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Author's Chapter Notes:
D Wins.
Tension grows between Roshi and you, beads of sweat dripping from your forehead. "I'd like to learn how to inflate my speed."

Roshi nods carefully. "Then let us begin!" And so, the training with Roshi takes another step in its direction. The wise master teaches you the physics to amplifying your own Ki. It's quite simple once you learn it, actually. All you have to do is focus your aura around a specific part - or parts - of your body, and flare the aura around it.

In fact, using Ki based blasts that amplify ones battle power are subtle versions of Inflation Ki. The hard part comes with learning - and mastering - the ability to keep that aura for longer periods of time, without causing permanent damage to your body from the unusual strain that comes with each inflation.

At the days end, you take a break from meditating your aura due to a severe migraine and rest through the night. But when you wake up, it is all but still there. "I never get headaches...what the hell!?" You think, angrily, while laying on a bed - alone.


"Crow-Sama, ship of yours ordered you that arrived, aye." The same grunt from earlier says to his leader.

"Aye, thank you, Crook." The head of the Crimson pirates stands up and walks past Crook as he places his long, crimson colored sheathe on his side. "I will put Djawa Island at the bottom of the ocean!" Crook takes a large gulp but says nothing.

The two finally exit the castle that Crow resides in and they walk past multiple stone pillars that are painted black and hold an eagle at the tip of them.

After a long and quiet walk, Crow and Crook stand before a small boat with a motor on it, as well as a sail that is put down. "Accompany, aye?" Crook asks.

"Hmm...Aye." Crook smiles and hops in the small boat, putting his hands on the wheel soon after. Crow walks in soundly and has a seat beside his comrade. "Did Mook and Shook give a name?"

"Nay. Known is it not, fortunately. Un, of course."

"Aye. Set sail." Crook nods at this command and fires up the motor. It roars and in an instant, the two part from the dock.


Meanwhile, In An Unknown Location...

Pitou sits under the shade of a flourished tree while looking at a small, laminated paper in his hands. It reads: "You will be ours forever." The Commander scowls upon reading it and slips it back in his pocket before dropping his head down. He hears footsteps break out from behind the tree and turns around instinctively.

A small green alien with black whiskers in a magicians outfit is standing in the middle of a group of three. On his left, is a tall man painted pink with long ears and a devilish grin. He's wearing a black and white overcoat the shapes throughout his entire body while the center of his stomach and chest are exposed. Finally, the man that stands on the right has a long head and horns on his back. All three of them have an insignia of "M" on their forehead.

"Master Babidi, is this him?" The pink one asks the small wizard in the middle.

"Yes, it is, Dabura. I can tell from his Ki Signature," the Wizard whispers back. "You." Babidi says while pointing at Pitou who is now standing up and preparing his guard.

"What do you want?" Pitou responds.

"I go by the title of Great Wizard Babidi. You go by the title of Commander Pitou. Am I correct?"

Pitou clenches his fists while examining the three. "You cannot tell somebody's name from their Ki Signature. How do you know who I am?"

"Behahahaha, ergh." Babidi laughs maniacally a bit before stopping himself. "Sorry, dear. But I am the one asking the questions."

"And why is that?"

"I'll keep this brief," the Wizard begins. "Will you join me in my conquest, Commander."

"What is your conquest?"

"You have a bad habit of answering questions with a question, Pitou."

"And that's because you have a habit of asking questions that beg for answers. And did you just say that it is a 'bad' habit? Don't be foolish, Wizard. I do not have any bad habits."

"Hah hah hah!" A devilish grin writes itself on Babidi's ugly face. "I came from a far off planet. It appears that my fathers ultimate creation, Majin Buu, is situated on this Planet. I have recently discovered the whereabouts of its location."

"I'm thrilled."

"For some reason I doubt that." Babidi replies back with a grin still on his face. "The dilemma that I am facing, however, is that in order to resurrect this great beast, I am forced to issue a large amount of life energy...Ki...into it."

"So why not attempt to steal my Ki?"

"Because I already found the perfect source to receive this Ki." Tears drip out of Babidi's eyes as he continues. Some sort of sadistic pleasure is flaring within him the more he talks about stealing people's Ki.

"And who might that be?"

"Pitou, Pitou, Pitou...It is not limited to one person." The Commander's eyes widen a bit but he remains silent. "I will use the Ki of the entire Freeborn Military."

"Ugh!" Pitou gasps in shock. "You freak...!"

"And this is where you come in, Commander. Behahahahaha! You will enter this Forte they call Valkyrie and suck the life out of everything living inside. Kill them all. Behahaha!"

"No deal," Pitou quickly responds, now eying the man called Dabura carefully. "He's powerful...I better watch his movements carefully!" He thinks.

"Don't listen to your feelings Pitou. I chose you for a reason. The only Commander in the FBM that is so despicable to betray the entire organization without care is you. You, Pitou, have no honor. No morals. NOTHING!"

"You have the wrong guy, Wizard. Now get out of my sight."

Babidi laughs freakishly again while holding his forehead in complete ecstasy. "You don't want to be who you are, Pitou. But make no are...who you are. Behahahaha!"

"Shut up!" Pitou screams, clenching his fists even tighter.

"But you would never do such a horrific act without reason, would you, Pitou? Huh, Pitou?" Babidi continues to taunt. "Think about all the power you will receive from doing this. You will stand above everybody in the entire universe. I will grant you the one thing you have always wanted...infinite power. The ability to do anything you desire. Nobody will be able to stop you. Anything that was once out of your reach will now be an easy task to obtain. Behahahaha!"

Pitou releases his clenched fists and turns his eyes back to Babidi, "How can you grant me this power? No...why would you grant me this power? Why me? What about this Majin Buu? He's what you really want! But no...why would I betray Rem!?"

"I am a Wizard. With the right person, I can increase their power beyond belief. But the real power will be fueled by your betrayal of the FBM. Sucking the life out of every soul that once looked up to you. I need you Pitou. Dabura and Pui Pui are a valuable source, but are still nothing in the grand scheme of things. You, Pitou, on the other hand...have the power and desire to infiltrate your home and take everything away from Rem. Majin Buu will come later. Worry not of him, for now."

"I will not betray Rem nor the FBM. Or anybody else! I'm not that kind of person...I'M NOT!"

"YOU ARE!" Babidi screams back. "And you will betray Rem. He has gotten you this far, but you will go no further with him. That gaping hole in your heart will never be filled! Join ME, Pitou! You will not regret it!"

"I cannot defeat Rem, no matter how many souls I absorb. His power is truly infinite..."

"Hah hah hah, worry not of Rem, for Dabura will take care of him."

Pitou shakes his head. "No, Dabura is certainly powerful...But Rem would tear him to shreds."

"Behahahaha, Pitou! Obey my instructions and not even a force like Rem will be an issue for us. So we have a deal?"

"...Yes...we have a deal, Babidi."

"Then accept my mark on your forehead! It will do you no harm, other than show your true alliance for me."

"Very well," Pitou agrees, before thinking: "This Wizard is no fool, but he thinks that he'll manipulate me!? Well, I won't have it. I shall devise my own double cross plan and rule supreme over everybody!"

"Pau Pata Ma Pau!" Babidi roars. Pitou falls to his knees and shakes violently while gripping his head tight. "Let it go, Pitou! Do not struggle!"

"ERRRRGHH, GAH!" Pitou finally stops screaming and lays still. A large M is now on his forehead.

"The process is complete. You are now mine, Pitou...!" Babidi laughs.

"So what first, Master Babidi?" Pitou questions with a smile.

Babidi smiles at this. "We have a lot to do before we go up against the entire Freeborn Military. Do not worry about that, for now."


"Haa....haaa!" You say aloud after swinging yourself up from the bed. You feel all of your strength leave you, causing you to drop off the bed and hit the ground. "This migraine...on top of my lack of power...There is no doubt about it...Ryuki, you bastard!"

Master Roshi enters the room and runs up to you. "Kiryu, are you alright? I heard a crash!"

"It''s nothing." Laughs begins surrounding you from all around, and it's hard to tell but the picture at the other end of the room appears to be moving itself up and down. Roshi starts talking but because of all the noise surrounding you, everything he says simply fades away. You nod your head at Roshi to try and agree with whatever he's saying.

Just then, a huge crash explodes from outside. Roshi gulps and stands up quick, running outside of your room instantly.

"What's...what's...?" You barely manage to say, trying to pull yourself up from the ground and walk after him. You do so, but at a very slow pace.

After about a minute, you reach the window that Master Roshi peaked out from when you were fighting those two pirates. You see smoke filling the beach due to a fallen building has been smashed down. "What? Buildings don't just fall down..."

Suddenly, the building disappears without a trace. Your eyes go wide in complete shock and you gulp, still struggling to even lean on the window. Tons of people run onto the sandy area and all jump down on their knees, bowing down without speaking.

Roshi does the same. A figure morphs into your vision and than another. They look different from the townsfolk though. Pirates!

The two pirates walk through the line that all of the citizens have formed, looking at them all carefully. "Aye, Crow." The grunt named Crook says while pointing to a bowing Roshi.

Crow smiles and walks in front of Roshi. "Stand." The wise master listens and does just so, shaking all the while. "It's you, isn't it?"

Roshi stares the Captain down fiercely without answering. Crow raises his eyebrow and swings his left hand to the side, pointing at a random civilian with a black orb of Ki forming in his hands.

"STOP!" Roshi screams. Crow nods and puts his hand down, the ball dispersing as he does it. "I was the one who injured Mook and Shook. I just-"

"Roshi," Crow says calmly. "Do NOT insult my intelligence. Saavy?"

"I'm sorry."

"I do not wish you any harm, which is why I did not lay a hand on Djawa Island. But you know the rules!"

"Crow, please leave. None of your men will ever be harmed again...just...just-"

"Nay." Roshi gulps. "The damage has been done. You're training another fighter, correct?"


"Well, that fighter has crossed the line. My right mate - Karore - was killed by him a few days ago."

"WHAT!?" Roshi screams in complete fear, shaking. "Kiryu, you fool!" He thinks.

"'Tis true. Bring me to this fighter, Roshi!"

The old Master thinks intently, "Kiryu, you sure picked a good time to get deathly ill." Roshi stares Crow down intently, "Please, give him time. Crow, you're an honorable fighter. You shouldn't settle for killing somebody in a near death state...fight him when he's-"

"I've heard enough, Roshi. I'll grant him his life today."

"T-thank you, Crow!"

"I wonder." Crow responds, causing Roshi to look at him with a confused look. "Crook, take him."

"Huh!?" Gasps Roshi.

Crook whips out his sword and puts it to Roshi's neck, "Walk, aye." The two of them walk through the bowing civilians until completely out of sight.

"Damn it..." You think in knots. "They took Roshi...And I can't do...ANYTHING!" You slip from the window sill and fall hard on the ground, drifting off unconscious soon afterwards.

Crow stares at all of the citizens and licks his lips. "Aye, mates! Ready, I hope you are!" He roars, making them all look at each other uneasily. "I apologize for the inconvenience, but this anger...must be TAMED!" Crow's hands turns into spherical orbs with black aura spewing from them. The Crimson Captain breathes heavily while putting more aura into his arms.

All of the citizens stand up together and sprint in different directions, all trying to escape from Crow. The captain laughs with pleasure while putting his hands on the sandy beach. "Darkness Insurrection!"

The entire beach quakes, slowly crumbling. The dark aura pummels through the ground at full throttle, causing even the sky to turn pitch black. "HAAAAAAA!" Explosions break out as everything outside is melted away by the darkness that he holds.

After a minute, Crow stands up tall with no aura left in his hands. He takes a deep breath and looks up at the - now - sunny sky from the crater he's in. He jumps out of it casually and looks around the empty beach. Not a soul around. He then takes out a piece of paper from under his sleeve and jots something down on it quickly, throwing it in the crater afterwards.

Crow slowly walks away without expression until he finally catches up to Roshi and Crook, who are standing outside of the boat. Roshi looks at Crow in complete terror. " could you?"

"You wanted your fighter to live, aye? You should know that once my anger builds, no reason can fully contain it. Hurry up and get in the boat, Roshi." The master follows his orders and gets in without fuss, Crow following suit. "Besides, I'm curious to see how this fighter will respond."

Crook powers the boats engine once again, and the three of them leave the beach.


"Ugh," you say to yourself while standing up and looking out the window, forgetting about what happened last time you were awake. You stand up and gaze out the window briefly, seeing a large crater in the middle of the beach and not a soul around.

"Kehehehehe, watch what you do, Kiryu. The cost has only been payed temporarily. It can strike at any given moment!" Ryuki mutters.

You memory returns quickly, and you run outside in a rush. "So that was Crow...That sick FREAK!"

Your eyes scout the bottom of the crater and a peculiar note catches your attention. You jump down the hole and stare at it in surprise, seeing a clean paper that reads: "Fighter, I have your master. In one month I will execute him just like the rest on Djawa. Meet me on Rhodus Island. Be ready...!"

"One month, huh..." You say aloud. "Hmm...what should I do?"

A) Find a boat and head to Rhodus Island immediately.
B) Train for a month here to try and perfect the Speed Inflation.
C) Head to Maluku Island (The Deceased Desert) and train.
D) Head to Kharaj Island (The Heated Hell) and train.
E) Head to another island on the Archipelago that is more populated:
- 1) Bahrein Island.
- 2) Cipro Island.
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