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Author's Chapter Notes:
B Wins.

"No, the best decision is clearly to wait for further directions from Rem. It's best not to act alone." You say to yourself while laying on your bed. You try to sleep until further orders are issued, but after everything thats happened, you find yourself tossing and turning until you decide to just leave your room. While strolling the hallways, you pass by many known soldiers. It seems that the others did better in their battle than yours based on the number of soliders strolling the base.

You approach Echo whose sitting in what used to be his room, at the bottom floor of Forte Hieno. He's the only one on that floor. He stares up at you as you close the distance between you two and says with a smirk, "Guess things didn't go over so well on your end. Am I correct, Battle Commander Kiryu?"

"Shut up, Echo." You boldly state without flinching. "I didn't come here to have meaningless quarrel with a fool like you, I'd just like you to fill me in on what happened with everybody else."

Echo kisses his lips in annoyance, but lets it go and responds decently. "Why ask me and not the others?"

You sigh aloud, clearly irritated and begin to exit the room. "Wait, wait, wait. Geez, you don't need to be so sensitive." You turn around and have a sit on the closest thing to a chair and listen intently. "I brought 14 people with me. 10 were Elites, the rest were Foot Soldiers. I came back with 6 Elites, and 2 Foot Soldiers. On my way too the West Gate, my Vehicle was trapped in some sort of swamp that appeared to be simple ground. After that, jets started flying in from the sky and a mass bombing took place. Caught my Squad by surprise but i'm no slouch. I literally picked up our truck and threw it 15 feet away within seconds. That got my crew out of the tight position but I was still in a dangerous area."

"Heh, you aren't a bad story teller." You smile.

Echo continues, "I had to power up for a battle like that."

"You mean your, 'Deighty Form'"?

"Hehe, yeah. I grew to the size of those jets up in the air and just crushed 'em all. Those pathetic bombs felt like spider bites once I got serious."

"I suppose I can fill in the blanks from there. Did you have any hostages?" You investigate.

"Hostages? Hehe, I didn't leave any room for their to be any of those kind. Not like it mattered. I heard you kept a few hostages and it didn't do much.

"Didn't do much? The rest of you guys would be clueless without those Saiyans' information."

"Eh, whatever. Rem'll give us much more information anyway." The carefree Echo exclaims.

"Whatever. By the way, how much men did Pitou-"

"Same as me," Echo says cutting you off. "We got back at the exact same time too. We saw each other from opposites ends and started bookin' it home. That bastard, always tieing with me."

You can't help but laugh at this comment. "Do you know anything about Thrigon?"

"Nope. All I know is he did better than you. Lost less men and got back quicker. You really did a sloppy job this time, eh?"

You don't respond to his comment. "No use blabbering about past issues. Emotions aren't important in such a serious situation." You think to yourself.

"Whatever. Don't respond to me then." Echo says, a little frustrated.

"I'll be on my way now, Echo." You say as you get up and begin to march out of his room. Just as you exit the room, Pitou appears as if from nowhere and begins talking to you.


"Well, it seems you've made a full recovery. Good thing though, considering how sloppy your mind gets once foolish emotions ignite in you." Pitou taunts you.

"Yes, keep talking, someday you'll say something intelligent. Tell me Pitou, are your parents siblings?" You reply bitterly.

Unamused, he ends the small talk and gets to the point. "I just received contact from Rem. He wants us all to abandon the Forte and head towards him. We're to bring everyone and everything that means something to us and head out in the remaining Vehicles."

"Ohh? What about the Saiyans. They could still be out there." You cautiously inquire.

"It's fine. Considering how much we killed today, I doubt any more are in the FBM's Province. And if any of them are, I doubt they'll launch an attack on 4 of the Commanders at once."

"Are you sure about that? It seems that Saiyans are suicidal creatures." You laugh.

"Hmm, I suppose you're correct. Either way, get your stuff ready. Rem wants us at Forte Valkyrie (Author's Note: Forte Valkyrie is the FBM's main headquarters. All of the top soldiers reside there, along with Rem at most times. Kaiba is there at the moment as well.) by nightfall. If we leave in an hour, we can meet his expectations so lets get going. I already told Thrigon and the other Soldiers so once I inform Echo, that should be everybody."

You simply nod at all of this and begin walking to you quarters. "Hm, do I need anything? I suppose room will be fairly tight so I shouldn't take anything too extravagant." Once you reach your room, you notice that nothing is intact and all your semi precious materials have been robbed. "Heh, lucky I took this Capsule with me. I don't know what I'd do if I lost such a valuable object." You say to yourself as you exit the room after throwing a few pairs of clothes in a bag.

After roughly 50 minutes of waiting by the Vehicles outside, many Soldiers start to slowly appear as they've prepared everything they need. You're glad to see that General White is making a swell recovery. He's not there yet, but he's in much better shape than before. He salutes you as he walks by and into another truck. Soon after this, the entire base has been emptied from what it was before.

"Just think about it..." Thrigon begins as he sits in the backseat of your truck. "Yesterday, this place had hundreds of soldiers and was a complete structure. We'd never even imagine such an attack taking place. But now? It's a waste bucket and we've been reduced to a low count of 41 Soldiers, excluding us of course."

"Yeah, things sure change fast." Echo agrees. You agree was as well, but decide to keep your thoughts to yourself.

"By the way," You decide to talk after all. "What happened to the 4 Saiyans that I captured?"

"I'm pretty sure Pitou executed them soon after you left the room." Thrigon responds as the Driver starts the car.

"Is that so?" You think to yourself. "Well, that's a darn shame."

3 Cars' engines roar and they all blast off into the brisk night. It sure has been a long day.


In a mere 4 hours of jetting through a large rural landscape, a large structure begins to surface in your view. The ride was rather boring; no action or attacks throughout the entire time. Just Thrigon making lame jokes to random soldiers.

"We're just about here." Thrigon informs the Soldiers. None of the Foot Soldiers and Elites have ever seen Forte Valkyrie due to them being specific guards of Forte Hieno. Hieno is a fraction of Forte Valkyrie's size.

"Whoa...So this is, Forte Valkyrie?" One of the Elites remarks while looking out the window at the structure that you're all closing in to. The Forte has 7 large buildings with large lights and spotters (Author's Note: People who use machinery to detect everything that has Ki and reporting it to the higher ups) surveying the area all around. Security is much higher here.

In a few minutes, the trucks all reach Forte Valkyrie. The Driver follows Thrigons instructions and drives towards a relatively small platform where all incoming and outgoing vehicles are checked along with the passengers. When you arrive, as expected, you are all asked to leave the vehicle.

As you and Thrigon exit your car, the Soldier running the security customs salutes you two. "Glad to see you've returned safely, Lord Kiryu, Lord Thrigon."

Thrigon gives him a nuggy as if their best friends while you simply walk past him after giving him a nod. Before you leave, you call back to him however, "General Blue, make sure you deal with all of the Soldiers and have people get them settled in here. I'm going ahead to meet up with Rem."

"Alright. I'll take care of everything here." He says as he salutes you. Thrigon finally gets away from him and runs up to you. No words are exchanged between the two of you though. You both simply walk up to the main entrance for the Commanders , and put your fingers up against a scanner. A green light flashes for both of you, and the door opens. You two walk in immediately and in a split second, it closes back up. In front of you, another door awaits. This time, it's an eye scanner. After another brief reading, the door opens for a split second. You're both finally inside the main base.

A large dining room stands before you, filled with 3 doors. One says, "Rem" on the front of it. Another says, "Ammunition" on it and the final one doesn't have anything written on it. Instead, it's an open door that leads to a large hallway filled with all of the Commanders rooms and leads to many other areas of the Forte.

Still without saying a word, the two of you have a seat beside each other in the dining room chairs. You notice that Kaiba is sitting on a couch a few meters away from you two. Considering he left here long before you, it's only natural that he's here first. However, compared to his normal carefree expression, he doesn't look well. It seems Loukar's death hit him hard as well. Within seconds, Pitou and Echo enter the room at the same time, both sweating.

"Damn...Another tie." Echo grunts as he takes a seat. Pitou scowls at that remark, clearly unhappy about this result. You can't help but laugh in your head about this. Pitou and Echo's competitions are always amusing to watch. Just then, the door that says, "Rem" on it opens up and...Rem appears before you all, with a distressed look on his face.

"Glad to see you all made it here. Let me begin by disclosing my sympathies and regret about Loukar's death. I take full responsibility. It was a poor plan on my part to leave only one Commander at such an under protected base. I hope you can all forgive me." Rem exclaims, before continuing on. "I'm not positive as of yet, as to why the Saiyajins attacked Forte Hieno. However, I will without a doubt find out the reason. These Saiyajins crossed the line when they killed Loukar and destroyed so many of my soldiers. I refuse to let this damage go undone. After a long debate with myself, I've decided that the Freeborn Military will initiate War on the Saiyajin Army."

"What! You...You can't be serious, Rem?" Pitou breaks out. Letting such a blind phrase come forth from him is unprecedented.

"A War...On the entire Saiyan Army...? This is some kind of joke, right Lord Rem?" Thrigon speaks up.

"I kid you not." Rem continues. "They have not only damaged our army, but our hearts too. If we back away from them now, we might as well disband our group."

"I concur." You calmly state with your hands held together. "For what they did to Loukar and the others, we have to return the favour."

"No, don't be foolish Rem, Kiryu." Pitou replies. "The two of you are being highly irrational and letting emotions get the better of you. Think about-"

"I already have." Rem says, cutting Pitou off. "I'm not the type to let emotions take control of me. I've thought this through fully, and I assure you it isn't the wrong decision. Not taking action now will impact the FBM's exterior look. We'll look weak in the eyes of the RRA and the Saiyajin Kingdom. Not only that, but our troops and Commanders need closure for what happened at Forte Hieno. I've already began to take action on our battle plan."

"Tatito, I agree too." Kaiba chimes in. "It's now or never. We've always known that it would come down to a war to decide a victor; a ruler."

"If this is how you feel..." Pitou begins, "I have no place in attempting to withhold you from your plans. However, may I point out a few things?"

Rem gives Pitou a nod and he continues. "For starters, if we attack the Saiyans our forces will be left weak here at Forte Valkyrie. Whilst the Saiyans won't be able to exploit this opportunity, the Red Ribbon Army can and will take action; they'll destroy us with minimal effort."

Rem smirks and than replies. "That isn't an issue. Not for us at least. First off, the Red Ribbon Army could attack the Saiyans who would be weakened too, so it won't be a one sides disadvantage. And as I already stated, I've began to take action on our battle plan."

"Care to explain?" Thrigon jumps in.

"Of course." Rem continues, "I've tooken the liberty in disbanding all of our other Forte's and have sent every FBM Soldier in this Province to us right now. They are currently on their way. I have no intention of sending our entire forces toward the Saiyajin Kingdom. We'll be properly guarded in both technology and manpower here at Forte Valkyrie. I suspect that the Red Ribbon will take swift opportunity in destroying us, so I'll stay here while all of you Commanders will go to War with many of our Soldiers; not all of course."

"What about the cost of this operation? Or the deaths and casualties? What if we can't win without you by our side?" Pitou continues to question.

"We're a multi billion dollar war corporation. The price is nothing. Everybody who works here is prepared for the worst; of course, i'm taking this into account and plan to minimize the death toll as much as possible. As for your final point, I'm going to pick a day and time where the Saiyajins won't have access to use the full moon so their power will be minimized. Without that power, you Commanders should vastly out power them."

"No...They can make Artificial Moons for combat now. It appears that the user who makes the moons power drops heavily, but it's a small price to pay for the whole lot of them." You point out to Rem and the others.

"Ohh? That's certainly unfortunate and may complicate things even further." Rem says unknowingly. "Hmm, no matter. I'll be sure to plan for that when I organize the main principal of our attack."

"Still...This is all so abrupt." Pitou says, still shocked. "But if we're going to go through with this, I better prepare myself. Approximately how long do you estimate before we'll go through with the attack?"

"One week." Rem boldly states. "Of course, this is the ideal time and I doubt I'll be able to get everything prepared in such a short manor of time. Nonetheless, suspect to be leaving for war in that time. Be prepared. You are all dismissed. Except you Kiryu, I'd like to speak with you for a minute."

The rest of the Commanders begin to leave the room while you sit still, wondering why you're still here.

"Kiryu, It's clear that you and I are the best battle commanders. Echo, Kaiba, and Thrigon are all great followers but don't conduct a cunning lead too well. Pitou on the other hand, despite his mass knowledge and technical thinking, he can't put himself in the shoes of his Soldiers which won't strengthen them as a team."

"I fully agree. Your point?"

"I want you to take charge of the attack on the Saiyajin Kingdom. Whilst you're all of equal ranks, I want you to take charge for this battle. I believe we'll have a much higher ratio of victory if we have your battle commanding skills at hand. Can you do this?"

"Hmm, I don't see why not. However, we'll all have to split up at some point due to the large volume of the Saiyan Kingdom. This may weaken the overall strategy."

"That's fine. Just be sure to instruct them before any of you are split up. I hope to see an exceptional result, Kiryu."

"Heh, it appears that the pressure is on me. I better not crumble."

Rem smiles at this comment, but doesn't reply. He simply stands up, puts his hand on your shoulder for a brief second and walks back to his Quarters.

"Well," You think to yourself as you get up. It appears I have roughly a week of spare time. What should I do to kill boredom?" You walk to your Quarters and notice the time on the clock. "3am in the morning, eh? I suppose I should get some sleep. It's been quite the day."


You fall asleep soon after you lay on your bed and wake up to an annoying beep that continues on and on. "ugh, what the hell is THAT S***!" You scream as you throw random objects into the wall in anger. You don't like to be woken up when you're in deep sleep. You finally notice that it's an Alarm Clock that has been set to go off at this time. "I wonder what a****** did this s***. Oh well, now that i'm awake, I better get to do something productive. One week...What should I do?"

A) Hone my skills and attempt learn some new techniques. ~80% Chance of success.~
B) Leave Forte Valkyrie and go to nearby towns or cities to buy goods. They could definitely help in battle.
- What kind of goods will you buy?
C) Go into the wildlife and search for prey that can give you power boosts.
D) Explore Fort Valkyrie. It's been a while since you've been here so you might learn or find something interesting.
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