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Author's Chapter Notes:
A Wins.
You flare your aura up and the plateau you reside on shakes violently, pieces crumbling as your power rises. "HAAAAAAA!" You roar, using the last bit of your breath. A purple stream of Ki fires out from you and before you know it, you're dashing at Karore at full speed.

"I can feel that wave behind me. I have a minute tops." You think. Karore throws a series of black coloured orbs with all his might, but you dash through them without care.

"Sober up, AYE!" Karore enters a spiral spin and continues to go round and round as blasts of Ki are fired from every part of his body. Strangely, they all go right passed you.

As he persists in his attack, you think: "Bad aim? No, I can feel the Ki blasts he's shooting out. They aren't dispersing, which means...!" You do a small hop and flip through the air until you're just above him. Both of your hands are filled with an orb of Ki and you smash them together once they're ripe.

A cloud of dust sprouts from the crash and an even bigger wave of Ki is held in both of your hands. "Wipeout Wave!" The blast is fired down at Karore and impacts directly, sending billows of dust and dirt hurling through the air.

You land safely and see his figure resurface from the smoke completely undamaged. You can feel power leaking out of you at an undeniable speed and the tsunami creeps out from behind, slowly inching down.

"I've wasted too much time! Forget about examining his movements. I'll shut him down with brute force!" After you train of thought, cracks are heard from your muscles as they build in size, starting to stretch back.

The smoke completely dissipates and a black barrier of Ki is engulfing Karore. He smiles with his brown teeth and the barrier evaporates. "Out time of yours, aye!"

You charge at Karore and your Giant Bulldozer reaches its full potential. Karore smacks his hands together and the army of Ki blasts that were awaiting orders smash into you relentlessly. You charge through his assault and launch your attack.

Smoke piles through the plateau for an instant before Karore sees four arms burst out from the cloud and fly directly towards him. He gulps in fear while throwing both of his arms over his chest and squeezing them tightly.

The chain on your neck tightens, causing you to grimace in pain. All four of your arms finally reach Karore and smash into him directly. "Kwaaaaaaa!" The pirate screams as his bones are smashed into pieces.

The entire plateau you're on quakes from the magnitude of your attack. You lose your footing and fall to your knees to find that a big chunk of the land has broken off. You retract all of your arms and they swing back to you like rubber, while Karore lays on the crumbling plateau in defeat.

The chain on your neck slowly fades away and you take a large breath of air in pure ecstasy. "Haaaa...S***, I forgot about the tsunami!"

Without even looking at the wave, you scout the closest piece of land to you and spot a small rock that has been smashed apart from the mainland. Not thinking twice, you leap at it with a spring in your step.

The tsunami crashes down on the plateau and shatters the entirety of it in an instant. The wave buries through the land and creeps to Karore, who can do nothing but stare the wave down. You hear a scream of pain shriek out and moments later, he pillars through the air without motion. With him, multiple pieces of rock formations from the plateau collapse by his side.

You stand tall and eye him shortly, smiling all the way. His body crashes into the water and is hit by many pieces of the shattered island as his body slowly sinks away to infinite darkness.

"You better step up your game, Crow. I want a challenge."


"Owahahahaha, what do we have here?" Dr. Fiasco examines while he slowly raises his arms in the air.

"FREEZE! PUT YOUR HANDS UP - NOW!" A man with blonde hair that runs just passed his ears roars in complete rage. He has a black and red body suit with the "Red Ribbon Army" insignia running across his chest.

"I already have." Fiasco responds in a calm tone.

"Oh, well, SHUT UP! I'm taking you in to HQ. Make one move and I'll have you sniped. Ya' hear, HUH!?!?"


"That's right, you HOMO!" The blonde man puts his right hand in his overcoat pocket and pulls out a small phone. He pops a few digits into it and speaks up. "Alright, if he makes one move on me while I make the arrest, kill him." He whispers into it.

A small voice responds, "Yes, sir! Give me ten seconds to make the order to the others, General Fiender."

"Roger." Fiender slips his phone back into his overcoat and looks back at Fiasco. "That work for you?"

"...What exactly is wrong with being a homosexual?" Fiasco questions with a little smile on his face.

"Shut the F*** up you little piece of s***! You're the lowest type of person this planet has. If I hear you speak again, I'll order my snipers up there to blow your head CLEAN OFF." Fiender walks passionately towards Fiasco who remains still, his hands in the air.

"Owahahahaha, it appears that Kami has smiled on me today." Fiender walks behind Fiasco and whips out a pair of silver handcuffs that are glowing green. Fiender reaches for Fiasco's still arm and just as he makes contact, the Doctors other arm flings backward and he smashes his elbow into Fiender's face.

"AHHH! Owowowowowow, you little-" Fiasco ducks quickly and six bullets fly past him, striking the General across his chest. " f***ing idi...ots." He drops to the ground softly and doesn't move at all afterwards.

Another six bullets with an aura surrounding them fly towards Fiasco, who eyes them cautiously. "Based on the trajectory of each of the bullets, it's evident that there are six different shooters all firing one shot each. No good."

He sways forward and then sifts to the side, dodging all of the bullets, still looking around to find the snipers. His eye zooms in far down into the terrain and he sees small posts set up outside of a mediocre van. Not wasting another second, he dashes at full throttle towards the group, dodging every shot that is fired.

Fiasco launches himself in the air and sways to the side, dodging another set of bullets. He lands on a post and elbows one of the snipers in the gut, who then begins to fall down. Fiasco catches him and throws the sniper into another group of bullets.

The Doctor fires two balls of Ki to take down another set of snipers, while three bullets fire at him once again. He ducks quickly and dodges the first, but blood squirts out of his chest as two Ki Bullets penetrate his skin tissue. "Oh noes."

The snipers fire three more bullets which strike Fiasco once again. He falls off the plateau in pain while forming an aura at the tip of his middle and index fingers. Both fingers are shoved into his chest and Ki flows through his body.

"Sorry, Doc." One of the sniper laughs. Three more shots are fired, all hitting Fiasco directly. One Ki Bullet rips through his neck, another hitting the center of his chest, and the final shot impacting the right side of his chest.

Fiasco drops to the ground while blood leaks out of his holes, "Owahahaha, well that isn't what you want..." He pants as the snipers pick him up and drag the Doctor towards their van.


Now on the beach, you see bolts of lightning crashing into the metallic orb that you left. You dig into your pocket and pull out the Fan and the Crescent Orb. A purple aura extends out from your body and you pick up the Metallic Orb, lightning striking you as you do it. No damage is sustained.

You take a deep dive into the ocean and start swimming back to Djawa Island at full speed, aura in your arms as you do it. About a mile offshore, the lightning bolts no longer cease their assault on the metallic orb and the rest of the swim is nice and easy.

You arrive back on Djawa Island and rise up from the ocean, water dripping from your body. You release the Absolute Safeguard you had put up and sustain all the damage from the bolts of lightning - as well as a fish bite - but stand tall without much trouble.

"Roshi. I wonder what you have planned for me next..." You say aloud, catching a confused glimpse from a fisherman with no pants on. Paying no attention to him, you take up a steady jog and arrive back at Roshi's humble house quite quickly.

You find Roshi sitting outside, smoking from a pipe while he watches the sunset. He takes notice to you and coughs up a bit of smoke in shock, "Uh, Kiryu!?" He takes the pipe from his lips and throws it on the ground as if he never had it. "Back so soon?"

"No, no. I'm actually Ghost Kiryu. Why do you ask?" You have a seat on the steps and the smoke from before clouds your nostrils, resulting in you standing up and sitting farther away from him.

"It's herbal smoke! It keeps me big and strong! I swear."

"Fair enough; so what do you have planned for me next?"

"Lets see the items that I had requested, Ghost Kiryu!" He challenges. You dig into your pocket and toss them over to the old master who examines them closely. "Fake, fake, and fake. You didn't do the training did you? As consequence for your failure, I instruct you to do fifty thousand push ups. After that, you can piggyback me around the island!"

"You're funny." You form a sarcastic grin on your face and take it off immediately, "So what next?"

"How did you surpass the lightning challenge? I'm's only been three weeks since you left and you collected all three items? It usually takes my students about a month to collect one of them. And in order to receive the metallic orb on that island, you must have evolved your Ki."


"Impressive," Roshi compliments, while standing up. "Well it looks like it's my turn to train you. Now that you know the basics to evolving your Ki, I will teach you everything I know about tricks to enhance your Inflation abilities. I imagine that your Inflation is in its most primary state right now. What did you inflate, anyway?"

"My durability."

"I figured you might. It suits you better, due to your physique. Stand up, son. It's time to train, ROSHI STYLE!" You crack your knuckles and pull yourself up so you tower above him. "But I ran out of groceries so can you run out and get them?"


Meanwhile, On Rhodus Island...

"Captain, word, may if I." A grunt with a pirate suit and crimson hat on questions.


"Right Mate, has returned not. Karore, is that, aye." The man stands up from his seat tall and nods his head. "Know happened what, do you?"

"Aye. His life force has disappeared. The man that I sent him to kill - the man who fought Mook and Shook and sent them a' crawlin' back - has murdered him." The man crunches his fists hard.


"Aye, it seems."

"Wow, I say. Karore has power by yours only outmatched. Killed him...WHO?"

"I know not of his identity..." The bold man takes a step forward and walks over to bed. He bends over and pulls a long sheathe from it, a sword laying inside. "But I will find out, aye."

"Crow-Sama! Need not you worry. We will handle ourselves, this, this matter."

Captain Crow of the Crimson Pirates shakes his head slowly, "Nay. Nobody kills one of my men and gets away with it. I shall hunt him down to the depths of Hell until he has PAYED!" Crow smashes his fist into the wall and it smashes into pieces.

"Captain..." The man pleads.

"Prepare me a ship, aye?"

"...Aye." The pirate runs off, leaving Captain Crow alone in his Headquarters.

Crow has a seat on his mattress and places his hands on his forehead. "Karore...I am sorry."


Personal training with Master Roshi begins later that day. He started out explaining how one goes about meditating in order to harness their Ki, and helped you with forming a proper aura later on. The day flies by quickly and at the end of it, Roshi asks a serious question.

"Kiryu, what type of Inflation Technique do you want to focus your efforts on?"

"Hm?" You question while dropping to your knees, sweat rolling down your spine.

"There are so many different aspects of Inflation you can focus on. What type do you want me to teach you now? Don't worry, you can branch off to different techniques later in the training. This is just to get you started."

"I see." You say aloud before thinking, "Hmm...what should I focus my efforts on right now?"

A) Offensive Inflations: Strength increases.
B) Defensive Inflations: Durability increases.
C) Evasion Inflations: Ability to avoid attacks increases.
D) Speed Inflations: The maximum speed you can move at increases.
E) Battle Power Inflations: Your Battle Power increases.
F) Balanced Inflations: Everything increases, but to a much less degree.
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