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Author's Chapter Notes:
4C Wins.
"I'll head out to Ysabel Island. I'm curious about this place you label the 'warzone'." You declare.

"Very well." Master Roshi rises his hand up and the sandy beach begins to shake violently. A solid ball of metal flies out from underneath and he whips his hand across your area of vision, catching the ball. He puts his remaining hand in his pocket and pulls out what appears to be a small fan, along with a crescent orb that is painted dark blue, with a swirl of white crossing over top. ""You see these three items?" Roshi declares while holding them all up.

"Yeah," you quickly answer, deciding to not bother with the obvious sarcastic remark.

"Bring them back to me."

"Heh, is that really everything I need to do?"

"Yupp. I'll see you in a few weeks, Kiryu." Roshi says with a smile before turning around and walking away from you at a slow pace.

"Weeks? That old man is clearly underestimating amount of Natural Disasters are going to stop me!" You dive into the ocean with all your clothes on and trounce through the water at full speed, creating a small current behind you. Your strength slowly drains from you and you stop fully, looking at your surroundings. "S***...I'm tired of swimming and the water is getting cold...!" The night sky darkens your surroundings and you contemplate whether or not you should attempt to sleep in the ocean, but decide against it. "This is no fair, I've been swimming for hours and I still don't seem to be making much progress...!"

After you finished sulking, your arms pedalled through the water at a steadfast pace. The sky brightens up and darkens once again, and when you peak out from underneath the waves, you see Ysabel Island at a reasonable distance away. "FINALLY!" You roar in your hand, using a great deal of energy to burst through the water at full speed. To cancel out the freezing sensation of the water, you use your strength to make friction within the water which in turn, heats you up.

A splash of water drops to the ground, soaking into a dead plant, nearly giving it life. The island is calm, unlike what Roshi told you. "I should get some sleep for'll be harder to hunt for such small items with no light anymore." You drop to the ground and water (or sweat?) leaks down your forehead. Eyelids drop down, and soon enough you fall into a peaceful slumber.

In the dreamworld, you find yourself covered in a pool of water that slowly sifts over your body as you lay down plainly. Oxygen escapes momentarily, so you snap back and look around this sensational world. It is no longer a beautiful scenery, but rather a ruthless flood that is sucking you away from the peace this dream once had.

"Grrrahhhhhhhh!" You silently scream, waking yourself up from your dream. The vision you hold is unclear, but there is one bright light at the peak of your sight. The Sun, perhaps? The distance between you and the bright light closes in until you find yourself swimming to it. Upon crashing your head up, you notice that you have drifted off far from Ysabel. Back to the middle of the ocean, in fact. "H-how...?" The next thing you know, you're swimming at full speed back the island you were pulled away from.



"...It's a pity, isn't it?" A sharp, deep voice shrieks out from a tall and bulky man as he stands before a young, frail man with green hair that runs past his shoulders.

"You..gau!" A pool of blood squirts out of the small man's mouth and splatters all over the ground. He drops to his knees and squeezes the solid ground with his fingers tightly, tearing it apart with his grip. "Da-, da-, DAMN! Why...why can't I do anything!?!?" Commander Kaiba roars.

"I will ask you one more time, fighter. Join me in my conquest." The rugged man asks.

"SHUT UP!" Kaiba pushes himself off the ground, blood boiling through his veins. His body begins to shake uncontrollably for a few moments until he begins to enter a metamorphosis, sweat shooting out of his pores all the while. The Commander screams at the top of his lungs, his body bulking up in size.


"Haaa...haaa...!" Kaiba breathes heavily, finished his transformation. He grips his hands tightly, cutting through his skin tissue and allowing blood to squirt out once again. "D~I~E!" The Commander launches at the mysterious man at full speed and shoves his fist directly into his opponents chest, firing him back several meters.

The man holds his ground until he comes to a complete stop, holding his chest with his left hand afterwards. "Such impurity. Owahahahahahahaha! Entering such a metamorphosis was a bad move, fighter."

"Bad for YOU!" Kaiba fires himself at the man once again, a pool of acid forming in his stomach as he charges.

"Yes, I can use this evil...!" The man puts his right hand out and a dark circle of Ki engulfs his hand. "Farewell, fighter."

"Acidic Meltdown!" Kaiba screams, firing his ultimate attack at his devastating opponent. It spirals through the air and meets the dark pool of Ki that Kaiba's foe put forth. Immediately after making contact, the acid completely disappears into nothing. Kaiba gasps in shock as the pool of darkness overwhelms him completely. Kaiba finds himself on his knees, breathing heavily in fear. "What...was that...?"

The man submerges from thin air, staring Kaiba in the eye with a sadistic look in his eyes. He places his cold hand on the - still shocked - Commander's chest, and a dark aura emits from his hand. "Had you not shown your true emotions, this fate would not succumb you. Now, you will experience many things that are far worse than death."

"No...get OFF OF ME!!!" Kaiba screams in complete fear, throwing his fist forward. Before it reaches his enemy, Kaiba freezes completely as the dark aura from earlier enters his body in a stream. "AH, AH, AHHHHH, GHUA, GHUUUUUAAAAAAAA!" Kaiba screams at the top of his lungs continuously until his ruthless enemy removes his dark hand from the Commander's chest, an aura no longer around it.

"You are mine now!" Kaiba stares at him without movement, completely lifeless. The man turns around and sees another person with a purple bandanna over his head, chains all around his saggy pants and shirt.

"Dare say I: done, it is?"

Kaiba's former enemy replies with a quick nod. "Aye..."


"What is that tapping noise?" You question yourself while walking along the grassy shores of Ysabel, finally back on the island. A strange tapping noise continues to echo in your head while you stroll along, eventually annoying you to the brink of desperation. "SHUT UP! seems to have gone away. What was that noise any-"

"Kehehehehe, how rude, Kiryu...!" A sly voice speaks up from your mind.

"Urgh! you were the one making that tapping noise inside my head. Why!?"

"Do you have any idea the danger you just put yourself in?"

"How so?"

"Kehehehehe, I already told you that you would be forced to pay a price for the luxury of me bringing you back to life. And I am afraid that I cannot wait any longer. The cost must be paid...!"

"Why must the cost be paid now? And how were you able to heal me in the first place? I was inches away from death and then POOF! The wound was suddenly repaired and you were gone once again. I, I need answers!"

"Kehehehehehe, very well..." The voice echoes. "Deep inside of you, there is a vast amount of power that has yet to be awakened. It is a subconscious power that you will never be able to awaken. Only I can tap into this power. You already have the ability to perform Rehabilitation Ki - and more - through your subconscious mind. I simply granted your wish to be able to use this power."

"So I'm training to learn things that I already know...?"

"Kehehehehe, that is a rather grim way of looking at it. And of course, not entirely correct. While Kiryu has this power, only Ryuki can tap into it. Perhaps with enough training of you body, mind, and soul you will reawaken this power deep within you. Perhaps not. Not even I have such insider information."

"What about this 'cost' you keep speaking of? If I'm just tapping into my own power through you, there shouldn't be any cost to fulfill, correct?"

"Incorrect. Kehehehehe, do not be a fool. To put it simply, no human is able to use 100% of their brain power. Tapping into this subconscious power is you attempting to use this full power. It is damaging to your mind, body, and soul. Many people have tried to tap into their own power - many people still do - but only in a very extreme case do they succeed. Typically, the result these people receive is negative. Attempting to use their subconscious mind and power can lead to anxiety, paranoia, suicide, and multiple other harsh symptoms."

"And so you...allowed me to use this power without a negative cost?"

"Correct. But only for a short period of time. Your subconscious mind is trying to leak its way forward and enter your conscious mind. If this transpires, it is highly probable you will go insane. You are not powerful enough yet. In order for me to stop this from happening, you will pay the toll for the sin of trying to achieve omnipotence. It is now time, Kiryu...Kekekekekekekeke..."

"Ryuki, one last question."

"Time is of the essence. I would prefer the cost by paid prior to you experiencing any symptoms."

You decide to speak further anyway, "I heard Thrigon talking to me. Giving me some kind of pep talk...that was you invading my mind again, no?"

"Kehehehehe, a story for another time...!" Suddenly, a feeling of complete emptiness overwhelms you and you drop to your knees, sweating nervously.

Quietly, you think: "This...feeling...! Damn...iiii-t" Your head thumps against the ground and everything disappears.


You awake to a haze of heat bleeding through your nose. After taking a quick wift, you know exactly what's going on: A Forest Fire. You jump onto a large turf and scout the area with your tired eyes, finally finding the location. "With a quick blast of Ki, I should be able to wipe out that entire vicinity - effectively destroying the fire as well." You attempt to form a ball of Ki in your hand but nothing comes out. "Huh?" After trying multiple times to receive no result, a sharp thought enters your mind.

"Oh no...The cost...He...Ryuki...MY KI!!!" You roar in anger, slamming your knuckle against a nearby tree trunk. "How am I going to do anything without the ability to use Ki? This whole training is based off my mastery of" You clench your fists tight and calm yourself down. Think rationally. The inability to use Ki certainly hinders you, but there are many things you can do without it!

"Alright, I should put out that fire before anything else." You sprint through the grassy terrain in an attempt to put out the fire before it burns down the entire forest. Within minutes, you're in front of a pillar of smoke creeping through the trees. Impulsively, you try to form a ball of Ki but nothing comes out. "Damn it, I forgot...Ergh, how am I going to put this-"

Before you finish your train of thought, heavy rain randomly comes pouring down on the island. The wind suddenly spikes and curves through the area around you, nearly knocking you over. The forest fire has been fully watered down, so you give yourself a sigh of relief but before finishing, the ground quakes violently.

"S***, what is up with this place?" You say shocked, falling onto your knees. The light from the island disperses and before you know it, it's pouring rain and the sky is pitch black. "Heh, end of the world weather."

Now that the ground is no longer quaking, you stand up tall and survey the area. With a few trees burned down, you see a familiar object far off in the distance. No doubt about it, it's the fan that Roshi pointed out. It appears to be shoved into a large boulder. "That's hardly a place to hide it."

You pick up your pace with a light jog, reaching it after a quick minute. You smash your giant hands into the cracks of the boulder and rip the fan out with relative ease.

Upon doing so, a growling noise breaks out from the forest behind you. You whip yourself around and look carefully. "That was no ordinary animal's noise. How scary." You quietly analyze.

Suddenly, the noises break out all around you, one after another until these strange growls completely surround you. "Heh, so it's just a bunch of wild animals? And here I thought I would be facing a challenge. Hahaha!" You laugh. Six large Bears painted black and white surface from the forest, all with devilish red eyes. They all let out an unorthodox growl together. "Ohh?"

"RrrrrRHHAAAAAAA ~ !" An even larger screech roars and the boulder behind you is smashed to pieces on cue. In complete shock, you sift your head backwards while side stepping on impulse and see an enormous bear that bares the same unusual color as the rest of them. The beast wraps its claws around each other and growls more. On top of his head, a feature spikes your interest.

"Urgh! Is that...?" An unusual black and purple smoke is floating above the bears head. "Similar to how Roshi described...but this is a live creature. Interesting." Wasting no more time, the formidable bear swings itself forward and slashes at you with its claws, in which you jump back to dodge. "Without my Ki, this could be trouble!"

The bears behind you all break out in some sort of dance while surrounding both of you. It's clear that the monster before you is the leader here, and it's possible you did something to anger the group. Or are they just bloodthirsty?

"RHA!" The leader screams, leaping at you wildly. It crushes both of its claws together and impacts nothing. The beast looks around confused while you survey it from above, slowly floating down.

"Flying certainly would be handy in this situation...Nonetheless, I'm not cowering away from a bunch of animals! I've never had such a feeling though. I can't use my Ki, so that's a no-no to ALL of my techniques. But on the other hand, I still have my reflexes, a large portion of my speed, and a great deal of my strength. Heh, with just my power alone this wild animal should be no issue."

You finally land soundly on the ground and grin at the beast in front of you. "And here I always thought that bears were one of the smarter species. Congratulations, you single handedly changed my opinion of your entire species!"

"RHAAA!" It swings its claws at you once again, in which you sway underneath both of them and make it to its belly without hesitation.

"Farewell, you overgrown piece of trash!" A loud thud is heard from the impact of your right straight and the monster falls on its knees in pain. You turn around and slowly walk away from it as it growls in pain. This so called battle is over. The other bears don't move your their tight circle though, which causes you to wonder. "Is the battle not over yet or are these beasts just as moronic as their leader? Hmm..."

After turning around, your greeted with a solid punch to the face by the bear. Your head bulges back in shock and you're launched into the pack of bears. They don't harm you, however. Instead, they just throw you forward back into the ring on your knees.

Staring at your cold, rugged hands, you feel a small sense of defeat. This leads to anger, which leads to even more rage. But a controlled one. You slowly stand up and give the leader bear a stare in the eye with your hatred filled eyes. It's hard to tell, but it appears to be a bit scared now. The thing that truly catches your attention though, is that the beast is now standing without trouble, despite taking serious damage from your attack earlier.

"I am going to kill you." You plainly say with unwavering attention to its movements.

A) Attack the Leader Bear head on and go for the kill.
B) Get on top of the Leader Bear's head and attack the Black & Purple Smoke.
C) Fight him evasively by dodging its obvious attacks and counterattacking.
D) Forget this. We already have the Fan, so lets just try to escape.
E) Try to make friends with the bear. How?
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