The girl bends down and puts her hand in his pocket, picking out a small parcel from it.

She grins with pleasure and nods to herself, gets back up quickly, and walks out of the dark alley without making another sound.

Police sirens roar from a distance while she walks away from the area. After she gets a safe distance from the crime scene, the girl has a seat on a park bench and looks around cautiously. Seeing nobody in sight, she opens the parcel up and throws the remains of the package on the clean grass.

She plucks a small fruit that is colored light orange from the opened parcel. It has bumps that surround it entirely, almost looking like tiny spikes.

Her fingers run gently along the fruit, shaking the entire time. "I've got it. The most deadly fruit known to man. I better get back to base quickly!" She thinks to herself, slipping the fruit into the crease between her breasts.

The young women stands up from the bench and takes a step forward, stopping immediately after. Her hands tense up and she instinctively goes into a fighting position. "That Ki...! It's enormous!"

"Behahahaha!" An evil being laughs, suddenly appearing in front of her. There before the girl stands a little green man with an orange cape and whiskers. "I was waiting for you to get ahold of that fruit."

"Two, no...three gigantic Ki's are behind me! Less than twenty feet. If I try to run, I'll be sniped from behind. Damn!" The girls heart races, but she remains composure. "What do you mean?"

"The fruit of the Tree of Might! Behahaha! Give it here, Melisa."

"How do you-" A man wraps himself around her body and holds her neck firmly.

"Try to resist and you die." Commander Pitou whispers into her ear. The Wizard Babidi laughs with a huge smile on his face, moving his hands around wildly.

"Pau Pata Ma Pau!" A spell is cast on the women named Melisa while Babidi laughs hysterically. She attempts to struggle, but is unable to even move an inch due to Pitou's hold on her. After a few moments, an M is written on her forehead. Pitou relinquishes his hold and the girl drops to her knees. "The fruit, Ms. Melisa. Hand it over."

She digs deep into her breasts, and pulls out the fruit from earlier, handing it over without a fuss. "Master, how did you know who I was?"

Pitou looks at her shocked but remains quiet, letting Babidi speak up. "You're the last one on a very special list that I created, Melisa. I've been waiting for you to settle the deal and obtain that Fruit for a long while now. Pitou, tell the others that it's time to leave."

"Yes, Master Babidi." Pitou obeys, before thinking: "That girl...She's playing the Wizard. Smart one, she is. If Babidi knew that she couldn't be controlled, he would have had her killed." Ending his train of thought, Pitou stands before three warriors behind a few bushes. "It's time to go. We have the Fruit." Grumbles are heard from the others, but Pitou walks away without making any more contact.


You walk forward into the garden and put your hand down, feeling the area around you. After banging on the grass a few times, you hear a loud thud and smirk.

Your hands dig into the grass and pull open a large gate that screeches all the way up. An underground stairway showcases itself so you let go of the gate and jump down as far as possible, hearing the gate crash into the ground on the way down.

"Hmm..." You wonder aloud, now putting your hand down on the Karma Calculator that Roshi showed you before. A surge of energy pushes itself throughout your body, but you remain calm. "It's time to advance my techniques to the next level!"

A) Choose what techniques to level up:

Kiryu's Move List:

- Giant Bulldozer
- Earthquake
- Attenuate
- The Four Witches
- Wipeout Wave
- Absolute Safeguard
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