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Author's Chapter Notes:
Choice that won:

First off...C Take Blue with us as well, and any other commanders/generals we find on the way if possible.
Second off:
1. Kiryu will go back to find more reinforcements, perhaps find Thrigon. Normally I wouldn't do this, but Pitou DID receive a large power up from Goku. Kiryu needs a bit of a breather, and to retract those broken extra arms. Kaiba will split into 4 different Kaibas. The three copies will attack Maize, and so will Pitou. If Maize fires ANY blast, Pitou can reflect it All this should give Pitou a chance to Thief, or Absorb. Absorb should take priority, but if it seems unfeasible and we've seen a good technique, then Theif. The 3 clones will charge up Acid, and fire it at him when ready. Pitou should be fine, as he can reflect the acid if worst comes to worst (and it would only take out Maize or clones.)
"Okay, if you two are willing to follow my orders then listen carefully," you begin. Maize raises his eyebrow with slight interest while the two Commanders listen intently with their guard up. "I'm going downstairs to finish up an errand. You two will fight Maize with everything you've got. I should hope that you'll be able to handle yourselves without me babysitting."

"Run an errand? At a time like this? What's that about, Kiryu." Pitou remarks with displeasure.

"A traitor walks among us. I have to deal with him now. Don't worry, I'll have Thrigon and a fleet of Generals up here to back you up in a minute."

"Fine. Run along now, coward." Pitou taunts.

You retract your extra arms and take a small puff of air. "I'll see you guys soon." You sprint down the room and begin heading downstairs, in search of Thrigon and White, along with any Generals you find along the way.

"Awww, maaaan. He's bringing more people I gotta fight? Sigh, this is gonna be a long day."

"Quit your babbling!" Pitou bursts at Maize and his Ki Sword forms.

Kaiba puts his hands in a prayer position, "Split Form!" 3 copies of himself form and they all leap at Maize. The Saiyan finally forms a guard as the 4 fighters approach him.

Pitou slashes Maize numerous times with his new found speed, causing Maize to struggle to avoid them all. Three Kaiba's surround Maize from all angles and begin to rush him. The four of them begin to bully the Saiyan, pressuring him to the utmost degree. Maize kicks a Kaiba clone in the stomach, firing him across the room.

Another one attempts to deliver a roundhouse kick to his head. Maize ducks and flips frontward, kicking the second clone to the ceiling on his way up. Pitou slashes his sword horizontally and Maize sways his body back, barely dodging the sword. The third Kaiba kicks him in the back pushing him into the blade. Unfortunately, Pitou retracts his sword as Maize is pushed forward, only causing a minor scrape across his chest.

Maize bites his lip and throws his fist back at Kaiba. By the time it fully reaches back, Kaiba has already jumped back a few feet and Pitou has begun rushing him again. While the third Kaiba clone stays in the background waiting for an opportunity, Pitou uses his full strength in an attempt to finish Maize off.

Maize puts Ki shielding across the outer layer of his arms to allow him to parry the slashes that Pitou lands. The two enter a violent combo at an incredible speed, leaving the third Kaiba clone in complete confusion.

"Not bad, Commander!" Maize laughs in joy as he parries a slash and retaliates with a right which is blocked by Pitou's spare arm. Pitou holds his block firm while his opponent struggles to break through for a second, before jumping back. "Brilliant, you're a remarkable fighter." Maize compliments while he puts an awkward fighting pose up.

Pitou remains silent, examining his opponent. "This isn't good. The battle against Goku is going to take a serious toll on me in a minute. Despite the power I've gained from him, I simply don't have enough Ki to hold this guy off for long. The only way to stay in the game is to Absorb him so I can surpass his power!"

The two stare at each other for moments longer before flying at each other once again, resuming combat. Suddenly, 3 Kaiba's join the fight and begin to pressure Maize, this time while Pitou looks for an opportunity to grab hold of his opponent. The Saiyan puts both of his arms out and fires a burst of air from his palms, sending two of the Kaiba's sending into the wall. He throws his leg around and trips the third clone, before jumping shortly and kicking him backwards.

Taking the opportunity, Pitou teleports to Maize and grabs his neck with a grain. "I got you! Absorb!" Ki begins sucking from Maizes throat and going into Pitou's body while the two stare directly at each other, both smiling.

"Eye Lasers!" Two red beams squirt out of Maizes eyes and slam into his opponents. Eye juice explodes from Pitou and the Commander relinquishes his grip and falls back onto the ground, screaming in pain.


"Looks like I got you, heh. At least now you're aware of that blatantly obvious weakness though, riiiiight?" Maize laughs.

Pitou looks up from the ground with his bloodshot eyes and grips his fists in rage. "I swear to God...I'll kill you if it's the last thing I do."

Maize lets out a small bit of laughter at that, before he looks around and sees 3 Kaiba's with a pool of Acid on their stomachs, intrigued. "The stuff that killed the father of the Cold family, right?" He smiles and puts his arms in the air as if he's going to surrender.

"What are you doing?" The third clone shouts. Maize stares back at them with a blank face while everybody stares at him on confusion.

"Ah...A BLUFF!" Pitou screams from his position and the Kaiba's all look around for another copy of Maize. Pitou jumps at the one still standing at tries to grab its throat. Before he reaches, Maize turns around and elbows Pitou in the face. Blood pops out of his nose and he flies into the ground.

He bounces toward Fasha and she kicks him in the face, sending him right back. "IDIOT! You thought the most powerful warrior in the entire Empire would pull out such a lame bluff that you would figure it out? HAH! Idiot, think again! Hahahahaha!" She laughs hysterically while Maize stands in front of the 3 Kaiba's, waiting for them to take action.

"Phantom Star!" Maize fires a beam of Ki shaped as a sphere into the roofless Empire and it spirals through the air before finally stopping at a safe distance. He then looks at the 3 Kaiba's and dashes at them. They keep their Acid in their stomach and accept his challenge, entering an exchange with him. His incredible speed totally dominates the three of the them, giving them no chance to even land a hit on him.

The first clone receives a heavy blow to the temple, yanking it's head back until it's neck fully breaks. The clone falls to the ground disappearing, and on cue the remaining two clones bulk up and gain a power boost. They charge at him and the three enter a fast paced combo, Maize completely dominating them. He elbows the second clone in the gut and than uppercuts him in the jaw sending him soaring through the air, dispersing as height is gained.

Kaiba bulks up and his full power returns, still holding the Acid with him. The two have a short stare down and than jump at each other once again, now having a more even battle with Maize at a clear advantage. He begins to smash Kaiba around and beating him senseless before Pitou reappears and delivers a roundhouse kick to Maizes liver while occupied.

The Saiyan bends over in pain and screeches, "Aaaahhhh!"


"Acidic Meltdown!" A poisonous beam of Acid is shot from Kaiba's stomach at Maize. The Saiyan jumps out of the way with his ultra quick reflexes and rolls across the floor. He turns to his left hand and sees it melting as Sulfuric Acid burns to the bone, and begins travelling up his body.

"You son of a b****." Maize glares at Kaiba with flare in his eyes.


"Hey Blue, you up to fight some of the strongest Saiyans you'll ever meet?" Thrigon questions.

"Sounds lovely. What about White, though?"

"I'm takin' him to Kiryu. I really don't have a clue what's going on here anyway. Lets go! Any Generals you see along the way, bring them upstairs. We're gonna need all the help possible!"

"Aye, Commander." Blue responds.

Thrigon picks up White by the collar and begins dragging him across the floor as he sprints down the halls with Blue, heading the King Vegeta. They storm through the floors, evading the massive explosions that are detonating from the planes outside the building. This place seems like it's going to go down any minute. Going through the floors, a huge difference in numbers is apparent.

Compared to the thousands of Saiyans and FBM warriors there were when Thrigon came down earlier, a mass amount of them are now on the ground with their bodies rotting as they turn to corpes. Along the way up the floors, Thrigon and Blue come across many Generals including Joseph Pike, Dr. Fiasco, and Pac ManTM.

Thrigon and his crew make their way through the battlefield until they see Commander Kiryu jumping down a flight of stairs. They all freeze when Thrigon puts his arm and the two initiate conversation.

"I see you found White." You begin.

"...What would give you that idea?" Thrigon jokes.

"Heh, good that you brought along some Generals. I'll take care of White from here on out, I want you all to go up to the summit and help fight the Saiyan Maize off if he's still alive. If not, King Vegeta awaits."

The Generals all prepare to go upstairs but Thrigon puts a halt to them, "You better not be sitting on your ass interrogating some low life for long while we're risking our lives up there. Ya' hear?"

You close your eyes for a second before nodding and they all head upstairs in a rush. White stays still behind with a small smile, "Kiryu, what's going on? I'm being treated like a pris-"


White is pushed back a bit by that. You walk over to him and punch him in the gut, causing him to spit out blood in pain. You grab him by a pressure point on his shoulder and whip him through a closed door. He smashes onto the ground along with the door and you walk in the room after him. "I know you're the spy."

He stares blankly at you without response.

"I want you to tell me everything.

Still, he refuses to say a single word. You stare at him with rage before you relinquish the anger that's possessing you and have a seat on the ground with him. "White, at least for old times sake. Tell me the truth. It won't do you any harm. You've been caught; now at least show me the honor that you'll admit to it!"

White continues to gaze at you before a small smile appears on his face. "Fine, Commander. What would you like to know?"

"Everything. I want to know, everything."

"Well, in that case I will start at the beginning..." He takes a deep breath and closes his eyes, "Shortly after the destruction of Forte Hieno, you, Commander Kiryu were transferred to Forte Valkyrie. I was already there, but only as a foot Soldier so I would go under the radar. I didn't want to be of anything higher, so I suppressed my Battle Power when I was scouted. A lowly fighter with a power of a mere 1400 is useless to anybody."

"How did you take over White's body then?"

"I'll get there in a minute so wait patiently," he counters. "But when you were transferred to the Forte, I heard what happened on your prior mission and that you and White held a sort of "friendship" if you will. So I contacted my superiors at the RRA and they responded soon after with new orders for me. I was to kill General White and take his persona. How? There are camera's all over the Forte so I went to the one area in the entire place that doesn't have a camera. The bottom floor that monitors the Forte. I'm sure you've been there if you know that I was a spy."

"Yes, I have..."

"I lured White down there with urgent news, since he had no clue what was down there. Not many people do, despite you only needing to be a General to get down there."

"And once you got him down there, you killed him."

"Correct. Quite a difficult task, but a possible one. I had a Battle Power or 19 000 when I first infiltrated the FBM. White had a Battle Power of 18 500 at the time of his death. He put up a good fight and could have possibly won, but with the gaping hole I put in his back before the battle had officially started, he was at something of a disadvantage."

"You coward. You wouldn't even fight him with honor."

"Of course not. I would have been found out easily if too much ruckus was made. Not too mention that that man has...heh, had a natural talent for fighting. I played by the book and won. Don't you dare speak to me about honor." You stare at him intently, quite angry at his story but let him continue. "After that, I hid the body in the basement, using his General Key Card to get in, and became General White. I would have disposed of the body, but if I left that room with him, I would have been spotted for sure. The safe thing to do was bury him as best as I could. I suppose his rotting corpse was finally discovered though..."

"A devious plan. Well thought out. It sounds just like the RRA's doing. But I still don't understand: How can you just...become somebody else?"

"Hehehehe, why that's the best part. The Red Ribbon Army truly is far superior to the rest of the world in every aspect. We've developed a technology that can be inserted in ones body, allowing them to become a Shape Shifter. Only a few have been made last I heard, but it fooled you guys alright. After I killed White all I did was have to learn his techniques, which wasn't too hard since I was instructed to study him since he came to Forte Valkyrie. I erased my previous low life Foot Soldier from the books and became General White who you've all come to know and love ever so much."

"Shape shifting? Not possible..."

"Damn right it is. But that damn Silver caught on relatively quickly. While I looked completely like White, my personality wasn't there at the start and he caught me making a few...holes in my statements. Soon after that, he found a Dyno Capsule in my pack and started questioning. I told him I got it on a mission a while back but that trash didn't believe me, causing conflicts in our day to day lives. I knew I couldn't lie to him for much longer. And then you came, hehe."

"Hmm? What's that supposed to mean?"

"I saw you and Silver talking down the hall before you met up with me for the first time, so I thought of a plan quickly. I took my Dyno Capsule and put it in visible range so that you would see it, but so it was believable that I hadn't saw it. Of course you picked up on it, and your suspicion began. After that, all I had to do was throw in a few "it must have been Silver" lines and I was golden. I had decided that the only way I could successfully escape from my pickle was to have Silver killed."

"Why me? Why couldn't you do it yourself?"

"Too risky. He was always on guard so I would never be able to deceive him into carelessly going downstairs. And do you think Rem wouldn't notice a well known General going missing? It had to be you that wanted to kill him. So I painted the perfect picture for you. Heh, it's funny. I could tell that he didn't trust you at the beginning either. He thought you and I were on teams, hence why he tried to listen in on our conversation that first time. To see if more was going on than what appeared to be. He was totally off there though."

"So you can Shape Shift into anybody at any given time?"

"Correct. Yes, it was ME that attacked you in the halls that time. When you gave me orders to go back and help out those guys at the Base Camp, I disobeyed and followed you two in hope of an opportunity. I got it. Some idiot Saiyan distracted you long enough to separate you two. Once he turned the corner and you were flashing in and out of it, I appeared as if I was him and confronted you. Unfortunately, I made it too obvious that it was supposedly Silver in desperation for you to kill him before the War had ended. I applaud you for that though; figuring it wasn't Silver before you killed him. That really pissed me off. But when you were choking the life out of him and I had my head down, I was just holding in an unbelievable grin. If only you killed him!"

"You're sick. But no, that can't be true. Too much coincidences took place at once. I just happened to feel light headed and collapse unconscious?"

"HA! That was no coincidence. It was sheer brilliance on my part. A few days before we set out for War while you were in your room sleeping for days on end, I Shape Shifted into you and put your finger prints into the security monitor. I snuck into your room and drugged you with a toxic, set to activate in your body when I pressed a button on a remote control. Unfortunately for me, it's a one time use so I can't finish you now with it."

" much effort and thought went into this. But why only me? Why didn't you drug the other Commanders?"

"Peh, don't misunderstand. I wanted the FBM to win the war and would do nothing to jeopardize the extinction of the Saiyans. I just had to get you down for a little bit so you would go ahead and kill Silver."

"And where are Silver and Jones now? What did you do with them?"

"Jones...his body gave out somewhere along the way and he passed out. That saved his life. I dropped him off somewhere on one of the floors since I had no reason to kill him."

"What about Silver!?"

"He's dead."

"... What?"

"You heard me. Just before I came running upstairs back to the summit I took his life in some random room downstairs. He was too exhausted to even fight back. But if it makes you feel any better...he was happy when he died."

"How could he possibly be happy?"

"Because...he was right. Him being right about me all along was enough for him to go out in peace."

"Damn it...I'm sorry Silver, I took too long." You think while staring at White carelessly for a second before standing up.

"Anything else you want to know about? I won't tell you anything about the RRA but if I left out any details you're curious about...go ahead and ask me. You know, before you take my life."

"Is...there anything?" You wonder.

A) What Do You do With / Ask White?


The Acid fired from Kaiba continues to melt Maizes arm, now crawling up him and melting more and more of his arm. He forms a sharp blade of Ki on his right hand and closes his eyes. While they're closed, he flings his right hand down and cuts off his left just short of the elbow. He cringes in pain while biting his lip while blood squirts out of his arm quickly.

"You better get a band aid before you die of blood loss." Pitou remarks with a grin.

Maize replies with nothing but a bitter stare, before he clenches his entire body. Skin on his left arm begins to grow over the wound before it finally closes it entirely, leaving him with one and a half arms. "So be it. I won't hold back any longer. Ha!" A green aura envelopes his entire body and his power begins to steadily increase.

"S***, this better not be another Kaioken-like attack like Goku!" Pitou barks.

"I sort of wish it was...I don't wanna be fighting this guy with a permanent power like that."

"Let the real battle begin!" Maize fires himself at Kaiba and begins to beat him down with one arm relentlessly, knocking him onto the ground. Just as Kaiba falls, Maize jumps on top of him and pummels his face into the ground repetitively. Pitou forms a Ki Sword and jumps at him with a stab.

Maize stands up above Kaiba and turns to Pitou, who then stops in his tracks with fear by the look in his opponents eyes. "You'll die if you move a step closer. You know that, don't you?" As he says that, Maize puts his remaining hand over Kaiba's still body and a large green ball starts forming.

Pitou cringes at his situation, "If I move any closer to him, I get this overwhelming sense that I'll die. But if I don't he'll kill Kaiba right before my eyes."

Maize smiles for a brink second before unleashing the blast at Kaiba. It moves to him at an incredibly slow pace to Maizes surprise. He looks over to Pitou and sees his arms flung backwards, trying to Repel the blast away from Kaiba. "In such a short amount of time, you managed to pull off the best possible move. Well done. However..."

A tremendous powered ball of Ki strikes Pitou directly, exploding on contact. The Commander flies back, relinquishing his Repel and Maizes blast smashes into Kaiba immediately after. "It seems you forgot about my little friend." Maize says aloud while pointing in the air. The sphere from earlier has now evolved into a Phantom of Maizes body.

Pitou rolls across the floor but is stopped by a familiar foot. "Hehe, you two seem to be in a little pickle. Don't worry though. Yours truly, Thrigon The Great will come to your aid!" The Commander screams with a small fleet of Generals stand behind him.

Maize stares at them and sighs. "More of you guys? Bleh."

As he says that, Kaiba stands up with blood covering him. "Lucky Pitou gave me time to block"

PacManTM's Move List:

Eat - His teeth become as hard as iron allowing him to eat anything without harm to his body.

General Blue's Move List:

Telekinesis - He freezes any given opponent with his mind. Its length depends on the difference in power between him and his opponent.

Dr. Fiasco's Move List:

Heal - He can heal any physical wound in his body by inserting his hand in the wound with healing Ki. This process takes a few minutes.
Transfer - He can transfer his own Ki into another persons to heal both their physical wounds and Ki.

1) Choose How To Fight The Great Saiyan Maize.
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