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Author's Chapter Notes:
Choice that won:

A. Ask his real name, where is Chi Chi, because if I remember correctly, her and Silver went with him. If she's dead, Kiryu won't be happy...

I WOULD say to destroy him, but it would be much more interesting to keep him alive. The FBM could use this technology...heh heh heh.
Break his legs so he can't run, then take him upstairs. When we get up there, we'll replace Blue, who will take this guy captive, and keep him prisoner. If Blue's dead when we get there, then Pac Man, or failing that, Kaiba. Someone will take him.

1. Preferred Scenario:
Dr. Fiasco transfers to Pitou, who was complaining about ki loss a while ago. So this would be the PERFECT opportunity to put him back to max capacity. To make sure he has time to do so, Blue will telekinesis Maize, while Pitou grabs him while being healed and absorbs what he can.

No matter which of those happens, if Kaiba is alive, he needs to

Pac Man can beat up on Fasha for a while. She's weakened alot, and has been annoying on the sidelines for FAR too long! Try and get a good chomp on her! Wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka!
"Yes, I do have a few more questions."

White raises his eyebrow with curiosity, "And what might that be?" He casually responds.

"What is your name?"


"I just want to know. I want to know the name of the man who killed and stole my...friends identity."

"Heh heh, sounded like you struggled to say that. Are you sure White was your "friend". Hah hah."

"I suppose i'm just not used to saying that. I've never really-" You stop yourself mid sentence and smile a bit, "Very nice job changing the subject so casually. Now, your NAME!"

"Keh, lets just stick to General White."

"Lets not."

"Fine, I'll tell you. My "name" is Agent 86. I was born as a Red Ribbon Soldier. Never given a chance to live a "normal" life, nor even given a name. I was given a tracking number so the higher ups could keep track of me. There, happy now?"

You look him in the eye with a bit of cold sympathy, "That's disgusting. I never knew the Red Ribbon Army could be so sick." You put your arm forth to lift him up, as a sign of friendship.

He opens his mouth in shock but says nothing, just smiling. He grabs your hand and stands up. You hold onto it tightly and throw your dominant leg across the floor, smashing into his leg. Loud cracks roar as the ligiments in his bones break apart. You release your grip from his hand and he falls to the ground in pain, holding in a scream of hatred. You put your foot over his other leg and stomp down dramatically; more cracks are heard.

"Ooowww...AHHHHHHH!" White screams in pain, finally letting go of his tongue.

"Don't mistake me, you piece of s***." You stare down at him triumphantly, "You're only alive because you're useful. I am NOT your friend! You have no one, Agent 86."

The nameless impersonator smiles in pain while looking up at you. "I certainly don't."

You pick him up and throw his weak body over your shoulder and exit the room. Thousands of Saiyans and FBM Agents continue to battle it out without even paying attention to you. Perhaps because you're insignificant. Perhaps because you're too much for any of them handle, they won't even both trying. "By the way, have you seen Chi Chi anywhere?"

"...No, by the time I got downstairs the place was flooded. Couldn't find anybody if I tried."

You stay silent, and continue to run through the base. Time to go back upstairs!


Pitou stands to his feet and looks over to General Dr. Fiasco for a second before turning back to Maize. "Is it true that you can Transfer your Ki into somebody else?" Pitou questions the Doctor.

"It is. You need help with that?"

"Yes. General Blue, if I recall, you have the ability to paralyze your opponent?"


"You," Pitou says pointing to Pac ManTM. "No clue who you are, but do you think you can take the girl in the corner?"

He puts his fists together and chomps his teeth down, "I gots this, yo."

"Thrigon, you're smart enough to know when to get into the battle. Support me. Pike, support Thrigon. Blue, paralyze the Saiyan. While he does that, Transfer Ki into me. I would be a lot happier fighting if I could come close to my full power."

The five of them nod and Pitou puts his guard up. "Now!" He dashes at Maize who dashes right back to him. The two enter a fiery exchange of blows with Pitou holding his own. Suddenly, a bright ray flashes and Maize's body freezes still. Without wasting a second, Pitou latches onto Maizes neck and begins sucking the life out of him.

While energy pumps into Pitou from Maize, a transparent ray of Ki coming from Dr. Fiasco flows into Pitou. One second. Two seconds. Three seconds pass and Maize rips out of parametrization and flings his arm at an incredible speed into Pitou's face.

With Pitou's new found power, he jumps back at a near invisible speed. Maize stares at him in shock while his fist stays out in the air. "So...shall we begin another round?" The Commander questions with a grin.

"Right after I finish up some business..." A large green aura envelopes Maize and his power skyrockets, finally reaching its peak. Pitou blinks and when his eyes return to normal, Maize is on the other side of the room. He turns his head and sees Thrigon struggling to hold Maize in his tracks.

"What the hell happened...?" Pitou says quietly to himself before shaking out of it and sprinting back to his comrades.

"Damn it...GET OUT OF THE WAY!" Thrigon screams to the Generals as he struggles to hold Maize in his place. Blue, Joseph, and Fiasco run out of the way on command while Pitou sneaks up from behind.

"I presume you're a Commander?" Maize calmly asks.

"And you must be a Saiyan dog?" Thrigon retorts.

"You must be mistaken...Eye Lasers!" Beams shoot out of Maizes eyes and penetrate the Commanders throat. His hold weakens dramatically and Maize overpowers him with complete ease. Thrigon is blasted away from Maizes strength in the air and falls down the stairs in pain.

Maize turns around and throws his right arm out, blocking Pitou's forthcoming attack. "Now we'll start another round." The Saiyan swings his leg forward to trip Pitou, but the Commander sees through it and jumps over it.

Once again, Pitou and Maize enter a raw exchange of attacks at lightning speed.

On the other side of the room, Kaiba takes in the scenario while blood leaks down from his temple. His hands begin shaking tremendously and at the same time his eyes go pure white as if he's losing consciousness. Kaiba's body aches as it begins to enter a metamorphosis.

Blue, Joseph Pike, and the Doctor gaze at Pitou and Maize in amazement while the two fight at the top of the stairs, trying to edge the other down. Pitou jumps back from the exchange and takes out his Ki Sword. He dashes back while swinging it wildly, yet with perfect precision. Maize backs off, trying to carefully disarm Pitou from his hierarchy.

Meanwhile, Pac ManTM charges over to Fasha with his iron teeth at the ready. As he charges, Fasha fires multiple Ki Blasts filled with a pink aura. Pac Man opens his mouth wide and chomps each and every blast up without trouble. The female Saiyan gasps in shock and jumps into the air, flying above her opponent. "HA! If you want to kill me, you better get up here and fight me scumbag! I'm NEVER coming down!" She screams with a snare.

"Grrr, this is nonsense!" Pac ManTM bites his teeth down in anger.

Maize hops away three steps and Pitou charges forward with a horizonal slash. Maize limbos his body down to the ground, dodging the sword. Pitou tries to retract his arm before Maize counterattacks but is unsuccessful. The Saiyan holds himself up with his right arm and fires both his legs at the Commander, sending him flying down the stairs.

He turns to the three Generals with a grin and dashes at them with his arm in a fist.

"Telekinesis!" Blue screams. A blink in the room flashes and the same paralyze aura from earlier wraps around Maize. Despite being frozen, the Saiyan still skids across the room from his earlier sprint start with his arm out. Blue throws up his guard and takes the slowed down punch. The force sends him flying across the room, smashing into the wall at the other end, coughing up blood. "S***...even while he's paralyzed he's stronger than me."

Joseph Pike leaps at Maize while he still can and kicks him in the back of the neck with full force. The Saiyans neck doesn't even budge from its position and moments after, Maize turns back to Joseph. The General throws his palms together, "Sense!" Maize does an obvious backhand at the General and smacks him in the face directly.

Pike flies across the room with blood leaking from his lips as he flies, "Damn...I knew it was coming but just couldn't do anything!" Pike does a flip in the air and lands on the ground, skidding for a bit before coming to a halt. He whips his head up and sees Maize charging at him at an incredible speed. "Atomic Blast!" The General fires his most powerful blast, which is simply batted away by the Saiyan.

Maize lands in front of Joseph and stares at him blankly. Joseph jumps back constantly, trying to make space between the two. Maize puts his arm forward and a large Ki blast painted green fires out at his opponent. "Barrier!" The blast wraps around Joseph and explodes, filling the area with smoke. When it clears, Joseph stands tall without damage.

Maize laughs a bit at this. "Good job. It's a shame you don't have the power to back up your battle sense!" Maize warps to Joseph once again and fires his hand out in a stabbing position. Inches before it strikes Pikes heart, Maizes arm distance runs out and he's sent flying. The Saiyan rolls across the floor in pain as Kaiba lands gently. No time is wasted with talk, Joseph leaves Maize to Kaiba and begins running over to help take on Fasha.

"I will kill you." The transformed Kaiba bluntly states before teleporting in front of Maize once again.

Maize stands up and grabs his nose gently, turning it back to its normal position. "Finally." An enormous aura explodes around both Maize and Kaiba and the two smash fists into each other violently.

Thrigon and Pitou finally climb back up the stairs and observe the new battle scene. Kaiba and Maize are battling at what seems to be an even battle. Dr. Fiasco is doing nothing but observing his surroundings, glad that he's alive while Blue is on the ground resting, awake. On the other side of the room, Joseph and Pac ManTM are dealing with the female Saiyan.


King Vegeta stares at a monitor that is watching the entire Empire, both the chaos inside and the terrorist bombings outside. "Perhaps it's about time I made my appearance. Don't you agree?" He says to a phone receiver.

"It may be the time. How is Maize doing, King?"

"He is doing fine. But by the looks of it, he won't be able to live much longer. The Freeborn Commanders are all trying to take him on at once. One or two would be no problem, but 3 is proving quite difficult for him..."

"Maize won't lose."

"You think so too?"

"Has he used his trump card yet?"

"Hah, you know he hasn't. The entire Empire would be nearly gone if he had."

"That's true. But the girl and I are underground right now. It's possible that we wouldn't have noticed."

"Yes. Just make sure she doesn't go anywhere, Tarble. I will phone you back when more developments are made up here."

King Vegeta puts down the phone reciever and continues to look at his monitor. "Finally running up the stairs, are we Kiryu. I'm so anxious to see what your decision will be. Hah hah hah."


You make it to the top of the stairs to see Thrigon and Pitou standing idly by. You drop White on the ground without remorse, causing them to turn to you. "What's happening up here?"

"Kaiba...he just transformed." Pitou responds.

"So he was pushed that far...both mentally and physically."

"Yupp. And that's why we're just standing here. I ain't gettin' close to Kaiba when he's in that state. I just hope he's enough to take care of that Saiyan." Thrigon says.

You turn to Dr. Fiasco and wave him over and in seconds he's by your side. "Listen carefully. This is the situation and what I want you to do..." He stares at you eagerly as you explain what happened and what you want him to do with White.

While you explain things to Fiasco, Fasha floats in the air like a coward while taunting Pac ManTM. "Scum! Maybe if you were born with GREATNESS like us Saiyans, you would be able to meet me up here, but you're nothing but trash!"

Joseph Pike leaps off the ground from behind her while she's occupied and roundhouses her in the spine. She screams in pain and collapses to the ground with a thud.

As she stands up, Pac ManTM leaps at her with his teeth wide. She jumps out of the way like her life depended on it but doesn't make it in time. Chomp! Blood drips out of Pac ManTM's mouth as he chews on Fasha's arm as she lays by King Vegeta's door with blood squirting from her like a water fountain.

"Noooo...IT'S NOT FAIR!" Fasha sulks in pain.

Just then, King Vegeta's door begins to creak as it opens. The room goes silent and everybody turns to it in shock. "He's...coming out?" You think to yourself.

A figure emerges as the door is fully opened, and King Vegeta stands before the entire room with a rugged smile. "Hello guests. So sorry to keep you waiting."

You hear loud thuds jumping from someones heart. You look to the side and hear them clearly from Thrigon. He's either terrified or excited for combat.

Fasha looks up to her King in a pool of blood and stretches her arm out to him. " me. Let me live! I know it's in your power to do so, so HELP!"

King Vegeta stares down at her with cold eyes. "Fasha...did they do this to you?"

"...Yes, my King. The two closest to your door." She snitches.

King Vegeta looks at PacManTM and Joseph, causing them to jump back several feet in fear. He doesn't try to attack them though. "I'm so sorry this happened to you." He says sympathetically.

" me, my King."

He smiles at Fasha, "Beg."


"I want you to beg for your life. If you do, I will save you."

"Okay...King Vegeta, please lend me your great power and save a fellow Saiyan. Please!"

"..." The King stares down at her, now his eyes showing anger. "Disgusting. That you would beg for your life in front of your King. Absolutely disgraceful. Fasha, you do not deserve to survive in my army."

"W-what!?!?" King Vegeta puts his left hand out and electricity begins to form around his arm.

"Implode." A tube of air shoots from King Vegeta's hand and flies into Fasha's mouth, and her body begins to grow in size for a second. Her body expands and expands until it finally implodes from within, blood and guts shooting all over the room. The King remains emotionless and turns back to the FBM fighters. "I'm so sorry you had to see that. Now, shall we continue?"

You crunch your fists together and prepare to attack the King, clearly with a grudge. "Hey now, Kiryu. Don't do anything rash. You remember what happened last time we fought, don't you?"

"It won't be like last time. I'm far stronger now."

"Doesn't matter how much you improved, I am simply a better fighter. I always will be. You cannot defeat me, Kiryu."

"Hey, Kiryu. You met the Saiyan King before?" Thrigon questions.

"Yes. Long ago, back when I was with the Red Ribbon Army. The Saiyans attacked our base and he was in charge of the assault. I ended up fighting him, but I lost once he turned into an Oozaru."

"You were better off dead, Kiryu."

Ignoring his obvious taunts, you dash at the King with your guard up to which he responds by turning around and running back into his room. The door closes on command, locking you out. With Maize occupied, you're free to break down the door. You prepare to punch a hole right through it but before you do, it opens once again. The King stands at the other end of the room.

"Fight me, you coward!" You bark.

"No...and if you try to attack me one more time, I'll kill both you and the girl."

"What...the girl?"

"I believe she goes by the name of Chi Chi, is that correct?"

Your eyes go wide in shock and you clench your fists together. "What did you just say?"

"You heard me. The female who holds you so dearly in her heart is captive by one of my followers."

"Prove it..."

"Very well." He presses a button on his keyboard and a large monitor appears in the front of his room, behind him. "This is live video footage." You see Chi Chi tied up against a wall in a dark area, with a young Saiyan standing beside her. By the looks of it, she doesn't seem too injured.

"Why did you capture her?"

"Hah hah hah. When I saw her trying to wake you up after your own teammate supposedly drugged you, it was clear she cared for you. The fool. Her feelings have got her captured. I saw a chance to take advantage of the situation and took it. Though, you can still save her."

"Damn, what am I going to do?" You think to yourself, and than speak up: "What do you want?"

"Commander Kaiba is currently fighting my underling, Maize. Use your strength to separate the two. You don't have to kill him, or even hurt him. Just break the two up, using force if necessary. If you can do that, I will release the girl outside. No strings attached. You have my word."

"You word, huh. Just like you promised to save Fasha if she begged for her life?"

"Well, hopefully a little more of a promising one."

You stare at the King with pure hatred, thinking of what to do.

A) Get Kaiba away from Maize so Chi Chi will be freed.
- What will you do after that?
B) Forget about Chi Chi and attack King Vegeta.
- How will you carry out your attack (Think about your other teammates too)?
C) Other?
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