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Author's Chapter Notes:
D Won.
"Well, I have one month." You say to yourself while walking along the empty beach. Eventually, you reach the edge of the island and see three others off in the distance. "I'll explore Kharaj Island...The Heated Hell!"

You dive in the water and breaststroke through the ocean at a fiery pace. Night falls quickly, dawn approaching afterwards. After a long swim, you pull yourself up from the water and step on the flat ground.

The heat quickly burns your toes but you hold the pain in. "It really is hot in this place...!" Upon surveying the area around you see a volcano at the highest point of the island. Magma is dripping from it and spilling into a large crater down below. It appears that the town used to live in that crater.

You walk along the flat surface, sweating all the while. "What am I going to do here?" Suddenly, a strong sense of urgency grows in you, making you whip your head around violently. The ground begins shaking as if about to crack, so you jump into the air.

Just as you do, the ground shatters and lava spews from it. The hot flames leak onto the ground and melt more of it, shattering more holes on the surface of this heated island.

As you drift through the air, a purple orb of Ki appears in your hand. "Shortcut!" You launch the beam into the remainders of land and it fires you towards the volcano at tremendous speed. The land beneath you crumbles to pieces but you leave it behind without second thought.

Heat boils beneath your skin and sweat drips from the entirety of your body until you finally land outside of the volcano, staring just down into a crater. "What idiots, building a civilization right in front of such a massive volcano. They deserved to die. Hmph."

You stare directly at the volcano while opening your palm wide, Ki forming in it just as you do. "I wonder...HA!" You launch the blast towards the belly of the tower and it explodes.

Sweat continues to boil at the tip of your forehead while you stare at the hole in the center of the volcanic tower. Nothing is happening. "5...4...3.." Booooooooom. A huge blast crackles from within and lava fires out straight at you.

"Shi-" You flip to the side and barely avoid the attack. After looking just past your shoulders, you see yet another crater from that attack. "I better watch my step...That blast would have disintegrated me in an instant."

You stand up tall and casually leap over the buried town, landing just over the hole you put in the volcano. You sift over to the edge of the hole while avoiding the leaking magma and stare down to the base of the volcano.

"Well that...I did not expect..." A series of Ki blasts come flying up from the molten rock at the base of the volcano. You swing your head back and they zoom right past you. "So these are the creatures that caused the volcano to flood out the town...Huh."



Wind breezes through Thrigon's flaky red hair as he points out Forte Valkyrie to the Saiyan Shugesh who stands beside him. "Finally," Thrigon says in a calm tone. "I didn't think it'd take this to get back here. Eeshk."

"Meh, I needed time to think about why the hell i'm even comin' here so it wasn't too bad." Shugesh replies while taking an obnoxious snore. "Still didn't get an answer but whatevs."

Thrigon shrugs carelessly and continues walking forward. In a few minutes, the two reach a torn up gate that used to be the entry for all non Commanders. It appears that the RRA did quite a lot of damage.

Thrigon steps inside, Shugesh following suit. Just as he does so, he sees Echo and a few random soldiers repairing the walls on the inside. "Yoooo, made it back alive, eh? I see ya' captured a filthy Saiyan too. Nice!" Echo calls out while pounding his arm forward.

"Naw, this guy's joining us man." Says Thrigon.

"Pfft, lame. Still, I oughtta catch ya' later. Sorta busy with these noobs."

"Heh heh, alright, alright. Later." Thrigon waves goodbye and jumps through a large hole in the roof to land on the second floor. "Well, that was certainly faster than taking the elevator. We should probably leave that hole there."

Shugesh floats through the air after him and finally lands gracefully with a chuckle. "I'm feeling out of place already."

"I can't say i'm surprised. How do you think the other Saiyans would feel if I randomly joined 'em?" Shuegsh nods at that as the two continue walking to Rem's room. After walking in, they notice that unlike the rest of the Forte, it's in perfect condition without so much as a stain of blood.

"Hohoho. Welcome back, Commander Thrigon." Rem says formally while standing up from his desk, holding some sort of gun. "I would normally be displeased with the mass amount of time you have graced yourself with in your return, but considering Echo is the only other Commander to arrive...Good job."

"Just Echo? You would think that if he got here, Pitou would be right beside him. Haha."

"Yes, that would be your initial thought. Nonetheless, i'm glad you're back. I expect more Commanders to arrive within the month."

"About that...Did you hear the news about Kiryu?"

"I wouldn't put too much thought into that news article. It has a high probability of being false. I'll explain the details of my analysis later. For now, get settled in. After that, I want you to assist in the repair of Valkyrie. Got it?"

"Really? Awesome! And yeah, sure. By the way, what's with the gun?"

"Oh, yes. A pack of Elites brought it in recently. It is Saiyajin Technology. They claimed that a General that went by the name of Big Daddy was killed in one shot with it. It fires out an invisible wave of what appears to be Ki and implodes the body from within."

"A General got one shotted by a gun?"

"I wouldn't be surprised if this Ray Gun would kill you in one shot. However, I am still studying it. I hope to incorporate this technology in many of our own weapons. It will certainly take an extended period of time to do such, but perhaps within a year we will be able to fully harness its power for our own use."

"Huh...Yeah, make sure the safety is on that thing. Heh." Rem nods quickly. "Uh, yeah, anyway. I'll go help with the repair of this place. I'll talk to you later."

"Thrigon?" The Commander turns around and gives Rem a questioning look. "Who is that man beside you?"

"...Oh, yeah. About that..."


You leap into the volcano and fire off a series of Ki blasts down below. They fly at tremendous speed, treading through the air towards three creatures that are pitch black with purple bubbles growing and popping around their body.

The blasts crash into them and the lava beneath explodes, firing into the skies of the volcano. You sift past the spray's and do a quick flip, landing on a solid piece of magma at the bottom. Your shoes are slowly burned down to nothing so you put an aura of Ki around them to cease the effects of the boiling magma.

The smoke from your attacks clear and the creatures are nowhere to be seen. "Hmm...I can't sense any presence around me. They couldn't have died so easily!"

Three shots of lava are fired into the sky and the area around you begins to bubble. The magma you're standing on explodes in an instant so you jump into the air and scout the fiery area around you. "Show yourselves!"

"Right here," a shrill voice calls out from the side. You shutter and turn your head quickly, only to be kicked in the face by the foot of one of the monsters.

You spiral across the volcano and crash into the other side of it. "Urrrghh, AHHHHH!" You roar, pushing yourself off from the boiling hot interior wall. Surveying the volcano, you notice that the creatures are gone once again. "Heh, you guys want to play hide and seek? Alright, lets play!"

You crash your hands together and a dust cloud erupts from the power, you blitzing out of it shortly afterwards, jumping from wall to wall at top speed.

The lava at the bottom of the volcano roars once again, and shots are fired in the air. In order to dodge it, you slow your pace down and swirl in the air.

Three figures leap out of the lava instantaneously and all engage you in combat, throwing a mass amount of blows. Each attack strikes you directly, and imprints of lava are burned into your skin. "S***...These things aren't even ALIVE!"

An aura of Ki wraps around you and a wave of Ki explodes from it. "HAAAA!" All three figures are fired into the walls of the volcano, collapsing into the pool of lava without movement afterwards. In a second, they all fly out of the lava and charge at you once again.

"Just DIE!!!" You smack two orbs of Ki together and an even bigger one forms. "Wipeout Wave! HA!" A monstrous aura of Ki wraps around you and the blast is fired, overwhelming all of the creatures.

It crashes into the bottom of the volcano and a giant explosion takes place, lava spouting up from the depths of its container.

As you pillar through the air, the lava at the bottom shrinks down through the hole you put in the base of the volcano. "Good, if my calculations are right then those...creatures should have been blasted through the hole and sunk to the bottom of the ocean!" You laugh at this and prepare to fire another blast to launch you out of the volcano.

Just before Ki forms in your hands, a long arm stretches out from the hole and latches onto your throat. The arm pulls you down into the hole at full force, but you try to stop it with all of your might.

"I'm not coming down WITH YOU!" You latch onto the arm tight and rip it off without difficulty but by the time you do so, you find yourself already falling inside the hole you created. You flip through the air and look up to see the remaining pool of lava falling right on top of you. "S***, even if I launch myself with another wave of Ki...I'll just be shooting into a pool of lava!"

After grimacing at the facts, you continue to fall through the dark hole that seems to have no bottom.


"Where am I...?" You say to yourself while standing up, and brushing yourself off. Under your feet is a considerable amount of light purple water while just above you, the hole that you were falling through has been blocked off with a steel cage.

"Kehehehehehe," A voice in your head laughs.

"What is it now, Ryuki?"

"The cost, Kiryu...The cost. Kehehehehehe, say goodbye to your arms!"

"No...I refuse to let you invade me any longer...Ergh, HAAAAA!" You roar while flaring Ki about you, brightening the dark room you reside in.

"Kehehehehe, this is one battle you cannot fight, Kiryu. Do not be a fool. Just except it and eventually the cost will be paid."

"And then what? By the time that happens, I'll be killed. Those creatures...are not dead. And without my Ki, they'll kill me!"

"Kehehehe, you should have thought about that back when you killed yourself and then begged to live. Kehehe, sorry Kiryu, but-"

"HAAAAAA!" An explosion of Ki erupts around your body as you harness all of your power. "I will...control YOU, Ryuki!"

Keh...Not possible! Suck it up an accept the cost!"

"I refuse. You live inside of me and therefore it's possible to overcome your manipulation." The powerful aura of Ki around you calms itself as you focus all of it on your mind.

"Keheh...Kiryu! Stooooo-" Suddenly Ryuki disappears, so you release the aura you had around you while breathing heavily.

"I...Managed to ignore the cost by overpowering Ryuki. That means the next step is..."

"Dying?" A shrill voice creeps from around you.

"Dying." Another one says.

"Just like we did." The third breaks in.

"Aha, so you guys are here after all. I was beginning to get worried." You laugh while preparing a fighting pose and focusing your aura. The three beings surface, bits of their purple bubbles popping around and falling into the pool of water underneath you. "So this 'water' is in fact...their juices dripping? Disgusting..."

They all growl while opening their mouths, ridiculously sharp teeth showing themselves. "Haaaaa...RHA!" The three of them leap at you so you fire a few quick blasts to knock them back. They smash into the creatures and knock them against the wall.

"Heh." You smile quickly, before realizing they get off the wall unharmed. "Just what are you?"

"Pondering souls."

"We can only feel anger...hatred...aggression."

"We died a long time ago."

"Great explanation. You certainly know how to bring MORE questions to the table!"

"Grrr, we don't care enough to explain our past to you!" They all leap at you again, growls screaming from them all the while.

"How am I going to deal with beings that won't die!?!?" You think.

A) Create A Battle Plan.
B) Continue to blast them away and hope it eventually kills them.
C) Avoid their attacks and continue to ask them questions.
D) Try to escape!
E) Tie them up with something (what?) and hope they don't break free.
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