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Author's Chapter Notes:
C Wins.
You form a small bit of Ki in your hand and launch it at Fasha, knocking her off of Shugesh violently. She rolls across the floor and quickly gets up, annoyed. "Mind your business, scum!"

You ignore her and turn your head over to the side. "Thrigon, go downstairs and find General White! He's a spy! Seize him and bring him up here! Can you do that?"

Thrigon jumps back from Trunks and lands next to you. Trunks stares you two down without moving, knowing full well that if he attacks he'll be double teamed. He stays still, waiting for an ideal time to strike. "White? That guy can't be no spy. He's been with the FBM for years now. A good man. What are you talking about?"

"It isn't White. Somebody has killed White and took the form of him. Just do what I say for now."

"Fine. But what about Trunks and the girl over there?"

"Don't worry about those two. I can handle them. Just get back quickly. Go now!"

"Be careful, Kiryu. That Saiyan I was fighting, Trunks...he's strong. What's worse is that he's holding back right now. I can tell."

"Heh, don't make me laugh. I'll crush him!"

Thrigon smiles and jumps down the flight of stairs in one go, running after White. Shugesh gets off the ground and wipes some blood from his mouth. "Thanks boss. That little b**** doesn't know how to hold back."

"Watch my back and make sure that guy in the chair back there, Maize, doesn't get up and try to join the fight. Tell me if he does anything suspicious. Got it?"

"Heheh, whatever you say boss."

You stare down Trunks and Fasha as they begin to move towards you, circling you on each side. "The best thing for me to do is get a quick attack on Fasha now so I can get her out of the picture. Trunks can wait until after that."

You look at Trunks for a second, and he puts his guard up in response. You leap at Fasha at your full speed and stab your arm out at her. She gasps in surprise and is unable to move at all. Within a second you're in distance of her head and you let out a full powered smash. Inches before it crushed Fasha's skull, your arm freezes in its position. You look over to the side on notice that Trunks has a latch on it.

"How did he get here!?!?" You kick your leg up and he blocks it with his own. You fling your free arm at his face and he blocks it with his arm. The two of you stand in a stalemate, unable to budge the other an inch. He remains silent, without changing facial expressions.

Fasha jumps back and a pink ray of Ki forms in her hand. "Die!" She fires it at you and it spirals through the air, striking you flat in the chest. Shugesh watches in amazement, unable to even see what's transpiring. You take the damage and Trunks uses that opportunity to overpower you. He punches you directly in the face, sending you flying through the air.

While you try to recover yourself, Trunks sprints across the room and ends up behind you, kicking you upward. You take the hit but recover momentarily, watching him as he prepares to jump up at you from the ground. "Even though I'm in perfect condition to fight, he can fly. He'll have full advantage in the air if he comes after me. S***, he thought this out well."

You look over on the ground and notice that Fasha is no longer there. You feel pressure behind you and turn in fear, seeing her flying right above you. You attempt to smash your fist into her face but she simply breezes up a bit, making your reach unable to even graze her. Once your arm retracts, she kicks you with all her might, sending you flying towards the ground.

You do a back flip in the air so you'll land on your feet but you notice that you're moving up now. You look to your side in shock and notice Trunks is carrying your body into the air at full speed. "What?" With no time to react, your face smashes into the concrete ceiling. Blood rips out of your mouth as you begin coughing up dust and rocks. You feel a huge strain on your neck and notice that he shoved your entire head through the leftovers of the roof, while your legs remain air born.

Trunks and Fasha land on the ground gracefully, while the latter laughs to herself in amusement. Trunks remains quiet while he moves his arms around fancily. "Burning Attack!" He fires a tremendous powered Ki blast with a fire burning in the air behind it.

You feel it coming but are unable to move out of the way. The blast collides into your lower body and the entire roof of the building shatters, causing you to fall to the ground in pain.

"BOSS!" Shugesh screams while running up to you, trying to help you up to your feet.

"Out of the way, traitor!" Fasha throws a ruthless blast at Shugesh, knocking him into the wall far away. He collides into it heavily and the wall shatters, sending him flying out of the wall, onto the battlefield.

"Shugesh!" You look over to his falling corpse, slightly worried.

"Don't turn your back on the enemy, fool!" Fasha runs up to you and attempts a kick to your face, but you simply tank the hit and grab her leg. "L-let go of me you insolent brat!" You crank muscles into your free arm and it begins to grow in size dramatically.

"Giant Bulldozer!" You launch your arm at full throttle into her body directly and she flies full speed towards Maize. He doesn't turn his head an inch, just lets her crash into King Vegeta's door directly. A loud thud explodes as her body hits the door, but the smash doesn't even scrape it. She falls to the ground and coughs up blood in anger and pain.

Trunks jumps at you before you can catch your breath and delivers a deadly kick to your face. You tank it and grab his leg, just like Fasha and begin to crank muscles into your arm. He doesn't panic though; he does a cross turn and bashes his other leg into your skull, loosening your grip on him and rolling over onto the ground.

You get up quickly and jump at him maniacally. He does the same to you and the two of you enter a brutal competition of exchanging blows with mad power in each of them. Despite you having the obvious advantage in both offense and defense, his speed and technique seems to be making up for it.


Meanwhile, Kaiba and Cold continue to battle it out cautiously. In fear, Kaiba continues to watch Maize out of the corner of his eye making his attacks much less effective against his current opponent. "Why is he just sitting there? Is he not strong enough to fight and is just a bluff or is he so strong that he's confident he can handle us all even if his comrades were to die?"

While Kaiba thinks to himself, Cold whips his sword down and nearly slices his arm off. Kaiba puts Ki in both of his arms and fires them out simultaneously. Cold swings his sword in two directions, cutting both of them in half with ease. He looks over to see that Kaiba is no longer where he was before so Cold nervously scouts the area in confusion.

"Over here, big guy!" Kaiba comes parading from behind his opponent. Cold looks in surprise and takes a jet right to his gut, dropping him to the ground. Kaiba jumps back and whips a powerful blast at Cold, contacting him directly. An explosion ensues and smoke covers the area. Kaiba looks over to see Kiryu floating in the air, struggling against his opponents.

He looks back and sees Cold on the ground, the smoke fully faded away now. Kaiba jets toward Kiryu in an attempt to save him. Cold stays on the ground in pain, leaving an easy trip towards Kiryu. Out of nowhere, a blade of Ki whips by Kaiba's face almost cutting his head clean off and drills through the wall of the building.

Kaiba freezes in fear and turns his head to see Maize still sitting carelessly. "Haha, and here I thought you were gonna leave me be. Guess I read ya' wrong." Kaiba jokes.

Maize stares at him blankly before yawning and stretching his arms in the air. "Meh, I'm just a little interested to see what your friend plans on doing right now."

Kaiba smiles happily while rage ignites him on the inside, "That piece of s*** is lying. He's not even watching the battle between Kiryu and those two. He just wanted to show me that I am indeed stuck where I am. This guy doesn't intend on letting me do anything but fight Cold right now..."

Kaiba loses his train of thought as Cold leaps at him from the ground with drool dripping out of his mouth, sword in hand. Swiftly, Kaiba ducks and dodges the initial slash, but Cold knees his open face directly knocking his opponent over. Kaiba stands up gracefully and laughs it off while scratching his head.

In anger, Cold jumps at his enemy. A large pool of some type of mucus begins to form on Kaiba's stomach, causing Cold to stop in his tracks. "What is that s***?"

Kaiba smiles and the mucus fires at Cold, engulfing his entire body in it. Once it lands on him, Cold struggles to get it off but is unsuccessful. It begins to melt his skin harshly and he screams in pain while falling on the ground, trying to peel it off. The mucus begins to touch the floor, melting it too, to a crisp.

Kaiba looks over to see Kiryu battling it out with Thrigon's former opponent in a raw exchange of blows while the girl is on the ground beside Maize. Maize, still uninterested looks at Kaiba as he begins walking towards the door. Kaiba steps over Cold on his way, hearing his former opponent scream in anger and pain while he begins to melt. "Sorry. If you never came after me, you would have never died by melting in a pool of Sulfuric Acid." Kaiba frowns while walking past Cold, as he continues to disintegrate.

"So I take it you're not going to let me just open the door and see King Vegeta?" Kaiba questions while laughing hesitantly.

"Eh. Probably not." Maize admits while Kaiba closes the distance between the two.


The giant Echo stares Goku down in his Deighty Form while Goku emits a powerful red aura in his Kaioken. Thousands of Soldiers continue to race through the Saiyan Base in an attempt to kill King Vegeta for what he has done. "What's the matter? Haha. You gonna let all those guys break into your homestay? Sounds like a sloppy idea to me, hehe."

Goku looks up at Echo harshly, "This wasn't the plan."

"Oh yeah?"

"I sensed your battle power when I came outside. It was obvious that you're the most powerful player on this field, so I planned to blind everybody with my Solar Flare and take you out in an instant with my Kaioken. But you're more durable than I had hoped, and now that you've grown in size and power, I've decided to focus all my efforts in destroying you before permanent damage is done to both the Saiyan Base and me."

"Hahaha, good choice. Now if you don't mind, I'd like to get this over with!"

"Fine by me." Goku doesn't waste any time, charging at Echo with his Kaioken flaring around his body. Echo swats his gigantic arm down at Goku and smashes him into the ground like a fly. After, he jumps on Goku, crushing his bones with all his weight. Goku screams in pain before he begins to lift up Echo's foot from under. "I won't be done in by THIS!"

An even bigger aura envelopes Goku and his power explodes to a new height, throwing Echo into the sky. Echo looks down at Goku who is now flying up after him and throws both of his fists at him. Goku dodges Echo's attack with his unmatched speed and smashes his body into Echo's with a pillar of strength, knocking him out of the air.

Echo smashes into the ground, killing hundreds of Soldiers who hadn't entered the building already. Goku flies at Echo in a spiral with his Kaioken with him. Echo tries to grab him but is completely defeated in speed. Goku flies into Echo's open mouth and fires a blast inside of it, dealing unreal damage.

Echo bites down at Goku but by the time his teeth reach each other, Goku is long out of his mouth. The Kaioken aura leaves Goku and he stands across the field from Echo, breathing heavily. Echo slowly gets up in pain, and stands above his enemy once again.

"Is that...all you got you little s***?" Echo taunts.

Goku breaths heavily in pain, staring up at Echo. "Kaioken X3!" The same aura from before explodes around Goku and he vanishes from Echo's sight once again. He finds his way to Echo's mouth and delivers a series of jaw dropping punches and kicks, totally outmatching his opponent. While Goku continues to dominate Echo, Watson fires his most powerful attack at the unaware Goku.

It impacts him directly and sends Goku flying into the ground, screaming in pain. Echo begins to lose his footing and collapses on top of Goku exhausted.

"Whoa, that was awesome bro!" Stiffy compliments.

"Th-thanks. I'm just trying my best to help the Commander." Watson replies.

Echo's size begins to shrink down from his Deighty Form back to regular. His weight is removed from Goku and Watson and Stiffy run over, worried. By now, everybody is off the battlefield and inside of the Saiyan Base.

"Hey, Commander Echo!" Watson shakes him dramatically.

"Wake up man! You can do this!" Stiffy adds.

To their side, Goku begins to stand up in pain. He looks over to Watson in what seems to be anger, frightening him. Goku breathes heavily and walks towards those two. They both jump back and put their guard up. Goku turns away from them and grabs Echo, feeling his pulse gently.

"It's beating." Goku tells them. "He'll be fine. His body just took a lot of damage from me. Get him out of here if you want him and you both to survive another day. Something terrible is going to happen inside that Base soon..."

"What's gonna happen?" Stiffy questions.

"King Vegeta isn't out of offensive strategies just yet. Just get out of here."

"We're not going anywhere! Now tell us-"

"Stiffy! Lets get Commander Echo out of here. This guy...whether what he's saying is true, can still kill us in one attack EACH if he wanted too. He's sparing us. Lets take it and go!"

"Still, we can't just leave the war behind. What about everybody fighting with their lives on the line?"

A) Take Commander Echo and leave.
B) Leave him somewhere outside the Base safe, and go in and fight.


Thrigon lands at the bottom of the steps and is flooded by a rampage of Soldiers. Thousands of angry rebels rush the base together, destroying everything in sight. Their goal is to kill King Vegeta, but they plan on destroying everything in the entire Base before they make their way to him. "God damn it, how the HELL am I supposed to find White in this big mess?" Thrigon scrambles around aimlessly, unable to locate a single face.

He runs into an empty room and closes the door. "Good, it's empty." He walks over and has a seat on the bed, thinking to himself. "I can try to kill them all, but if White does plan on doing anything, by the time I finish that he'll have done it for sure."

A female Saiyan flies through the door with her back on it and lands on the ground with blood surrounding her. "Please spare-"

A Ki blast is fired mid sentence, obliterating her from existence. Thrigon looks up and notices General Blue with perfectly clean hands. "How cruel." Thrigon remarks.

"Hello, Commander Thrigon. Cruel, you say? What's cruel is how that women grabbed my buttocks in the mess and tried to caress my body. How filthy!"

"Hahaha," Thrigon laughs before standing up. "Say, have you seen General White anywhere?"

"White? No, I haven't. Why do you ask, Commander?"

"If you see him, seize him. Don't kill him but make sure he can't do anything."

"Hohoho, sounds interesting. I'll definitely keep my eye out for him."

Thrigon puts his hand on Blue's shoulder and walks out of the room. He puts his hand out and fires a generic Ki blast, destroying multiples fighters at once. He runs out into the mess and begins jumping on peoples' heads, scouting the area for familiar faces. General Pac ManTM is fighting 4 Saiyans at once, having fun all the while. Seems like he's got the edge, but he wouldn't know where White is considering he's mid-battle.

Thrigon jumps down another flight of stairs and sees General Pooface lying against a wall with a blood stained vest. Thrigon runs up to him and puts his hands on him, "Who did this to you!?"

"I don't know...I got struck from the back with somebody's hand. It was some sort of Ki filled blade. It pierced right through my chest and in the mess, I couldn't find out who did it..." He whines.

"It's alright General. I'll get somebody to get you back to the Camp so we can fix you! Just hang on!"

"Don't...waste your time on me. I've lost a lot of blood by now. I won't make it much longer. Just...try to find the bastard that did this to me and kill him!"

Thrigon closes his eyes and nods. "Fine. I'll grant you that much." He takes his hands off of him and lets him rest on the wall, before turning his back. A flood of Saiyans continue to destroy the place, but have now begun to fight each other. It's now just one mass blood stream of everybody trying to kill each other with very few actually going up to King Vegeta. They're savages who have lost their way.

Thrigon knocks over a few of them and sees a cross hall this time, looking both ways he decides where to go:

1) To the left. Tons of Saiyans and FBM Agents fighting to the death down this hall.
2) To the right. Mostly Saiyans destroying each other and the building.
3) Down another flight of stairs. Who knows what awaits down there.
4) Back up stairs. It's impossible to find White in this mess. Lets just give up.


You continue to battle it out with Trunks, both of you giving it your all by this time. The two of you finally take a break from the close up combat you've been having and jump back, dripping with sweat all the way. "This is no good. At this rate I won't be able to even stand when I get to the King."

Trunks runs at you at full throttle. To slow him down, you toss three Ki blasts at him in which he easily dodges and shoves a hard right your way. You duck and attempt an uppercut which he deflects with his left arm. In the blink of an eye he throws his right palm at you and fires a quick blast to your face which sends you flying back a few feet. You stop yourself and are blasted in the back, sending you full speed towards Trunks with no control.

He ducks, letting your body hover over his for a second before launching his legs into your gut. You go flying in the air in pain and you see him begin to fire another Burning Attack. You put your arms out to block this time and he fires it. It smashes into you and burns your arms heavily, sending you soaring through the skies of the roofless building. After a short while, you manage to throw his attack off of you and notice that both Fasha and Trunks are in the air with you.

They fly to each side of you, cornering you in the air. "That's what you get for earlier, you piece of trash!" Fasha screams at you while holding her fist out.

Trunks remains quiet with a serious face on. He's ready to finish you off for good this time. "Damn it, what can I do? They have total advantage in the air, and there are two of them! If I don't come up with a plan quickly, I'm done for!"

X) Use a Technique (Specify Which).
Y) Hold your block and hope you can land as quickly as possible.
Z) Fire a Ki blast at both of them in hope to get them off of you long enough to land.
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