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Author's Chapter Notes:
Choice that won:

A. Pitou and Kiryu will try to make short work out of Goku, Have them go all out and if there is an opportunity, Kiryu will grab Goku taking advantage of his 4 arms and the Pitou will absorb power from him. Try to make this as quick as possible, and, if possible, leave Goku alive but weakend enough so that he will not interfere anymore.

2 I thnk we should wo find White ASAP but Freeza will not let us just go like that so he needs to die.
Kaiba bursts towards Maize with a grin and fires a series of powerful fists, all of which are dodged. Maize stands against the wall guarding King Vegeta's room and continues to shut down his opponents efforts to get past him without breaking from his position. Kaiba jumps in the air and swings his leg at Maize's head. Maize ducks without even looking.

Kaiba twirls in the air and fires a Ki blast at Maize while his eyes are down but the Saiyan whips his hand out and knocks the blast away. Kaiba lands a few feet away from Maize and stares at him with a smile.

Maize stares back for a second before yawning and wiping his eyes. "Man, you haven't made me move an inch from here since the battle started."

"So you noticed too?" Kaiba jokes.

"Why don't you just do your transformation already. You'll probably have a better chance in pushing me to the side then." Maize smiles.

"I'm fine with our current arrangement. I won't be using any of my signature techniques nor my Transformation until I budge you from that spot!"

"This is gonna take a while, isn't it?"

"Only if you make it!" Kaiba charges at the unmoving Maize and fires a few jabs which are easily dodged, jumps to the left and launches back at him with his head. The Saiyan takes out his palm and closes it on Kaiba's head, crushing it slowly. Kaiba gulps in pain and flings his body around with a roundhouse kick, but Maize counters with his spare arm, bouncing Kaiba onto the floor.

"Damn it, I was sure that was gonna work!" Maize stands still with his body slouched over and his eyes practically dozing. Kaiba stands up and walks back a few feet with a grin on his face. "Hehe, I got the perfect idea!" Maize raises an eyebrow with a slight interest while his opponent prepares another attempt to make him move from his position.

"AH!" Kaiba points into the air in shock and stands still for a second. Maize doesn't move his eyes off his opponent though.


"...Damn it, why didn't you look up in the air!?!?"

"...That was your idea?" Maize sighs and scratches his head in boredom.

"Newp." Kaiba fires several generic Ki Blasts at both Maize and into the air and sprints to the left of the room. Maize smacks the blasts coming at him to the side with one arm without imploding them. Kaiba leaps at him from the side and delivers a series of punches and kicks, all of which are blocked. Meanwhile, the rain of Ki blasts fall down from the sky. Maize pushes Kaiba back with one arm and puts his others up ready to knock the others away.

Immediately before Maize hits them away, they all explode on command and create a cloud of smoke in his face. Maize coughs up dust and receives a fairly powerful kick to the bottom of his leg. He cringes in pain and throws his fist down, hitting Kaiba directly.

The Commander slides across the floor for a second before getting up with a grin. "What's got you so happy?" Maize raises an eyebrow and questions.

"Hehe, your foot." Kaiba points down at Maize's leg which is now a few centimeters out of its previous position, shown by the dent on the floor Maize made with his foot.

"Well congrats. Can we fight seriously now?"

Kaiba puts up his fists together with a grin. "Show me everything you have!"


"Don't hold back!" You call out to Pitou while raising your four arm guard.

"Hah, I don't plan on it." Pitou takes out his Ki Sword and cautiously eyes Goku.

In the blink of an eye, Goku is in front of you smashing his fists into your guard at incredible speed and power. Even with your four arms, it's difficult to keep track of and block each of his attacks. "I'll find an opening eventually, you piece of s***!" Pitou runs over to you both and Goku bats an eye to his right, slowing one of his fists down by a fraction.

"FOOL!" You deflect his incoming attack and counter with all your strength. Your fist plunges through the air and reaches Goku, striking right through him. "Damn, he put up an Afterimage in that time frame? I better watch myself." You look over to the side and see Pitou slashing madly at Goku on the offensive, while the Saiyan merely dodges his attacks calmly, as his crisp aura bends in the air.

"Die!" A cluster of Ki balls are fired at Goku from you, and you charge right after them. As they approach Goku, he disappears from Pitou in a flash. He must have sensed them coming. The blasts strike Pitou's body directly and pass through him too. "So Pitou can use an Afterimage as well." Behind you, Goku charges through the air with a current of wind behind him.

You turn to your opponent and see Pitou clashing with him as they move alongside the room in your direction. Pitou's speed gradually increases as the battle rages on. Goku flares his red aura and kicks Pitou back, sending him skidding across the ground. Moments after, Goku's aura fades back to a normal colour and he slows down to a noticeable degree. Taking advantage of this, you leap at him with your four arms and grapple his entire body. He struggles to break free, but with your superior power you hold his position firm.

Pitou catches on to your plan and speeds up, racing towards the subdued Goku and grabs his neck without remorse. "You were a worthy opponent, but it's time to say your prayers! ABSORB!" Muscles pump into Pitou's arm as a mass amount of Ki drains from Goku who has now stopped struggling.

"Just don't kill him. He has a pure heart and great power. Defeating him will be enough."

Pitou stares up at you with a cold eye. "Sorry, but it's survival of the fittest. It's his own fault for sparing my life earlier. Now he knows it will cost him!" Pitou screams and laughs maniacally while sucking the life out of Goku.

"KAIOKEN X3!" The Saiyan screams and an un found aura explodes around his body, bringing his power to a never before seen height. He rips out of your grab and backhands you in the face at lightning speed, sending you smashing into the corner wall. Goku grabs Pitou's wrist ruthlessly and twists it around fully, making the Elf scream in pain. He then kicks Pitou in the face as his body crumples down, bashing him into the wall on the other side of the room.

Goku breathes in pain heavily and falls to his knees. That monstrous aura disperses for a second before he stands tall and brings it back. He turns around to you and warps to the other side of the room. You throw all four of your arms up and begin to tank every ruthless hit the Saiyan throws at you. Bruises begin to form on your arms, and than they begin to break altogether.

Despite the incredible pain you're in, you stand tall with a smile. "Is that all Saiyan? I overestimated you. And that's saying something because I was aware before the battle started how trash you were. Show me a real punch! Ahahahaha!"

Goku doesn't take into your bait, he simply continues to smash his fists into your arms until your block fully breaks. Your arms fly wide and he pushes both of his arms back as if he's about to deliver the finishing blow to your chest. You hold your gut in and he screams, firing a devastating body blow to your gut. You fall onto your knees and cough up blood in pain.

"Kamehame..." The Saiyan jumps back and begins to shout. You stare up at him before he fires and smile with a mouth full of blood. "HA!" The beam fires at you and comes as close as your head before it freezes before you. Goku struggles to make it move but is unable to do so.

Pitou stands behind Goku with his arms pulled behind his head and his teeth cringing together. "F***, why won't it...MOVE!" He screams as he tries to Attract Goku's Kamehameha Wave back at him. "It has too much power in it, Kiryu. Get out of the way and let me let go of this thing before it blows you to pieces!" He directs.

You stand up before the blast and crack your knuckles with a smile. "No, I think this is our ticket to the end of this fight." You stare at Goku with an ugly smile while he struggles to put the blast forward.

You throw all four of your arms backwards so that they smash through the leftovers of the wall behind you and begin to pump muscle into them. "Giant Bulldozer!" You scream while firing all four of your arms at Goku's Kamehameha Wave, pushing it back violently. Your hands burn in pain as the blast melts the skin off of you but you refuse to falter.

Both you and Pitou push with all your might and Goku's blast slowly fires back at him. "Just...a little... more!" You and Pitou say united. Goku screams in pain as the Kaioken takes its toll on his body and the blast fires back at him at full throttle, blasting him into oblivion.

Pitou jumps away from Goku as both he and the Kamehameha are pushed back together. "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!" Goku screams in pain as he blasts out the window with his Kamehameha engulfed in him. They fly through the empty skies before the blast explodes with a bang. Looking off into the distance, you can see Goku falling from the skies.

Both you and Pitou fall to your knees in exhaustion. "We gotta help Kaiba."

"...Yeah, I know. With whatever strength we have left."

You both look over to Maize and Kaiba and stand up once again. "Lets do this!" You direct and Pitou follows.


"Even if he isn't bluffing," Thrigon thinks as he begins to stretch his arms. "I have to finish this guy here and now so he isn't a problem!" He fires his stretched arms down into the room and grabs Freeza by the pressure points near his neck, squeezing tightly.

While Freeza is unable to move, Thrigon fires his body at Freeza with the extension of his arms and knees Freeza in the jaw. Crashes and screams are heard from Freeza as he is sent flying through the wall head first. Within a second, Freeza is up once again and charging at Thrigon with spite. "Stop attacking my JAW!" He barks while forming two Ki Disks.

Thrigon watches eerily as the blades leave his enemies arms and go flying about the room. Without paying attention to the disks irregular path, Freeza leaps at Thrigon with a destructive punch but before his punch can connect, Thrigon vanishes with his miraculous speed.

Freeza looks around the room cautiously before taking an uppercut to the jaw, sending him back upstairs for a short second. He pummels back down from above and is grabbed by the neck before landing. Freeza's eyes remain closed but Thrigon watches him intently while he sucks the life out of him.

His eyes flip open together and a terrifying smile appears on his face. "Die green man!" Freeza swings his arms back and the Ki Disks come running across the room at Thrigon, but he remains calm.

"You've just sealed your fate." Thrigon crushes Freeza's neck with with firm grip and the blades fly into his body. Freeza begins to fall to the ground and Thrigon vanishes from his field of vision, reappearing at the opposite end of the room. The blades come flying at Freeza and he can do nothing but throw his arms out in fear. The blades rip through his body in two and go drilling through the wall.

Three quiet taps are heard by Thrigon's Namekian ears when Freeza's body falls onto the ground in pieces. Thrigon fires a few Ki blasts and his body disintegrates. "That was for you, General Pooface. Now, I better go get White."

Thrigon stretches his arms to the above floor, and flings himself upon it. He lands safely and runs down the hall. Noise from the battlefield amplifies the further he goes down the hall. He takes a turn down the opposite route he went before and sprints down it, opening every door he can see - finding nobody in each one.

"Damn it, show yourself White!" Thrigon punches a nearby wall in rage and the ceiling above him crumbles. Thrigon jumps back and avoids the landslide of rocks falling from above. With them, General Blue falls down with General White in his arms. They crash on the ground and Blue gets up, wiping the dirt off his pants.

Thrigon stares at them in shock, almost not believing that White just fell from the ceiling. Blue turns around and sees Thrigon, and puts his hand on his forehead. "Sir, I completed your orders."

"What happened?"

"I saw him running up to King Vegeta's quarters on the top floor just now. He just came from down here. I'm shocked that you didn't see him. Well, as ordered I took justice into my own hands and pinned him down. Unfortunately, he refused to cooperate so I had to take things seriously."

"Hehe, well good job. Perfect timing." Thrigon walks past Blue and picks up White by his collar. "Me and you have a few things I'd like to talk about. So if you don't mind, how about you make things easy."

White gazes at Thrigon with fear and nods his head. "Now, what should I do with him." The Namekian cautiously thinks.

A) Kill him. He's a traitor and he needs to die.
B) Interrogate him. Lets find answers!
C) Take him to Kiryu. He knows the situation best.


"Yo Kaiba, you need a hand?" You call out as you approach him from behind. He's standing idle with a bit of blood running down the side of his temple, still in his base state.

"No, you two should go past him and kill King Vegeta."

"Are you positive?" Pitou intervenes, "I can tell by so much as his attitude that he will be far from an easy opponent. Perhaps an impossible one."

"Hey now, three against one isn't exactly fair. But then again, I have strict orders to not let a single soul pass me by so I'll man up and make do with what I'm given."

"Well that's very noble of yourself, but one way or another...we will get to the King." You smirk.

"No, you won't."

"Guys, you being here is actually great timing. He was still playing around with me because I haven't transformed yet. Probably because he thinks that he'll kill me if he goes all out while i'm in my normal state. But if you try to get past him he'll be going all out to stop you, giving me exactly what I wanted."

"Kaiba, why won't you transform against a stronger opponent?" You question.

"Because I refuse to enter that state of being unless i'm forced to! And since I'm in perfect condition, I see no reason to use it."

Maize steps forward and eyes the three of you. "Your morals are about to get you killed. That is...truly pitiful." A small bit of pleasure comes from the Saiyan as he says that.

"Maize...kill these scum! Kill 'em ALL!" Fasha screams as she stands up in the corner of the room. "Lets do this!"

"Enough of this talk. Kiryu, Rem left you in charge of the main assault on the Saiyan Empire so now that my mission is complete I'll obey you so you can do yours. So, what's the plan?" Pitou notifies.

"Hm, what IS the plan? General White is still somewhere so I shouldn't act too rash until I know what's going on with him. On the other hand, the King is right beyond these doors. This Saiyan Maize won't be easy by any means but with 3 Commanders we're sure to be able to crush him. But how quickly is the question. There are also a lot of Generals downstairs, so perhaps they can help in the battle if I go down and get them. Fasha has proved that she isn't much of a threat so we can take her out quickly now that she's weakened. So now that I have all the information on the table...what should I do?" You think patiently while Pitou and Kaiba wait for an answer.

Kaiba's Move List:

- Transform: You enter a short metamorphesis, doubling your power.
- Split Form: You split yourself into either 2, 3, or 4. Your power is divided with each split however.
- Acidic Meltdown: A pool of Sulfuric Acid forms on your stomach and you can fire it out at any time you please.

1) Choose Your Plan Of Action!
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