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Author's Chapter Notes:
Choice that won:

Gonna go with A. get Dr. Fiasco to transfer to Kaiba, at the same time, charge in with Kiryu to help Kaiba fight the king, but use blue to freeze him in place and try to remove his tail as quickly as he can, if the situation starts to get desperate THEN we use four witches. Thigron and the other generals will fight with Tarble and try to free Chi-chi.

Everybody here at this point:

- Joseph Pike
- Dr. Fiasco
- General White (broken legs)
- General Blue
- General John Giant (bottom half of his legs have been cut off)
- General Aquadolf
- General Benjamin Windmore
- Pac ManTM
- Jones (barely awake)

- Bunch of random elites
- Yellow Toothed scientist

- Pitou (unconscious
- Thrigon
- Kaiba (severely wounded)
The Saiyan Goku looks back and sees the entire Empire crumble to pieces. Stones and pillars fly hundreds of meters in every direction, some coming close to hitting him off in the distance. Breathing heavily, he continues to walk away from his former home. "Gohan...I'll find you. I won't be a pawn in King Vegeta's games any longer!" Goku boldly states.

He continues to walk across the dry landscape, blood dripping from his body with every step. His previous battle with Pitou and Kiryu along with the abuse of the Kaioken attack have really put a huge toll on his body. The Saiyan drops to his knees and a mountain of sweat explodes from his pores.

"I can feel...something terrible coming this way. I don't know what it is yet, but...their intentions are far from pure...!"

Goku uses all his remaining strength to stand up once more, and turns back to see the crumbled Empire in the distance. "Damn it...I couldn't save any of them. All of those people...The King just killed...without any remorse! There are less than a hundred strong (Note: Goku means lively/healthy beings, not limited to those with high power levels) Ki readings opposed to the thousands just a few minutes ago. DAMN!"

A swirl of wind squeezes by Goku as he continues to walk a lone path.


"Fiasco," you call out from afar. He turns to your attention immediately and you continue, "Transfer whatever amount of Ki you have left into Kaiba. With that wound, if he doesn't get something he'll be killed!"

"Roger that," he responds now beginning to transfer his Ki into Kaiba as the Commander dashes towards King Vegeta.

"Blue, use your Telekinesis to freeze the King. I'll handle the rest."

"Aye." Blue says, standing by your side. By examining his face you can tell he has serious doubts about your plan but refuses to express any of it. A true soldier.

"Lets go!" You fire yourself after Kaiba with all your speed and Blue follows suit. Every other General in the background takes your implication and charge towards Tarble and Chi Chi.

The King merely smiles at what he perceives as foolish attempts to win a lost battle, "Tarble. Those fighters will try to kill you, but if you don't waste time you should be able to win. None of them break a Battle Power of...20 000, you can kill them."

The young Saiyan, looking frightened, gives Vegeta a nod and powers up to the fullest. Multiple Generals begin to appear in his line of vision, all ready to put an end to his life.

"How despicable, Vegeta. Lying to him like that. You and I both know full well that he doesn't stand a chance against the strongest of the Generals, let alone all of them at once." You think while dashing at the King.

In a flash Kaiba reaches King Vegeta in rage. "I'll KILL YOU!" A pool of deadly acid shoots out of his stomach at his enemy. Without moving from his position, Vegeta simply puts his right arm out and a burst of air fires from him, causing Kaiba's attack to drop to the ground.

The Commander throws a series of punches at Vegeta, all of which are dodged due to his lack of energy. Vegeta begins to taunt the wounded Commander, still not even suffering from a scratch.

You sneak up from the side and fire a ball of Ki at the King. He flinches in shock and throws his spare arm out, stopping your attack mid-air with another burst of air. The blast explodes and you scowl, "Damn it, he's good. Still..." Your train of thought is cut short as the King is smashed in the face with Kaiba's transformed arm.

His face bulges back in pain, and you notice that his body is paralyzed. Blue succeeded! Wasting no more time, you jump at the King's tail with a grin but before you can reach it he regains his movement and a real Ki blast is fired at you. "Shi-," you sway to the side but it still brushes past your large body, scraping your arm.

Kaiba gives the King a clean uppercut and he's sent flying, sweat dropping from him as he gains height. You, Kaiba, and Blue all stare up at him prepared for whatever is coming next, but he doesn't fall down. The King, now airborne begins to speak: "A clever trick. But in your current states, none of you stand a chance!" The wind surrounds his body and he bursts down at the ground with vengeance, his target still unclear.


Tarble cringes as he's pushed back by Joseph Pike. His scouter blinks wildly, finally stopping at 26 000. "No...not possible!" Tarble squeals.

"You will die, Saiyan." Pike laughs a bit sadistically, and than palm thrusts Tarble back, knocking him to the ground. Thrigon jumps past Tarble and reaches Chi Chi. He rips off the rope that covered her mouth and snaps the one binding her arms with complete ease.

Chi Chi lets out a big breath of air and gives Thrigon a quick hug. Almost as if he expected it, he hugs her back with a perverted grin. "Thank you, everyone!"

Thrigon lets go of her and crosses his arms over his chest, trying to make a pose. "It was my pleasure."

Joseph kicks Tarble multiple feet back and he crashes into the ground, burying within it. Pac ManTM lifts his defeated body up, crushing Tarble's head in his palms. The Saiyans' eyes is now closed. He may be unconscious. "We killin' 'em?"

Benjamin Windmore steps forward and does a short prayer for Tarble, and than a strong wave of Ki gathers in his hand. "May God have mercy on your soul."

"Hey, hey now!" General Aquadolf steps forward and blocks Tarble from Windmore's blast. "We beat him. Lets just leave the guy be. Look at him...he isn't evil. Poor guy just got brought up the wrong way!"

Both of them turn to Joseph Pike as if he's to make the decision, being the strongest General in this group and all.

"Hmm..." Joseph thinks, rather uninterested.

1) Kill Tarble.
2) Let Tarble live.
3) Other?


King Vegeta crashes into Kaiba and his ribcage is torn apart on impact. The Commander coughs up an unusual amount of blood and falls to the ground, rolling over in pain, but still trying to get up. "How pathetic. You can't even avenge that pathetic excuse for a fighter that you so badly wanted. Now wither in pain and die!"

You whisk behind him and launch a left hook forward. The King throws up both of his arms to block but is still sent back, crackling in his bones heard as he's pushed back. A stare down breaks open between you two for a second before you clash once again, delivering multiple blows to each other, nearly completely even.

You flip your leg over and crash it into his skull, launching him through the air. You scream and dash after him, passing him in nearly an instant. He tries to recover before you grapple onto him but fails. You smash your palms together and crush his skull between you. Despite hearing his muffled screams, you don't let up.

After what seems like minutes, Vegeta puts his hands on your stomach and a surge of wind fires through your body. You let up on your grip on his skull and he frees himself. The two of you enter another exchange of brutal blows, this time you at an advantage. "No good," you begin. "If I can't get rid of that tail, he'll transform like before. I have to make my move right now!"

You deflect his incoming punch and elbow him in the gut. His body leans down and you grab his shoulders and fire yourself over his body, landing behind him. He looks over to you in pain and shock and you grab him by the tail. He squeals in either pain or anger, and you swing his body to the ground, still holding onto his tail.

You try to let out a pull on the tail but are fired into the sky by a thrust of air before you can. "You did well, Kiryu. But we all know what's going to happen now. So I suggest that you prepare yourself because in a minute a power you've never experienced will form!"

The King flies his body into the air after you with a tremendous amount of speed. "The Four Witches!" Two extra arms pop out of your shoulders in a sickening process and you start to fend off the Kings blows in the air.

"Not bad, Kiryu. You really have improved." The King compliments you, still trying to knock you down into the ground. "But we all know the outcome of this struggle. Even if you had eight arms, you still wouldn't stand a chance! Not in the air!"

The King knees you in the gut, freezing your movements for a blink. During that time, he flies behind you and delivers a hard elbow to your neck, shutting your bodies movements down entirely. You use your extra arms to reach behind and grab him but he ascends too high for you to reach.

"Palm Thrust!" A surge of invisible Ki fires from the King's palm and sends you pillaring down to the ground at a terrifying speed. You throw your arms out to assist in the fall but still explode on impact. "Now, feel my POWER!" A bright light flashes and a moon soars into the sky. Kaiba grips his fists in rage, still trying to muster enough strength to stand.

King Vegeta stares up at the moon with an enormous smile and his body begins to quake. "Yes, yes...FEEL MY POWER!" He roars, his body now growing in size.

The entire battlefield freezes and stares up at him. Tarbles scouter begins to beep uncontrollably. Pac ManTM takes it off while still holding him and reads the number. His eyes go pure white once he does so. "N-not...possible...!"

Joseph Pike tears the scouter from his hands and smiles in fear. "750 000...what was I again?" He says, laughing it off.

You get off the ground and see the King, completed his transformation. "Nostalgia..."

Kaiba finally makes it up off the ground, holding the hole in his liver and the dent that Vegeta put in his chest from earlier. He's back in his base state once again, so he must be thinking more clearly. "Think you can take it?" He questions, almost serious.

"Yeah, I'll get right on that." King Vegeta roars, blinding the ears of everybody still alive. "Now now, what the hell are we going to do...!"

A) Create A Battle Plan!
B) Run!
C) Do whatever is possible to get that tail off!
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