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Author's Chapter Notes:
D Wins...somehow, lol.
"We lost..." You bluntly state in a low tone voice.

"It ain't over yet, Kiryu. We'll think of something!" Thrigon reassures you while slowly backing away, covering his eyes from the mass suction from the gigantic Tornado that clouds above all of you.

"Kiryu, you're really drawing a blank at a time like this! Idiot, I put my trust in you but it turns out you're just a waste of life." Pitou barks while he releases his fighting stance, now just watching the Empire crash and burn.

"Pitou, calm down!" Thrigon defends you, "If we put our power together we're bound to be able to do something. We're three of the strongest fighters in the entire FBM and he's just one Saiyan!"

"Kiryu... think very carefully and logically. I will give you half a minute longer to come up with a plan of action. If you don't, consider me out of this little group we have going on." Pitou speaks out, now back to his calm and cold self.

"I do have one idea." You finally respond with a powerful ball of Ki forming in your grip.

"Good, what is it?" Thrigon anxiously questions.

You close your eyes and point the blast to your chest. "Heh, for some reason I hold no regrets about doing this. How joyful." A substantial amount of Ki explodes from the ball and you smash it against your chest, creating a tremendous explosion. Blood squirts out of the gaping hole in your body and you collapse to the ground, fading away from this realm.


Kaiba inches through the lower floor of the Saiyan Empire, clinching onto his liver in pain, blood dripping from it in a gruesome manner. "Damn, that really sent me flying. And falling on a sharp piece of stone didn't help the damage in the slightest..." He thinks back, now back to his original form. Kaiba crosses a corner and sees a tremendous amount of Saiyans slaughtering each other. Ironically, no FBM Soldiers are around that particular area.

The Commander cringes and turns back, hovering against a wall. "You bastard Rem. Always planning for what seem like impossible events." Kaiba digs down in his pocket and takes out a small chip with one button on it, and at the side has a small slider that switches on and off (Note: Think PSP / Nintendo DS).

Kaiba looks past the corner and concludes that no Saiyans are coming this way. "I really wish it didn't come to this, but this guy is stronger than I had hoped. Rem, this better work just as you said it would!" Kaiba screams aloud.

He walks to the other side of the wall and presses his empty hand gently against it. A small wave of Ki pushes through him and shatters the wall on cue, opening the Empire to yet another beautiful view of the outside world.

Kaiba thinks: "Rem said that once it's planted and I press the button to activate it, It'll take another 3 minutes before it activates. They should be able to stall for at least that time...I just wish I could help them." The Commander looks down at his side and a tear wells up in him, slowly dripping down the right side of his cheek. "Good luck, everyone." He finishes his trail of thought, presses a button and pulls a slider on the switch that he held tightly, and jumps down the many stories from the air.

As he drops, the wind pressure rips through the hole in his body while he descends through the skies.


Gentle footsteps are made by you as you walk alone in a dark tunnel, totally oblivious to your surroundings. All you care about is that shadow that creeps beyond your vision in the short distance. Echoes of your steps are roared through the cave with each drop. Suddenly, the shadow in the distance begins to speed up, leaving you in the dark.

"This is...weird. Am I dreaming? Perhaps a lucid dream. But I know what's going on; I can't seem to control anything. Hello!" You bark after your short train of thought comes to a halt.

'Hello', 'hello', 'hello', your voice echoes back seamlessly.

"Kekekekeke, you're always such a delight, Kiryu." A terrifying voice shrieks back at you.

"R-Ryuki?" You respond in shock, "Why are you here?"

"Have you not yet learned, Kiryu. I am you. It's quite a simple riddle, no? Just rearrange the letters in your name. I'm disappointed that I had to answer such an obvious-"

"No. I did not ask who you are. I asked why you were here. I just blew a hole through my heart."

"Kekekekeke, such a ruthless assault on yourself. Tell me Kiryu, why did you try to kill yourself?"

"I just... felt that it was the right thing to do at that moment."

"And since when have you started relying on your feelings? How unorthodox."

"Wait, did you just say try to kill myself?"

"I did."

"Where am I, Ryuki?"

"In limbo. You are trapped within your minds thoughts. The power that only a very special person has. You cannot develop such a skill. The medical term is 'bipolar disorder'. However, not everybody who suffers from this so called disease has an alter-ego. As I said, only a very special person has it. And even more so if he can learn to develop it."

Shocked at what you're hearing, you try to speak but no words come out. You let out a brisk cough to retain your voice and continue, "I'm alive?"

"Hardly. Within a minute, your heart will give out and all of this will go away. That's why I'm answering your questions. Because very soon, all of this will just...go away. Kekekekekekeh."

"No, it can't end like this. I have too much to do in the real world. Ryuki, save me!" You demand, now thinking semi clearly.

"Kekekeke, you aren't a bore, I'll give you that much, Kiryu. Though, nothing can be done." The voice echoes in a taunting manner.

"Ryuki, I know that you're hiding something from me."

"Kekekekeke, and what would make you think that?"

"Because we're one in the same. I can't read your mind, but I can certainly tell if you're withholding something from me. Now TELL me!"

"...I can save you, Kiryu. But it will not come without sacrifice."

"What sacrifice?"

"Kekekekekeke, nothing of relevance at this time. But you will find out in time. I just hope that you're prepared, Kiryu."

You remain silent, waiting for any changes that may succumb you but nothing pursues. It's as if time itself has completely froze. In the blink of an imaginary eye, everything around you disperses and your face surfaces in the real world. You crank your head up in shock, only to see an entirely new battlefield...


An explosion erupts from Kiryu's palm and a deep ball of Ki penetrates his rugid skin. Blood gushes out like a broken water fountain as he collapses to the ground, shocking the entire cast of fighters.

Pitou quickly puts his hand over his eyes to shield him from his fallen comrade. Even he doesn't want to see such an ending. Thrigon drops down to the floor, and grabs Kiryu by the waist, and shakes him violently. "Kiryu, buddy, you okay? Kiryu! KIRYU! Ki-"

"Enough!" Pitou intercepts, "He's a coward. He chose his own fate. Now let us choose ours. That Saiyan is the only thing that matters right now."

Thrigon glares at Pitou with emptiness, giving a slight nod. The Namekian Commander stands up and turns to the man sitting on top of the Tornado - Maize.

The Great Saiyan stares down from his pedestal and lets out a sigh, "Sucks for him, eh. It's fine though. None of you will suffer for long, because it's time I ended this!" He roars and on cue, the Tornado spins around miraculously, sucking everything in at a terrifying velocity. The walls, Soldiers from below, stones, food, furniture, and anything else in the Kingdom all begin to morph into the Tornado, splitting to pieces on impact.

Kiryu's dying body flies in without care, but before it can gain too much distance an arm stretches from Thrigon and grabs onto it tightly. Pitou gives him a harsh stare before screaming, "What are you doing!? Do you want to get sucked in too!" Thrigon begins to slide and lose his positioning, but remains hold of Kiryu stiffly.

"I ain't gonna let a friend die just like that! As long as he's breathing, I won't give up!" He roars back!

Pitou swings his arm behind his head and the suction is laid off of Thrigon, allowing him to regain his balance on the floor. "Consider that my parting gift." Pitou blankly directs before turning around and sprinting out of the room. The Namekians eyes reveal shock at the thought that Pitou would do such a thing.

"Don't think that this Tornado can't move," Maize grins. The velocity of it slows down for a second before it tears through the floor at an unmatched speed. Thrigon jumps out of the way in fear and rolls across the floor with Kiryu's body. Due to the screeching noise, Pitou turns around to see the tremendously overpowered Tornado edging in on him, while destroying everything in this floor and the floors below.


The Tornado smashes into Pitou and rips his body apart, but due to the lack of velocity on it, the attack doesn't hold him in. Pitou falls to the ground in a pool of blood, totally helpless. The Tornado destroys the flights of stairs that Pitou was heading down and prepares itself to turn around, this time in an attempt to fully kill the Commander.

Its speed picks up and it rushes through the room, but before it can connect with Pitou, he's lifted off the ground and flung towards Thrigon. "And consider that, my thank you." The Namek grins while holding onto both Pitou and Kiryu now. "This can't he happening. A few minutes back I was standing here with two other brilliant Commanders, and now it's just me!"

The Tornado rages towards Thrigon with joyful laughter coming from its peak. He throws both Pitou and Kiryu outside through the now wall-less room and vanishes without a trace. The Tornado smashes into the other side of the room, completely missing its prey.

On the other side of the room, Thrigon holds his ground, bouncing back and forth as if he's ready to 'vanish' again. "So be it. I applaud you for dodging my attack, but if I can't hit you then I'll make you hit me!" Maize barks from above.


The ceiling quakes violently while King Vegeta, Tarble, and Chi Chi all remain underground. "King?"


"Sir Maizes Hyper Tornado has already broke through every floor in the Empire. The bottom of it is right above us now..."

"Don't waste my time with useless information."

"I'm sorry, but do you have a plan, King? If Sir Maize continues to smash around with his Tornado, it'll break through to our floor!"

"I always have a plan."


"You're correct. If Maizes Hyper Tornado breaks the ceiling, our last line of defense, we may be killed. In such a tight area with no exits, we would not be able to hide for very long at all."

"King, are you saying that not even you can stop Maize?"

"That attack...its power is so devastating, absolutely nothing can stop it."

Tarble stares at the King, drawing a blank. "So what's your plan, King?"

"Initiate Operation LWTS."

The young Saiyan gazes at the King shocked, unable to move. "What did you just say?"

The King bats an eye at him with a deadly look and Tarble understands how serious he is immediately. "If I am forced to repeat myself again, I'll kill you too. So Tarble, did you hear me the first time?"

Tarble runs over to the Computer monitor that he was using to contact the King from earlier, and begins typing in a series of codes. King Vegeta stands behind him and watches as he progresses. Shortly after, an authorization code appears on the computer. The King puts his fingerprints on the scanner beside the desktop and his signature is registered immediately.

A loading bar begins to pop up on the screen, showing the progress of Operation LWTS. "How long?" Vegeta asks.

"Between 3-5 minutes it says, my King."


"Once this is all over, what are we going to do? With the Empire gone, how will we survive?"

"Not too far from here, there is a series of islands that don't hold too high of a population. We'll slaughter all who get in our way and rebuild a new Empire on those islands. It'll be far more practical when we are on the defensive in a battle. Once we take all of their supplies, it will only be a matter of time before an entirely new Empire comes into being."

"King...?" Irritated, Vegeta turns to Tarble and grants him permission to speak once again. "You do know that with this, you'll kill Sir Maize too? Are you really willing to risk that? He's the strongest Saiyan in the Empire!"



General John Giant remains in a large empty space, with absolutely nothing around. He crawls on the floor to the edge of the room and looks down below, to see a minuscule amount of FBM fighters outside, but absolutely no Saiyans.

Against his will, he begins to move backwards slowly. He looks back in fear and sees that death Tornado pulling him in once again. "F***! If I could just run I would have been out of here before that...that thing started sucking me up again."

The General digs his Katana into the ground and continues to crawl. The suction from the Tornado ends once again and he manages to make it to the tip of the Empire. He rolls over, and sees his blood filled leg again.

"Nonsense. That Tornado started 'running' at me. Even though it barely touched my legs...I can't move."

The General drops off the building and falls through the air, heading outside. He stabs his Katana into the exterior walls of the Empire, allowing him an easy drop down to safety.


The velocity on the Tornado reaches its peak again, this time only focusing on Thrigon. The Commander holds his ground for a second, but begins to edge forward slowly. "Damn it all to hell!" He curses to himself while being sucked into the great beast.

"Haah, this adrenaline rush. It's too much! After I destroy all of you, nobody will be in my way to slay King Vaajita himself. I will rule all of the remaining Saiyans, and soon the entire world!" Maize clinches his hands together, "I will become a Super Saiyan! Gaaahahahahaha!" The power hungry Saiyan barks.

A loud spark is heard and an electronic device spirals through Maizes Hyper Tornado. While it does, his Tornado begins to slow down. The air currents that are normally spinning clockwise are being countered by the devices artificial counterclockwise currents, making the Tornado moot.

"What...what's happening?" Maize wonders in astonishment.

Maizes pedestal begins to shrink as his Tornado crumbles, but Thrigon wastes no time and begins firing a mass amount of Ki Blasts at Maize. The Saiyan throws up his guard and tries to block all of the attacks but is unsuccessful. Maize is easily overpowered and knocked off of his Hyper Tornado, which has now disintegrated completely. In the sky, his Phantom Star explodes, with bits of Ki raining down from above.

Thrigon drops to his knees and lets out a large breath of air while Maize pummels through the destroyed Empire. As he falls into an empty abyss, the entire Empire begins to light up from below him.

An extraordinarily powered blast erupts from the first floor and begins blowing everything up in an instant. It quickly makes its way up to the top floor, where Thrigon resides, and in seconds after that, the entire Empire explodes in a fiery hell.


You crank your head up in shock, only to see an entirely new battlefield. "What's...going on?" You say quietly while throwing some stones and rubble off of yourself, standing up a bit groggily. You begin looking around to see familiar faces, and find multiple of them very quickly.

Towards the Base Camp in the short distance, you see a multitude of Generals, including White and that Yellow Toothed man. With them, you see an unconscious Pitou laying on the floor. They didn't handle him very kind. A cut up bare leg catches your attention, so you run up to it and throw a large boulder off of it. Under it, is Shugesh.

You bend over his naked body and slap him a bit, causing him to wake up in an unpleasant shock. "You? What the hell's going on...?" He says, as you help him up.

"I don't know. What happened to you?" You reply while you turn your attention to the rest of the area. The entire Empire no longer towers above you, but instead is buried beneath you. Millions of smashed up pieces of the leftovers of the Saiyan Empire now cover a large area. It's as if a bomb exploded.

"I'm not sure myself, boss. After I uh, got knocked out of the Empire, I barely had enough strength to glide down and reach safety. After I landed, everything just went blank. Did the Empire...fall on me?"

"Don't be ridiculous. If it did, you would have died in an instant. A few blocks of stones fell on you at the most. Fortunately for you and myself, we were far enough away from the main fall of it that we weren't crushed. But what i'm wondering is how all this happened, perhap-" Several meters away, a large portion of stones begin crumbling and being throw up. Somebody is trying to get out.

Without wasting any more time with the still naked Shugesh, you run over to it immediately. A boulder flies from the hole and flies into you. Before it contacts your body, you swiftly punch a hole in it and it shatters on cue. Once the dust from the shattered stones breeze away, Thrigon emerges from the burial. He climbs to his feet and stares at you in awe, completely speechless.

"K-kiryu!" He yells with joy, ignoring his obvious wounds.

"Good to see you're alive. What just happened here, anyway?"

"I-I threw you and Pitou out the window and tried to take on Maize myself."

"You won...!?!?"

"Uh, sort'a. Something happened to that Tornado. It just-, disappeared and he was pretty much out of Ki after that. A few shots and he was done for. But about half a minute later, a bright light engulfed the entire Empire and destroyed everything...apparently."

"What do you mean it-"

"Wait! How the hell are you alive?" He interrupts, pointing at your chest.

You gaze down shortly and notice that the gruesome hole you put in yourself earlier is no longer there. In fact, it's as if it never happened at all. "Wait a second," You say in your head, now remembering everything that happened with Ryuki but nothing afterwards. It's as if your body just healed itself. "I...-"

"You can thank me later," Kaiba breaks in. The two of you stop your conversation and turn around, seeing Kaiba walk slowly towards you two, with a gaping hole by his liver. "I implanted some device that Rem gave me before I came to the top floor. That was my job in this war. Rem knew of Maizes Hyper Tornado, it seems, and planned for me to stop it with that if worst comes to worst. It was a last resort mechanism though; even Rem wasn't positive it would stop him."

"So that's what you meant when you said you were 'planning for the future' earlier." You respond.

"But how the hell did some sort of...machine stop a Ki attack with that much power in it?" Thrigon breaks in.

"I ain't too sure on that one," Kaiba carelessly responds while looking around the area. "But it has something to do with reverse currents. By creating a new wind direction inside the Tornado, it cancels out the other one which makes it...well, useless. At least Rem said somethin' like that. He talks a lot, and I get bored pretty fast, haha."

A substantial amount of noise breaks open a couple hundred yards away as an ancient elevator with 3 people in it surfaces from underground. You three meet their eyes instantly, and notice that it's none other than King Vegeta, a young Saiyan, and Chi Chi who is held in locks and being held by the Saiyan. This aggravates you to a phenomenal degree.

"Well, hello again. I'm surprised that such a large number of people survived the bomb I detonated. Surprisingly, I don't see any Saiyans around which means that the only people that survived were hiding outside of the Empire like cowards. Hah hah. I would expect nothing less of Freeborn Military fighters. How despicable."

You grip your fists tightly, but don't act yet. "King, we had a deal. Give Chi Chi back to me."

"Kiryu, did you honestly expect that I would let her free? Just be thankful I haven't beheaded her as of yet."

Kaiba looks at you with a 'I told you so' look, and than looks back at the King. You hear a little dripping sound coming from Kaiba, and when you look to see it, bits of blood are dripping from his side. "How can he be standing so carelessly with such a deep wound?" You wonder.

"So Kaiba," the King calls out while stepping forward. "Do you remember your friend, Commander Loukar?" He licks his lips.

Kaiba lets go of his hold on his liver and crushes his fists together with a dark look on his face, "Don't you dare mention his name."

'Hah hah hah. I just wanted you to know that he died like a weakling." Kaiba begins shaking uncontrollably, about to explode in sheer rage. "When I pierced his heart from behind, he just collapsed to the ground. The fool tried to fight, but he couldn't even make me flinch. What a pathetic fighter. And to even my surprise, he started begging for his life when he lost the battle. How-"

"SHUT UP!" Kaiba breaks in and dashes towards the King at full throttle, transforming in the midst of his dash.

"Kaiba, nooooo! He's just trying to bait you!" You scream, before charging yourself. Thrigon grabs you by the shoulder and gives you a harsh stare.

"Don't do it, Kiryu. Think of a plan to take down the King. We still have us two and all of those Generals back there if need be. Do not act rash...! Or kill yourself for that matter, either."

After taking a deep breath and closing your eyes for a few seconds, you re-evaluate the situation and now know what to do:

A) Create A Battle Plan On What To Do Next.
B) Use The Four Witches And Chase After Kaiba.
C) Stay Back And Let The Battle Unfold.
D) Search Among The Rubble And Area For Other Survivors.
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