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Author's Chapter Notes:
Choice that won:


First we call that Liuetenant Colonel back, and basically get into a conversation about that spy. Just a chat to see what we can learn about it. They probably know he's still alive, since he was there at the battlefield (if they even knew he turned into White.) If he doesn't know what happened, and asks...the spy was found, and will probably be killed (kinda a lie, we don't know what Rem will do.)

Next, it depends on this. Have we recovered since we were unconscious? Are we at full power, or any decent amount of power? Not likely.
Since we likely haven't recovered much, especially our hurt arms, we wait, eat what they give us, and just recover. When Kiryu feels ready, we initiate the plan.
We activate our shrink mode, and escape the shackles we have, grow back and defeat the loser guard(s?) in the room. If our two arms still haven't recovered, we use Four witches to create two fresh ones.

Next we wait beside the door to the room, for if anyone knows we've escaped, or heard commotion. We immediately surprise pound the crud out of them.

This next part doesn't matter whether we've recovered. We make our way through the plane, defeating anyone we come across. Use underhanded tactics, since I doubt either way we'll be at 100% (though if we rest...we might be...).
Carry a couple corpses, if someone blasts at us, throw a meat shield at the blast (though still block if it goes through.) Even better, pull a Bojack, maybe keep a living shield, and toss it at a friendly, and fire THROUGH them to surprise attack.

If we come across Hercule...well...don't let our guard down (I doubt he's nearly as weak as we'd think), but don't kill him unless necessary.

We're hijacking this thing. Oh...and MAYBE leave a pilot alive...if Kiryu or Hercule can't fly it. They might be unwilling to help...but they won't be if threatened by Kiryu.
"Eh, Colonel." You shout out to him just as he exits the room.

He stops, turns around, and re adjusts his tie once again before he responds. "Ahem, it's Lieutenant Colonel Iceberg."

"Riiiight; anyways, I was wondering if you knew anything about an implanted spy in the FBM?"

"Why do you ask?"

"Oh, no reason. I was just thinking that General White, ah sorry, Agent...86 was it? It is a darn shame that he'll be executed once he arrives back to Forte Valkyrie."

"Hah, yes "a darn shame" indeed. No matter, Kiryu. After he killed the real General White, I can't imagine the feelings you must bare for him."

"Tell me, what type or person is Agent 86?"

The Lieutenant Colonel smiles briefly as he wraps his gentle fingers around his tie. "I best be going now. Work awaits."

"Heh, you don't know anything about the origin of Agent 86 or anybody else, do you?"

Iceberg stands tall and closes the distance between he and you. "I apologize. The workload I have been given is quite stressful and I simply do not have the time to explain all of this to you, despite my undeniable urge to do so. When I have a spare moment, I will return and we will continue our talk." He smiles briefly once again and exits the room for good now.

Before he does though, you notice that his right palm is clenched tight and his head is buried to the ground. "Heh, looks like I got to him." Before you know it, you're laying on the cold damp floor in a ball, your eyes descending from their neutral position until everything completely goes black.


( Authors Note: This is the continuation of Kiryu's dream he had at the last update in the first Arc. It will most likely be beneficial if you reread it so here is the link for those who wish to do so: )

A series of ruthless punches are fired off from you at King Mario. Unfortunately, every strike you throw is casually dodged and your anger rises with each miss. "Why...WHY CAN'T I HIT!?!?" You roar in your head, before bashing a stray punch in his chair. It breaks down to a crisp and you turn your head to the side to see the King with a look of unforgettable turmoil on his face.

"It's a chair!"

You take this opportunity and begin stretching your arm back once again. "He won't be able to block it this time, I'll make sure of it! Giant Bulldozer!" After exploding in size, your arms fire at Mario at full power. Upon impact, your arms freeze still once again and he peaks his head beyond you. "Not possible...!" You barely manage to whisper.

Mario throws your fist back and dashes at you, ready to finish things quick. His white gloves begin shredding through your skin with every punch, forcing you to stay still, unable to counterattack. The King jumps over your head and boots you in the face when you turn around.

On the ground, you grip your fists and scream in anger. You hear laughter begin to surround you, and you look around in shock and notice that King Mario's second hand man's head is shoved in the ground while your nameless comrade stands over him. He's the one laughing at you. Trying not to lose anymore composure, you stand up and put on a fighting stance.

"Lower your hips. Raise your left hand. Bend those knees. Bleh, there is just all kinds of wrong with that stance you have going on." He taunts you.

"Quiet, you have no idea how powerful I am!"

"It's no wonder you can't land a hit on the guy. Your slow and have no technique. Haha, I bet the Veteran Soldier is better than you!" He continues to taunt.

"Urrgh, I'll show him!" You prepare to charge Mario, but freeze when you see his gloved palm held open and his eyes burning red.

"Luigi...!" He sharply whispers. A flare of fire bursts from his palm and shapes itself into a ball. "DAMN YOU!"

"What...? Creating fire from thin air? How did he do that!?!?" You wonder in astonishment.

Your comrade slaps his palms together and a purple shield of Ki emits from him. "FIREBALL!" Mario roars in rage while throwing the ball. You jump away and it smashes into the purple shield of Ki while crackling and shaking.

"Now's my chance!" You stand up and stretch your arms back while King Mario struggles to push his Fireball forward. His pupil grows while he eyes you, unable to do anything else. A bit of saliva drips from your upper lip as your wet tongue crawls up your exterior facial wall. "Giant Bulldozer~~~!"

Mario screams in fear and is struck directly by your attack, smashing him out of the rock wall at a terrifying speed. His Fireball disperses from your comrades shield and he lets out a big breath. "You really don't slack in the attack department."


"But then again, if it weren't for my awesomeness you would've been killed by him. Suuuucks for you." He interrupts you while sticking his tongue out walking towards the exit of the room. Before he makes it out, Yamcha breaks in with blood and sweat running down his forehead. He takes in the situation before speaking up.

"...So you guys did it?"

"Where the hell were you?" You break in.

"Dealing with all those damn soldiers down there. They just wouldn't let me get up here! But at least pretty much all of them are done for...!!!"

Without saying another word, you walk straight past him with your head down. "Pathetic...I was made a complete fool of. I couldn't even land one attack on the King! I am still...lacking!" You bitterly think while returning to the ship.

Your train of thought is broken fairly quickly by Yamcha, "Looks like the weather has cleared up." He says while pointing to the sky. He's right. The previous storm has been completely replaced by a cool, sunny day.

You stop dead in your tracks and turn back, seeing your nameless comrade trail behind you two with his arms relaxed behind his head. "Hey, you handle yourself well."

"Mmhmm." He casually brushes you off, now ahead of you.

"I never got your name before?"

"Cool beans."

"...So what is it?"


Yamcha hops in the ship first, Conrad right after. "Conrad, eh. Somehow I know this won't be the last time we meet...!" You say quietly, now entering the boat yourself.


Upon awakening, you're greeted by a thin man with short brown hair that curves past his hazel eyes. He's wearing a standard Red Ribbon Army uniform that covers his entire body in a black body suit with red stripes swerving throughout. On it, are 6 gold badges placed by his heart. It seems the RRA still awards their soldiers for the accomplishments they have done. By the quantity of medals that he has placed on him, he must have done some extraordinary feats. "Howdy."

"Yeah..." You crack your neck and begin clenching your fists, giving the body a morning stretch. "How long was I out for?"

"A few hours." He simply says. "My name is Zita. Pleased to meet you."

"Hmm, no title before it? He has 6 medals on him, he can't be a normal soldier of any kind. Does he just not care to reveal his status? But his uniform is still that of a soldier..." You silently analyze before speaking up. "I see. Well, Zita, what can I do you for?" Afterwards, you think carefully: "No good, I can't do much in my current state of health. It appears I'll have to wait a bit longer before I make my move..."

"Lieutenant Colonel Iceberg instructed me to keep watch."

"And that's all?" He nods. "Why would you need to keep watch on a sleeping person?" You further investigate. He doesn't respond. His colourful eyes just lay on you with little care until you hear a smash on the door. It flies open and you see Jim sweating wildly.

"Zita, we got to go. NOW!"

"What's happen-"

"It's Hercule!" Zita's eyes grow and he stands up, smiles at you briefly and runs out the door with Jim by his side. Half a minute after they escape from the room, Brigadier Officer Hercule enters with a grim look. He steps in a small puddle of liquid by the door and jumps up a bit before seeing you. He immediately has a seat on the floor by you and takes a big breath.

"So the rumors are true. You are awake, Kiryu!" He practically shouts.

"...Yeah, what of it?"

"I told my underlings to notify my as soon as you got up. Not like I have anything better to do while I'm in this stupid Blimp. Goes so....SLOW. Anyway, I wasn't told nothin' which really pissed me off."

"If you weren't told anything, why are you here now?"

"Oh, wasn't told nothin' 'til now. Not even directly. I heard some rumors going around the cafe' about you giving some of the boys attitude and decided to take a quick decoy."


"Yeah, decoy. Like, side trip."

"...You mean detour."

"...Shut up." You smirk and than he continues. "Well anyway, I guess they just forgot to tell me. I'm over it. So how are things man!?" Hercules asks while putting a plate of food through the crack in the jail cell.

"Oh, things are just fine and dandy locked up in this cell." You say as you begin to eat the food.

"Yeaaaah, sorry about that. But when we arrive at Red Ribbon Headquarters in a few days and you go to trial, I'll have your back! We can beat it!"

"Mm, yeah yeah. I'm sure we will." You say aloud before thinking, "You live in such an ignorant life, Hercule. I almost pity you." Now finished the food, you put the plate down.

"Well anyway, i'm gonna get back up to my quarters. I'll check back later." You give him a nod while he stands up and exits the room, waving to you with a smile.

"I still don't have enough strength to do anything. I'll rest for now...!" You analyze and drop down to the cold, damp floor and close your eyes.


Meanwhile, in an unknown location...

"Keh, damn it...!" Joseph Pike creeps between two large stone structures while hundreds of Red Ribbon soldiers rush past him. He drops to the ground while holding his arm, stained with blood. "I used up all my Ki to get this far and now I can't Rejuvenate myself." The rush of soldiers stops and he peaks out in curiosity to find them all far in the distance, now splitting up into groups to find him.

"It looks like I'm safe...for now...!"

"Is that a fact?" A voice calls out from behind. Pike whips his head back in shock.



Your eyes mold back to an upright position and nobody is in your room this time. "Lucky me. Attenuate~!" Your body shrinks down to a miniature size and the shackles that binded you collapse to the ground. You sift through the bars in the jail cell and find yourself free. Upon realizing this, you release yourself and snap back to your original, giant self. "Ow," you say while stretching your body.

Silence. No noise is emitting from outside of those doors. "Do they know I escaped? No, that's ridiculous." You walk to the door and stare out through the crack in it, seeing nothing but a flight of stairs. "The Four Witches!" You whisper and two arms protrude from your back, dripping with sweat and mucus as you breath heavily. "With my regular hands in this condition, I won't be able to fight with them...!" You say while looking down at the bare bone on them that holds no skin.

The doorknob is subtly opened by your palm and you walk out of it without trouble. Noise is finally heard as you step up a long flight of stairs and light begins to blind your eyes from the normal darkness that you have been experiencing down below.

A familiar face comes into vision at the top of the stairs and eye contact is made. "Hello, Jim." You leap up the stairs and grab his throat, putting severe pressure on it. By now, you notice that you're in the middle of a room that's jam packed full of Red Ribbon Soldiers.

Everybody stares at you in complete shock and you snap Jim's neck in half. Moments after, they all stand up and begin charging at you without remorse. "Haaa!" You fire two balls of Ki from your palms and it kills numerous amounts of them at once. "Damn it, I didn't want to half to do that. Now I'm sure the rest of the people on board know something is up..!"

Not wasting another second in this room, you sprint out of it and begin smashing through all the soldiers you see, looking for the Pilot's room. You grab two soldiers by their heads with your over sized arms and smash them together before questioning them. "Where is the control center for this Blimp?"

"Just...down that hall." One answers, clearly dizzy. After smiling, you continue carrying them and sprint down the hall until another familiar face comes into view. It's Lieutenant Colonel Iceberg. You freeze and stare him down as he puts his palms up.

"Out of the way, before I break you in half."

He frowns and tightens his tie. "Ergh, so I take it you won't be joining us?"

"Heh, I'll take a pass on that." He frowns and walks to the left, leaving you enough space to enter the only room beyond him.

"Just gonna let me go?"

"If that is your wish." He replies, eyeing you down like a hawk.

You throw one soldier to the ground and fire a Ki of beam backwards, hearing screams of pain shortly after it explodes. Still holding the man that told you the control center is down this hall, you run forward and kick down the door. Iceberg did not move an inch from his position while you did so.

Now faced with a large hallway that can go either left or right, you turn down to the soldier and he points to the left. "You know, if you're leading me to an enemy I WILL break your neck before we initiate combat." He gulps and than nods, as if he's saying that he isn't doing that.

The hallway becomes thinner and thinner as you approach the end of it. With your boot straightened, you jump into the door that awaits and it smashes right through it. "Heh, well it seems you weren't lying to me after all." You turn over to see the Pilot in a chair, looking back at you completely still. Must be from fear!

"What's going on!?!?" He shouts while standing up and backing into the corner of the room.

"You're going to pilot this bird to Forte Valkyrie in the Freeborn Military's jurisdiction. If you don't, I'll kill everybody in this blimp right before your eyes. And after that's done, I'll torture you to death." You say while smiling. "Are we clear?"

He nods in fear and then you turn back to the hall, seeing multiple armed soldiers far down the hall, setting up. It appears that they have a battle plan brewing in the midst of them. "Come on!" You roar, "Fight me!!!" Screaming once again, before you think rationally: "Has Hercule not heard of this yet or is he organizing this attack? Hmmm..."

Just as you finish your train of thought, the soldier that was in your room earlier appears at the front of the crowd in point blank view. "Zita...!"

He stares coldly at you for a second and than begins his dash. Smoke surfaces from his feet at every step he takes. "Lets see what you got," two balls of Ki surface from your extra arms and you toss them at him with all your strength. Without slowing his pace, he turns to the left and than to the right and dodges both of your blasts.

Zita does a front flip and digs his arms into the ground, while you put your guard up and prepare for him to continue his dash. "His speed is certainly impressive, but lets see how he handles himself in combat while facing a top class fighter!" You feel something on your feet and look down, to see both of his hands holding you down. "HUH?"

Cannons and bullets of all kind are fired from the Red Ribbon Army and they all impact your arms directly. You try to hold your ground as the soldiers from earlier begin to trounce forward with their weapons while Zita holds you down. "S***, if I grab his hands I'll lose my defense. But if I don't grab his hands, they'll eventually close the distance between us and I'll be screwed. Besides, how much more of these blasts will I be able to take in this condition. What can I do?"

A) Grab Zita's hands that are locked onto your feet and try to get him off of you.
B) Remain still while keeping your guard up and hope for the best.
C) Use a technique (Specify Which) to counterattack. How?
D) Use a technique (Specify Which) to defend. How?
E) Use your meat shield and hope for the best!
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