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Author's Chapter Notes:
D2 Wins.
"My father is dead..." Prince Vegeta states while chewing on the remains of his apple.

"Oh?" A voice replies.

"Yes. It appears the Freeborn Military overcame him. His life reading on my scouter has disappeared."

"Hah. Poor old King Vegeta. Guess his plan didn't work out as expected."

"Apparently not, Bardock." Vegeta stands up and cracks his knuckles. He then walks over to a large titanium door and taps his fingers on the soft digits on it, resulting in it opening after a loud crack. "You're free to go, Gohan. My father, King Vegeta, is now dead. So as the lead heir in this family, I plan on taking rule over the leftovers of our race."

"Is my dad okay!?" Gohan urgently questions.

"...I'm sure he is, sprout." Vegeta replies, erasing his doubt from his voice.

"Eh Turles, who crippled you like that again?" A muscular, broad man without a shirt on barks while he sits on a shiny gold chair.

Turles steps forward from the shadows while stretching a silver coloured arm out as his other lays idly by his side. "Kiryu. Commander Kiryu was his name. I wasn't prepared for such a powerful foe at the time. But make no mistake..." He clenches his mechanical arm while sparks surge from it. "I won't suffer the same fate when we meet again."

"Easy now, Turles. I just installed those new arms into your body. Take it easy for now. Straining your body is the last thing you need." Says a man who lays in the shadows of the room.

"Yeah, I heard you the first time Doctor."

"Good. But as for that Kiryu, we better deal with him immediately. I will not have him screw up our plans."

"Kiryu is but a minor problem. Our real concern is drawing HIM out of his cavern. Are you sure you know how you plan on doing that?" The muscular man breaks in.

"Kah kah kah, Broly...leave Rem up to me. As of right now, nothing can stop us."

"Doctor." Prince Vegeta calls out, "You better hurry up. Its been multiple months and you've yet to make any progress. Was it a mistake in joining up with you?"

"Prince," the Doctor replies nervously. "Just give me a little more time. Joining with me was no mistake. I promise you...this will all get done!"

"It better." Vegeta responds, still eyeing the mysterious Doctor like a hawk.


"RUN!" You roar. Everybody takes your order and begins escaping the area while the Red Ribbon Army floods down from the skies in their ambush attack while you clench your fists once again, in preparation for battle.

Thrigon grips your shoulder tightly and squeezes gently. "Lets go man!" He backs up and gets ready to dash until he realizes you aren't beside him. He looks back and bites his slip, "You comin' our what?"

"Naw, Thrigon. Get out of here. I'll create an opening for you all by holding them back. Just make sure you get everybody out of here, alright?"

The Namekian looks around swiftly, nervous. He eyes the Red Ribbon soldiers pillaring down from the sky and than the remaining FBM soldiers before closing his eyes, "DAMN IT!" His voice explodes and he sprints off with his tremendous speed.

Not wasting another second, you thrash your body into the soldier that Pitou was struggling to maintain and he crashes into the floor. You give Pitou a harsh stare and he starts running off without complaint.

The soldier you just knocked down gets up and throws a hard right at your gut, which you block with your left and swing your right at him to counter. His neck cracks and he collapses to the ground.

You smack your bare (literally) fist into a random soldier and a feeling of pain and agony overwhelms you, so you grapple your hand while blowing on it. "God damn it...I forgot I nearly lost my hands during that struggle!"

While quickly surveying the area, you see all of your colleagues running with all their remaining strength, some carrying others. Hundreds of Red Ribbon Army members are chasing them down with impure goals while blasts continue to rain down from the air - shockingly, none are aimed directly at you.

Three soldiers sneak up on you from behind and begin pounding you to a pulp while you refrain from punching back with your knuckles due to their condition. A shocking pain zips up your spine and you fall to your knees, getting kicked in the chin right after.

Once you fall on your bottom, you notice that you're completely surrounded by low class soldiers who are somehow keeping up with you. Hands gripping to the floor and one leg pressed up against your chin, all of the remaining energy you have is used to stand up tall. You do just so and the soldiers jump on you once again, beating you to a pulp.

Your eyes begin fading in and out of reality as the beating ensues; it's hard to tell, but you hear someone laughing. Is Everything is so blurry that you can't comprehend what is happening to you nor what you're doing.

You snap back to reality and realize that your arms are chained up while soldiers escort you to a blimp that has now landed. You try to turn your head to the sides but a chain is holding you in place so you can only stare forward.

After blinking again, a familiar face is before you waving his hands back and forth. It's hard to tell who it is but he has a black afro, a mustache, black and white boots that one might use for boxing, baggy white pants, a brown judo uniform and a white laced belt holding his uniform together. He has a fairly toned body with a bright smile on his face upon your awakening.

"K-kiryu! Long time no see!!!" The man brightly speaks up.

" I?" You ask, puzzled and dizzy.

"In a blimp. Being transported to the nearest Red Ribbon Headquarters. We just took off 15 minutes ago."

You gaze past him, totally oblivious to what's going on until a light in your head turns on and you shudder in fear. "He-Hercule!?"

"Yeah, it's me. I requested that I be the one to lead the ambush attack on this war and was approved by President Red."

"Why would you want to...?"

"To see you, man! I was told you were at the war and just knew that you would survive no matter what! Glad to see you, Kiryu. I really missed you bro!"

"Oh, I see..." You trail off and drop to a hard floor. Your eyes drift off once again and everything goes black.


You awake on a cold floor, locked up in chains in a small prison cell. Once you lift your head up, a shock surges through your body and you drop down the ground once again, now shivering.

"Looks like he's finally awake." A broad man laughs to his young colleague while they watch you through the cage, sitting on comfortable chairs with a box of fresh donuts on their table.

"Yeah, I'll go get Lieutenant Colonel Iceberg. Make sure he doesn't do anything suspicious, Jim."

"Roger that."

"What is...going on here? Oh right, I tried to save everybody and than got captured. Damn it...what a stupid decision." You think while eyeing the man called Jim who sits across from you. "Hey, you. How about-"

"Shut your face!" He says while standing up, walking towards you with some sort of remote control in arms.

"Heh, make me."

"All right, I got permission from the Lieutenant Colonel to use this baby if I see fit. Lets see how tough you really are, ex Executive Kiryu!"

"Hm? What-" Jim presses the only button on the remote control in his arms and an unbearable shock zips through your body. "Ahhhh!" You scream in pain while gripping your fists.

"Hah!" Laughs Jim, "Ain't so tough now, are we? Betraying the Red Ribbon Army and thinking you can get away with it. Lemme let'cha in on a tiny secret. When we get back to HQ, I heard President Red is going to hold a trial for all of your sins. If you're guilty, we'll execute you on the stands." You spit out some blood and frown, still not speaking. "Of course we all know that the trial is just a formality. You're gettin' the death penalty for sure. But you know, we gotta play the justice card. AMIRIGHT?"

"You're true scum, you know that...Jim." He simply smiles and begins turning a knob on the remote control resulting in an even more powerful surge whipping through your body, dropping you to the ground in pain.

"Got something else to say?"

"Go kill yourself." Another bolt of electricity whips through your body but doesn't stop this time, until a man walks in the room and puts hir left arm up high. Jim takes the command and turns off the remote, leaving you confused. "Heh, stopping already? And here I thought we were finally getting acquainted."

Jim scowls and walks out of the room, while a man exchanges places with him. "Hello, Ex-Executive Kiryu. My name is Lieutenant Colonel Iceberg of the Red Ribbon Army. It's a pleasure to finally meet you. I've heard countless stories of your accomplishments while you were situated at the RRA. It's unfortunate that you had to join up with the Freeborn Military."

"Unfortunate for whom?"

Iceberg smiles briefly and repositions his purple tie. You take a good look at him and notice that he's a fairly tall and thin male with black gloves and a blue suit with a wife beater underneath. His black cargo pants reach the bottom of his legs where he wears purple and black shoes to match his suit. "Next to Brigadier Officer Hercule, I am the highest ranked person on this mission. Due to circumstances, the Brigadier Officer is unable to speak with you at the moment. But worry not, I shall accompany you for the time being."

"Now isn't that the greatest thing a guy could ever ask for."

"Kiryu, on behalf of the Brigadier Officer - I am going to ask a favor of you."

"And what might that be?"

"Return to the Red Ribbon Army. If you face trial, you're sure to be executed. However, if you sign a contract that you will retire your position as a Commander from the Freeborn Military, with my help, we can defeat trial. Granted, you will have to work under the Red Ribbon Army once again but it's a small price to pay for your life."

"Hmm...why are you proposing this? I just met you and you say that with your help, I can survive. What does my life have to do with you?"

"You're a powerful, cunning, and brilliant combatist. It would be a shame if your life was lost. Especially if it was for something so simple as to who you were loyal too. Consider, Kiryu."

"Heh, what an interesting scenario this has turned out to be..." You think with a small smirk on your face.

"Think about it. At the speed this blimps are going, it'll take several days before we reach Red Ribbon Headquarters. I shall make my escape now. Don't worry about Jim; I will order the restriction on the use of the remote control electric generator so worry not." Lieutenant Colonel Iceberg turns around and begins walking away from you while you lay still on the ground, biting your bottom lip.

A) "Wait up! Fine, I'll join the Red Ribbon Army."
B) Keep quiet. Let things play out for now.
C) Call Lieutenant Colonel Iceberg back to question him.
- What questions?
D) Other?
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