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Author's Chapter Notes:
B Wins.
"I am going to kill you." You plainly say with unwavering attention to its movements. The leader bear slices its claws together and growls ferociously. "Heh," you smirk before speed blitzing behind it in an instant.

You jump up to behind the beasts' back and attempt to grab hold of the smoke that is molding around the bear. Your hand slivers right through the smoke as if it were a cloud and on cue, the bear swings its elbow back at full throttle, smashing into your face directly.

You pillar to the ground and burrow beneath it while an audience cheers for your defeat. "Ohhh?" You say to yourself quickly, jumping up casually after. You hear the bears roaring in ululation but once the leader bear sticks its hand up, they all go silent.

Dust fills the area as you smack your clothing with a smile, still staring at the great beast. "Just as I suspected. The smoke that is covering you is aura. Based on observation, it is clear that you are so enraged because of this unusual aura. Heh, it's a real shame that I have no choice but to annihilate you. Perhaps if you were stronger...this fate would not succumb you."

The Leader Bear gazes at you tightly, leaping at you like a wild animal seconds after. "RHAAAA!" You duck under its open claw and grab its wrist with your own. The beast attempts to smack you away with its remaining arm but you parry the attack by using its own arm. "Farewell...!"

Blood explodes from the bears stomach as your full fledged arm pierces an enormous hole right through the center of its body. Leader Bear falls to the ground flatly, but you don't turn your back on it. "So it isn't regenerating its damage? Hm. I suppose it can only do that to minor attacks. But is the dark aura allowing it to regenerate or is it the bear itself? I wonder."

You turn around solemnly and signal for the bears to move away. Without fuss, they open a path for you to walk through and you do just that. Rain pours down hard as the battle ends, thunder coming soon after. "Now that I have the fan, I need that crescent orb and the metal ball. Shouldn't be too much trouble."

You survey the area swiftly, finding nothing unusual in sight. Because of this, you journey without a destination. Night falls quickly, so you set up camp for the night and continue to look again tomorrow, having the same empty outcome.

You eventually find yourself walking up a steep hill that carries on for what seems like days on end. "An entire year of training...what will become of the world in this time Sorry, everybody. But it seems that Commander Kiryu of the Freeborn Military will be taking a short break." The mountain you were walking on has now finally became a flat area and far off into the distance you can make out what seems to be a thunderstorm in one, sunny area.

"This island just keeps getting stranger." In an instant, you arrive at the front of the thunderstorms. You stand outside of a large, circular arena with thunderbolts crashing down on the entire area. In the center, the metal ball that Roshi showed you is sitting still. "And there goes object number two."


Meanwhile, At Forte Valkyrie...

"...Commander Kiryu of the Freeborn Military was executed as of five days ago. He was transferred to the Red Ribbon Stronghold the night before, being held captive until his execution the following evening. We send this as a message to the Freeborn Military, and to the entire world. The Red Ribbon Army is justice, and will succeed in the end..."

"...That's horrible..." General Watson says with complete sincerity in his voice.

"A private execution too? Kiryu deserves better than that!" Stiffy breaks in.

"Ehh, still, I'm calling bulls***." Echo speaks up, "I ain't saying it's impossible that this could'a happened but...peh, I've known Kiryu for a long time. He ain't one to go down without a fight, ya' dig?" Both generals give Echo a stern nod.

"I agree, Echo." Lord Rem begins. "When I first went over this small article, I found two inconsistencies. But now that I have read it aloud to you three, I have picked out yet another."

"Go on." Echo casually says.

"You said that the Red Ribbon came in Blimps, correct?"

"Uh huh. What of it?"

"The Red Ribbon Army uses those Tank Blimps for specific purposes. It has a built in Radar to scan all enemies and their current Ki level in the vicinity. On top of that, it masks the Ki of everybody on board. Precisely why you all could not predict their attack. Finally, these Tank Blimps can take a substantial amount of damage prior to breaking down. All of this is at the cost of speed. I have spies implemented in the Red Ribbon, which gave me access to many of the specs for their technology. It is physically impossible for the Tank Blimps to have arrived at the Red Ribbon Stronghold in the amount of time listed in this article. At a fast pace, the Red Ribbon Blimps arrived four days ago."

"Errgh, that's a small detail..." Echo exclaims.

Rem continues speaking without change in his facial expression, "The Red Ribbon Army has a law. A prisoner must go through trial prior to an execution, no matter the scenario. A one day time frame from his arrival is simply not enough to do this."

"What losers!" Echo laughs aloud.

"Finally, you cannot be 'transferred' to the Red Ribbon Headquarters unless you are already at another base. It is contradictory. Kiryu would have been transported to the Red Ribbon Stronghold in his position, not transferred. Whoever wrote this article is a fool. Kiryu is alive. We'll just have to wait until he comes back to us." Rem takes a breath and stares at the three before him. "Anything to add?"

"Haha, nah boss, I think you got all the mistakes covered." Echo says before thinking, "Geez, talk about a try hard."

"Mm, apparently." Rem walks over to his desk and looks down on it intently. On it is a map that shows all the remaining FBM fighters from the war and possible locations they could be at. "Kiryu, Pitou, Thrigon, Kaiba...with four of the Commanders missing, Valkyrie torn up from the Red Ribbon attack, and the casualties from all of this...we may be in detrimental trouble if another ambush takes place. I better make a Plan D just in case..." Rem analyzes silently.

"Rem, you alright? You oughtta take a break. We're safe. We won the war against the Saiyans and you held out against the Red Ribbon Army. We're doing well."

"No...I don't take breaks." Rem quickly responds while his leg shakes uncontrollably and he taps his desk with his index finger repeatedly. "Speaking of which, you are all very lucky to be alive. Had I planned for King Vegeta underestimating us incorrectly, you all would have lost that battle in a horrific fate."

Echo stands up from his chair tall with a fierce look on his face, "What the hell did you just say to me? HUH!? Telling us that all our efforts would have been for NOTHING if the Saiyans hadn't treated us like children? I don't wanna hear that s***!!!" Echo roars, smacking his chair across the room without care.

"Ignorance is bliss only if you cannot handle the truth. It appears that I overestimated your mental stability. Duly noted." Echo clenches his fists tight and glares at Rem with sheer anger. "Listen carefully, Echo. I am not insulting any of [your] efforts. But had the Saiyajins brought their top fighters like Vegeta Jr, the Calculating Bardock, or the Brute Broly, the war would have turned out much differently - in their favor."

"I've heard of Vegeta and Broly, but who's this Bardock guy?"

"Bardock...of course, I have never crossed arms with him, but rumour has it that he is the greatest Ki Manipulator in the entire world. I cannot say why King Vegeta didn't bring these fighters, as unlike his son, King Vegeta has a morbid habit of playing with his food. I doubt he specifically told them not to come to the war for no reason; I am almost positive that they were doing an ulterior mission. Though I was unsure what top Saiyajins would enter the war, probability dictated that not all of them would show. To our success."

"...Meh," Echo plainly says, now calm. "I'm out. Gonna go help with the repair of this place..." Rem gives Watson and Stiffy a nod, signalling their departure as well. Soon enough, all three of them had exited the room, leaving Rem alone.

Rem has a seat at his desk without blinking once, "I wonder what those Saiyajins could have been doing outside of their Empire during such a critical time. Nonetheless, we have not heard the last of them...!"


You take a step into the circular arena and on cue, a lightning bolt leaps at you from the skies. Unable to dodge, you throw your arms up in protection but are struck out of the arena within seconds.

" about this then?" You say while standing up and putting your full length arm into the arena. Lightning does not strike you this time. "So it's completely at random. Fair enough." Stepping into the arena once again, nothing jumps up at you.

You speed blitz through the arena and leap at the Metal Ball, grabbing it swiftly before sliding across the ground. Multiple bolts of lightning shoot out from the sky and smack into you directly, knocking you right onto the ground. The Metal Ball flies away from you and rolls across the arena, bolts of lightning smashing into it by the second.

"Errgh, I was careless. The Metal Ball is acting as a conductor...and since this island is so prone to end of the world weather, capturing this ball is harder than it seems." Now that you're standing tall, you stare at the ball and smile deviously. "Ha!" A failed attempt at throwing a ball of ki is made, "Oh, right. Very well..."

You charge forward and kick the magnetic sphere, sending it flying out of the arena. Unfortunately, the bolts of lightning don't cease. As if they're following the sphere, all the lightning strikes are now outside of the arena and continuously blast the steep hill you were previously climbing.

"I could always kick the ball back to the beach and worry about it last. That would hardly be training though. I came hear to learn and if that old pervert wants me to bring this metallic sphere back to the beach, then so help my God I'll find a way to do it!"

A) Kick the metallic sphere back to the beach and worry about it last.
B) Upon picking up the sphere, focus your mind and try to sense the presence of the lightning bolts to avoid them.
C) Take a break from this and go explore the civilization Crow and his crew wiped out.
D) Attempt to learn Inflation Ki so you can:
- 1) Dodge the lightning bolts with inflated speed.
- 2) Tank the lightning bolts with inflated defense.
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