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Author's Chapter Notes:
The beginning of the third Arc.

"Hey Commander Kiryu," Pike calls out to you. You look over and catch a red projectile flying at you and grasp it in your hands. It's the scouter that he took from Tarble earlier. "I'm sure you can use that better than I can. Besides, scouting my opponents strength before we fight isn't my style."

"Thanks," you quickly reply. A frown appears on his face shortly afterwards.

"Tatito, look what we have here. It's him!" Kaiba jumps in with a grin while kicking up a few rocks. A familiar face comes into vision while you slowly step towards Kaiba with curiosity.

"Huh...didn't expect that." Down on the ground before you, the Saiyan Maize slowly stands up with a beaten and wounded body. "You...?"

"Aw man, I was hoping you guys wouldn't find me." He speaks up in a careless tone, despite knowing his life is on the line.

"Tatito, how long have you been there?"

"I uh know, probably since that ass tried to kill me with a bomb."

"Why didn't you try to escape earlier; you know, when he was an Oozaru or when we were all fighting him." You break in.

"Derr, maybe because I just woke up now?" You clench your fists and frown at this comment but decide to let it go.

"Kill him, Kiryu." Pitou yells from behind you. "I would do it myself but I gave you all my remaining Ki."

"Should I kill him? He's harmless now..." You think while pressing a button on your scouter and getting a battle reading of 440. "But in the future he could turn out to a major threat. I should think rationally."

1) Kill poor little weakened Maize in cold blood like a bastard.
2) Be a nice dude and let him go free.


Tension between everybody grows silent until Kaiba finally breaks it. "So I guess we should get going by now...Forte Valkyrie is pretty far away."

Thrigon looks around the empty terrain and sighs, "We lost a lot of lives since this thing started. Hopefully Rem did better than us or else we won't have an organization to go back too..." Kaiba looks at Thrigon with worry but the Namekian speaks up quickly before he frightens his comrade too much. "I-but i'm sure your brother is safe. Rem wouldn't let anybody lay a hand on him."

"Yeah, you're right!" Kaiba replies, smiling.

"Enough chatter. Lets get going already!" Pitou barks and starts walking off.

"What's his problem?" Thrigon wonders.

"I know right. He's been in a bad mood since...well, since Vege-Man died." Kaiba replies.

"Pitou...are you feeling jealous that you weren't the one to take Vegeta's head?" You yell and he turns around with his face in pandemonium.

"Watch-" A big bang crackles and explodes beside Pitou, stopping him mid-sentence and having everybody look around to see where it came from. As the remaining FBM fighters search the ground for where that attack came from, more continue to rain down from the sky.

You throw up your guard as a green ball of Ki pummels through the air and crashes into you, knocking you to the ground with force. Thrigon passes you his hand and helps lift you up to your feet without turning to you.

After examining where his eyes are trailing off too, you find yourself gazing at 3 Blimps in the sky with large logos on each of them saying Red Ribbon Army. "Those bastards." You quietly say to yourself and Thrigon nods.

Powerful Ki blasts of multiple colours and appearances continue to crash into the ground, turning the desert terrain into another war zone. "Think anybody strong is in those blimps?" The Namekian Commander questions.

"Does it matter?"

"Hehe. So what's the plan?"

You remain silent, still observing the blimps. By squinting, you can vaguely see a familiar face standing at the peak of one of the blimps but you can't make it out at the moment. Hundreds of bodies begin to form in the distance and you're well aware what's happening now. They continue to grow as time passes, and some Soldiers begin landing on the ground.

Pitou clashes with one of them and is barely able to hold his own against what should be a regular Soldier. You slowly begin to back up with Thrigon by your side, "We can't win...! After all of that fighting, there is no way we'll be able to stand up against anybody. Those dirty BASTARDS! Before it's too late, I gotta tell everybody what to do. They're counting on me!!!"

A) Tell Everybody To RUN! (Alone)
B) Take One Person With You And RUN! (Choose Who) ~60% Chance Of Escape~
C) Take Two People With You And RUN! (Choose Who) ~40% Chance Of Escape~
D) Fight The Red Ribbon Army Off To Give Everybody A Chance To Escape!
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