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Author's Chapter Notes:
Choice that won:

C. The commanders will all break away from the fighting, and stop. Knowing that they cannot win in their current condition, they send Chi Chi to fight (highest health, second highest ki). They send Joseph Pike with her (second highest health, can use sense to try and prevent danger to himself and teammates). Thrigon rejoins the fighting (being the current best off commander, has ki AND decent health...

Here's the fun part! Pitou will absorb from both Shugesh, AND the small amount of ki Jones has at the same time (as long as it won't kill Jones, I assume ki doesn't help keep from bleeding out, and that the health stat does that.) If it would kill Jones, or he cannot absorb both at once, just absorb from Shugesh.

With all that awesome power he then Transfers all of that to our main man Kiryu! Kiryu then joins the fray, and KICKS VEGETA'S ASS! MAIN CHARACTER POWER!
"Palm Thrust!" The King roars and a tunnel of air pushes all the Commanders off of him, skidding across the floor.

You turn to Pitou immediately and begin speaking: "You still listening to me?"

"Depends on what you want me to do."

"Absorb Shugesh for just about everything he's worth. After that, Transfer whatever you got into me. I'll finish Vegeta off myself."

"Heh, consider this the last time I listen to you." Pitou then runs off to Shugesh and grapples his neck. The Saiyan is too confused to even try to struggle.

"Chi Chi! Joseph! Get over here, now!" You scream to them and they start running on command, "Thrigon, ready to take another go at Vegeta?"

He cracks his knuckles and grins. He doesn't need to respond for you to know his answer. Vegeta laughs and begins taunting you all, "Ah, so you're planning a new way to die?" Quick footsteps break out and Thrigon and him are at it again. Not before long, Chi Chi jumps in with a serious face on and Pike afterwards. Kaiba falls to his knees again and breathes heavily. You can feel anger teeming out of him, probably from how useless he feels right now.

The King throws a series of blows at them all, completely overwhelming them. Thrigon dashes at Vegeta from behind and throws a sloppy punch which Vegeta responds to by ducking and elbowing Thrigon in the stomach repeatedly, causing the Namekian to fall to the ground in pain.

Joseph Pike throws multiple pointed jabs at Vegeta, all of which are dodged. Pike jumps back and the King laughs a bit before being struck in the side of the face by a Kamehameha from Chi Chi.

He smashes into the ground but gets up quickly, frowning. Joseph and Chi Chi both run at him from each side but are blown pack by a wave of air Ki. Thrigon jumps at Vegeta from the back but is dodged once again. He skids across the ground and starts throwing jabs at the King from afar, but stops once he senses a sharp rise suddenly.

Your muscles bulk up and an incredible surge of Ki enters your body. A grin writes itself on you as your eyes turn to Pitou. "You better not mess up," he grimly supports you before you can speak.

"No, I won't lose." Your left fist grips tightly and you sprint at Vegeta in a spiral dash. His eyes gaze up at you in surprise and your fist rockets into his face, sending him crashing to the ground. The 3 fighting him stand back and give you a stern nod, Chi Chi smiling as she does it. "Get up, Vegeta. We're settling everything here and now!"

He snaps his nose back to its righteous position and laughs in your face while he stands. "Ah hah hah hah hah hah, oh my how you've grown. Such a fine warrior. It's a pity that I have no choice but to blast you into oblivion." Both of his arms fly up in a crisp pose and the smile disappears from his face now that he's serious.

"A 'fine warrior'? I wish I could say the same for you." Two arms explode from your spine and cover your upper body while your main arms prepare to go on the offensive.

The talking ends and you find yourself throwing fists out at Vegeta wildly while he analyzes your movements for a counterattack. The King begins throwing out quick jabs at you, which are easily blocked by your extra arms. You land a powerful gut blow and he cringes down in pain, leaving him open. Taking advantage of this, you take both of your arms and smash them into the side of his head with destructive power.

As he soars through the air without control, you sprint after him to try to meet him at the other end but before you reach him he swings around suddenly and kicks you in the face. In your vulnerability a massive explosion of jabs break out, penetrating your stomach.

With your extra arms you grab him by the neck and begin squeezing the life out of him, but he doesn't let up.

His face starts to change colour while you try to fend off his melee of jabs with your spare two arms. After what seems like hours, Vegeta slows down in his attacks. Immediately, you smash both of your fists into his stomach and he tries to scream in pain but due to your latch on his neck nothing comes out.

It seems like he's trying to grin while placing his right palm on your (now) open chest. A burst of invisible Ki tunnels through your open body until you let go of him completely and jump back. He lets out a large breath of air and speaks: "Aha, good choice. If you even gave me a few more that range, I would have been able to rip through your skin tissue completely.

"He's right...that pressure I felt on my chest...just what kind of Ki is he using?" You wonder, taking fighting form again. Vegeta jumps into the sky and begins parading you with weak balls of Ki, all of which are batted away with complete ease. Two blasts of his circle around you and explode on the ground, causing more dust to fill the air.

You jump back constantly in order to get out of the dust cloud but are elbowed in the back before you can make it far. The King throws another punch but you block it and retaliate with one of your own which is blocked too. Before you know it, you and Vegeta are in an exchange of blows, both unable to overcome each other.

He tries to finish it up quickly and throws his palm out wide. Your muscles contract and you shrink down to a miniature size as a wave of Ki fires out from it in a straight motion. Time seems to slow down as your body retracts to its normal form while you form a position to fire off an uppercut.

Vegeta's eyes seem to grow during this time; your arm slowly crawling up, aiming for his chin. Time returns to its normal pace and you skyrocket up to him and bash your fist into his wide-open jaw. You hear a shatter as you watch blood spill from his mouth with joy.

Vegeta towers through the air slowly and drops to the ground, shaking uncontrollably. Illegible words are spewed from his mouth as he rolls over in pain.

"Y-you did it, Kiryu!" Thrigon shouts.

"It is not over...!" Joseph replies, taking the words right out of your mouth.

You turn back to the King and see him getting up, blood seeping through his teeth while he growls. "'ll...DIE!" A blue ball of Ki spirals in his hand while he looks at you in anger and fear. "Kiryu, this is your destiny. To die in vain, fighting without a cause. Now eat...this!" The balls size and power grows from Vegeta pouring all his Ki into it.

"S***...this isn't good. He still has that much Ki left!?!?" Thoughts race on your mind, trying to think of a way to stop him.

"Spirit Cannon!" The King roars and throws the outrageous ball of Ki directly at you and all of your peers.

"I gotta think...FAST!"

A) Dodge It!
B) Block It!
C) Throw A Blast Of Your Own And Enter A Beam Struggle!
D) Use All Your Strength To Punch It Right Back At Him!
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