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Author's Chapter Notes:
Choice that won:

"Spirit Cannon!" The King roars and throws the outrageous ball of Ki directly at you and all of your peers.

You clench all four of your arms together and begin stretching them back as the blue ball edges closer and closer to you.

"Get outta the way!" Thrigon barks from behind you.

"Shut up, Thrigon!" Pitou screams while he sits defensively. He knows that if you dodge it the blast will come flying into him and the others. The rest of the fighters all throw their arms over their head in an attempt to block whatever comes this way despite knowing it will be futile.

"No thanks, Thri. This is my battle and I swear that I won't lose so rest assured." Your arms begin building muscle mass as the fruition of your attack comes into life, "King Vegeta...will DIE!" The Giant Bulldozer you had loaded fires off with all four arms and clashes into Vegeta's Spirit Cannon.

A tingling sense of joy boils down to the inner core of yourself as you scream, putting everything you possibly can into your attack. The Spirit Cannon burns through your skin to the bone but you don't let up in your assault at all; more is pushed into the Bulldozer, if anything.

Suddenly, you begin to creep through the blue orb and an unforgettable look of turmoil writes itself on the King's face as his most powerful attack is pushed back at him.

Earlier, Vegeta had a tacit agreement with his army that they would feast when this ended in their favour and now he was alone, being pushed to his limits by what he felt was an inferior race. The King snaps both of his hands forward and presses all his might into overpowering you. He knows that if his blast can overwhelm you, everybody will be destroyed in the impact and he won't have any problems to deal with.

The skin on your bones continues to tear off until your hands are left completely dry. You roar a loud ululation and shove all four of your fists inside of the orb so they burn at a faster rate but with this, you are able to overpower Vegeta once again.

He roars and ties the struggle back up and you gaze across the shining crystal to see his ugly face grinning. He's still confident that he'll win this bout, which angers you even more. You hear soft screeches of exsibilation coming from Thrigon and Chi Chi which surprisingly calms you down.

"It's time to END this...! King Vegeta, you have lived for long enough. Too long, for my tastes." You bark, "Perhaps if you were a more intellectual being you would have won this fight but your generic battle sense will now cost you your life...!"

"Don' a fool, Commander Kiryu. You know just as well as I do that you don't have the resolve to push back my Spirit Cannon! Eventually, your hands will completely disintegrate and this battle will be over. All I have to do is stall from here on out...Bah, bwahahahaha!" The King retorts.

"Vegeta...I will give you one thanks. If it wasn't for you attacking the Red Ribbon Army long ago, I would have never joined the Freeborn Military. For that, I am grateful. Now..." You take a big step forward and than another, now pushing Vegeta's blast back. He takes a step back himself in surprise but still puts all his energy into holding you back.

You continue to take steps forward and push the King's final struggle back until it freezes just in front of his eyes. If he lets go or is overpowered now, his own Spirit Cannon will fire back and blast him into oblivion.

Vegeta's face, now turned dark in colour screams in anger due to the knowledge that he will be defeated:

"Kiryu, please! Don't do can still...spare me!" You hold back from completely overpowering him for a second and stare deeply into his eyes. "Please...don't kill me. I don't want to die!!!"

"Begging..." You quietly say to his terrified face.

"Just reconsider. I'll do anything. I'll even join the FBM!" He continues to shriek but you harden your grip and push him back fully, now done with hearing what he had to say. His Spirit Cannon comes into contact with his hand and he shrieks in pain, losing full control over it.

The tremendous amount of Ki in the Spirit Cannon erupts and envelopes the King's body. A sound wave crackles before screaming to the remaining fighters that the battle is over.

You retract your arms as fast as possible to avoid getting caught in the explosion and they snap back into position while you smile uncontrollably. You did it. Without any control over yourself, your arm raises itself to the sky while you stare up at the heavens. It's finally over.

In the distance, you hear cries of joy and turn around to see Chi Chi and Thrigon running towards you while Kaiba gives you a grin as he sticks his thumb out to congratulate you. Continuing to look around, Joseph Pike is smiling himself and nodding his head like he's agreeing with something you've said or done. You feel a tap on your right shoulder and swerve your body around.

A warm body clenches tight to you and you cringe at the thought of it. When you look down, you notice Chi Chi hugging you and push her off. "Ugh, get off of me." You say, frightened by the human contact. She simply smiles at that.

Thrigon slaps you on the back again, "Nice job, Kiryu. I owe you one, eh."

"Hm? I don't follow."

"If it wasn't for that ruthless ass whooping you gave me a while back, I would have been killed by multiple opponents I fought. Thanks to you, I was able to compete with the bests."

"Yeah...don't mention it." You reply, finally noticing all the praise you're getting. It's starting to get on your nerve. Too much contact. Suddenly, a jolt of Ki enters your body and you feel like you just orgasmed. The victory against Vegeta is finally kicking in to your natural fighting instincts and a large power of Ki surrounds your body.

Thrigon looks at you in a questioning manner as he watches you shake violently, but lets it go. "Hey," you hear Pitou call out solemnly and you turn over to him, still shaking at the joyful feeling of victory. "He isn't dead."

"What!?!?" Thrigon practically screams.

You run over and see Vegeta lying no the ground, unable to move and coughing up blood. "No...can't be happen-" He runs out of breath mid sentence and glares at you and Pitou as the two of you stand above him triumphantly. A tear forms in his left iris and begins slipping down his face, shocking all who watch him.

A splatter of mucus lands on his face and he's unable to wipe it off. Turning over, Kaiba stands by him. "That's for Loukar."

Vegeta's tear drop bounces off the ground and vaporizes. His eyes begin to close and a small whisper is heard from his cold, shrill voice: "I was...going to become a...a... super saiyajin...!"

The wind breezes by and the reign of the fallen King ends while you all stare at his deformed body with pride. The war is over!


End Of The War Arc..!


- 3 Achievement Points Unlocked. Current Points: 5

- Kiryu's New Battle Power: 82 000

(Authors Note: The "Achievement" element will be explained later. Worry not, for now.)
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