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Author's Chapter Notes:
D2 Wins
"Roshi should know how impossible it must be to be able to bring this all the way back to him with constant lightning bolts crashing down all around..." You say aloud while staring at the metallic orb as bolts of lightning strike its core over and over again, the sky still bright sunny. "So this is part of the training. But how will I surpass this wall...?"

Your legs collapse and you drop to the floor soundly, rubbing your trimmed chin intently. "I must figure out a way to evolve my Ki. To break the wall that has captivated me for so long. It is time for me to learn Inflation Ki!" You analyze, now focusing a brilliant aura around your toned body.

"Kehehehehe," A voice echoes in your head. "I'll let you use your Ki again, but it's your funeral. The more the cost is ignored, the higher price you will be forced to pay later on. Kehehehehehehe," Ryuki laughs once again.



"Thanks gramps. Really, for everything you've done for me this past while. I owe you one." Says Thrigon with a smile on his clean, Namekian face.

"No problem, young man. Be safe on your way back to Forte Valker..ona? And make sure you use that water I gave you very carefully. The desert packs a mean punch after a week or two!"

"Yeah, I will. Thanks." The Commander gives a wave to the old man he met earlier and sets out to Forte Valkyrie, squeezing his left palm intently until blood squirts out.

"Is it true...Kiryu?" He says while digging into his pocket with his spare hand and pulling out a newspaper. He bangs his fist against his forehead repeatedly while he steadily walks through the open desert. "You can't be dead, can you? S***! I shouldn't have...left him. I knew this would happen. He saved my life and all I could do was...was...DAAAAAAAMN!" Thrigon roars, slamming his bear knuckle into the dry terrain.

A soft breeze swings by, swiping the tears that formed on his iris away. Hours go by as he continues to walk without fluids, until finally coming across the Saiyan Empire in ruins. Thrigon quickly surveys the area, reminiscing on the war that just recently transpired.

Suddenly, the Commander's heightened hearing ability picks up. Growling? No, a moan. "Is somebody alive?" Thrigon thinks in a rush, throwing over multiple stones and bricks around the area, searching for the being that continues to emit such noises.

Finally discovering the whereabouts of said individuals location, Thrigon throws his iron fist into a stone, smashing it to hundreds of pieces that all scatter throughout the area.

"A, a Saiyan?" Thrigon swallows deeply and clutches his fist. "Aren't you..."

"Wa...wa...t-t-ter." Moans the Saiyan.

"This guy has gots some perseverance, surviving out here for this long without any food or water. And in that condition too?" The Commander thinks. Thrigon takes a wooden bottle of water that dangles from a chain on his neck off and gives a portion of it to the Saiyan, frowning as he does it.

"Thank, cau, cau! You..." Says the Saiyan, stretching his arm out for Thrigon to help him up. The Commander does just that.

"You were the guy aiding Kiryu, weren't you?"

"Kiryu? Oh, you mean boss man. Haha. Sure, what of it?"

"Have any plans?" Thrigon questions.

"Meh, not really. Why?"

"Come on back with me to Forte Valkyrie. You can join us if you're interested." The Saiyan shrugs casually and gives a nod, and the two start walking away slowly. "What's your name anyway?"

"Shugesh, at your service. Haha."


Night falls quickly, but you remain still. The aura you presented earlier still flares around, now calmer than before. You feel an imminent zing shoot through your body, as if a great discovery within the depths of your mind has been awakened.

Your eyes fire open with passion strewed about. "Have I done it?" Upon blinking, you flick your eyes open once again and examine the aura that emits around your body. To your surprise, it has a distinct colour gushing throughout it.

Your crisp, purple aura flutters around vibrantly and you stand tall, watching the metallic orb like it's your prey. "This is just like that time when I developed The Four Witches. Just this time, I took it to a level beyond. I feel as if I can do anything with this Ki, but I know what I must do in order to surpass this trial..!"

Now focusing your newly acquired aura, it loses its calm flake and begins shooting around violently while you attempt to harness the power surrounding you. Your muscles begin vibrating uncontrollably as a surge of Ki enters your body, pumping in and out in a flash.

Without even realizing, screams of agony roar from your dry lips as you feel effluxes of Ki filling your veins. "HAAAAAAA!" You screech at the top of your lungs and the aura around you disperses instantly. "Haaa....hahaaaaa," you breath heavily, currently stepping towards the metallic orb with a grin on your face.

Zipping noises run through the air, resulting in your gazing up to the sky. Bolts of lightning crash down and strike the skull you value so dearly, but nothing more than a mere red mark is made. "Incredible...I developed a new type of Ki. So this is...Inflation Ki."

After picking up the metallic orb, repeated stakes of lightning smash into your entire body. "I can't feel anything. This is brilliant. No matter how much I'm hit, the damage I sustain is non existent. I did it!"

Before you know it, you're sprinting down the mountaintop as lightning attempts to skewer you without success. Your within meters of the beach now and suddenly, a feeling of emptiness ignites from within. "Was that my aura!?!?"

A ruthless series of bolts strike you simultaneously and the metallic orb springs into the sky, collapsing onto the sandy beach afterwards. You roll on the ground in pain, attempting to clutch your entire body. "S***, what's happening!?"

Bruises and scrapes suddenly form on your body and the pain grows. You laugh to yourself hysterically for a few moments."Aha, I see now. Using that technique has negative costs as well. It appears that the aura only temporarily blocks out the pain I receive. Once the aura runs out...all the damage I took strikes me at once...I like, I like. Caugh, hahahah!"

Your legs groan in pain as you stand up once again, watching the lightning crash into the metallic ball while it resides on the beach safely. It's time to get the final piece of the puzzle. The crescent jewel.

You make a quick step and realize that your body is still frail from the damage. "I suppose I'll make camp for tonight." You quickly say to yourself while dropping to your knees, laying on the sandy beach afterwards. After closing your eyes, sleep comes soon after.

New Technique Acquired: "Absolute Safeguard." By focusing your aura, you inflate your defense by covering your entire body with Ki. While using this, you will receive no damage from attacks. However, the damage will still pile up. Once you release this aura, all of the damage received will be dealt immediately so try not to let too much damage stack up. This move uses a great deal of Ki.


"Congratulations, Kiryu!" A short man with red hair flaring about says with a smile. "You've been registered in my army for a mere six months now and you've already gotten this far. I applaud you. You deserve this promotion, Lieutenant Kiryu."

"Thank you, President Red. Your kindness means a great deal to me." You respond.

President Red smiles, "Don't be so formal." He laughs a bit while brushing his trimmed mustache, "Keep up the great work. Seriously, is there any mission you CAN'T do? Bahahah!"

"Ahem," Executive Black speaks up as he enters your newly furnished quarters. "Sorry to disturb you, sir. But Dr. Gero, Dr. Myuu, and Chief Executive Graham are waiting outside. King Vegeta of the Saiyan Empire should be arriving soon, so it's best you prepare for the meeting."

Red gives a short sigh and nods, "Got'cha. Kiryu, my man, I'll talk to you later. Keep up the good work! I'm looking forward to seeing your progress in the near future!"

"Yes, sir!" You give him a short bow while smiling. As you go down, you catch Executive Black give you a sharp glare of disapproval. President Red exits the room seconds after and you retain your mutual standing position, now alone. "Hmm, I suppose there isn't any use wandering around here alone. I'll go see what missions are currently available."

Just before you place your hands on the doorknob, it swings itself open and hits you directly in the face. "Ow..." You say quietly, annoyed.

Conrad pops in while scratching his head. "Oh, sorry. Do you...usually stand in front of the door for no apparent reason?"

"I was just leaving, jackass."

"Heh heh, whatever. So I was just comin' here to congratulate you, Lieutenant. Peh, I can't believe you snuck past me in rank like that."

You smile swiftly while sifting pass him and walking into the hallway. He closes your door and follows suit, "Yeah well, you haven't been on a mission in half a month. Serves you right, slacker."

Conrad shrugs without care and the two of you enter the elevator just down the hallway. It starts to move slowly and Conrad digs his hand in his pocket. "By the way, I got you this." He pulls out a small Capsule with purple squiggles running through it. "You know, for reaching Lieutenant and all."

You take it out of his hand and survey it with glimmering eyes, "This can't buy this. Where did you get it?"

"President Red owed me a favour for taking down Cobra's Factory alone last month. He was reluctant, but once I told him it was for you, the man couldn't contain his excitement."

"Heh, wow. Thanks man." You fling the Capsule in the air and whip your hand across the elevator, catching it with your dry palm and putting it in your pocket afterwards. The elevator opens and both of you walk through the mission room promptly, "So are you coming with my on my first Lieutenant Mission or what?"

"I can't. I'm still a Commodore, remember?"

"Right." You snap your fingers and laugh, "Guess I'll catch you later. If you ever decide on ranking up, that is." You write your name down on a mission and laugh at him while walking away.

Red Ribbon Army Rank Listings:

01) President Red.
02) Fleet Executive.
03) Chief Executive.
04) Executive.
05) Brigadier Officer.
06) Lieutenant Colonel.
07) Lieutenant.
08) Commodore.
09) General.
10) Squad Captain.
11) Major.
12) Veteran Soldier.
13) Elite Soldier.
14) Soldier.
15) Recruit.


You awake to find yourself laying in a wet puddle. It appears a rainstorm has just passed. You slowly sit up while wiping your eyes down, and look around. "Okay, now I just need to find that crescent orb and I can get back to Djawa Island."

Your eyes flick back and forth as you examine the island from your position, and a peculiar sight sparks your interest. It's a large tsunami continuously rising from the ocean and smashing into a partially destroyed cliff. "Fire, thunder, and now water. Each of the items had an environmental theme around 'em. That tsunami is where the last item is!" You smile and form a bit of Ki on your feet, allowing you to sprint at a much higher speed.

Eventually, you find yourself looking at a shredded town down in a grove. You look down on it from the hillside you stand on, "So this is the place Crow and his crew destroyed." Rain suddenly pours down hard and drenches you completely.

It appears that the town was small, as the majority of the destroyed habitats were tents and shacks. Even then, there aren't more than a dozen. You hop down from the hillside and notice that a destroyed tower that must go on for miles on end is stretching throughout the island.

After feeling this tower, it has very sturdy material and is painted grey with tons of scripture along it. Continuing your examination, you see a note imprinted at the base of the fallen tower: "Built in honor of the great hero."

"I wonder who that might be," you say aloud. "Oh well, I should get going." Wind breezes around your body as you jump through the air and land back on the hillside you were previously on. After a few hours, you find yourself standing before a cliff that isn't connected to the island. The walkway appears to have been broken off.

On the cliff that stands alone, your brilliant vision scouts a tiny crescent covered blue. You jump through the air and land on the cliff safely. You bend over and pull the orb from its position on the cliff after a bit of struggling.

A ruthless tsunami blasts from the water and smacks into the cliff, breaking multiple parts of it off. You stumble for a second before jumping back on the hillside without trouble.

"Aye, finally found you. Klehbahahahaha." A shrill voice shouts off in the distance. You squint tightly and see a broad shouldered man with a purple bandanna over him with the mark of a crow flowing through it. He's wearing chains that drop from the side of his pants. "The Captain sent me here, aye. Hear fists of yours had a word with Mook and Shook, aye mate."

"I think you have me mistaken for somebody else," you declare while walking along the hillside towards him, putting the crescent orb into your pocket.

"Nay." He starts walking to you while chains dangle along his legs. "Funnay, how I search here last. Usually people want not of Ysabel, off base the stories. Disasters, n'all. Aye?"

"Your English makes me want to choke a puppy. Just stop talking, please." You taunt.

He frowns a tad but doesn't stop speaking. "Karore, name, aye. When God saves your soul, tell him me said aye, aye?"

"Tell him yourself, aye." You dash at Karore at top speed and he sprints towards you simultaneously. Lightning crashes into the hillside hard and rain pours down heavily. You feel the Tsunami that was crashing into the cliff earlier change course and notice a shadow that covers the entire hillside surface. "S***, there's a lot of force in that wave behind me! If it strikes this platform we're on, it's sure to break apart in an instant. I'm no expert, but I don't think we have much time before it decides to drop down on us!"

The two of you finally reach each other and start throwing out wild punches in a frenzy. Karore dodges your left hook and uppercuts you in the jaw, which barely even fazes you.

"Good, it appears that you're nothing but a weakling!" Both of your arms wrap around his waist and you lift him high into the air, squeezing tightly.

He grimaces in pain, but doesn't give up. Both of his arms reach down to the chains that lay on the sides of his legs and he grips them tight. You see a black aura of Ki form around the chains and he swings them up at you.

Not taking any chances, you jump back to avoid them. "Chances are that if he thought he would have a better chance of knocking me off of him with those chains rather than a Ki blow to my face, those chains must be dangerous." You analyze.

Karore swings both of his chains about wildly and they seem to stretch the more he swings them. You swiftly dodge them without making contact while stll closing the distance. "Playin' like a b****, aye? Well, very..." He slashes his chains together and wraps them around tight, forming a knot between both of them. "God mercy have soul on yours."

"I said stop talking!" A large ball of Purple aura fills your right hand and you launch it at him without mercy. He puts his chain in front of it and the moment your attack comes into contact with his chains, it disappears. "What!?!?"

"Chain Crusher!" The black chain glows mysteriously for a few seconds and Karore laughs. You feel the Tsunami edge closer behind you but don't want to take your eyes off of him, even for an instant. "WHAAAA!" He screams and the chain in his hands disperses.

Suddenly a tight hold is around your neck and upon reaching for what is causing it, you feel his chain. "Not possible!"

Karore dashes at you once again in your lack of oxygen and you feel your power draining steadily. "I have to finish this quickly. Before the tsunami destroys this entire portion of the island...and before I run out of oxygen!" He closes the short distance between you with both of his arms out wide.

You sprint at him wildly, two arms sprouting from your back as you do so. "AAAAAHHHHHH!" You roar at the top of your lungs, preparing to finish things off!

A) Enter a physical exchange with Karore and kill him in an instant.
B) Dodge his attack and attempt to knock him off the cliff.
C) Try to blast a hole through the Tsunami above you and jump into it, letting it crush him.
D) Other?
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