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Author's Chapter Notes:
Choice that won:

I'm going with A. Break them up. But use force to separate them. Tell Kaiba what's going on, and to back off, while grabbing Maize, and tossing him toward King Vegeta (not AT King Vegeta though, don't wanna piss him off!)
You stare at King Vegeta in rage, but hide your feelings with a blunt grin. "Fine. I'll get Kaiba off of Maize." You turn your back and slowly walk away from the King, still keeping your ears open for an incoming attack from him. Though, nothing comes. You walk back into the now destroyed room and approach Kaiba, who is slamming his fists into Maize without remorse. Maize has the clear technical advantage but it seems that Kaiba refuses to lose any strength.

"Kaiba! Stand down now!"

The Commander doesn't even bat an eye towards you, despite your obvious calls. Thrigon begins running to you, wondering what's going on while the rest of the room simply observes. Now annoyed, you jump at Kaiba and slam your left leg into the side of his head. He's launched from his position and crashes into the ground, getting up immediately.

You land on the ground and quickly attempt to grab Maize with your giant arms but he jumps back several meters, escaping from your grasp.

"KIRYU! What are you DOING!?!?" Kaiba screams.

"They have a hostage. I was told to keep you away from that Saiyan in exchange for the King letting her go."

" think he's gonna keep that promise? Do you actually trust that piece of TRASH!" Kaiba sprints at Maize in rage with his arms out in claw-like positions. The green haired Saiyan, now beside King Vegeta laughs at his opponents foolishness.

"Why thank you, Vaajita." Maize says quietly to the King.

"Just do your thing, Maize. If he catches you in such an exchange again, lets just say that things would become a tad more complicated."

"Hm, whatever you say." Maize carelessly replies while he sticks both of his arms in the sky. An explosion of wind circles around his body at an enormous speed, and the Saiyan's body is covered by the storm or air. King Vegeta slowly backs up, and begins to walk back into his room. He stares at you with his hawk eyes and smirks.

"Let her go!"

"Hah hah hah. Commander Kiryu," the King begins to speak. "I think you all have more important things to worry about right now." He calls out to across the room. "I knew that he would save the girl, but I am still surprised. It appears I overestimated his intellect." Vegeta thinks. His door closes as he walks in and you dash at him.

Both you and Kaiba stops in your tracks, glaring at Maize in disbelief. "No...Kiryu, you idiot. With that much power, he's gonna kill us all..." Kaiba clenches his fists with force. "GET OUT OF THE BUILDING!" He screams.

A cyclone of air continues to grow around Maizes body until he's in a full blown out tornado, touching the skies, breaking through the heavenly gates. The Generals waste no time, and all begin running down the stairs, following their Commanders order. Joseph Pike takes the smart route and hops out of the building itself.

Thrigon walks up beside you and puts his hands on your shoulder, a clear smile on his (ugly) face. He's just loving this scenario. Kaiba pops both his hands in front of himself and begins firing a massive amount of Ki blasts at Maize, screaming as he does it. As every beam touches the tornado, it simply disperses from the absolute power in it.

The ground under Maize shatters and the tornado drops down to the floor below, still growing in size. "Hyper Tornado!" A thunder roars from the sky, taking all of your attention to the top of the tornado. "Do you like it?" Maize questions from above, "My ultimate creation!"


Watson and Stiffy finally make it back to the base camp and place Commander Echo down on a spare bed carefully. "Impossible...the Saiyans even took down a Commander?" Murasaki questions as he attempts to aid him.

"Do you think you can fix him?" Watson wonders.

"No, I have no supplies left for a quick fix. All I can do now is heal up his obvious wounds and hope he wakes up himself." Murasaki replies grimly.

Stiffy waves his arm over and Murasaki and Watson look over to him. "Guys...why are the rocks here on the ground uh, moving."

The three of them turn their heads to where the rocks are flying away from and see them beginning to float into the air. They all look back at the Saiyan Empire in the distance and see a gigantic tornado creeping out from the peak of the building, sucking everything in the vicinity up. "What the hell is THAT!?!?" Watson screams.


General John Giant (Note: Pitou had a conversation with him while he was still on the plane) storms through the bottom floor of the Saiyan Empire, thrashing through every Saiyan in sight. "Heh heh, you dickheads are no match for me!"

"Don't be so sure of that!" A fairly bulky Saiyan jumps out of a dark corner and puts his arms around the Generals neck, in a headlock. "Ki ki ki, what will you do now?"

John clenches his arms around the Saiyan and begins crushing the bones in his arms, causing the Saiyan to scream in pain and loosen his grip. The General whips his elbow back and crashes into his opponents liver. As the Saiyan collapses to the ground, John takes out his trusty Katana and slays his foe without remorse. Blood bursts out of the Saiyan with his death. The General leans over and covers his former opponents eyes gently, "Rest in peace."

John Giant stands up cautiously, looking around for any other Saiyans but there are none in his vision. His eyes make it to the sky and he feels an incredibly amount of Ki, only getting stronger as seconds go by. "Now now, I wonder what that might be." As he finishes his sentence, his footing is lost and he drops to the ground.

The floor continues to crackle until a bug chunk falls apart. He grabs hold of the remains of the floor and pulls himself up. As he does, tons of stones that just fell down through the crater begin flying past him and crash into the ceiling above him. Though they don't fall, they just stick there as if the stones are trying to gain even more height.

"Whatever the hell is going on up there, I want no part in it..." The General thinks to himself before running through the Empire, looking for more Saiyans.


Sweat drips from Kaiba's temple as his nerves tingle in fear. In front of his eyes is a near unstoppable tornado that continues to spin through the air, gaining more power. Far in the sky, Maize stands above it all, staring at all the worthless insects below him. "Kiryu, give me a boost."


"You caused this to happen by stopping my fight with him." Kaiba responds, now calm. "If I don't stop Maize before he unleashes that monster of an attack...I fear that nearly everybody in this entire Empire will be killed. Now give me a BOOST!"

You give him a quick nod and he hops on your hands. You drop yourself to the floor to give him the biggest possible throw you can. "You want a boost?" You say while building muscles in your arms, "Then here, HAVE IT!" Your arms whip up to the sky and Kaiba is launched into the air at a terrifying speed.

He glides in the air and Acid begins to form on his stomach. "MAIZE!"

Maize merely grins at his opponents attempt to stop him. "Give me everything you have! I would hate to see you die before you gave it your all!" He screams back as Kaiba closes the distance between the two.

Two red energy blasts glow in Kaiba's hands, finally flying above Maize. The Saiyan frowns, now having to look up at Kaiba. Maize puts his right arm back and a green aura envelopes his hand. "Gaizer Beam!" He throws his arm forward and launches the beam at Kaiba, who throws his blasts at Maize.

The blasts clash into each other momentarily at a complete tie. Kaiba begins to fall to the ground now that his boost is no longer in effect and as he does, Maize begins to take the advantage in the struggle.

Kaiba grins at Maize as he's pushed back from the massive force of the Gaizer Beam. "You know Maize, the best part about using ball based Ki attacks is the fact that you have full control over them!" Kaiba yells.

"Hah, like that matters when I have more power!"

"If only you knew! HA!" Kaiba's blasts move out of the struggle and begin flying at Maize from each side. Meanwhile, the Gaizer Beam flies at Kaiba with massive speed. "Acidic Meltdown!" The acid from earlier shoots out of Kaiba's stomach and hits Maizes beam, melting it on cue.

Kaiba drops back down to the ground while controlling his blasts to target Maize. The Saiyan is unable to move due to still holding his Gaizer Beam, despite no longer wanting it. Kaiba slaps his hands together, causing the two balls to close in.

"I did it!" Kaiba yells in triumph. Just before the blasts contact Maize, the Phantom Star fires a devastating blast at the unguarded Kaiba, knocking him out of the skies. He crashes into the ground and breaks through the entire floor from the force, falling down to the battlefield below.

Kaiba's Blasts fly past Maize and explode in the distance now that their owners control has vanished. "Hohoho, a clever attack." Maize calls from above, "It's too bad that your friend miscalculated my resources, isn't it?"

"If this thing has as much power as Kaiba said it did, we'll be in trouble." You bluntly state.

"Not only us, but all our FBM Soldiers from down below." Thrigon says.

"Too bad we can't call for an evacuation, eh." Pitou jokes without care to all those lives at risk.

Your eyes mold on him with disappointment before Maize interrupts you all once again. "Well, I applaud you all for your attempts to stop me. But I will wait here no longer! Prepare TO DIE!" He roars from the skies.

His Hyper Tornado destroys two more floors from below and begins to move forward, crushing everything in sight.


King Vegeta sits in his chair smiling while he watches Maizes Hyper Tornado destroy, suck up, and kill everybody and everything in the Empire. His computer begins to beep so he looks over to it and than presses a button. After he does, a young Saiyan appears on his computer monitor. "King, sorry to disturb. I was just curious as to what was going on."

"Hm...kill the girl."

"Are you sure?"

"Y-actually, no. She'll be a useful bribing chip in the near future. Open up the gate below. I'm coming down."

"Yes, my King. But may I ask why?"

Vegeta spins on his chair and faces his door. On it are hundreds of papers and utensils that are trying to break through it. "Maize has used THAT attack. As of now, the Freeborn Military Commanders won't be able to get passed him because of the force of his attack. But in a few minutes, if that, my entire room will break apart and be sucked into his attack. I don't want to be here when that happens."

"Oh, okay King. I just unlocked the gate. You're free to come down from your room now."

"Good. I'll be down shortly." The monitor fades away and the King stands up, walking to the right corner of his room after. Once he gets there, he pushes a bookshelf over and presses a small red button behind it. The wall opens up and a small elevator awaits. He steps into it and without pressing anything, it begins to descend down to the bottom floor - where Tarble and Chi Chi reside.


The ground shatters across the entire base and begins flying to the skies. Oblivious to what's actually going on, many of the Saiyans and FBM Soldiers continue to fight each other to the death.

While they do that, General Jones creeps through the base in pain, trying to get outside "What happened? Where is...Silver and White? Maybe if I go...outside." He thinks to himself.

He makes it to the end of the hallway and is met up by three Saiyans, all with dirty blue hair and black overcoats. "Hwa hwa, when we kill a General King Vegeta will be bound to promote us!" The tallest one states.

"Right brother, lets kill him!" The two others add.

"You three reeaaallly don't stand a chance, even if I am weakened."

"We'll see about that! RHA!" They all charge at Jones in a sloppy formation. He hops into the air swiftly, leaving them clueless of where he is. As they look around blindly, Jones lands on the tallest ones shoulders and twists his legs around the Saiyans neck, breaking it in half. He falls to the ground, angering his brothers.

They charge at Jones from each side and are met with a punch to each of their faces, knocking them out. "Ew, you guys aren't even worth killing."

Jones continues to head through the base until he reaches the outdoors, and in the distance sees General White and Dr. Fiasco with a pack of Elites and that yellow toothed scientist that killed Big Daddy. "Huh? What the hell is going on...?" He says to himself prior to heading over to them.


"Damn, my planes aren't in the sky no more. That means my whole crew is down below fighting. We gotta stop this guy Kiryu, Pitou!" Thrigon directs as he jumps back many feet, evading the destructive power from Maizes Hyper Tornado.

You crank your arms back and build muscle in them both, "Gigantic Bulldozer!" You fire them at the Tornado's base, trying to collapse it from the sky. Your hands crash it and blood squirts from your hands as the rapid speed from the tornado rips your hands apart, causing you to retract immediately. "I wish I could help them Thrigon, but I can't do anything to that attack, and you saw what happened to Kaiba when he tried to take Maize down himself...!" You respond with displeasure.

"There must be something we can do!"

"I have an idea." Pitou speaks up. "If you two can get up into the sky and take down Maize, I can Repel any attack that that Phantom does, giving you guys an opening."

"No time to waste then!" Thrigon jumps into your arms and you launch him to the skies. Pitou throws you into the air just after, though not nearly as high as Thrigon had gotten.

"You fools," Maize laughs. "Kaiba already tried this. If you had joined him in his first attempt, it may have worked but now that my Hyper Tornado is at full power, there isn't a chance in the world you'll be able to lay a finger on me!"

"We'll see about that!" Thrigon responds as he approaches Maizes height.

"Suction Cup!" The Tornado spins at an increased velocity and both you and Thrigon and sucked into it. Pitou barely holds his ground from below, but everything on the ground including King Vegeta's door all shatters to pieces and flies into the Tornado.

You and Thrigon throw your guard out in preparation to tank the tornado but before you hit it, you guys fall to the ground peacefully. "What just happened?" Thrigon wonders.

"I happened." Pitou responds while he holds his arm back. "I Repelled the direction of the tornado so it won't suck you guys in until I release my grip, but I suggest you get out from in front of it." The two of you don't waste any time, and run back while Maize and his monster move forward.

The pressure returns all of a sudden and you all struggle to hold your balance without being sucked into it. "Pitou, why did you release it!!!" You scream.

"So I wasn't hit by THAT! He points to a green blast from the Phantom Star flying away.

"I've had fun with you guys, but it's time I take this entire Empire to the GROUND!" Maize explodes with emotion and the tornado gains even more power and height. The entire Empire crumbles to pieces as valuable structural pieces are sucked into the tornado. By now, hundreds of soldiers are being absorbed and split into pieces by the great beast.

The three of you hop to the edge of the room and watch the tornado suck in countless life forms for a few seconds before you finally speak up, "How are we going to handle this?"

"Perhaps we should just run and wait until he runs out of Ki and this thing all just goes away..." Pitou responds.

"Or we can get try to hit Maize with Ki attacks from back here." Thrigon adds.

"There isn't time to think! I need to develop a plan to get us out of this mess before he destroys the entire Empire. But what can the three of us do? Should we get help? But if three Commanders can't handle this freak, who can!? Wait, I got it..."

A) Create A Plan Of Action
B) Go With Thrigon's Plan
C) Go With Pitou's Plan
D) Commit Suicide.
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