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Author's Chapter Notes:
Choice that won:

4D: Walk up and distract them. Ask about this Crow guy as if we're interested about this weird ability "boom" talk. If they get distracted, the kid can get away. Maybe even ask them to take us to him if he's nearby. That should get them off the kid, and get us to meet someone fairly interesting.
Prior To Going Outside...

"Big Daddy? Yes, I did know him." You reply with a tint of sorrow in your eyes.

"Did?" Master Roshi quietly questions.

"I was told that he died bravely in battle. He was a good fighter and it's a shame that he didn't make it. Many great fighters died that day..."

Roshi gives you a slight nod before turning around and walking over to his pink couch, having a seat on it. "He was my student," the master bitterly speaks up. "Though I only knew him for six months, but my time with him was memorable. Such a passionate student he was, always trying to improve upon himself. He nearly tripled his Battle Power in the time he spent with me. But his growth wasn't the only thing that stood out. His way of fighting stood out most to me."

Bored at first, that last comment spiked your interest. "What do you mean, Roshi?"

"He had no interest in Destructive Ki. The man did not want to learn it. I suppose he didn't feel it was necessary."

"Huh? I can't say I follow. What do you mean 'Destructive Ki'?"

Roshi sighs while closing his eyes and staring at the floor. He flips his head up and continues, "Big Daddy only wanted to learn Rehabilitation Ki. Or 'Healing Ki', whatever you want to call it. To be able to Transfer one's own Ki into somebody else to power them up, and even to repair one's bodily tissue with this Ki. It's a step above the most commonly seen Ki."

"I've seen that can I obtain it?"

"Keyuh keyuh keyuh, it is not time for you yet." You grunt at this and he continues. "Big Daddy even started to learn the basics of 'Dark Ki', the most deadly form of life force known to man. I can't say that I know why somebody who refused to learn Destructive Ki would be interested in something so deadly, but for whatever reason, he was."

"How do you know all of this?"

"Keyuh keyuh keyuh, because I taught him. I told you that already."

"That isn't what I'm asking." The old Master tilts his head in confusion while you stare him down boldly, "Your an old buffoon, yet you continue to speak about foreign terms for something that I've been harnessing my entire life. Why!?!?" You demand.

"According to specialists, roughly 31% of the world's populace is able to harness their life force - using Ki."

"Thanks for the history lesson, but-"

"Of that 31%, roughly 19% of those Ki users are only familiar with the most basic form of Ki, often called Destructive Ki. It's primary function is to cause destruction. You can hardly hope to accomplish anything else using it. A very small percentile of the Ki educated World are aware that one has the ability to do much greater than simply using their Ki in such basic ways. You are not in that percentile."

A harsh stare down breaks out between you two, confused emotions crawling up your skin. "Is he insane? Am I ignorant? Can I improve? How can I learn what he's talking about? Damn it, this is all so sudden...!" You think, still not blinking.

"Ahem," Master Roshi clears his throat as he stands up, his arms folded behind his back. "I am going to take a s*** now. I shall mourn Big Daddy's death during the process. Excuse me." He makes a full turn around, and walks away from you slowly while his Kane rests by the couch.

You decide to stand up and take your leave for now. "Ah, it feels nice to be in working condition once again. Might as well see what this town has to offer while I decide on my next move." You casually think, now turning the handle of the door and exiting this realm.


Meanwhile, In An Unknown Location...

"You alright, Chi Chi?" General Jones questions his colleague.

The female general looks up into the open landscape and sighs, "I broke my promise..."


"To Big Daddy. I promised him a proper burial in his name, but couldn't deliver. Now his body is gone and this blood from my lie remains on my hands." She says in sheer sadness, nearly breaking into tears.

Jones stops briefly while she continues to watch, before making a quick dash to catch up to her. He doesn't say anything. Instead, just putting his injured hands over her shoulder while she rests her head on his own. "That truly was a horrifying battle. I...I feel dirty. Weak. So many people died. Many by my hand. I just...I don't ever want to experience such a feeling again. War..." The General chokes on his own thoughts and throws his spare hand up to his eyes and covers them in fear of letting tears slip out. He sniffles a bit and rests his head on Chi Chi's, still walking despite their injuries.

In the far off distance, a large temple showcases itself. The two Generals separated from their fellow fighters during the Red Ribbon Invasion, and have ended up in a completely off course area. Luckily for them, they have finally reached a place where they can rest without worry. At least for now...


Back on Djawa Island, Kiryu contemplates on what to do next...

"Sorry, 'bro', but I refuse to watch these two kids attempt to kill a little child." You push the man onto the ground gently and he scowls as you walk towards them. They take notice of you within 10 meters and cease their assault on the child. He crawls away on the sandy beach in pain and they begin laughing as you walk plainly towards them. "Hey, I heard you guys belong to some pirate named Crow. Correct?"

"Aye, sir." One of them says and the other smiles while nudging his fellow pirate.

"Problem we got, aye?" The other jumps in.

"Hm, judging by the stories I've heard of your leader I found myself a tad interested in him."

"Surprising it is not, aye."

"Aye, aye."

"Care to take me to his headquarters?"

Both of them smile at each other and than begin to laugh insanely. After what seems like several minutes have gone by, they stop and smile with their bright yellow teeth. The first one speaks up, "Take you I shall not."

"Slay you-"

"We might."

"These two lack not only strength and style, but intelligence too. I am not impressed." You think while staring up at them with your cold eyes. "I'll make you two fools a deal..." You say aloud with a grim look on your face. "Bring me to Crow and I won't snap your necks in the next ten seconds."

"Attitude, this one has."


"Aye, aye."

"Nay, I direct." The second one barks as he licks his lips. He turns to his side and you see a long sword laying in its sheath. The sheath is fancier than anything these two can ever hope to wear, with a gold symbol of a crow on it. "Gone be, aye." The pirate directs.

"Oh, a sword? It's unfortunate that the weapon does not make the man. Unsheathe it, and your death will draw closer."

"Aye." You two make eye contact while his sword is drawn from its cavern. During your brief stare down, you noticed that he had a tattoo of a crow carved in his eye.

His friend steps forward and grins, drawing his sword next. "Mate, I tell you nay. Idea, yours, leads to great death, aye. Off now, back."

"Nay," you say with a smile, putting up your guard, still not serious. They both jump to each side of you with their sword in arms and begin to chant a song quietly while circling you. "Hmm, what is it that these two are doing?"

"Aye," the left pirate calls out.

"Mate." The one on the right says. Their ritual ends and they both dash at you immediately. The Left Pirate swings his sword horizontally while the Right Pirate does so vertically. You jump to the side to avoid their slashes and fire two balls of Ki in their direction. With a swing of their sword, both of your Ki blasts are cut in half and sent flying.

"Sober up, aye."

"Perhaps you two aren't as trash as I suspected. I might just be able to have a little fun with you." You taunt.

"Nay, mate. Yo'll walk the plank, aye!" The Left Pirate shoves his Crimson sword forward and a beam of Ki fires out of it at incredible speed. It impacts your chest directly and you feel a burning sensation crawl up your skin. The Right Pirate jumps high into the air and spins his sword wildly while doing so, eventually stopping once it's facing downward.

You fall to the ground while holding your chest and the Right Pirate pillars down from above, preparing to deliver the finishing blow.

"S***, I underestimated these clowns. These swords that they possess...something is weird about them!" You struggle to move your body but you're completely paralyzed. "The Four Witches!" You roar, ripping two arms out of your back while the rest of your body is unable to move.

The Right Pirate slams down on you with full force but is caught by your excess hands, holding the side of his blade cautiously. "Ohhh? Aye, bad not is it."

"You catching me off guard almost cost me my life...!" You angrily state, still not letting him go. Upon moving your legs, you realize that you are no longer paralyzed. "I will not make that mistake again. HA!" You swing your legs up and kick the pirate in the face, launching him into the air with his sword.

Placing your hands on the ground, you fling yourself to your feet and dash at the Left Pirate without a moments hesitation. His eyes go wide in fear as you grapple his neck and lift him into the air.

His sword clashes against the ground and you grin. Victory is yours. "Now listen, you will take me to this 'Crow' and you will do it now. If you do not abide by my orders, I will kill you without second thought. Saavy?"

"...A-Aye." He manages to leak out. You throw him on the ground harshly and he rolls over in pain, now laying beside his comrade. "To Crow, aye?" He directs.

"Aye, mate. Aye."

The black guy with the Hawaiian shirt runs over to you and slaps you on the back. "Bro, you're hain buddy!" You eye him down ruthlessly, thinking about killing him just for the hell of it but decide against it and walk towards the pirates that lay on the ground. He doesn't catch the hint, and runs to your side again. "Still bro, if s*** just goes boom then we're finished. Finished."

You speed up your pace until your back beside Master Roshi's house, who you see peaking out the window. "So? Shall we get going." You order to the pirates, who begin to make their way back up.

"Aye," they say together. Master Roshi exits the house with his cane in his right hand and waves his head for you to come over. You hear the two pirates whisper something to each other, Roshi's name being in their speech.

"What is it?" You plainly question.

"Do not go with them, Kiryu." The old master warns.


"It is not your time yet. The Captain of the Crimson Pirates, Crow, is too much for you to handle in your current state. Stay here, at least for now."

"Heh, too much for me to handle? You're not doing a good job of convincing me not to go, old man."

"Don't be a fool!" You roll your eyes and turn around, walking away from the old master. He runs after you and intercepts your path, "Let me train you. I can teach you a lot, Kiryu."

"Errrgh," you growl while clenching your rugged fists.. "Shut up! Don't make a mockery of me, old man. There is nothing an old buffoon like yourself can depart onto me besides your disgusting, perverted habits."

"You are powerful, Kiryu. But in a battle of Ki, strength does not mean everything. Crow is a master of the arts...don't make the mistake of going up against him with your most primal form of Ki. Put aside your pride and let me teach you...!"

You stare Roshi down with a smidgen of anger, annoyance, and hatred. "Errgh, what should I do!?!?" You contemplate.

A) Go with the pirates and head to Crow's base.
B) Stay behind and let Master Roshi train you.
C) Forget about Crow and Roshi. Lets explore the island!
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