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Author's Chapter Notes:
Choice that won:

Main: Inflation Ki

Sub: Rehabilitation Ki
"I've made my decision. I will focus my main efforts on Inflation Ki and all my remaining time on Rehabilitation Ki. That alright with you, old man?" You boldly state with a grin.

"That's uh...Master Ro-, ah, whatever. I can do that. Are you positive with your decision?"

"Yes. How long will this take anyway? I don't exactly want to be on this island for ten years."

"That's completely up to you! Tell me how long you want to stay and I'll create a training regime that will best fit our time. Needless to say, the longer you stay, the superior results you will receive. On the other hand, you don't want to disrupt your life entirely. Think carefully...!"

How Long Will You Stay With Roshi?

1) 3 Months
2) 6 Months
3) 9 Months
4) 1 Year

"Fair enough. You can stay in your room for the time being. Give me a few hours and we'll be on our way!" You give him a nod and turn around completely, travelling to the room you first awoke in a short while ago.

You have a seat on the unfolded bed and survey the room. It seems that Roshi and his nurse use this room as a medical station. Though these specific medical equipments seem to be quite old and outdated. Perhaps Djawa Island is still not up to the current times.

"Hmm...I should probably give Rem a call, telling him what's up." You think while reaching for your idle phone on the nightstand. Upon picking it up, you flip it open and look in your contacts. "I'll call the Private Line, just in case..." The phone begins ringing continuously, but nobody picks up. And since this is the Private Line, no Caller ID is displayed and Rem will never know you called. You try your luck with the main line, but after several rings an automated voice speaks up, saying that the number you are calling has been disconnected. Please check the area code and try your call again.

"Damn it," you say aloud. "Whatever, the FBM is hardly on my mind right now. I wonder how everybody else is doing though. Still...I can't get that Crow off my mind. I wonder how he handles himself. And those swords that his mooks held...why did they paralyze me like that? Ki is such a vast art...apparently..."


Meanwhile, In An Unknown Location...

"WHAT!?!? You CAN'T be serious, Joseph..." General Hugo roars.

"I am."

"Why would he...why would he do something so stupid?"

"He was probably thinking something more along the lines or heroic or selfless when he sacrificed himself. Nonetheless, thanks to Kiryu, many of us were able to get a solid lead on the Red Ribbon Army. Despite it being short lasted, it wasn't completely in vain."

"Still...Commanders aren't exactly easily replaced. What with Loukar dead, and now Kiryu captured. Probably gonna get executed...the other Commanders better have got away safely. Those beasts sorta hold the Forte down...Lord Rem can't do it all by himself, you know."

"Do you not have any ambition to further your rank?" Joseph asks, puzzled.

Hugo lets out a sigh, "Eh, I don't know. Commander is such an impossible rank to get. After fighting in the war, I just don't think I'll ever be able to match up to some of those powerhouses. I mean, Taurus? F***...that guy was on a completely higher level than all of us. And that last Explosive Wave-type attack he killed just about everybody in the area. I would've died myself if I was a bit closer to him."

"Yes, my Barrier was barely able to defend against that. I may have died if I wasn't carried back to the Base Camp."

"Eh, I don't remember much about it. I woke up sorta burried in the ground after it was all over. I saw you sprinting away and followed you for a bit until I noticed the Red Ribbon Army was on our tail. Once we got to this place I split up, hoping the Red Ribbon would only chase you."

"Heh, and did they?"

"Y~uu~p. But I found you later so it's all good. Where are we anywho?"

"I can't say I'm looks like there is a temple just off in the distance though..." Generals Joseph Pike and Hugo continue to walk through a long runway, heading towards the temple in the distance. All around them are what seem to be broken houses and stone pillars. Joseph finishes his train of thought silently, "...With two people inside of it...but their hearts seem to be fairly pure so we shouldn't have much to worry about."


Meanwhile, In An Unknown Location...

"Chi Chi! We got company..." Says General Jones with a tint of fear in his voice. His colleague jumps up from a rusted bed and runs to the tinted window, holding her body up against the side of it. "It's hard to see them properly from this far, but the one on the left..."

"I feel it too. His's completely impure. Jones, we have to prepare for battle!"

"Judging by the way they're strolling along, I don't think they know we're here yet."

"A preemptive strike? Not a bad idea." Jones nods his head but then Chi Chi's face turns grim. "The Temple...we can't battle here! It has too much important scripture for us to let it get damaged!"

"We better go outside and hide behind one of the pillars then. And quick." The female General nods her head and the two run down the stairs to the temple, feeling a blinding ray of sunlight strike them once they exit. "I just hope we have enough energy left to beat them..."

"Think positive!" Chi Chi says with a smile, now hiding behind a pillar by the entrance to the temple, Jones on the other side.


Roshi enters your room with a crooked smile on his face. "Are you ready, Kiryu?" You relieve yourself from the bed you lay on and stand up tall, nearly touching the roof of the room. You give Roshi a quick nod and walk towards him. He turns around and you two enter a solid pace, exiting the house. You close the door behind you and walk along the sandy beach, enjoying the scenery.

The walk continues along the beach for quite a while, and you notice that this island has many buildings and houses desite its tropical feel. "I wonder where this old man is taking me." You think.

"We're here...!" Roshi says with a grin amidst his face. You find yourself staring out at an open ocean, barely able to make out the islands far off in the distance.

"Where are we now?"

"There are three islands off in the distance of this direction. This is an Archipelago, after all. Fortunately, these particular islands aren't very populated. Humans vacated them a few years back, and spread out across the other islands in the Archipelago."

"Hm, why would they do that?"

"Because dark forces started spawning in them. I can't say I know what caused it as I've always lived here, but powerful creatures and even monsters began to appear. They weren't very kind to the citizens - apparently - and much blood was shed. This lead to the evacuation. After this happened, I checked them out myself."

"What a surprise you made it back alive."

"Keyuh, keyuh. Anyway, these islands are quite suitable for training and so depending on my students wishes, I send them to one of these three islands."

"You got a boat lying around here or something?"

"Where would the training be in that? You will swim to the island you choose."

"Heh, that would hardly be a challenge for myself."

"I should hope not. Though I will warn you...the living conditions on these islands are far from what they used to be. I doubt any normal person could live there in their current condition."

"Elaborate." You quickly respond while gazing out into the ocean.

"For one, Kharaj Island on the far left used to be a beautiful village. However, once the volcano erupted at the peak of the island, it flooded nearly the entire city. Hundreds of people were killed in an instant, but that still didn't drive people away completely. They blocked off the volcanic stream that was leaking down and were safe for a short period of time."

"Idiots. Why would they choose to live in such a hazardous area. Of course the volcanic stream was going to leak into their habitat eventually."

"Actually, that isn't exactly what happened." You look at Roshi with a tint of surprise but let him continue. "I've never seen them myself but apparently a species of some sort surfaced from thin air and broke the barrier the remaining citizens set up, effectively flooding the remaining village out, killing roughly 80% of the remaining population."

"A species from thin air...what did they look like?"

"Again, I've only heard stories but apparently they are pitch black with deep purple 'bubbles' that spread throughout their body. All of their other bodily features are either textbook or non existent."

"Hmm...intriguing." You leak out while licking your sultry lips.

"Secondly, we have Maluku Island. It's the center most island from our position. I may be the sexiest man you've ever seen, but this island is far from that. It always has been." You roll your eyes and Roshi continues, "It's a desert like region. The temperature is boiling hot like any desert, and the humidity is quite high. But it too has been corrupted."

"By the Black and Purple creatures?"

"No. Well, at least I do not think so. A river used to flow through the town on said island, which the people relied on."

"And the river went dry, right?"


"This is nonsense...I'm getting everything wrong!" You think, annoyed.

"It actually...died."

"Riiiiight, because that's totally possible."

"Well, not the river itself but everything inside of it. Sure, it was still there but it was lifeless. All the species within died, and it tasted worse than sewage water! It just...lost its purity. The townsfolk couldn't rely on it and were forced to vacate the area."


"I also think it's important to note that afterwards, nearly the entire desert was succumbed to quick sand. The entire civilization and all of its history was simply buried underneath. Since then, I haven't seen anything but violent animals appear at random with pure hatred in their veins. Quite an extraordinary event, if I do say so myself."

"I suppose."

"Finally, we have Ysabel Island, which you can see on the right most side of our position. Can you guess what this place was like?"

"Hmm...we got fire, Yeah, that must be right." You think before speaking up, "It should be a forest terrain, correct?"

"Well would you look at that. You managed to get one right. Good job, Kiryu!!!"

"...Shut up."

Roshi laughs quickly until he finally decides to continue speaking. "A war transpired. Captain Crow of the Crimson Pirates ran a rampage on that island immediately after he acquired..." You squint in anticipation and Roshi breathes heavily. "Anyways, he killed the majority of the population, imprisoning the remaining for who knows what..."

"It's good to see you're doing something about that."

"I can't!" He screams, clenching his fists tight. "...Ergh, Crow has long since evacuated to Rhodus Island, so you should be fine. I've had many students go to and from these areas moderately safely over the years. Be careful though, as this area appears to have continuous natural disasters strike it over and over again. I really can't figure out why though...!"

"I see...Roshi, what the hell am I doing on these islands and how is it training?"

"I placed multiple key items on each island long ago. I usually have my students bring me back one of these items, but for the more gifted ones such as yourself, I want you to bring me back 3 of these key items during your trip."

"And what are these 'key items'?"

"I'll tell you such when you choose where you want to go. Accomplishing this task in itself will provide great training for you. Remember though, this is only the beginning! Now, choose your fate, Kiryu...!" Roshi demands.

You think carefully to yourself, "Hmm...they all seem to have interesting features about them but the one that stood out most for me is definitely..."

A) Kharaj Island - The Heated Hell
B) Maluku Island - The Deceased Desert
C) Ysabel Island - The Woodland Warzone
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