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Author's Chapter Notes:
Choice that won:

"This has been fun, Hercule and friends. However, I don't plan on staying in this blimp any longer." You bluntly state. They stare you down with caution as the blimp shakes, losing height by the second. "Ha!" A ball of Ki morphs in your hand and you smash it into the core of the room, blinding everyone momentarily.

Smoke piles through the room while you make your way to the edge, staring down once more. "I wonder what awaits me down below. Well, no point in dreaming about it!" Your feet disperse from the floor and before you even realize it, you're already treading through the skies at an unmatched speed.

"Where did he go!?!?" You hear Hercule scream from above, now that the smoke cloud has obliterated. Upon looking up, you see Zita staring directly at you while he holds onto the wall of the blimp with a yellow spiral of Ki in his hand.

"I don't know," the soldier lies. "Maybe he's in the other room." The surge of Ki disperses from his hand and he gives you one last stare with his calculating eyes, disappearing from your vision seconds after.

Screeches roar past your ear during the quick flight down to the ocean that awaits below, while blood squirts out of your aching back from the pressure that ripples through the air.

"S***, I'm going too fast! At this rate, I'll explode on impact. I better do something, quick!" You crush your shaking palms together and concentrate your remaining Ki within them. "Haaaa ~ !" You roar from the skies and fire all the Ki you could muster in those greasy palms of yours.

The beam crashes into the ocean and your drop comes to a complete halt, before speeding up again at a much slower pace. The blue crater of water glistens bright as you pillar down from the skies, your Ki now fading away.

Turning your head to all angles, you notice two islands far off in the distance, but still close enough to see. One island, however, is much closer to you. According to your completely inaccurate assumption, it's about a mile or two from where you currently are in the ocean. "Hmm, it's close but...I won't be able to swim that far in my condition. I have no choice..."

Your large spear of Ki begins turning as you shift your giant body to the side of it, swinging the blast off the center of the ocean. The pool of water shakes due to the unusual amount of power that is piercing it, until you finally release your attack at the best angle you can withstand.

A loud explosion is heard and you're fired off into the trajectory you aimed at. The force from your attack propels you through the air while you struggle to even stay awake, losing blood every instant your wound is exposed.

Your energy is drained and your body shudders in pain uncontrollably as you collapse into the water. Pressure builds up in your intoxicated lungs and your eyes plunge from reality, back and forth until they remain closed while you drop to the bottom of the ocean without struggle.

"So peaceful...I could just do this forever. Wait, what's going on? Am I...drowning? S***!" You snap back to reality and whip your head up, seeing the surface far off in the distance.

Using all your remaining stamina, your arms and legs paddle back and forth until you whip out from the water seeing a small, yet populated island. "Yeeeees!" You yell out in joy, before swimming the rest of the way and grappling onto the dry ground of the town.

Your nails dig into the dock and you manage to pull half of your body on top of it. A smile is on your face, and you can't seem to take it off despite knowing it's there and trying to bring your cold and ruthless face back on. The town starts to flicker momentarily before it is fully engulfed in darkness.


"Are you sure it was alright to do that, Lieutenant Colonel Iceberg?"

"Yes, Zita, it is all going according to plan. You played your part well too."

"Heh, but still...emptying the fuel chamber and melting the engine. Just letting the Blimp crash! You could have killed tons of people, Iceberg!"

"Do not focus on the what if. Nobody was killed, except the few that Ex-Executive Kiryu took out." Iceberg demands, while readjusting his purple tie. "We already won. Hercule is finished. He volunteered to escort Kiryu back to HQ, and during this time all he managed to accomplish was letting the prisoner escape and allowing the only source of transportation to break down. He'll be demoted, if not executed for this failure."

"Yeah, but..."

"Zita, listen carefully. I am the one who salvaged the leftovers of this mission by using my ability to allow the Blimp to land safely. You fought bravely beside Hercule, but due to his incompetence - once again - you couldn't defeat Kiryu. I will take the Brigadier Officer's rank, and you will get yet another promotion, which you will of course deny."

"Iceberg, I could probably be an Executive by now. Why am I still denying promotions? And why did I have to go easy on Kiryu to allow him to escape!?"

The Lieutenant Colonel smiles while tugging on his tie. "The ideal situation would be for Kiryu to join the Red Ribbon Army. Such a powerful fighter that only I could manage to recruit would give me a promotion. However, his breakout threw that plan in the trash. So I was forced to improvise and devise a new plan, which I did so without fuss. I could have annihilated him on sight, which would get me recognition for the job well done, but Hercule would still be the leading force in this mission. In order to solidify my promotion to Brigadier Officer, I had to succeed while making that fool fail."

"So you're gonna blame everything on him?"

"The evidence will do that for me. As for you denying your promotions..." Iceberg continues, "You are doing this so I will have power over you, and we will be able to continuously work together in our endeavors without suspicions growing. When an Executive fails to deliver, said person will get in trouble no matter the case. The lower rank you are, the better. It'll excuse the failures you're bound to meet. Besides, President Red has already granted you permission to go on any mission you see fit so the benefits of promotion will not help you too much."

"I live in a s*** hole room and my paycheck is nearly non existent. Forget about the missions, I want-"

"We all want a lot of things, Zita. And trust me, we will get them. Just be patient! And one more thing, we cannot have LEAKS! If Hercule had an intellect of anything above a fool, that leak in the cafeteria could have been detrimental to us!" The Lieutenant demands, before walking away from his partner, surveying the area.

"Hey, Iceberg." Hercule calls out, causing the Colonel to turn to his side. "Thanks again for saving all our asses. A lot of people would have died if it weren't for you and that weird...ability thing you have."

"It is not a problem. Hurry up and phone Headquarters to pick us up though. I've grown tired of waiting on this island."

"Uh huh, I hear ya'. Dang, they sure are gonna be mad." He replies while picking up his cell phone.

"I pray that you won't get in any trouble." Lieutenant Colonel Iceberg says with a smirk.


"Where am I?" You say aloud while sitting up from a comfortable bed and rubbing your head while a person named Ned stands beside you with lead. Wait, that isn't what's happening at all! You tilt your head from side to side only to find that you're alone, hooked up with large medical supplies that seem to be pumping blood into you. Upon looking to your side, you see a silver bell beside your bed. Taking a leap of faith, you tap it and it rings vibrantly.

The door slams open seconds after and an old man with a young nurse walk in, both smiling. She is wearing a white nurses uniform and hat that covers her entire, slim body. He on the other hand is wearing an orange and white overcoat and blue track pants with beige socks. The man is bald, and has a thick white beard that covers most of his face, while his red sunglasses cover the rest of it. His left hand begins to wonder to the side and makes its way to the nurses buttocks while she stares at you with a smile.

"You finally awoke!" She yells with a smile. The old man's hand grabs onto her ass and he squeezes tightly while laughing pervertedly. She shrieks in surprise before elbowing him in the face with all her strength, smashing him outside of the room.

"I uh, eh...sigh." He sadly says while standing up, trying to fix the broken lens for his glasses. "Nurse, can you excuse us for the moment. You can check on him after." Now calm, she gives him a smile and walks past him as he enters the room again, closing the door behind him. Still confused at to what is going on, you remain silent. "Hello there, my name is Master Roshi. It is a pleasure to meet such a fine fighter."

"Yeah, whatever. I gotta go though, I'm sort of in a hurry." You rudely respond.

"No, I don't think you are." Says Roshi.


"You've been in a coma for three years. Whatever you were in a rush to do back then is no longer a primary concern."

You stare at him in awe, speechless. "...You're...You're joking, right?"

"I'm afraid not."





"Nah, I'm just kidding. Keyeh, keyeh, keyeh." He laughs mysteriously.

"Ergh, you bastard!" You leap from your bed, unplugging all the medical supplies connected to in the process, and smash your giant fist into his old face. He crashes through the door and flops into the hallway, once again. "How long has it REALLY been?"

He gets up, now with a large band aid on his face and laughs a bit. "Six days since you were picked up offshore. You took one hell of a beating, Freeborn Military guy."

"How do you...-"

"Oh, don't mind me. I just did a little research once I saw all of your contacts in the cell phone you had while I was prank calling them."

"Ergh, you bastard!"

~ Afterwards ~

"Now that we got that over with, what is going on here?" You boldly state to Master Roshi while he puts more band aids on while checking himself out in the mirror.

"Man, I look really sexy today." You can't help but smile a bit before taking it off of your face and facepalming. He sees this and than turns around to you, a walking stick flying into the room and entering the palm of his hand as he does so. You wonder how he did that briefly, but he interrupts your train of thought. "I am Master Roshi. You are currently on Djawa Island. We're on an Archipelago that homes 7 unique islands. My nurse saw you pull yourself up from the water on the dock and brought you here, to our home."

"Why? Why be so kind to a stranger?"

"Because you did nothing wrong to me, so I should treat you respectfully. My nurse holds the same ideals in that regard. I can tell just by looking at you that your heart is far from pure. But I can also tell that you have a great set of principals and you do have morals. So if not because of anything else, I respect you."

"Oh, well that makes me feel so warm inside. An old perverts respect. I'm brimming with joy!"

"Your name is Kiryu, correct?"

"Yeah. What of it?"

"Show me different kinds of Ki that you can manipulate?"

"Hmm? You mean like a ball or a beam?" He doesn't answer. "Peh, who does this geezer think he is? I'll show him the power of a Commander of the Freeborn Military!" You silently roar before spouting two arms from your back, sweating violently while doing so. A Ball of Ki forms in two of your palms and you smash them together, creating a beam which you fire at the wall.

It crashes into it destructively and Roshi puts his hand up on cue. "That is enough."

"Heh, so what do you think old man?"

"Just as I suspected, you are a typical Ki user. I would tell you that you are not worth my training, but from that demonstration I was able to gauge a great deal of potential hidden within you. So if you wish to be taught-"

"Hold it right there, gramps. I'm one of the most powerful fighters in this world, and you are nothing but a perverted old man! Don't spout nonsense about training me, you fool."

Not upset, he changes the subject casually. "Kiryu, have you ever met a person named Big Daddy? He was in the Freeborn Military too. A General, if I recall. I am just wondering because he told me he was shipping off to war last time he was here. I would like to know if he made it back safely or not."

"Hmm, I remember him alright. Chi Chi told me how he died too." You think to yourself.

1) No, I have never met him.
2) Yeah, I know him. He escaped safely.
3) Yeah, I know him. His head imploded, from what I heard.
4) Yeah, I know him. I was told that he died bravely.


You exit the house and look around the island. It seems like a tropical paradise. There are many people drinking from coconuts and others playing on the sandy beach, while some do their grocery shopping at the open markets. This island has a large emphasis on healthy fruits based off of what the residents are buying.

You hear commotion coming from around the corner so you walk towards it, to see two grown men men beating up a little boy no older than eight. They're both wearing long black uniforms with a skull and cross bones over it. They also wear a pirates hat with the symbol of a crow shaped over top it. "What the...!" You barely manage to think before getting ready to dash.

Moments before you do, your shoved into the side of Master Roshi's house by a tall, black male with crimson eyes and a Hawaiian shirt. On it, is a name tag that says 'Chad' in bold letters. "Careful what you're doing, bro. To even attempt to try and touch Crow's men must mean you're new, bro."

You push him off of you quickly and he falls on the sandy ground, in shock. "Dude, careful bro. If they see us over here, they might come after us too!"

"What are-, who the HELL is 'Crow'?"

"Bro, where you staying? Captain Crow of the Crimson Pirates! You don't know him!?!?"

"No, and I don't really care." You turn back to the child to see the two men drowning him in water, and than pulling him up briefly before doing it again, laughing the entire time.

The man gets up and hops in front of you. "Check it bro, Captain Crow, he RUNS this place. All the islands on the Archipelago. They came a few months ago and totally took over. All of our best fighters from the entire Archipelago couldn't stand a chance! They have us building a runway that connects the entire archipelago together. I heard their base is over on Rhodus Island!"

"What does this have to do with me?" You say, slightly confused and annoyed.



"If anybody even goes as far to touch any of Crow's boys, he'll com-a-huntin' for realz! Bro, the guy is f***ed. If one of his guys gets injured, he just knows it happens somehow and BOOM!"



"Boom what?"


You walk past him and prepare to take care of these two but think of what he's saying before you do so. "Perhaps I should just let things be. But this is just..." Relocating your eyes on the kid, he's now trying to run away while they jump on top of him and begin to beat him down with wooden bats while he tries to cover himself.

The black guy runs in front of you once again and stares you deep in the eyes. "Bro, even if you can handle these guys think about us! Don't just be bringing chaos to our home! This is just how things go around here. Let. It. Be. Bro!"

"He does raise a good point, but this kid...I may not be the kindest guy on the planet but I know what's right and wrong." You analyze.

A) Leave things be.
B) Go beat the s*** out of both of them.
C) Kill both of them.
D) Other?
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