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"Alright, everybody. Listen up!" Screams White, "I'll use my Solar Flare to blind them all. I want you all to spread out and go for their leaders tail. Once you rip off a Saiyans tail, he'll morph back to his original form. This is our only chance! He's the one with a Battle Power of 37 000 thousand in the middle of the crowd, so be careful. One hit from him will be lethal. Prepare yourselves!

"Yes, General White!" They all scream in sync as they spread out and brace themselves for the ray of light.

"This better work. Kiryu, what the hell is going on with you?" White bitterly wonders.

The Saiyans continue to march toward you all and within seconds, the group appears before you.

"It's now or never..." White says as he raises his arms by his face. "Solar Flare!!!" He screams with rage. The suns rays shine directly onto his hands and reflect into the Apes at light speed. A huge burst of light shoots out and the enemies screams begin to break out, while holding their eyes in pain.

"Go now everybody! Lets pray this works. Ten Thousand..." The General screams while putting his arms back until his elbows touch each other on the back side of him.

"FISTS!" His two arms begin to morph at an incredible speed and within seconds, they turn into a ruthless attack of deadly punches.

The punches begin to hit the unguarded leader, Nappa and he screams in pain.

"Awww, awww, AhhhhhH~~~~! What have you done to my eyes, you demon?"

White ignores his comment and continues to shove his fists into Nappa's entire body while screaming at the top of his lungs, letting all his energy out.


Meanwhile, the Elites put on an aura filled with Ki, and spread out.

The Apes continue to roar in rage, while the elites maneuver around them in style making their way to Nappa all the while. However, it appears that some of the Saiyans are beginning to recover.

"Hehe, I made it. General White has this guy occupied too. I'm slice off his tail with my Katana immediately, and I'll rise in the ranks!" One of the Elites begins to plan in his head.

"Haaa~~" He leaps into the air with his sword in hand and begins to tunnel down full speed toward the Great Apes tail. "See you in he-"

Just before he sliced Nappa's tail off, a brisk swipe from one of the other Saiyans' tail whipped him into the ground with great force.

"Rooooaaaaar!" The Ape screams as it finally recovered from the Solar Flare from earlier. The Ape smashes its hands onto its chest and begins to start thrashing around in rage, swatting every Soldier in sight. Suddenly the tides have started to change again, as all the other Apes begin to recover. Without wasting time, they continue on the offense and start terrorizing the Elites before any of them have a chance to cut off Nappa's tail.

"Dammit," one of the Elites scream as 3 Apes stand before him, each of them more powerful than him. "I don't stand a chance and I can't even fufill my duty in cutting their leaders tail off...I'm going to die in shame." He says as he clenches his hands together and drops to the floor.

"Rooooaaaaar!" The Apes begin to scream once again and each fire a merciless Ki Blast out of their mouth, wiping the Elite out of existence.

The other Elites make a brief retreat, and try to stall for time hoping an opportunity for them to strike back will arise. They use their speed and size to avoid the Apes, but it doesn't work for long. The Great Apes get irritated quickly, and begin to fire monstrous Ki Blasts all over the battle field. It's a deadly assault on the Elites, but they continue to evade with their best abilities. Fortunately for them, only half of the fleet are focusing on them for whatever reason. The others seem to be occupied with something.


After General White's orders, the Foot Soldiers dispatch in many directions. They decide it's best to leave Nappa's tail to the Elites, who are far faster and more experienced. In response though, they'll attempt to stall the Apes for as long as possible. However, their not only inferior in strength, but are fighting a battle with 9 less people.

"Anger the Apes!" One of them calls out, "Once they recover, we'll distract them with annoying tactics. If anything, we have brains over them so we must exploit it to our advantage!"

"Yeah!" The others call out as they form a rectangle across the Apes.

Within seconds, the Apes start roaring in rage as their vision returns to them. It appears that the Elites are having trouble getting to the big cheese, but the Foot Soldiers decide to stick to their job and help the Elites out indirectly.

"Now's our chance!" The Soldier from earlier chants.

On cue, the rest of the cast form several mediocre Ki Beams and throw them into the sky. With their little skills in Ki Control, the Foot Soldiers begin pooring down their recently shot Ki Blasts onto the Apes in a slow, time consuming fashion.

"I'm positive these weak blasts are nothing but Bee stings to them, but it's enough to distract them and put them into rage." One of the SOldiers thinks right as he shoots his own blasts down onto the Apes.

However, the Foot Soldiers run out of Ki in a very short period of time and once they did, all hell broke loose.

"Rooooaaaaaaaar!" Apes continued to scream as they ignored those pathetic remaining Ki Blasts and begun to trounce on the Foot Soldiers. Completely outmatched in every aspect, the Soldiers could do nothing but hide and hope that the Apes never found them. It didn't work for long though, as the Apes started shooting out powerful Ki Blasts from their mouth destroying the landscape.

The Foot Soldiers screamed in pain, unable to do anything.


General White ignored everything he saw going on around him, and continued plowing Nappa with all his might, never allowing him to recover.

"Damnit. I'm running low on strength...I won't be able to hold him here for much longer and my troops are falling like wild fire. F***!"

"I've had just about enough of this!" Nappa let out a huge roar and shot a Breath Blaster full speed toward General White.

"Ugh, nooooo!" White screamed as it hit head on. "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah~~~~~~~"

"Bahahahahahahahahaha, is that all you have? You pathetic weakling!" Nappa continued to laugh with a cold, deep voice. Unlike the others, he was fluent in English even in his Great Ape form.

General White doesn't give up though. He pushes himself off from the ground, with a huge strain on his body.

"Haaa...If you think I'd be put down with a weak attack like that, you got another thing coming you oversized FREAK!" General White cusses Nappa as blood leaks down his face, and entire body.

"How dare you. I'll CRUSH you this time! Ready or not, here I come!" Replies the great beast, Nappa.

"Hahahaha, show me what you got you idiot. Solar Flare!

"N-Nooo!" Nappa screams once again, his eyes blinded.

"I didn't have enough Ki to blind them all, but this should do." White jumps up and begins making his way to Nappa's tail himself! With the other Apes distracted with the Elites and Foot Soldiers, this is the best opening he's gonna get at this point in the game.

The General surfaces behind Nappa, breathing heavily. "I've only got one shot. I don't think I'll have enough Ki to make another attack strong enough to blow off his tail." He says as a compressed ball of blue light forms in his hand.

"Now DIIIIIE!" White yells out as he whips the blast full speed towards Nappa's tail. It contacts the tail and an explosive eruption occurs.

"Aaaaaaaaaa-" Nappa's screams grow silent as he begins to deform. His tail is off!


All the other Apes stop their rapid fire and look over at Nappa, and see his great self deform. A gigantic tail hits the ground and a loud crack is heard throughout the battlefield.

"Hehe, if you want something done, you oughtta do it yourself." White says to himself as he collapses onto his knees totally exhausted.

Nappa stands up in rage. "My-MY TAIL! You...You BASTARD! I'll KILL you for what you've done. I'll kill you ALL! He screams as he teleports full speed toward the General, ready to deliver the finishing blow.

"Come and get me..." White stands up and gets himself into a fighting stance, clearly exhausted and heavily damaged. "Damn, if only I never lost so much strength earlier, this clown would be nothing. He's lost a lot of Ki too...I don't know why exactly, but he's somewhere around my level at the moment. Can I take him though?" White thinks to himself, while Nappa begins to charge in rage.

"I'll handle this fool." Nappa calls out to the other Apes. "You guys just work on killing all those scraps in the corner." He directs.

"Alright, I have no choice but to take him on! I'll have to:"

A) Engage him in close combat. It's time to use my brute strength to overpower him.
B) Try to evade his attacks until he tires out. Once he does, It'll be time for a counter attack!
C) Run towards the car and drive away. **** The rest.




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