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Author's Chapter Notes:
Choice that won:

C. Decent strength ki attack at Zita. His arms are going through the ground, and latched onto our feet...which means the fool left himself WIDE open for attack, as he'll either have to A. Let go of us and dodge, or B. Can't do so in time, and take the hit.

Either one leaves us able to move, and take down these soldiers, hopefully he doesn't have time to dodge, and can't just utterly tank the blast.
Meanwhile, in an unknown location...

"Looks like I shook 'em off...!" Commander Thrigon says quietly to himself as he jumps out of a pile of hay. Looking around, he's in a barn with multiple farm animals all around him. "Guess they didn't see me come in here. Damn, I just hope everybody else is alright. Stupid Kiryu trying to play hero. That bastard better be alive."

"Who the hell are you?" An old man plainly asks while tilting his head, just entering the barn with a few dishes of food in his frail hands.

"Oh, sorry! I was just on the run so I hid out in here. Hope you don't mind." The Namekian replies while he wipes some dirt off his bloody pants.

"No no, it's okay. Stay for a while. By the looks of it, you need a change of clothes and a shower! Besides, this old man can use the company."

"Hehe, thanks gramps. Just point the way." The old man puts the food for each of his farm animals down and begins leading Thrigon out of the barn, pointing to a small house attached to it. The Commander carelessly follows. "Now that I think of it, where the hell am I? I was sprinting as fast I could for at least an hour, maybe two. but who knows how fast I was going...I'm awfully tired." He thinks.

The old farmer opens the door and smiles as Thrigon enters. Before he makes it all the way in, Thrigon turns to him and speaks up: "Yo gramps, where am I anyway? I was just at the Saiyan Empire earlier today so I can't be that far, right?"

"Hohoho, no, you're not far from there at all. This is just a modest farm I started a few years back. Just off into the distance, maybe an hour walk before you come to the dock, there is an archipelago a few miles off shore. I help supply some of those islands with scarce products."

"Huh, I see..." The Commander finally says and walks into the man's house, blood still dripping from his obvious wounds.


"Don't underestimate me!" A Ki blast forms in your right arm and you launch it down the hall, directly at Zita. A grim smile appears on his face as the blast closes in on him. Zita opens his mouth wide and the ball of Ki flies into his mouth. He closes it tight and swallows it whole, licking his lips immediately after.

"Heh, thanks for the snack." You feel a sudden clench on your leg and notice that Zita's arms are much more muscular than before. A rush of pain strikes your chest and a cannon ball drops to the ground, you soon after.

"Damn it, I let my guard down to attack Zita...!" Footsteps break out and you peak your head up, noticing the Red Ribbon Soldiers sprint down the hall with shields that cover their entire body. You struggle to get up as Zita attempts to pin your legs down, but you manage to make it up, only to be shot over your entire body with firearms.

While you hold your block up and the Soldiers charge forward, the roof smashes from behind you and Hercule comes tunneling down. His arms wrap around your neck and he begins to tug on it tightly, leaving you completely defenseless to the incoming attacks.

"...I can't take this...ANY LONGER!" You break out in your head and elbow Hercule in the gut with all your remaining strength. He cringes over in pain and loosens his grasp on your neck. Two balls of Ki form in your hands and you smash them together while the RRA Soldiers charge forward, creating an even larger ball of Ki. "Wipeout Wave!!!" The blast is fired and they all whip their shields out in defense.

As a dust cloud fills the room, you turn around to see Hercule regaining his composure. "Not a bad plan you have going on." He simply puts on a fighting pose, without replying. His attire is different from earlier; he's wearing some kind of red and yellow body suit with strange colorless patches at multiple areas of his body suit.

You swing your right arm to hook him in the face but he swings his left up to block it. Still trying to overpower him, you rip two extra arms out of your back and grab him by the neck, squeezing tightly.

"Now listen Hercule, I don't have any intention of taking your life so listen to my words carefully...!" You say in a ghostly tone of voice. He attempts an uppercut but you block it with your spare hand.

"...Ha...I don't listen to terrorists!" He barely manages to squeeze out. Immediately after, the floor behind you shatters and Zita pops out from underneath with a his claw shaped hands out. You now notice that your legs are free so you immediately jump to the side without releasing your hold on the Brigadier Officers neck, but now have his back face Zita instead of yours.

You see a bright light appear in the other room and Zita turns to it. A mountain of energy is fired from the room and Zita opens his mouth wide, sucking it all in at once. He then turns to you and Hercule and opens up wide.

An ounce of fear strikes you as the great blast of bright yellow Ki is fired at you from the lowly soldier named Zita. "S***!" A large explosion takes place in the control room and everything fades away.


Meanwhile, just outside the Saiyan Empire...

A series of footsteps from multiple soldiers walk in unison with one completely out of balance. "You think you can walk any faster? We gotta deadline here!" A Soldier calls out while dragging along somebody in his arms with some sort of gun that has the Red Ribbon Logo on its side.

"Suck my-"

"You wanna finish that sentence you piece of s***!?!?"


"Ergh, shut up!" The soldier lifts the man by his neck to the sky and strikes him in the face with his fist. The Freeborn Military General flies to the ground and crashes, skidding a few meters before stopping.

"Calm down Captain. The guy has like no legs so cut him a little slack, will ya?"

"Psh, whatever. Pick him up, I ain't holding that freak no more."

"In my current condition, there just isn't a high enough probability that I can deal with these guys even if I got these shackles off me. What will happen to me?" General John Giant thinks while he's dragged into a large blimp that is situated on the ground now, just near the Saiyan Empire.


The smoke clears and you find yourself pinned up against the wall, bleeding harshly. Hercule stands up and dusts himself off like nothing happened and stares you down from above. Zita stands casually behind him and waits further instructions. "Bad move, Kiryu. You just added one more crime to your list. This ain't gonna hold up too well at trial." Hercule warns.

"What was that...? That...Zita character can not only eat Ki but he can store others' Ki in his mouth and fire it out at will. But that blast hit Hercule too, i'm sure of it. Hercule's back was FACING the blast, how is he just standing up so casually? I didn't sustain too much damage thanks to him shielding me anyway, so it shouldn't be much of a problem...!" You wonder to yourself.

You stand up and an electric shock surges through your body, dropping you to the ground once again, shaking violently. "Errrrghh," you manage to let out.

"The battle is over," Hercule triumphantly states. "Zita fired off electromagnetic energy at you. It'll break down your body until you can't move."


"That's right. Thanks to Dr. Gero and his team, the Red Ribbon Army now has the power to tap into the most powerful energy source in the world, and manipulate it for our own uses. We've already started building hundreds of deadly warheads."

"Well..." You begin, struggling to stand up as electric volts rip through your body. "Sorry to disappoint you and these pleasant inventions but..." Your body shakes uncontrollably and you flip your head forward, smiling. "But this battle is far from over."

Hercule stares at you with a shocked expression while Zita tilts his head to the right with a curious look on his face. "Bring it." Hercule declares and you two clash once again, him pushing you back into the wall while surges from the electromagnetism spark through your body. Zita turns to the side and opens his mouth wide as he stares into the long hallway where all the Red Ribbon Soldiers stand guard.

Hercule elbows you in the gut and whips his backhand into your face as you cringe down. Crashing into the wall, you notice a large crack on it and survey the room once again. The pilot is hiding under his control desk. Hercule stands before you and Zita a few meters behind him. The wall you're laying against is severely cracked from the battle. On top of that, there is a blatant hole in the middle of the floor from when Zita surfaced from underneath. "I do not care to see how my body will react to another shot of electromagnetism, but in my current condition there isn't much I can do. S***!" You angrily analyze.

Suddenly, your vision disappears which brings fear into you until you hear a familiar voice speaking. "Kiryu, just think your way through this. You're a brilliant battle commander, so this oughtta be no problem for you. Just don't be rash, and weigh your options!"

"Huh? Thrigon, why are you here?" You respond.

"You can do this man!"

You're right," you say and reality comes back to you. Hercule's fist comes plowing through the air which you block with one of your extra arms and give him an uppercut to the jaw with your (real) right. You cringe, expecting a shock of pain to come from your bare boned hand but feel nothing. Upon looking down, the skin is still off of your hand but the pain from earlier is gone. "How!?"

Another bright light flashes and your smashed into the wall from the force, but this time you feel no pain from the blast. Hercule and Zita stare at you in shock while you smile. "Heh, is that all you got?"


Meanwhile, in an unknown place...

"Thanks Doc, I owe you one!" Kaiba joyfully says to a young women with a stream of lush, blue hair that runs down her back. She wears a long white doctors coat and tight yellow shorts that help show her assets. The girl wears red shoes worn with green socks and a green tank top that exposes the tips of her full cupped breasts. Most of this is covered by her lab coat, however.

"No problemo. Just be sure not to strain yourself too much. I recommend that you don't walk back to Forte Valkyrie just yet. Especially with the Red Ribbon Army on patrol." She warns.

"Yeah yeah, whatever you say." He responds and she raises her left eyebrow, which causes him to back off a bit. Kaiba pokes his liver with his finger a few times and smiles. "It's as good as new!" The Commander runs out of her modest office and the door swings back and forth as he leaves.

The doctor takes a deep breath and counts to three. At three, Kaiba barges in the door once again and opens his palms. "Hehe, I forgot my pills Launch!"

"Just don't forget to take them. Really, you should be resting for at least a few weeks after such a rough battle! Speaking of which, how are you even going to get back to Forte Valkyrie?"

"What do you mean?" Kaiba wonders while scratching his head in confusion.

"We're on an island. An island! Just because I picked you up at the dock a few miles offshore, don't expect me to take you back. At least not until you fully recover."

Kaiba sighs and takes his phone out of his pocket, "Fine, I'll wait a bit before I head out. But only if you promise to drop me off where you picked me up. By the Saiyan Empire!"

"One week. That's as soon as I'll take you."

He smiles and waves his phone at her, "Just call me on my cell. I'll be at a hotel or something, bye!" Kaiba runs out of her office in a rush and she peaks out after him, sighing aloud.

"With what money!?!?"


"The electromagnetism must be numbing the pain that I'm experiencing in my body so it cancels itself out on the second dose, as well as protected my hands from breaking down after that punch. But if that's the case, will there be side effects?"

"You're lucky the electromagnetism wave is still in the experimental stages, Kiryu!" Hercule shouts, "But don't think you won this fight yet!" Zita dives over his leaders head and smashes his fist down at full throttle. You jump to the side and he rips right through the wall behind you, creating a powerful suction from the air.

The pilot is sucked from under the desk and flies out of the window at an incredible pace. Zita stretches his arms into the air and grabs hold of the pilot, bringing him back best he can. "Fool!" Hercule breaks out, angry at Zita for taking matters into his own hands and failing.

Hercule prepares a grim fighting stance and doesn't take his eyes off of you for a second. The corner of your eye reaches Zita and the pilot and you smile, "Heh, it looks like I just hit the jackpot."

A) Attack Zita from behind and knock him out of the Blimp.
B) Focus on Hercule while Zita is busy.
C) Ignore them both and try to take down the Red Ribbon Soldiers in the other room.
D) Go to the control system and try to pilot this thing to Forte Valkyrie.
E) Make A Battle Plan To Defeat Them!
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