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Author's Chapter Notes:
C Wins
Your body swings through the air and avoids an incoming punch. The second creatures leg swings underneath you in an attempt to trip you, but you casually jump over it.

"What are you things?" You abruptly ask while they all growl at you.

"We aren't THINGS!" One of them screams, now stretching both of its arms after you. You grab both of them and break them in half with complete ease. It's as if they had the durability of a new born child. "MY ARMS!?!?" It screams.

"Oh? So they can't feel pain nor die...Hm." The one that attempted to trip you earlier jumps at you bearing sharp fangs. You swing the broken arm in its way and it rips the arm to shreds in one gulp, causing the owner to shriek in anger.

"Just answer the question! It's possible that I can help! I'm a world renowned fighter!" You roar while dropping the remaining arm to the ground.

"Grr...We are no longer ANYTHING!" The creature with one arm calls out, "A man engaged us in combat a long while ago. Needless to say, we were completely defeated!"

"Afterwards..." Another speaks up, "He put some sort of spell on us. While we were at the brink of our rage ready to explode and release it all..."

"He sealed our anger and hatred." Says the third. "Some sort of devil spell. After that...He just left us be. Only our anger and hatred that we acquired in the midst of battle...-"

"...Would never go away. The hatred only continued to grow but could never be released."

"Then we started getting symptoms of that man's spell. we lost our shape...Our feelings...Everything that once described us as real people. And finally..." A purple bubble drops to the ground from its arm.

"These bubbles started forming on us. I think that they represent our inextinguishable hatred!"

"And for THAT," the last one screams. "We will do the only thing that can possibly satisfy ourselves and KILL YOU!" All three of them dash towards you with their fangs out, making you let out a sigh.

"Truly pathetic..." You grimace, "Killing off everybody that you once knew because things weren't going your way. If any of you had any morals prior to being possessed, you would have drowned yourself before harm was done!"

"Bleheheheheeee! Too late for apologies now!" One of them calls out, its arm regenerating itself and stretching out with a punch.

"We can't die! Drowning ourselves would do no good, clehehehehe!"

The final one jumps in the air and lands behind you, still laughing. "You're just a mortal. No way will you be able to fight us for long! We don't need to sleep! We don't even run low on energy!"

The three continue to bombard you with attacks, some managing to hit you for small bits of damage. Eventually, you get tired of avoiding them and smash one in the stomach with your elbow. You grab him by the throat and throw him to the ceiling.

"Die!" A powerful Ki blast is thrown from your palms and it smashes into him directly. The gate that locked you in the underground of the volcano breaks down from the attack and the remainders of lava pillars down the ground.

The creature is assaulted by the molten hot lava, but he still stands tall with a smile. "You. Can. Not. Win. Blehehehehehe!"

"I wonder about that." You say with a smirk, eyeing all three of the lifeless beings.


5 Years Ago...

"Is it...possible?" You begin to think. "For such power to exist...For me to be so totally outclassed? What will happen to the Red Ribbon Army? To Conrad?"

You think to yourself silently. Darkness begins to cover through your entire body, mind, and soul. King Vegeta laughs as he towers above you, crushing your figure with his unstoppable power.

Suddenly the pain ends instantaneously, so you pop your eyes open in shock. "Wha...?" You mutter, while turning your head.

"Who. Is. THERE!?" King Vegeta roars deeply in his Oozaru voice. You see the King on his knees and whipping his eyes back and forth, searching for who knocked him off of you.

Cracked knuckles are heard and a figure emerges. "Me?" The voice says calmly. "You can call me The God of Death. No, Rem will do."

"Hurrr, only cowards hide away! Fight me like a true warrior, Rem!"

"According to my calculations, your Battle Power should be around 450 000. Impressive." Rem boldly declares, now standing right in front of you while you lay on the ground in complete defeat.

"Ghurrr, so Kiryu has a little friend, does he? No matter. I am KING VEGETA! The most powerful fighter in history!" The King dashes at both you and Rem and is there in an instant, delivering a gigantic punch.

"Kiryu is not what you describe as a friend," Rem declares with his palm open wide. "Farewell, Saiyajin." A black and white ray is fired from Rem's palm and clashes into Vegeta's chest, smashing his crisp armor to pieces and launching him to the ground.

Vegeta gets up quickly and fires three tremendously powered blasts out of his mouth. Rem slams both of his arms together and fires another Ki blast, matching that of the King's. "Fly away...!" Rem pushes his blast with all his might and it easily overpowers that of Vegeta's.

Oozaru Vegeta crashes into the remains of the Red Ribbon Buildings and shatters them in an instant, having all of them fall down and explode on him. Ki blasts of all sorts continue to rain down on the Red Ribbon HQ, destroying everything in sight.

"Come." Rem plainly says while taking your hand. "Before he comes back."

"What about Conrad? The rest of the Double RA?"

Rem grabs your hand and throws you on his back without emotion. "You will never see them again." Ki surfaces beneath his feet and he blasts himself off the ground and flies out of the Red Ribbon Headquarters.

The two of you land on a cliff edge far away from the RRA HQ and he drops you to the ground without care, landing safely himself. "Urgh, that Vegeta certainly did a number on me...Still, thanks for saving my life."

"Don't mention it. You will repay the debt anyway, so you do not need to thank me."

"Will I now?"

"As you probably heard, I go by the name of Rem. I have this plan to create my own organization to put an end to these trivial battles between the Saiyajin Empire and Red Ribbon Army. The world is constantly suffering and in fear of being killed because of those they are loyal to."

"The Red Ribbon Army will eventually come out on top. Once we perfect our technological warfare, the Saiyan Empire will fall."

"I suppose that is what you were told?"

"That isn't the point."

"Your name is Kiryu, correct?"


"You were brain washed by the Red Ribbon Army. There is no evidence to your argument. And to be blunt, the Saiyajin Empire completely annihilated your forces. It appears that all of this technology you were praising will be extinguished as well."

"Ergh, we were only defeated because we weren't prepared. The majority of our forces aren't even at Headquarters right now. Besides, the blueprints to the technology that will eventually bring us out on top are secured so even if the Saiyans manage to destroy them all...It won't be the end of us."

"That is completely true. But realize that the Red Ribbon Army is not the only one powering themselves up. These two super powers will constantly be at war. This conflict will not end for a lengthy period of time."

"That's certainly a possibility."

"Join me." Rem says bluntly.

"I'm indebted to you for saving my life, but I can't."

"Do you want to see positive change?"

"Of course."

"Then you will join me!"

"Persistent, I see." You laugh a bit while sitting up and looking out at the scenery. "What plans do you have for this organization?"


"...Such us?"

"It will be titled the Freeborn Military. Abbreviated as FBM. I am currently in the process of recruiting as many powerful fighters as possible. Once I gather world renowned fighters - and others - the soldiers will begin to flood in and we'll explode."

"Do you have any ideas on who you'll be recruiting?"

"Not as of yet. You're the first. But I do have some leads on where to find fighters."

"Heh, you aren't very prepared."


"Hm. So why did you choose me? How do you even know of me?"

"I did not choose you personally. I saw you in trouble and detected your power and personality. With that, I decided that you may be a good fit to be near the top in my organization."

"Heh, you're powerful. But not nearly enough to put an end to all this conflict."

"That is correct. Precisely why I plan to recruit more powerful fighters and develop the Freeborn Military. Unfortunately, I do not believe I will be able to recruit many of the more powerful Saiyajins."

"I doubt it..." You say with a sigh. "You could have killed him, couldn't you have?"

"Yes, the probability of me losing that battle was slim to none."

"Heh...So why didn't you?"

Rem stares you deeply in the eyes. "It is far too soon for me to make powerful enemies. King Vegeta of the Saiyajin Empire is a very influential being. If I killed him, then the probability that the remaining Saiyajins in his Empire initiate a full blown war against me would be extremely high."

"Haha, I like you." You say with a smile. "You're no fool, that's for sure."

"Your comment is appreciated."

"Heh, just work on the robot attitude." Rem stares at you with a tint of confusion but nods anyway. "Rem, I will join you in your endeavors. After today...I'm in the mood for a new adventure."


"Well stop wonderin' and start believing!" One of the creatures yells, signalling that it'll leap at you any second.

"Giant Bulldozer!" You scream while launching your arms back and building sheer muscle mass into them. "HAAA!" Your arms fire into the two creatures in front of you and smash into them, sending them straight throughout the chamber that you're in.

They crash into the wall at the other end, and upon feeling that you release all of your power into the Bulldozer and smash right through the wall.

Water pours in immediately after and rushes through the room, sweeping up the remaining lava that was sitting along the floors. The two creatures at the other end of the room are sucked into the current and blown outside into the ocean.

"Heh, just as I expected. The Volcano on the island may be mostly above land, but this underground chamber that these things built to live in...Yeah, this place is completely in the water!"

Water gushes along the floor and slowly makes it to your knees as you retract your arms and swing them back into position, staring at the final creature who is staring at you with pure rage and hatred.

"I hope your friends can swim. Hahaha!" The two of you dash through the water and enter a brawl, you pummelling him with every punch. You knee him in the gut and slam your elbow against his head when he bends down to grab his stomach.

His head is buried in the water that continues to pile through the room, and you grab it from behind and let it sit in the flooding room. Illegible words are spouted from him now that he's regained his composure and is attempting to break free of your grip.

"What's the matter, freak!?" You laugh, burying his head in the water. "From the erratic movement that i'm seeing from you, it seems as if you KNOW that if you drowned that'll be the end of your pathetic life!"

"MM, BLEASE, STO, PIIIT!" He mumbles in his lack of oxygen.

"What was that? I CAN'T HEAR YOU!" You laugh maniacally. "Heh, it was a gamble but this so called spell that you fools have is nothing more than an extended version of my Absolute Safeguard. You will never feel the pain - but make no mistake, it IS accumulating. Looks like you know this too..."

Movement is completely halted from the creature so you remove your hand from him and he floats to the surface still. The water has now risen to your neck so you begin to search for a safe route out. "Truly pathetic," you mutter. "They killed everybody on the island from this captivated hatred when they were able to kill themselves all along. What a disgraceful group of people..."

You whip your head around and identify all the possible route's out of the water. "Hmm...How should I get out of here?"

A) Swim through the hole you created from your Giant Bulldozer.
B) Swim up through the hole you fell down through and escape by going up the volcano.


What do you want to do once (IF!!!) you escape?

1) Free choice.
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