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Author's Chapter Notes:
B Wins!
"Fine," you state boldly with a grim look on your face. "I'll test out your training for the time being. This better not be a waste of my time." Master Roshi smiles and you turn to the two pirates who are waiting patiently behind you. "Change of plans you two. I have lost my interest of meeting up with Crow for the time being. I want you two to be off of this island now." You direct.

They both give you a slight nod, "Aye, sir." After that, they run back over to the beach and jump on a fairly low tech boat, driving away afterwards.

"First things first," Roshi says while walking to the back of his house. "Follow me!"

"Hm." You trail behind his slow pace and reach a grassy garden at the back of his house. He places his hand on the garden floor and moves it back and forth, obviously looking for something. After a few more seconds of searching, you hear a hollow thud at the corner of the garden. He grips the grass hard and pulls a large medal gate from it.

"Here we are." A blinding noise emits from the gate while he pulls it open, screeching all the way. "It has been a while since I've opened this gate...!" A rusty stairway that leads deep underground is beneath his feet now. Roshi gestures his hand forward and you follow his movements underground carefully.

"You said you trained Big Daddy up until he shipped out for War. Its been a month or two at the most."

Master Roshi turns around and shuts the large gate behind him, locking it tightly after doing so. "I did not show this place to Big Daddy. He wasn't far along enough to learn something like this."

"Oh, how special I feel." The two of you walk down a long passage for a few minutes until you finally reach a room at the bottom. It's filled with ancient architecture at the sides of it and at the front most part of it has a large stone pillar that goes from floor to ceiling. A small entry is a few feet from the floor where a hand print is implanted. "My hand would never fit in that. It's built for a human."

"Try it." He directs, gesturing you to move forward once again. You do just so and place your hand over the old one, and upon doing so a surge of knowledge shoots through your body. The rush is so substantial that you feel like jumping back but you hold firm until it finally ends. As you breath heavily, Roshi walks up to you and places his frail palm on your forearm, as he is unable to reach any higher. "Did you feel it?"

Still not sure what happened, you give him a slight nod. "What...was that?"

"It is called a Karma Calculator. Only a select few exist on this Planet, so I was told. Once you place your hand in the entry, a knowledge of some sort enters your body. Not even I know how it works. My master Mutaito brought me down here a long time in the past, and explained what he was once taught. This was here from the beginning of time, apparently. Well, Planet Earth's time. Civilization eventually built over it, but some people found their way back to it. Generations moved forward and it remains here today. You are the third person I have told about this, despite the many people I have trained."

"The first two being?"

"The man before you goes by the name of Goku. You may have met him while you were at war."

"I did. You trained that monster?"

"Keyuh, keyuh, keyuh. He's grown quite well, that boy. Ergh, that man."

"Enough of past stories about people I hardly care about. What kind of 'knowledge' just entered my body when I touched it? I feel different yet...the same, if that makes any sense."

"It does to anybody who has placed their palm on it."

"You didn't mention who the first was."

"I thought you were tired of hearing stories?"

"Peh, fine. So explain what just transpired."

"For all of the large accomplishments you have ever done, an 'Achievement Point' was given to you by God. Of course, you can do nothing with these points unless you have the knowledge that the Karma Calculator imparts to you. But once you exchange your points here, once, you will permanently be able to use them at your leisure."

"Fair enough. And what can I do with these Achievement Points?"

"That's the good part! For every technique that you have, you can use one Achievement Point to level it up. Every technique has a maximum level of five. If it reaches level two, it simply powers up - or if it isn't a technique that can power up, you'll become more familiar with using it."

"Thrilling!" You say in a sarcastic tone.

Roshi looks at you in complete shock that you aren't on the edge of your invisible seat right now, before continuing. "If it reaches level 3, a new addition will be added to the move. So if you have a s***ty move called 'Mega Punch' that does nothing but well, deal a powerful punch, leveling it to level 3 might make it a Fire Mega Punch! Who knows what might happen though..."

"A Fire Mega Punch would be awesome," you agree.

"Yes, yes it would." A long pause of silence breaks out before Roshi clears his throat in remembrance and continues. "However, the drawback to Level 3 is that to use the added bonus that your technique might receive, will cost much more Ki than it normally would."

"I see."

"When you level the technique up to level 4, it will power the new added bonus to your technique up."


"Oh, I know. And finally, Level 5 is mastery of the technique. Using the Level 3 version of said technique will now cost the same amount of Ki as Level 1 would normally cost. And using the Level 1 version of the move, which is the original technique, will not cost any Ki to use anymore."

"I want to upgrade The Four Witches to Level 5 RIGHT NOW!" You roar in out of character stupidity.

"Currently, you have 5 Achievement Points. You can choose to Level Up a technique at any time you choose. It is definitely a possible course of action, but remember that I am about to train you. Lets hold out on leveling up your techniques because during the course of my training, you will definitely learn some new techniques."

"Alright, sounds good." You reply, finally returned to your normal self. "So shall we begin the training?"

"Indeed. Lets leave this underground chamber. We have a lot of work to do above." You nod and both begin leaving the underground chamber behind, walking up the long flight of stairs with swag.


Meanwhile, in an unknown location...

"Yo, Watson." Echo barks.

"Yeah, Commander?"

"You sure we're going the right way? I mean, I haven't seen a uh, building or nothing in a while."

"Should be just beyond this grove of trees."

"Ehh, I 'unno. You would think that we'd have seen something by now. The Forte is pretty big, you know."

"Don't underestimate Watson's sense of directions. This guy has a photographic memory. Just seeing this kinda thing once and he'll have memorized it." General Stiffy breaks in, rubbing the sweat off his forehead with a smile.

Watson sifts through one last patch of trees and pushes a few bushes apart, showcasing a massive structure far off in the distance. "Well, what'dya know..." Echo says in a happy shock. "Forte Valkyrie, oh how I missed you."

"I wonder if anybody else has made it back yet." Stiffy comments.

"Doubt it. I am Echo The Great, after all!"

"Heeeyyy, I'm the one that found our way back..."

"Lets go team!" Echo shouts, ignoring Watson. The three pick up their pace and jog back to Forte Valkyrie with excitement.


Meanwhile, in an unknown location...

"It's this way, idiot!" General White screams.

"Shut up! I know what I'm doing, stupid traitor." General Blue counters.

"Obviously not, because its been SIX DAYS and we still haven't made it anywhere. By this point in time, I'm pretty much begging you to take me back to Valkyrie. Like S*** your sense of direction is garbage."

"Shh," Blue says while putting his index finger by his lips. "Right when we cross this grove of trees, Valkyrie will be right beyond it. Just watch!" Blue pushes a few trees over and hops over loose branches, slightly irritated and looks back to White with a smirk while he drags him with a worn out piece of rope. "Forte Valkyrie here we come!" Blue screams, pushing the last bit of trees away and exiting the small forest.

"Well what do ya' know..." White says, looking out beyond. "Nothing." Before the two Generals is another blank terrain of grass. In the far off distance, a large sea seems to be there. Other than that, the two stare at open landscape. Not an artificial creation in sight.

"...Damn it." Blue says with a sigh.


You find yourself sitting on a pink couch while Master Roshi sits on a half broken stool across from you. Silence impedes. "..."


"It really should be the other way around," he points out. "Why am I on this stupid stool?"

"Can we just hurry up and get this started?"

The wise master clears his throat and stands up, his cane flying into his hand seconds later. "There are 5 different types of Ki. It is more than possible to learn, and even master, all of these types. But do not mistake it for an easy task. Not everybody's body can handle such a feat, nor their mind. And on top of that, it would take years to develop all of these types, and that's for a gifted fighter. I have been granted Eternal Life by God. So while I continue to age far past my prime, I will never die from age."

"Your point being?"

"While I no longer dedicate all my time to training, I still haven't even come close to mastering all of these types. Though, I have a great understanding of each classification of Ki so I will be able to train you in any method that you desire."

"What are the 5 Classifications of Ki?" You question while rubbing your chin with your rugged thumb.

"Destructive Ki. Rehabilitation Ki. Manipulation Ki. Inflation Ki. And the most powerful of all...Dark Ki." The Master shivers at that last statement.

"Explain..." You simply state.

"..." The Master takes a deep breath before continuing, "You are already familiar with Destructive Ki. It is the most basic manipulation of Ki. Anybody can learn it. Its primary purpose is to cause destruction, despite it having practical uses as well. One must be familiar with this Ki before he can move forward."

"Fair enough."

"From there on, you can branch out into any other Ki Classification, difficulty varying depending on what your body is more suited for. So while you may be able to master every Classification of Ki, if your body isn't built to handle Manipulation Ki, your Manipulation powers will never be able to reach the same height as somebody whose body is adapted to said Classification. This is all assuming that you both have the same potential, which is near impossible. This is quite unfortunate because it's impossible to tell what your body may be suited for. Does that make sense?"

"Yeah, I think I got it."

"The next Classification I am going to cover is Rehabilitation Ki. I'm positive that you have seen it before, especially considering you just came from a War with thousands of great fighters. This Classification is nearly the opposite of Destructive Ki. Primarily, you can transfer your Ki into somebody else to heal them or refresh their Ki supply, possibly making them more powerful from it. You can also repair your bodily tissue with ease. Though the time for doing so fluctuates depending on your experience with it. With enough experience, you can repair entire limbs, though by using a great deal of Ki I would assume, or even another person's body parts. Of course with more training, you might even be able to do even more than the advantages that I listed. It is quite a handy type."

"Yeah, it is." You say aloud before thinking, "Dr. Fiasco had certainly helped a great deal..."

"Next, we have Manipulation Ki," Roshi continues. "The Saiyans are a prime example of this. I was told by Goku that their training methods are primarily based upon Manipulation Ki, starting from birth. However, the majority focus on Destructive Ki due to lack of a proper trainer."

"Hmm? I don't recall seeing the Saiyans manipulate anything..." You think back, still listening.

"The ability to freely manipulate anything around you. Namely, the air that surrounds us." What Roshi is talking about finally strikes you like a bolt of lightning, and he continues once again. "By manipulating the air around them, they can do many things. Like flying. Or creating an invisible Ki wave that has the power to rip through ones body with ease. All of this is done by manipulating the air around them so they can use it freely."

"Incredible..." You gasp in awe.

"Those who take it another step further can even link into telepathy. By manipulating their brain waves and whoever they want to read's brain waves, it is said that you can synchronize them together so you can read their thoughts and even speak to them through their thoughts. I can explain a vast amount of ways that you can harness Manipulation Ki, but that's something for you to chew on for now."

"I can't say I've seen anybody use that. Though I may have come across people who were reading my thoughts without my knowing."

"Indeed. Fourth, I shall explain Inflation Ki. Now this is arguably the most dangerous Ki - to your own body. You can amplify your body's potential. If you are a master, you may end up like my student Goku. He developed his own type of amplifying technique called the Kaioken. In an instant, he could multiply his Battle Power at the cost of his physical, mental, and spiritual condition. A dangerous, yet extraordinary powered technique. But don't think this is all you can do."


"Inflation Ki is the most shallow Classification as it revolves around one outcome only. But you can inflate your speed, defense, stamina, strength, and anything else. Some for long periods of time, some for short periods of time. Some take a great toll on your body, some don't. I imagine you understand the concept by now."

"Echo...his Deighty Form seems to fit the description. Inflating his power to a great degree, while making his size increase to decrease the strain on his body. Quite a smart development for somebody who lacks intelligence. And that Saiyan Goku with Kaioken too...geez that was annoying." You reminisce quietly.

"Finally, I will discuss Dark Ki. First things first, I refuse to teach you this Classification. My first student...I taught him it long in the past, and for lack of a better term, he turned evil. I misjudged his heart and upon mastery of Dark Ki, the power got to him and he slowly turned into a satanic creature. I don't ever want to unleash that kind of evil upon the world again..."

"Peh, fine. Continue on..."

"This is a very complex Ki. One that has nearly no limitations. It strengthens upon the emotions that one bears. The darker your emotions are, the more powerful it becomes. For somebody who possesses a pure heart, this Ki does not suit them well. However, with enough training and artificial negative emotions, you can make it work."

"Hmm..." You continue to listen, somewhat confused.

"This Ki is primarily composed by taking the darkness in your heart and mind and substituting it for a Decomposing Ki. The true opposite of Rehabilitation Ki. You can decompose and break anything you choose with enough control. It is said that a master even has the power to absorb darkness. This's dangerous."

"Dark Ki...Dysect! So's Dark Ki...! And to think we're put on the same level when he is so much more knowledgeable about Ki than I am." You think while eying Roshi down fiercely.

The master stands up and smiles. "So now that we have covered the basics...what do you want me to train you in, Kiryu?"

Choose What Ki You Want To Focus Your Efforts On!

Main Category:

Kiryu will focus most of his training on this Ki Classification.

Sub Category:

Kiryu will focus the remainders of his training on this Ki Classification.
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