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Author's Chapter Notes:
Choice that won:

E. Our two arms on our side closest to Hercule fire ki blasts at him, to distract him and cause him to block. Meanwhile, Kiryu dashes at Zita, and punches him out the blimp. We then cause one arm to grow giant and bring the pilot back (as he's sure to be dropped.

If Zita tries to grab our arm, and does so, we grow another arm, reach out, and pull him off or crush him. If he doesn't grab our arm in time, then he's probably doomed (yay).

Quickly pull the pilot up, if Hercule's already recovered (likely) point out that we have the pilot, so let us at least pull him in first. This should at least give us time to pull him in, put him down, and fight Hercule.

Whether or not he's recovered, we start with rapid fire ki blasts from all our available arms on Hercule, assuming that the plan hasn't been completely screwed over somehow by Zita in some way I haven't forseen. Focus on using our extra arms and (temporary) painlessness to our advantage.
Meanwhile, In An Unknown Location...

"He's waking up!" An old lady exclaims while wearing her hair in a bun and a nightgown covering her elderly body.

"Yippee! You did it aunt Cherel!" Says a young child with an unforgettable grin on his face. A body rises from a beat up futon and the frail male brushes his hands over his head, as if he had a devastating hangover. "Are you okay mister?" Asks the child, still smiling joyfully.

"Who are you?" The severely injured man questions as he uplifts himself from his resting place and begins to stretch.

"I'm Timmy! And that's my aunt Cherel over there! We saw you un-uncon-bleh, what was that word again?"

"Unconscious." His aunt assists.

"Right! We saw you unconscious out in the forest when we were picking fruit for supper so me and my aunty felt we had to bring you home to rest!"

"That's right," Cherel comes in with a smile, now rising from her seat and walking over to the kitchen. "We couldn't just let you die like that! What kind of trouble could have gotten you that badly beat up?"

The man stares at them with a scowl before speaking up, "I was fighting against the Saiyan Empire in a war. But after it all ended, the Red Ribbon Army ambushed us all and initiated an assault on all of the survivors. I only managed to get so far before my body finally gave out, but it appears it was far enough."

"A war? Red Ribbon Army? The Saiyan Empire? Whoa...just what kind of man are you?"

Timmy smiles and speaks up without giving the man a chance to answer, "Wooow! You're so cool! I wish I could be like you!"

Aunt Cherel frowns harshly and stares at the man again, awaiting an answer. He clears his throat but is interrupted once again, this time by Cherel. "Forget it. We really don't need to know anything about your background. Though I do question the reality of your story. The Saiyan Empire is quite far away from here, but the real discrepancy I see is the fact that we're on Cipro Island. You would have to pass a long terminal of water to get here and a bridge has not been built yet! We don't need liars in our household."

Staring at her with hatred, he smiles briefly and flaps the butterfly-like wings that remain on his back. "These wings are not just for show. I flew across the river. It maximized my rate of success while escaping."

Cherel sighs and doesn't continue the conversation at hand, "So what should I call you anyway?"

"My name is Pitou."

Timmy looks at him in awe and grabs onto his aunts leg, "Aunty, can we have supper now!?!?"

She smiles back and nods, "I'll go make something. Pitou, do you have any preferences?"

"No, do as you wish."

"Alrighty, Taco's and fruit sound good Timmy?"

"Yeah!" He yells before running to his small box of toys and taking out two cars - one red, and the other yellow. "Mister Pitou, do you want to play cars with me?"

Pitou stares at him boldly for a second and walks straight past him, putting his smooth hands on the front doors handle. "No." The door swings open, banging against the wall and the Commander exits plainly, having a seat on the porch.


You stare Hercule down momentarily and smirk. He tightens his grip and prepares to block while you fire a series of generic Ki blasts at him. The balls crash into him and he smashes into the wall, holding his block best he can.

Taking the opportunity, you run over to Zita and tackle him out of the hole in the wall. He flies twenty meters in the air and is sucked down to the Earth below. You scream and your right arm stretches after the fallen pilot, grappling onto him as gently as possible, but screams of pain are still heard. You swing him back in as fast as possible but feel a surge of pain run down your spine.

In pain, you fling your arm back as fast as possible and your arm smashes a huge hole in the side of the Blimp. He rolls onto the ground and ducks for cover as multiple structures break from the roof and collapse onto the ground below.

You do nothing but stare Hercule down, who is now only a few meters away from you. Your body shivers in pain and you fall to your knees, feeling all the strength within your body leak out of you.

Time freezes for you and all of your senses heighten. Drip, drip, drip. A small pool of blood leaks from your back as the gaping hole begins to expand and shrivel up. Noticing Hercule, he has a crimson knife with red carvings all over it, dripping just as you are. Upon touching your leg, your body both freezes and burns simultaneously.

You now realize that you're standing tall, footsteps exploding from Hercule as he travels towards you in slow motion, knife in hand. A sultry taste climbs through your mouth while your entire tongue licks the surface of your lips. His fist fires through the air and you sway to the side, dodging it without even fully comprehending the magnitude of his attack.

Placing both hands on his covered chest, one large ball of Ki forms in your hands and you launch it through him, smashing him against the wall. He twitches uncontrollably until the wall he's against smashes right through it. You look at him in shock, but he gets up quickly, now in another room.

"You bastard," he grimly states while wiping blood that you can vaguely smell off his lips. "Doing any more damage to this Blimp and it'll crash...!"

"I'm not too worried," you smile and look over to the pilot who remains under the seat. "Pilot, do as I say and fly this bird to-"

"You will not!" Hercule barks! "Kiryu, I didn't want to have to use this but you've left me no choice! Haaaaaa ~ !" His body begins to bulk up as he screams in agony, but before anything happens a huge quake breaks out from below and you all fly into the corner of the room, wondering what is happening. The pilot manages to stand up and get to the controls, pressing a series of buttons madly.

"No good...! Brigadier Officer Hercule, we're out of gas."

"WHAT!?!?" Both you and Hercule scream in sync.


"Mister Pitou, do you want to have a sleepover? Please aunty Cherel! Pleeeeaaasse!"

"I don't mind as long as Pitou over here is fine with it."

The Commanders chair is pushed back and he stands tall, eyeing them both down satanically. "No, I would prefer to get far away from here as quickly as possible." He boldly states while picking up his near empty plate and bringing it to the sink. Pitou begins to think cautiously, "Why are they being so kind? Is this an ambush of some sort? I'm on Cipro Island. Is this the home for a Red Ribbon Base?"

"Awww, but-"

"Now now, Timmy," Aunt Cherel interrupts. "He's made his decision. Lets not bother him anymore. Pitou, have a small rest on the couch and stay for a bit longer before you head out on your journey. I'm just going to go put the garbage away. Watch Timmy for me, okay?"

Pitou breathes rather heavily and gives her a short nod. Cherel puts her and Timmy's leftovers in the garbage and ties a knot around it, lugging it over her shoulder moments after. The door creaks as she opens it and her figure disappears from Pitou's sight.

Timmy has a seat on the floor and starts playing with his cars once again, with a large smile on his face. "This is no good. I do not trust these people...!" Pitou worries.

The door flings open and Cherel resurfaces. "I might as well take the recycling to the lot while I'm at it." She bends over and starts placing some items in a small, reusable bag and a figure crawls up behind her. She freezes for a moment and turns around slowly, seeing Pitou standing tall in front of her.

His tongue creeps across his upper lip slowly as he places his cold hands on her neck and forehead. Unable to even move from his grasp, she simply stares at him in complete shock and terror. A loud crack breaks out and she drops to the ground, with her neck completely shattered.

A scream is heard from Timmy as he rushes over to aid the only person he has in this World, tears flowing down his eyes. Pitou stares at him coldly while illegible words are spouted from the child's mouth as he cries over his dead aunt. Hands grab onto the child just as they previously did his aunt and another crack is heard.

Minutes later, the door flings open and Pitou exits with style, closing it behind him gently. Inside, lay a broken family buried in a closet while the world continues to move on without a care. The Commander stares into the sky as if he's lost before his eyes resurface on the near empty town in front of him. After smiling, he starts walking away from the scene with joy. He has escaped death once again.


The blimp swerves in the air without a course while you struggle to stand up, holding onto the gaping wound in your back that Hercule stabbed you with. "S***, my body is giving out! I don't know how long I'll be able to even stand up, let alone fight...!" You somehow manage to think while Hercule and your eyes meet again.

Zita flings through the hole in the Blimp from earlier with his Namekian arms and lands safely, spitting bits of blood out as he lands. "You almost killed me there!" He yells at you in a joking tone.

"Almost? Well that's a shame." You taunt while putting two of your arms forth while the others hold your back tightly. He dashes at you at a incomprehensible speed and before you know it is delivering a ruthless combo while you attempt to block. Hercule charges next but the ground shakes again and you all fall over, ending the battle.

"Pilot, what can you do?" Hercule yells out while rubbing his head.

"I...I don't know! The engine is fried, we're out of fuel, and all this damage to the blimp isn't helping!!!" He screams back, holding onto the controls as hard as possible so he doesn't fly out the window once again.

You roll over to the hole in the window and stare down, noticing that the Blimp has lost a massive amount of height from earlier. Still far in the distance, you see a huge bay of water surrounding multiple islands, some of which are connected via bridge.

"I might be able to jump...! If I can survive the landing and make it ashore, I'll certainly be far away from these guys but if I die being far away from them won't exactly mean much. On the other hand, I could always try to throw THEM out of here and take over what is left of it! Damn it, so many options, so little time!" Your mind races.

You turn around and stand quickly, noticing that Hercule and Zita are doing the same. Hercule pulls pitch black handcuffs out of his back pocket and gives Zita a quick nod. As the ground shakes even more, you stare them down with a tint of fear due to your current condition. "It's now or never...!"

A) Jump out of the window:
- 1) Try to land in the water.
- 2) Try to land on the land.
B) Try to knock Zita and Hercule out of the window:
- 1) Focus your efforts on both of them.
- 2) Focus your efforts on one of them (which?).
C) Give up and let them handcuff you.
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