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Author's Chapter Notes:
Choice that won:

First off, I'm changing my vote earlier to C. They hold Tarble's eyes open, and make him transform as well. They should probably get away from him afterwards.
Tarble has been betrayed, if he's in control of his form, he attacks the King. If not, everyone should keep their distance from Tarble, until he concentrates on the biggest target that he still doesn't like (Gohan seems to show oozaru's can choose one target over another).

This won't stop the King, but it will hinder him.

Next I vote A.

My plan is for Joseph Pike to take Kaiba, and use Rejuvenate. While doing so, if he happens to run low on ki, Dr. Fiasco can try and help give him some more, though he may be running dry. This should allow Kaiba to re-transform. Pester him with attacks of acid and clones while he's busy with Tarble. After that, see if the Dr. can heal John Giant (poor guy).

Since the description of Rejuvenate was "large aura of ki" I figure it may be able to fit around more than just Joseph, thus healing them both. Joseph will likely be spent on ki from there. After that, he should hang back, perhaps using Sense to help keep himself or others alive.

I'm conflicted between Kiryu ordering White to be healed by Joseph also, or to have Blue take him somewhere safe...I kinda feel bad for the spy. But if we heal him...he may run off...
Have Blue take him somewhere far. Blue won't be much use against Vegeta.

The elites, fire near his eyes. Meanwhile, sneak PacmanTM near his tail (he's so weak I doubt the King would notice, especially while dealing with another oozaru). PacmanTM can bite through it with his awesome teeth!

If that fails, have everybody have a go at the tail.

Now for Kiryu, I looked up something special. Have him use that special little "Attenuate~!" ability of his. That ability to turn small. He'll tell Thrigon to toss him in Vegeta's ear, where he will expand to normal size either IN the ear (only if he can fit) or right outside. (Do all this AFTER Tarble, that way the King doesn't see it coming) Either way, do some MAJOR damage to him, then just focus on the tail, and staying alive.

*phew* Oh, and someone wake Pitou up (lazy elf), and see if he can't...wait...
Have the Dr. use Transfer (it doesn't have to do much of anything for this) on Pitou (after he wakes up.) Have Pitou COPY that attack, and heal anyone who wasn't fully healed (except White of course). If anything, Pitou can also go grab and absorb some of King Vegeta, while he's distracted from being attacked by an Oozaru while deaf and being blinded by beams and acid.
Joseph Pike turns to the King, now an Oozaru and than turns back to Tarble while Pac ManTM holds him in his firm grip. He does so again. Then again and again until he finally smirks. "You three, listen to the following very carefully." Benjamin, Aquadolf, and Pac all give a nod and open their ears wide. "Windmore, go over to Pitou over there and wake him up. Bring him back here immediately. Rest time is over."

"You mean Commander Pitou?"

"Go now," Pike breaks in, and turns to Aquadolf. "You, Kaiba is by the foot of that beast. Bring him over here." Aquadolf smiles a bit before looking over to the King nervously, and runs off. "Pac, leave Tarble with me. Dr. Fiasco is by that pack of Elites. Get him over here, now! Don't mess up, because he's the glue that holds this together."

"Iight, but what's with de conspiracy? You got a plan brewing or somethin'?"

"No, I don't have a plan. I'm just getting everybody over here for no reason," Pike stares at Pac with annoyance. "Now shut up and GO!" The Pacster backs off a bit, totally shocked, and than dashes towards Dr. Fiasco. Joseph lifts up Tarble and flicks him in the nose, causing the Saiyan to shake, his fake slumber ending.

"What good will pretending to be dead do?"

"I was preparing myself..."

"What a shame," Pike grabs the young Saiyan by the throat and yanks his head to the artificial moon in the sky. He waits for a moment before Tarble begins to tremble uncontrollably, still gazing at the ball of light. Joseph backs off hastily.

"You called?" Dr. Fiasco asks, patting Joseph on the shoulder. Beside him is Pac ManTM. Soon after, Aquadolf and Benjamin Windmore resurface with Kaiba and Pitou in their arms.

Joseph Pike kicks Pitou in the stomach and he rolls over, making noises. "What the...hell...?"

"Get up, Commander."

Pitou slowly stands and looks at the group by his side, "Did you just kick me?"

"This general right here, Fiasco, is going to use a move called Transfer. I hear you can copy attacks, no?" Pitou makes a quick grumble, giving Pike the answer he needed. "Copy the move. After that, use it on anybody who is in critical condition. Saavy?"

"Heh heh, this General has guts. Talking to me like that. As much as I hate taking orders, let alone by somebody of his status, I can see where he's going with this." Pitou thinks before speaking up, "Got it, Joseph, was it?"

"Correct." Pike replies, quickly dismissing the Commander. He picks up the severely wounded Kaiba, who doesn't respond in the least, and holds him closely. "Rejuvenate." An aura of Ki envelopes Joseph's body, and Kaiba's as well. The wounds on both of them slowly begin to disappear and their power level slowly rises as time passes by.

Pitou turns his head, breathing heavily, and notices two large Oozaru's, both still familiarizing themselves with their surroundings. "Transfer!" Dr. Fiasco fires out his last bit of remaining Ki into Pitou, giving him a needed boost of energy.

"Thief!" Pitou grabs Fiasco by the neck gently, gaining the technique himself. He turns over to others around the battlefield, observing the weakened, and than heads off to John Giant.

The aura of Ki disperses from Kaiba and Joseph, and the latter falls to the ground exhausted. "Thanks, General." Kaiba says in a cheerful voice. He cracks his knuckles while Pike remains silent. "Vegeta...don't think I'll let you off easy after what you said about Loukar...!" Kaiba's body begins to enter another metamorphosis while he walks towards the great beast.


"Eh, Chi Chi." Thrigon says while looking at the King, "Why don't you go run along now? No point getting yourself killed after all that trouble of getting you rescued, ya' dig?"

"Commander, I want to fight! After everything that's been done for me, I can't just back away now. It's clutch time!"

Thrigon puts his head down. That wasn't the response he was hoping for. "That's an order. Get back and survey what's happening from afar. You're far too weak to be mixed up in this. That thing has the power to kill you in one attack. A weak one, at that."

Chi Chi clenches her fists and than gives him a nod. She starts running away but not before long she stops and looks back, but Thrigon is no longer there.

You turn to your side to see Thrigon there. "How did you get there?" You ask.

"Kiryu, your girl is safe."

"She isn't my 'girl', Thrigon..."

"Ha hah, yeah right man. You know you want to fu-"

"Roooooaaaar!" Oozaru King Vegeta roars in front of you, finally in control of his form and ready for combat. "I would have expected you to run, Kiryu. A God of combat isn't going to morph out of nowhere and save you this time! Bahahahaha!" He laughs in a surprisingly deep voice.

You quickly sift your eyes around the battlefield and smile, "Well done, Pike. Your brilliance has just sparked an idea." Vegeta throws his fist to the ground at a incomprehensible speed. Just before it connects, your grabbed and teleported out of the area. You notice that Thrigon is the one holding you, and you're not teleporting...he's actually running.

"W-what speed!?!? When did you learn this, Thri-"

"It's all thanks to you!" He cuts you off while coming to a halt a few dozen meters away from the King's fist. "Still, even with my speed if I didn't see that attack coming before he threw it, I would've been toast too. We shan't underestimate him!"

You look over Thrigon's shoulder and see Blue in the short distance, looking very confused. "BLUE!" He snaps out of his daydream and stares back at you. "Get White and yourself out of here, now!"

"White too? Just let that trash die, Kiryu!" Thrigon breaks in.

"Do you remember when we first fought and I used that move to shrink my body against you?"

"Pah, how could I forget."

"I'm going to use it right now. When I give you the signal, throw me into Vegeta's ear. I'll take things from there."


Tarble, now an Oozaru, finally makes his move. He's clearly out of control but he has a designated target: King Vegeta. "Just as you planned, Joseph." The Oozaru takes a giant step and thrashes its entire body at the King. It's hard to tell if he has a shocked expression or not due to his form.

"Hey, you guys!" John Giant calls out to a bunch of Elites who are still standing by the yellow toothed scientist. "Don't just stand there, throw some pop shots at the King. He's so big he might not even be able to dodge 'em! Take his eyes out!"

"Yes, General!" A few of them respond in sync, some not answering though.

"Here, have a gift." Pitou calmly says to John Giant while transferring some Ki into him. "I can't get your legs back, but that's a start. At least you won't bleed to death." Pitou smirks at that last comment.

John Giant scowls, but still thanks the Commander. Pitou turns to Jones who is laying close by the Elites and transfers some Ki into him as well. Just enough to get him up and going. Pitou is being very cautious with the amount of Ki he gives out.


Oozaru Tarble thrashes into the far superior King, pushing him back slowly. A dirty smile crosses the King and he launches both his fists into Tarbles chest, knocking him down to the ground, coughing up blood.

Pac ManTM races around the area, looking for an opening to attack the king. He's terrified, but continues moving forward.

Kaiba, now fully transformed AGAIN loads up a pool of Acid in his stomach while firing beams simutaneously. A series of weak blasts are fired from a squad of Elites, who have took it among themselves to scatter around the King. Each of the blasts fire into the great beasts' face, but he doesn't budge in the slightest. From the angle you're standing at, he seems to be enjoying himself.

The deep voice roars, "FOOLS! Your efforts are futile!" Tarble gets up once again and tackles his body into the King's, barely pushing him back. Acid leaks onto the King's foot and he barks in pain while trying to retaliate with a swift kick to Kaiba which is dodged.

"Attenuate~!" Your body shrinks down to a shrimp size and Thrigon puts you on his palm.

"You sure 'bout this? If he notices you,-"

"Now!" You scream in a high pitched, squeaky tone. Thrigon shrugs his sentence off and fires you at the King with his top speed. You reach the King's ear and return to your regular self, holding in the pain that the move causes your body.

Two arms rip out of your back and they all begin to grow in size as you stretch them back. "Giant Bulldozer!!!" Four fully powered arms launch into the King and smash into his face. You hear a drawn out scream and he loses his footing. You glimpse down to the ground and see Kaiba dripping a large portion of acid on his feet while Tarble punches the King in his stomach.

A swift Ki blast brisks by you, barely missing. It came from an Elite so it wouldn't have hurt much even if it did hit. An explosion erupts below you as the King pillars down to the ground and crashes on the remains of his Empire. Dust fills the area soon after, blinding everybody from a proper view.

You land on the ground gracefully and look at the King as he lays on the ground. "Still not moving..." The wind rushes by you with tremendous force nearly knocking you over and on cue, the Oozaru slams his fist onto the ground and launches himself to the sky. The King does a swift flip with his gigantic body and lands safely, breaking the heavenly sound barriers.

You jump back as fast as you can to gain distance from him but it's not enough. A rugged smile writes itself on his face, "My turn!" A great thunder of noise erupts from the Oozaru's legs as he dashes after you. Tarble jumps in the way and fires a blast from his mouth at the King, which is deflected without trouble.

Vegeta places both of his palms on Tarble's chest and a pocket of air fires from them, ripping through the Oozaru's skin tissue. The sky begins raining blood, which you casually dodge while you continue to make distance. Tarble collapses to the floor, his body shaking wildly. In a few seconds, his movement seizes altogether and he lays on the ground.

A fleet of Ki blasts continue to patrol through the air, from the Elites. Oozaru Vegeta gives a deep blow and they all fly back with over four times the speed, killing two Elites in the process. Pac ManTM leaps at the King from behind to try and chomp his tail in half but Vegeta sways his tail to the sky, causing the General to miss completely. On his fall down, Vegeta smacks his tail down at full force.

It crashes into Pac's face and a loud crack is heard as his bones shatter to pieces. He bounces on the dry ground continuously, until he finally comes to a stop far off in the distance, with a trail of blood behind him.

Kaiba splits himself into four and begins spreading around Vegeta, shooting Acid with each copy. The Oozaru flies himself into the air and stares down at all of the inferior beings below him. "Bahahahahaha, you will ALL die!!! Breath Blaster!" Multiple mouth blasts are fired from the King, killing everybody they hit on contact.

A particular blast crashes into your guard, and you feel a shutter in your aching body. Before you know it, you're on your knees, struggling to move. The King lands on the ground and everybody is within his grasp, despite being spread out hundreds of meters. The great beast slams his palms together and the pressure sucks everybody in the battlefield closer to him.

He fires out Breath Blasters without remorse in an attempt to kill everybody at once. All of Kaiba's clones are killed within seconds, and he doesn't have enough Ki to make anymore.

Jones and John Giant are behind Pitou while he uses his Repel, making behind him the only safe place right now. Vegeta gets tired of shooting blasts and begins to sprint to each of the fighters now.

Benjamin Windmore is his first target. The General jumps into the skies and throws a sharp disk of Ki at the King, but it's simply blown away. As Windmore soars near Vegeta, the King puts his hand above him and squats him down like a bug. Benjamin crashes into the ground and doesn't move a muscle afterwards.

"Damn it, at this rate he'll kill all of us...! I have to think of something I can do to take this monster down. Alright, here goes nothing! Pitou, follow my lead!" You call out to him. Before even waiting for him to acknowledge you, you fire a Ki blast to the ground with each of your arms and you fly into the sky, meeting eye to eye with the King. He smiles and attempts to smack you away, but Pitou Repels the Ki blasts you are holding onto out of the way, causing you to sway past the King's arm.

You relinquish control of your blasts just as Vegeta swings with his other arm. His arm crashes into the blasts and they all explode. Meanwhile, you land on his arm and sprint up it like your life depended on it. The beast continues to try and swat you away while you run up his arm, in which you dodge easily as he's careful not to use too much speed so he doesn't hit himself.

"This should be good...!" You stop in the middle of his arm, by his elbow and hold your right fist dearly. "Earthquake!" You slam it into his arm, resulting in him roaring in pain. "Heh, worked just as I expected. I could never use this on a normal opponent, but since you're so big I can easily manage it. Instead of cracking the plates on the ground when I punch it, I used it on your arm to disrupt the blood flow and movement of your arm. So now...!" He looks worried as you explain it to him, still trying to move his arm.

A spiral of Ki rises from below you both and Pitou lands on the King's arm, smiling. "Thank you for the opportunity, Kiryu. Absorb!" Pitou clinches his hand on the King's arm and starts absorbing as much power as he can.

Within three seconds, Vegeta screams in outrage and smashes his usable arm down on the other. Both of you jump off of him before it hits you and start falling down from the sky.

He doesn't let you off that easily though, the Oozaru lifts his back leg up and does a 180 degree cross kick on the two of you. You both pillar to the ground and crash fall.

"Breath Blaster!" Vegeta loads an enormously powered blast using all of his strength in his mouth while you and Pitou struggle to move.

"I...won't be able to Repel that...or even slow it down for that matter." Pitou grimly says.

"It makes Goku's Kamehameha look like nothing...I can't say I blame you...!" You respond.

"Now say, GOODBYE!" Vegeta roars while firing the blast at you both. There is nothing you can do.

Time seems to slow down as it approaches, "So why did you put so much trust in me with that plan of yours?" Pitou questions, prepared for death.

"Heh, don't mistake me. I don't trust you at all. I just trust your combat abilities, and you figuring out what I was going for so quickly is exactly why."

"Well for what it's worth, I'm glad you're dying." He laughs. It's hard to tell if he's serious or not, but you have a feeling he is. A crackling noise breaks out from the blast as the distance closes in.

You close your eyes and smile. "Nah, I ain't gonna die here. I have too much to do." You gather the strength to stand and stare the blast in its face.

"VEEEGEEEETAAA!" A terrifying voice shrieks from behind King Vegeta. A loud thud is heard and you see Vegeta's tail hit the ground. Then, a purple and white man with three horns on his head and a blue crest in the center of it comes spiraling down to the dry land smiling. A yellow and orange orb is already in his hand, and he fires it at Vegeta.

The Oozaru's head tilts backwards due to the sudden imbalance in his weight and the Breath Blaster that was heading towards you breezes above you and blows up in the distance, destroying chunks of the Earth. You would have seized to exist if it even came close to hitting you.

Vegeta's head continues to fall back and he's already starting to shrink in size. The purple and white alien looks at the shrinking King with a remarkable grin while the orb he threw earlier grows in size until it finally contacts Vegeta's face, exploding on impact. King Vegeta crashes onto the ground and continues to shrink down to his regular state until he's wearing nothing but partially destroyed armor.

"Who... is that?" You quietly say, not looking for an answer.

"Cooler...! Only he's different now." You hear Kaiba say in the distance, on his knees.

"Look at all of you weaklings," Cooler says with a smile. "You couldn't even handle one Ape. And in your conditions, I could kill you all without trouble."

"Don't underestimate us," you boldly reply to his claims.

"Where is that Commander, Echo?"

"He got knocked out a while back," Pitou jumps in. "Why?"

"Sigh...oh well. When you see him again, tell him that now we're even."


"Keh, just deliver the message." Cooler grips his hands and begins to walk off.

"Why are just leaving!" Kaiba screams, "You could have been far away from here by now yet you stayed behind to help us out? I don't-"

"I did NOT help you out. Don't mistake me taking down Vegeta as an act of kindness." He pauses for a moment, as if he's going to continue, but doesn't. He just walks off into the landscape and within minutes, he's completely out of sight.

You, Kaiba, and Pitou all drop to the ground and let out a large breath of relief. Just as you do, a pile of stones are pushed over and King Vegeta stands up once again, beat up and bruised yet still smiling. "Hah...hah..." He tries to start a sentence but only deep breaths emerge. "Lucky...Cooler left...the fool should have finished the job. And now that he hasn't, I will kill you all! Even though i'm weakened, I'm still in far better condition than you three!"

"Damn it...he's right. I completely spent all my Ki in that last struggle. And my body...I can barely stand...!" You think to yourself, and than look over to Kaiba and Pitou who look just as damaged as you.

Footsteps break out and Thrigon's fist gives Vegeta an uppercut to the jaw, knocking him down. The Commander breathes heavily and wipes some blood off his upper lip. You can tell that his left arm is completely broken; one of Vegeta's blasts must have gotten him earlier.

The King stands up and laughs a bit, "It wouldn't be a complete victory unless you were here, Commander Thrigon! Now, give me your best shot you weaklings!" Despite saying that, Vegeta is the one to launch the attack.

A surge of Ki bursts from his feet and he flies at Thrigon, easily taking the upper-hand. Vegeta hooks him in the liver and delivers a roundhouse kick to his neck, dropping him to the ground.

A Ki Sword forms in Pitou's hand and he engages the King in combat, going all out to put a hole in him. The sword continues to just slip by, but just can't manage to hit. "Palm Thrust!" Vegeta launches Pitou back into the hole he was in earlier and throws a brief blast at him, hitting directly. You cough during the smoke but stop once you hear the King's voice again: "It seems you too, are out of Ki."

The Commander gets up and laughs, "And what would make you think that?"

"You did not Repel that blast I just shot and your sword has been withdrawn. Face it, Pitou, you're out of options." The King dashes forward a few steps but stops quickly and throws up his left arm, parrying Thrigon's kick. He tries to counter but Thrigon jumps back quickly and begins stretching his arms with multiple jabs.

The King fends off the jabs, while closing in the distance between him and Thrigon. Pitou jumps in the mix, and Kaiba soon after. All three of them go all out to take down Vegeta, but he somehow has enough energy to take them all on. "Should I get in this? No, I need to make a plan; I won't be able to afford making rash decisions."

You turn your head to see all the Generals that are still in fighting condition. After that, you know exactly what you're going to do:

A) Forget the Generals and jump into the mix. 4 Against 1 will surely work!
B) Call everybody over and rush the King all at once. With so many fighters, he won't be able to stand a chance!
C) Create A Battle Plan To Defeat King Vegeta!

Remaining Generals (In Fighting Condition):

Joseph Pike: 60% Health. 0% Ki.
Chi Chi: 70% Health. 30% Ki.
Jones: 20% Health. 15% Ki.
Dr. Fiasco: 40% Health. 0% Ki.
General Blue: 60% Health. 0% Ki.

Remaining Commanders (In Fighting Condition):

Kiryu: 30% Health. 0% Ki.
Pitou: 20% Health. 0% Ki.
Kaiba: 35% Health. 0% Ki.
Thrigon: 40% Health. 15% Ki.

Shugesh: 40% Health. 60% Ki.
Butcher: You charge the opponent and attack them wildly.
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