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Author's Chapter Notes:
Choice that won:

A,3,X (Use the Four Witches to fire two ki blasts at them and use the other two arms to shoot ki blasts up in the air to send you down and land quickly).
"Right now, assuring Commander Echo's safely is the only thing we can do. It's up to the rest of the Commanders now. I hate to say it, but we're completely outclassed by these top fighters."

Stiffy looks disappointed, despite his face being hidden as he stares at the ground. "Fine. Let go."

Watson looks over to Goku and gives him a nod. The two pick up Echo together and begin to carry him away from the Saiyan Base. Goku sets out in the other direction, heading into the belly of the beast.

The wind calmly blows as the two make their distance across the bloodshed battlefield. Far off in the distance, they can see the camp that was made when the FBM originally arrived at the Saiyan Empire. Tens of thousands of bodies are scattered across the entire battlefield. Such a horrifying sight.


"Alright, since they've pushed me this far I suppose I'll show them my TRUE power!" You say to yourself while Fasha and Trunks close the distance between you. "The Four Witches!" You scream wildly making Fasha hesitate for a second. Mucus and sweat begin to leak off of your back as you focus an immense amount of Ki together. Two extra arms rip out of your back simultaneously!

"Impossible!" Trunks screams, finally relinquishing his first words since the battle has begun. Fasha stays frozen in her place, but doesn't back off for long. She fires a quick Ki blast filled with a pink aura at you. You stare at it for a second before batting it away with two of your arms. It flies into the sky without direction before finally dispersing.

"Heh, did you honestly think that pathetic blast could stop me?" You taunt.

Angered, Trunks bursts at you with incredible speed. Fasha does the same. As they close in, you fire a full powered Ki ball in each direction. A second after, you launch yourself down to the ground with the speed of two Ki blasts you shot in the air with your remaining arms. Trunks stops quickly and throws up his block, tanking your attack without damage. Fasha on the other hand cannot react quick enough, and is shot in the face directly by your attack blasting her through the skies uncontrollably.

You land comfortably and laugh at Trunks, who still resides in the air. He looks down at you with a frown, before he releases himself from the air and lands back down.

"You ready for round 3?" You question him with a stare that pierces through him.

"Pth," he spits on the ground and puts up a fighting stance.

"Not bad. I can't see any openings in his stance. But there has to be something..."

"You're a good fighter. Just as your reputation dictates."

"Hahaha, cocky aren't we. Don't you think you're underestimating me?"

He smiles for a brief second, "No. If anything, I'm overestimating you. But lets see how well you can handle those extra arms. HAAAAA!" Trunks powers up once again, finally showing his full aura. He runs at you swiftly, still with a perfect defense.

You block his first attack, and retaliate with the full force of two arms. Your fists pass through an Afterimage of his and he comes swinging at you from behind. With an extra arm, you grab his forthcoming elbow and counter him with a direct right.

He flies back in pain before back flipping and landing safely, jumping at you once again without rest. You enter an exchange with him, only using two of your arms. He has a slight advantage, despite you only using two arms. You decide to pressure him by throwing in another arm, completely changing the flow of the exchange. You begin to bully him, rendering him nearly useless.

Trunks jumps back, trying to get away but you don't let him. You fire yourself at him, ready to deal the finishing blow. You grab both of his arms with two of your own, and lift him up in the sky with force. Taking your last two arms, you grab his neck and begin choking the life out of him.

Trunks struggles to escape your hold by smashing his legs into your chest with all his might, but his efforts are ultimately useless. After a short while, Trunks begins to lose his strength, unable to even try and stop you. "Ahahaha, is there something you would like to-"

A devastating foot smashes into the side of your face and you are pushed back a few meters, releasing Trunks from your arms. He breathes heavily, trying to catch his breath. Looking over, you see Fasha with a bloody face squeezing her fists tight. "You got some nerve. Trying to take on the two of us at the same time! You'll die in the end, scum!" Fasha roars as Trunks makes his way up.

"Hahaha, 'Trying' you say? As I've already shown, you two are simply no match for my Godly strength. I'll crush your entire Empire with my absolute power!" You boast.

"Thank you." Trunks says to Fasha before turning back to you. "Don't think you'll stand a chance against King Vegeta with power like yours. If you're struggling to just hurt us, then-"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. You tell me how strong the King is. He comes out and shows he's pretty strong but still ends up dying in the end. I know the routine, but thanks for trying to explain it to me." You cut him off, grinning.

"Burning Attack!" Trunks counters immediately. You put out all four of your arms and grab the fiery ball of Ki, crushing it into thin air.

"You were saying?"


Thrigon storms through the crowded halls in search for General White. Another flight of stairs approaches and he swiftly hops down it. But the noise from thousands of fighters simply amplifies as his body falls down the long stairwell. When he lands, he sees General Joseph Pike slaying countless Saiyans with complete joy.

"Come at me you filthy Saiyans! I need excitement. More. More!" Pike screams as he slits one of their throats without mercy.

"S***, that guy's f***ed up." Thrigon thinks to himself as he jumps over them all, continuing to run down the hallway. On his way, he meets up with General Dr. Fiasco, sitting against a wall with two other FBM agents trying to aid a heavy wound on his chest. He smiles as Thrigon stops by him and begins conversation.

"Hello, Commander. What brings you to..." Fiasco coughs up a bit of blood on himself before looking up again to finish his sentence, "...this floor?"

"Have you seen General White anywhere around here?" Thrigon persistently investigates while paying no attention to the gaping wound on Fiasco's chest.

"White? Yeah, I did a little bit ago. When I came storming in this place after the Dome collapsed, ahead of the crowd may I add, he was somewhere on this floor with Jones and Silver. If I recall, they were in critical condition. He may have left the Base to get help for them." The Dr. responds, ignoring the wound himself.

"Critical condition? Did he already attack them or were they in that condition before? Naw, why would he attack them now of all times? He could have at any time in this whole war. What Kiryu's saying doesn't make much sense...blah!" The Commander stays still, thinking.

Fiasco stares at Thrigon blankly, waiting for a response. Thrigon catches on in a second, "Thanks for the info. What's up with the wound anyway?"

"Oh, this?" He smiles while taking his hand off his chest for a second, allowing blood to leak out at a faster pace. "I was having a little duel with that creature. Freeza, I think his name was. I saw him kill a bunch of our soldiers so I confronted him...and well, I lost. Uuahahaha." He carelessly laughs while finally standing up, getting help from the FBM agents by his side.

"You two, get him back to the base camp. I don't want any more Generals to die." Thrigon directs and the Soldiers nod, trying to carry him off. Fiasco interjects though.

"No...that won't be necessary." He puts his right index finger inside of the wound and begins flowing Ki through the hole. His skin tissue begins to patch itself up and the blood ceases to drip from him. Within a minute, his wound is completely healed.

"W-what the hell?" Thrigon practically screams.

"Uuahahahaha, it's healing energy. I learned it a long while ago. Why do you think they call me Doctor? Uuahahaha." He gently laughs while walking away from Thrigon.

"If you can heal yourself like that, why not do it earlier? Why lean against the wall and lose so much of your strength?"

"Uuahahahaha, don't mistake it for an easy thing to do. Everything gets worse before it gets better. There are certain..."requirements" so to speak, before you can do it." Fiasco laughs as he walks off into the battlefield, preparing to fight once again.

Thrigon stares back at him puzzled before running off once again. "I doubt he's left the building. And if he were going to do something rotten, I suspect that he'd want to get in a secluded place to do it." He thinks while opening up countless doors across the hall, checking to see if White is in any of them. Thrigon makes it to a large hole in the floor in which underneath is a broken computer system with a dead corpse on the floor in the room. Seems like it belonged to an FBM General.

He looks around and sees a broken chunk in the wall, and looking through it you can see the old battlefield. A small pack of Elites with a man with bright yellow teeth are standing outside. Thrigon turns back around and sees a two horned creature standing across from him. "Eh, who are you?" Thrigon says before thinking, "I know this person from somewhere...but where?"

"Kikikiki," the creature laughs while walking towards Thrigon. "I am Freeza. Of the Cold family."

Thrigon's eyes go wide in anger. "So you're the bastard who killed General Pooface? I'll make you PAY!"

"Huh? That pathetic excuse for a, caulih, fighter. I should have killed him while we were both outside." He responds, bits of drool leaking from his mouth. "Oh well, the weakling had that death coming. He thought we were teammates. Well I've grown tired of listening to my brother! I shall prove my greatness to all of you fools, killing you one by one!" He barks.

"Sorry," Thrigon says while cracking his knuckles. "I don't exactly have much time to deal with you. I'm searching for somebody and I'd like to find him as soon as possible. So lets skip the warm up."

"Kikikiki, this is good. I've been searching for a Commander to kill and finally I found the most pathetic one there is. I'll use you to shake off my rust!" Freeza lets out an enormous burst of Ki in his legs, launching himself at Thrigon with his full speed.

Thrigon stretches his arms and begins firing ruthless jabs at his opponent, keeping his distance clean and safe. Freeza struggles to close the distance between the two, and is continuously taking jabs to his unguarded face. After a short amount of time, his anger spikes to a new level. "You COWARD! Stop hiding behind your long arms and fight me like a MAN!"

"Hehe, no thanks."


Trunks grips his fists in rage, clearly wondering what he can do to win against you. Fasha stays behind him, ready to take his lead whenever he's ready. You don't let them think any longer, charging at them with your four arms. Trunks reacts in shock, putting his block up in a rush. You begin to smash your deadly fists into his guard, before you hear clapping start off in the distance.

It catches your attention, causing you to relinquish your assault on Trunks and jump back. He breathes heavily and holds his right arm in pain. You look over to where the clapping came from and see Pitou standing in the middle of the room. He came out of the whole Kaiba made earlier.

"Four arms, Kiryu? How interesting that you've been hiding such a powerful technique. I applaud you." He smiles at you.

You laugh a bit before dropping your arms to your side. "What happened to your face? It looks even worse than usual."

Pitou frowns at your comment, unhappy. "Do you want my help or not?"

"I'll be fine against these two. Perhaps Kaiba is in need of your assistance."

You and Pitou look across the room and see Kaiba holding his arm while kneeling on the floor to the Saiyan Maize, who looks completely unfazed. Despite his obvious advantage in their battle, he looks bored and unamused. Trunks keeps his eyes on you, not paying attention to anybody else in the room. Pitou reacts fast, leaping at Trunks with a plan.

Trunks feels Pitou's Ki as he takes off and turns around with his arms out. The two enter a raw combo with Pitou at a substantial advantage. Trunks continues to try and fend Pitou off with his left arm, due to his right being either broken or dislocated from your assault earlier. "Stop! He's mine!" You scream to Pitou, but he doesn't stop his attack at all.

Trunks finally attempts a counter attack on Pitou, firing a quick Ki blast at him. As it approaches Pitou, it suddenly stops in mid-air before flying back at Trunks with twice the speed. It impacts him directly. Pitou leaps at Trunks and whips out his Ki Sword, slicing at him with the intent to decapitate him.

Trunks dodges his attacks with all his remaining strength until Pitou finally lands a slice on his open chest. Pitou attempts to finish things off with one final slash but Trunks jumps back, getting cut in the process.

Blood squirts out of Trunks' hand as the room goes silent for a second. Four fingers collapse to the ground in a pool of blood, Trunks staring at them all the while. Pitou launches at Trunks with his remaining arm and grabs him by the neck. "Absorb!" He calls out and begins sucking the life out of him. With nothing but a thumb on his only usable arm, Trunks is completely useless.

Power begins to creep out of Trunks at a mad rate before you make your reappearance to the battle, shoving your arm right through Trunks' chest. Your gigantic arm pierces right through the Saiyan, blood and guts spilling all over the floor as you take your arm from his body. An adrenaline rush shoots through your spine and your power explodes to a new height.

"Yes, yes, YES!" You scream in joy.

Pitou removes his hand from Trunks neck with disappointment on his face. "You couldn't have let me finished with him, could you?"

"It's your fault for trying to steal my opponent from me. Next time stay out of my way."

"Don't make me laugh. There are no locked opponents in a war..." Pitou gazes over to Fasha, who is on her knees terrified of you two.

"Go help Kaiba." You direct.

"After I kill the girl," Pitou licks his lips and dashes at her. You begin to charge too, but feel an incredible amount of Ki surface into the air, freezing you in your place.

"What? This's so powerful!" You look around the room in fear and see a fiery red aura blaze through the room at a near invisible speed. Turning your head to where you saw the aura fly by, you see Pitou standing in front of a blank wall with Fasha at the other end of the room in a Saiyans arms, safe and sound.

The man stares at you two, Pitou in particular, with a serious face on. "I told you to leave, Commander Pitou!" He screams.

You gaze over to Pitou and question, "Who the hell is that guy?"

"He's a Saiyan who goes by the name of Goku. I fought him earlier. He's my check." Pitou replies, and thinks: "Echo, I thought you could take care of him. What happened!?!?"

"What's up with that Ki of his? It goes from a tremendous power to almost nothing in seconds."

"I haven't fully figured it out yet. It's some sort of technique that can amplify his power though. Watch out, he isn't a slouch." Pitou directs while putting up a fighting stance. You do the same.

Goku takes his arms away from Fasha and screams, "Kaioken!" His power spikes once again and he races at you two.

A) Choose How You Are Going To Fight Goku


Thrigon uppercuts Freeza's jaw, catapulting him in the air. As he flies, Thrigon stretches his arm and grabs him by the neck, and than throws him into the ground. Freeza hits the floor hard. He gets up wiping some blood off of his face and begins firing a relentless attack of Ki.

Thrigon begins to deflect every blast thrown at him but Freeza closes the distance between the two during this time until they're both right in front of each other. Thrigon retracts his arms so he can fight at the distance but Freeza's offense proves superior at this range. Thrigon begins to take heavy blows, unable to get away. "Damn it, I need to get my distance so I can fight to my fullest." Freeza throws a violent punch, pushing Thrigon back.

Thrigon skids across the floor and Freeza dashes after him, throwing a Ki Disk. Thrigon ducks and it goes straight over his head; he stretches his arms and begins to jab Freeza successfully, until the blade comes flying back from behind him cutting him in half.

Blood explodes from the center of Thrigon's stomach and he falls on the ground in two, screaming in pain. "Ha, you're just as pathetic as I thought you would be. Squirm in pain and die!" Freeza barks, and than begins walking away from the scene.

"Don't...UNDERESTIMATE ME!" Thrigon rips out a new pair of legs from nowhere and stands up. Freeza turns around and stares at him in disbelief.


"I'm a Namekian, idiot. I can regenerate my body. Don't take me lightly!" Thrigon fires a jab at Freeza and stretches his leg across the room, tripping Freeza. As Freeza falls to the ground, Thrigon jumps across the room over him with his hands behind his back. "Da da da da da da DAH!" He fires a remarkable amount of blasts at Freeza, blowing him and the floor to a crisp.

Once Thrigon lands on the ground, he ends his rain of Ki and turns back to Freeza who is now standing with blood covering his body. Thrigon puts his fists together and his muscles bulk up, strengthening his body. He begins jumping back and forth like a boxer, increasing his speed with each step.

"What the hell are you doing?" Freeza then charges at him without giving him time to answer. He fires a Ki blast at Thrigon but it passes through him. "Huh? An Afterimage?"

"Not exactly." Thrigon appears to Freeza's side and delivers a ruthless uppercut from under his jaw. A loud crack is heard and Freeza falls down into the large hole in the ground that leads to the broken computer room that Thrigon found earlier. He walks over and looks above Freeza who is squirming on the ground, struggling to get up. It seems that he won't be able to do so for at least a short while.

"How did you...get there?" Freeza inquires as he rolls on the ground.

"Ever since a friend of mine destroyed me in combat, I've been training with everything I could muster, particularly in speed. I needed to overcome my lacking defense by being able to avoid getting hit, and I finally found my answer. The ability to move at an incredibly speed without leaving a hint of Ki or sound in my tracks."

Freeza slowly gets up off the ground and stares at Thrigon with a smile. "Is he bluffing? It's hard to tell if this guy has any strength left and is waiting for death or if he still has a lot of gas left in the tank. I don't have any time to waste with this guy! Should I just get the hell out of here and find White or should I finish the job before I get going?" Thrigon thinks cautiously.

1) Leave Freeza behind and find White. He's more important right now.
2) Finish Freeza off before you go and search for White. This is more important right now.
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