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Author's Chapter Notes:
B Wins.
B wins.


"Am I...really the leader here?" You begin. "I haven't done anything but stand in awe as my men get slaughtered and General White takes charge. I'm sorry everybody...I let you down. I can't let this go on anymore! My worst fear...Are these Apes...But why won't my body let me conquer it?"

'You never used to be this weak. This independable. This unsure of yourself. What happened, Kiryu?' A voice echoes from your head.

"Huh? Who's there?" You scream aloud.

'Don't remember me? After everything we've been through, I expected you to at least recognize my voice.'

Shivers crawl down your body and you feel as if your mind froze in place. "Conrad?" You continue to talk to yourself. "But...But how?"

'Don't let anymore bodies pile up. They don't deserve to die because of your errors.' The voice instructs.

"I know. I KNOW! But...I can't move. How am I supposed to save them if I can't even save myself? I'm helpless..."

'You AREN'T!' Anger spews from the invisible voice. 'Do you think I'm going to buy that trash? Fear is an emotion that we all experience. It's okay to be scared. However, it's unacceptable to let this so called fear conquer you. Control it. Master it. Defeat it.'

"Conrad...Where are you?'

The voice doesn't reply. It simply fades away, deep into your mind.

"Aah!" You yell out aloud. "Huh? Have I...Returned?" You try to move yourself, but you're still unable to do so. "Heh, control fear, huh?" You say to yourself, finally knowing where to go with this obstacle.


"Alright, I have no choice but to take him on! I'll have to try to evade his attacks until he tires out. Once he does, it'll be time for a counter attack!" The General thinks to himself.

Nappa continues to smash through the ground as he races towards the General, in hope of delivering the final blow.

"If you think I'll go down this easily, you've underestimated me, Saiyan leader!"

"Don't make me laugh," Nappa laughs out while stretching his arm back. "In your current condition, you have NO chance in winning!"

Finally, Nappa arrives within a meter of White and unleashes a powerful fist that plows through the air full speed. However, due to it being such an obvious battle attack, White easily dodges it by simply swaying his head to the left.

"Is that all you got?" White taunts.

This of course, angers Nappa and causes him to release a series of swift spontaneous punches. General White refuses to back down, and continues to dodge them all with his remaining energy taunting Nappa all the while. This doesn't last forever though. After over 100 loose punches thrown, Nappa finally lands a right hook to General White's liver, causing him to shrimp down in pain.


"Bwahahahahahaha! Couldn't avoid me forever, now could ya'. Now, prepare to die!" Nappa screams out as he charges his assault at full throttle.

"****! This guy isn't out of energy yet, even after all those dodged attacks. I have to hold out for a little long..." White thinks to himself, while standing up in shakes.

Just as Nappa's assault continues, White throws up his hands in guard and begins to perry all of Nappa's blows with his elbow and palm, along with dodging as much as possible. Knowing that this isn't going to last long, he holds back on taunting to save his breath the best he can.

"Urgh, stop blocking and fight like a MAN!" Nappa bursts out in anger and his assaults speed nearly doubles.

"Crap, you'd think he'd get sloppier the more his emotions took control, but this guys fighting style doesn't change a bit; it improves if anything."

The General jumps back and puts a fighting stance on. "I can't evade this monster any longer. Lets just hope he's lower on energy now."

"Bahahaha...Finally decided to whip out the big guns?" Nappa calls out while breathing heavily.

"Haaaa~" White screams as dashes towards Nappa without losing his posture. He goes in for a basic yet powerful combo, to save his energy. Nappa easily avoids this however, with a grin painted on his face all the while.

"What's the matter?" Growls Nappa as he grabs both of White's hands in the midst of his combo. "Is that the best you can do...Human? Bwahahahahahaha."

He bends his head backwards and slams it forward directly in White's ungaurded face. Blood squirts out from White as he screams in pain. Every drop that lands on Nappa is instantly licked off and Nappa continues to deliver these ruthless head smashes, never letting go of White's hands. White tries to break free with all his might, but it ends up being a futile attempt.

"Ugh...D-Daammnn...." White squeals, unable to finish his sentence.

Nappa finally stops the bombardment of head smashes and drops white to the ground. He lays on the ground in a pool of blood, unable to move. General White is completely finished.

"Bwahahahahahahaha! It seems you couldn't stall for that long. Good game though." Nappa says to White while kicking him a few meters away.

Nappa's right hand begins to glow as a dark purple aura emits from it while he gathers his Ki. "You see this aura right here? It's the last thing you'll ever see...Now DIE!" He screams as he whips his hand backwards and unleashes the frightening aura. It travels at a rocket speed and connects directly with White!

Explosions crack the ground as the blast erupts and destroys everything in a few meter range, creating a detrimental crater. When the smoke clears, General White is gone...


"Bwa-Bwa-Bwahahahahahahaha~" Nappa laughs as he declares his victory. Just then, a powerful Ki blast comes sauring through the air and breezes past Nappa's firm nose.
A tremendous explosion occurs as the blast detonates towards the great Apes hundreds of meters away.

"Huh? Such power...With that much precision? Who's here? Answer me!?" Nappa screams out in panic and rage.

"You've commited many sins today." You say as you walk forward towards Nappa, with General White in your arms. "Sins I will not forgive you for!" You boldly state with anger in your voice, fully revitalized of your previous panic. You put General White down on the ground gently, being careful not to damage his body any more than it already is.


"Hiiim..." Nappa silently states as he stares at White. "I obliterated him a minute ago. How is his body still intact, and how is he alive?" Nappa cusses out at you.

"Heh, don't be a fool. I swooped him up before your attack connected. You're pathetic Battle Power is no match compared to me, so it's a given you couldn't even lock onto me with your eyes."

"Better..." White coughs up blood, "Late than never, eh."

"I apologize, White. I'll take things from here." You calmly state as you take a fighting stance.

In fear, Nappa calls out to all the Apes. "Everybody! Get over here NOW! Forget your current pray, I need backup immediately!" He screams at the top of his lungs.

All the Apes register his command and begin marching their way over here as fast as they can.

Without waiting for them to arrive, you raise your gigantic arms and dash full speed towards Nappa. Totally outclassed by your speed, he doesn't even see you move from your original position by the time you arrive in front of him. You ruthlessly form a claw with your left hand and unleash it against the center of his chest. You hand rips through his entire body and blood shoots out like a broken water fountain as he cries in pain, totally unaware of what's going on. You smile and lick some of his blood off your lips and rip your hand out of his chest. In your palm, you hold the heart of a dead Saiyan for a second before you squeeze it with all your anger fused within and it bursts right before it's former owner, Nappa. His eyes go white and he immediately collapses onto the ground, lifeless.

"Pth," You spit some of Nappa's guts on the floor. "That was a disappointment." An aura of Ki wraps around your body and you power up. "Hahahahaha, I'm feeling stronger already. Perfection."

The fleet of great Apes are completely stunned, terrified of not only your supreme power, but your cold and ruthless way of killing. However, hey all finally stand before you. Some filled with rage from their fallen leader, some scared of what is too come.

"Heh. So glad you can join me." You smirk as you prepare a fighting stance once again. They all groan and roar in rage "Earthquake!" You scream as you pound your fist into the ground. The ground begins to crack and mold as it breaks apart. The Saiyans roar in rage as the ground begins to suck them into a deep hole to capture them. 17 Saiyans stand before you, fully immobilized as their legs are trapped in solid bedrock. You take your fist from the ground and call out to them:

"Hahahahaha, what's the matter you overgrown freaks? It's time for the finale!" You put both your over sized arms behind you and you begin to gather Ki into them. Their size begins to increase dramatically as more and more power is imported into them. Bones begin to crack and shatter as you prepare for your attack.

"Giant Bulldozer." You unleash your gigantic arms (Authors Note: Each are roughly the size of a 10 story apartment building when you do use this technique) and the plow through the entire army of Saiyans like nothing you've ever seen. They continue to try to struggle to break out from the jam you've put them in, but cannot budge in time to avoid your monstrous attack. Another explosion erupts as you unleash the Ki from the Giant Bulldozer. Multiple Saiyans are destroyed and their bodies are wiped from this world. After the dust clears from your attack, 4 Saiyan Apes remain intact, though heavily damaged.


"Ohh? Not bad." You think to yourself. "I suppose I should keep these ones alive for questioning. After all, they planned this assault on my crew and I. Something must be deeper than it appears."

The Apes struggle to move after that devastating attack, but you allow them no more time than you've already given. You put on a blitz of speed and race towards their tails. You plan to rip them off in an instant. With your massive speed, even in their great ape form are totally outclassed. Just as you reach their backs, you charge a small Ki fissure that will cut all of them off at once. You unleash it at full force and as expected, they begin to deform.


~20 Minutes Later~

"We aren't telling you anything!" The Saiyan named Potato yells out to you.

There before you, 4 Saiyans lie against a solid rock formation. Each of them are tied up with Ki braclets that you emitted from your aura. "Ohh? Is that a fact." You question the Saiyan. "Well, I suppose I have no use for you anymore. See you in another world." You say to him with a sadistic grin on your face, while loading up a Ki blast strong enough to obliterate him.

"W-wait, stop!" Potato cries out in fear. "Fine, I'll talk...Just don't harm me or any of my friends."

"Hurry up. I'm not known for my patience." You reply.

"In all honestly...This battle...All of us...All of our other crews that are awaiting the other 'Commanders' are just...A sideshow."

Your heart begins to race faster as Potato goes on.

"Our brigades leader, Nappa. All of the other brigades at each gate in the FBM's (Author's Note: FBM stands for "Free Born Military". It the the corparation that Rem 'owns'.) land were just a distraction to get as many Commanders away from the base as we could. The main assault took place about 1 hour after you left, at the FBM's second most valuable Forte. Our mission as well as the other Saiyans at each gate was to distract you Commanders long enough to let our main forces destroy everything at the unguarded base."

"What...Did you just say?" You say in rage, not fully comprehending everything Potato is putting out. "So you all agreed to just be suicide bombers for some nonsense like, "The greater good of the world"?"

"We didn't want to die...Are mission wasn't to die either. But us dying had a high probability due to our opponents. That's why our leader Nappa prepared the best strategy he could think of in order to save as many lives as he could."

"Heh," You smile. "And I'm quite sure that that worked out well." You taunt him almost forgetting what could be happening at the base.

He merely looks down in shame and sadness.

"Driver, get the car ready. I'll ask the rest of the details with these 4 while we're in the car."

"Yes, sir!" The driver yells out.

"Considering 4 of the Elites and 7 of the Foot Soldiers were killed, having them all lie down in car and putting these 4 up front shouldn't be too much clutter." You think to yourself as you drag the four of them to the car.

Within minutes, the engine explodes and the car begins to race back to the Forte.


"So tell me more about the assault on the FBM's Forte." You investigate.

"I don't know all of it..." Potato begins, "However, I do know that there is something at Forte Hieno (Authors Note: The names of the FBM's second most valuable base) that the top Saiyan leaders are interested in. Not even our leader, Nappa had a clue. Our job was simply to create an opening."

You listen intently to Potato's story until he finished.

"I thought you Saiyans had a little more brains than that, but after your little speech, I'm disappointed. To be willing to kill yourselves just for the purpose of a better chance at attacking Forte Hieno. Pathetic." You cuss out, slightly annoyed.

"I'd like to know something," You begin. "How did each of your small armies make it past said terminals without us knowing for such a long time?"

"We've been trained to hide our Ki. It's how we surrounded you and that's also how the attack on Forte Hieno took effect."

"Hide...Your Ki, eh?" You think to yourself. "That would be a neat trick to learn indeed. It might also help me on that mission."

"There's one more thing," Potato continues. "I'm not sure what's so important at Forte Hieno but...I have a hunch that the FBM's leader, Rem has a lot to do with it. That man...He's an extraordinary weapon and influential being to say the least."

"Heh, we'll that's a given." You reply with a proud grin.

'Be-Beep' the Radar lets off multiple Ki signals. You're unsure who they are, but it could be the Saiyans at the Forte Hieno. Best be prepared.


After a long drive, you finally arrive at Forte Hieno. Something troubles you though...The Radar is hardly giving off any signals. Less than 30 actually. Without even thinking of the Saiyans you have in the car, you immediately get out and rush inside. You step in the elevator and no working signal arises. In anger, you smash down on the ground and the entire structure falls apart and drops you to the bottom floor.

"Aaah..." You gasp in shock, "N-N-Not possible."

To your amazement, the entire base in destroyed. The Cafe, the rooms, and everything in between. There on the ground, hundreds of soldiers that used to reside here lie in cold puddles of blood. No life is left in them. You continue to check every person that lays in blood, but none of them have a pulse. You look up a small flight of stairs to where Loukar's room used to be, but the stairs are fully collapsed and the room is more like a hole in the ceiling now.

"What..." You say aloud, knowing full well what went down. "Who won?" You wonder to yourself as you continue to explore the base.

The fleet of rooms that used to line up are no longer there. It's just one large pile of rubbish and cracks. You continue to explore the Forte, in hope of finding a living soul. To your surprise, you don't find anybody on this floor. You don't let it get you fully down though. You walk into what used to be the General Cafe and find a bunch of broken tables and trays of food. Multiple dead bodies have found a new home on the ground. And than the worst fear strikes you.

"L-Loukar!" You call out in fear and rage as you dash towards him. He doesn't respond though. He continues to lay on the ground. When you reach him, you immediately feel his pulse.

"C'mon, now. Don't die on me, Loukar!"


No pulse. You gently pick his upper body off the ground and you feel a sharp hole that craters into his back. You flip his lifeless body over to find an undeniable hole with dried blood stained all around his back. He's still wearing the clothes he had on from his morning. He was totally unprepared for the battle...Everybody was.

"It...It can't be." You silently say to yourself while your hands shake vigorously, still holding onto him. "Those animals! You angrily state with pure hatred in your voice. "You weren't even prepared. If you were ready for combat, these fools wouldn't have stood a chance against your expertise in battle..."

You gently carry Loukar to a bed and set him down. The condition is terrible, but it's a bed nonetheless. "It's my fault." You whisper to yourself while clenching your fists. "If I had stayed here and sent you on the mission to kill the Saiyans, I would've been the one in your position. Loukar....I killed you. FUUUUUUUUU---" You grab your fists and crunch your sharp nails into the pockets of your palm and blood squirts out as you raise the intensity of the force. A small tear drops from the corner of your right eye and your head drops down to the ground.

"I'm sorry for your loss." Potato says as he walks up behind you. You turn around in rage and you see your entire squad watching him and the others. It appears that he just wanted to send his condolences.

"S-SHUT UP!" You scream at him as you grab him by the neck. "It's YOUR fault he's gone! You and your pathetic army of trash!" You continue choking Potato in rage, totally unaware of everything else. Potato's neck bones begin to crack and he can't even wimper out a word.

The other Saiyans try to rush forward to help their comrade out, but your Elites stop them immediately. You don't break your hold on Potato in the slightest though, even until his face begins to change colour.

"Stop it, Kiryu!" A voice calls out. You don't recognize the voice at first though, and merely look over to see Pitou. "I realize you're angry. I arrived about half an hour earlier to await the same disaster. But what you're doing now is pointless. Don't let your petty emotions take control of your character. It's unlike you." He arrogantly calls out to you, as if you're his underling.

You don't respond to him however. Instead, you simply look away. After a few more seconds, you drop Potato to the ground and he squirms over in pain, coughing up bits and bits of blood. With a look of death in your face, you simply walk out of the room without saying another word.

"Running off, Kiryu?" A voice echoes. It's Thrigon. "I've seen the situation over there and it ain't pretty. But this is the kind of world we live in. Every time we kill somebody...Who's to say it doesn't have this kind of effect on the enemy?"

You don't bat an eyelash to his comment. You just turn away and walk towards your room. When you arrive, you collapse onto your roughed up bed. "Loukar, I refuse to forget your death. But should I get even with the Saiyan army...Or should I await further orders from Rem? You wonder to yourself. "No, the best decision is clearly to:"

A) Avenge Loukar immediately by hunting down the Saiyans. They couldn't have gotten too far away yet.
B) Wait for further directions from Rem. It's best to not act alone.
C) Contact old ties at the Red Ribbon Army. I've had enough of the Freeborn Military.
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