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Author's Chapter Notes:
BA Wins.
"Very well," you inform White and the others. "All of you go down to the so called, "Dome" and try to destroy it. Don't come back up. This place will turn into a devastating battlefield. I don't want the weak to get in my way. Now go!" You direct.

"Yes, Commander!" White says with enthusiasm and starts heading down the stares with the weakened Jones and Silver.

"Now Saiyan, lets go meet the King. Shall we?"

"Hah, by all means boss." Shugesh retorts while directing you up another flight of stairs. For what seems like hours you two continue to walk up the stairs until you see the end.

"Why did they make so many stairs anyway? King Vegeta must really believe he's above everybody..." You say to yourself.

You step off the stairs and see one large door painted cleanly at the end of the hall. In front of that large door, 3 chairs reside with Saiyans sitting on each of them - guarding the door. That must be where the King is. Looking up, a glass ceiling that looks quite hard covers the center of the floor. If you look closely enough, it appears you can see multiple planes flying around up there. But whose are they?

"So this is the summit?" You question.

"Yeah..." Shugesh nods. "We're standing at the top of the Saiyan Empire. Congratulations. You've made it to your resting place sooner than you had to."

You glare at him for a second before looking at the Saiyans in the chairs far down the hall. The one in the middle, a female, stands up and starts walking towards you.

"Welcome, Commander Kiryu of the Freeborn Military. King Vegeta is glad you can make it." She continues to walk forward while cracking her knuckles. You look at the other two in the chairs and notice that one has purple hair that is tied in a ponytail. He's wearing a suit of classic Saiyan armour. The other, on the right, has luscious green hair and brass knuckles. He's wearing a black headband to protect his eyes from his hair and a black tank top. Black boots and baggy black sweat pants as well.

"And who might you be, women?"

"Shugesh, what are you doing with the enemy!" She barks, ignoring you. Without answering, Shugesh simply stares at her in anger.

"Who is she? And the others?" You ask him this time.

"She's Vice President Fasha. The King's personal "assistant." She isn't as strong as the others, but I wouldn't go easy on her either. The guy in the left with the purple hair is Trunks. One of the most powerful and ruthless Saiyans I know. And the guy on the right...He's Maize. I've never seen him fight, but he's gotta be pretty good if he's always with King Vegeta. Only people who get that kind of treatment are Fasha and his son, Vegeta."

"Ah, I see."

"SHUGESH, ANSWER ME!" She barks again while she continues to close the distance between you two while Trunks and Maize stand by.

You look at him in question and he answers, "I'm done with the Saiyans if I want to live. King Vegeta will kill me once he gets the chance. No point wasting my time talking to that b****!"

You smile at this, "Good to have you aboard, Shugesh." He smiles and puts up a fighting stance of his own. He's still weakened, but he seems to have recovered a bit.

Fasha sprints at you with incredible speed, punching you in the face before you can even react. Your head budges back and you throw a wild punch in the air. She does a back flip to dodge your attack and leaps at you again. "Perfect, before she hits I'll crush her skull!" You smash your hand down in a chopping motion to cut her off while she's flying at you, but before she does reach you, Fasha stops herself right before your chop lands, making you completely miss.

She launches up at you and punches you with both of her arms in the face before jumping back and landing safely. You stumble backwards and fall on the ground, smirking. "Not bad...for a women!" You grin while standing up once again, completely unfazed.

A huge explosion erupts from the side of the floor and the wall caves in heavily. Everybody on the floor looks over shocked, excluding Maize who simply leans back on the chair with his eyes closed and his hands behind his neck.

Soon after, multiple explosions begin to take place over the entire Saiyan Empire. You look over at the rubble on your floor and see a large plane buried beneath the rubble. You continue to stare at it as somebody begins coming out. "Who is it?" You wonder to yourself.


Goku finally lets go of the controls on the computer and turns back to Pitou. "The Dome. I shut it down."

"I send you my regards."

Goku smiles and has a seat on the floor before a loud quake begins to shake the entire room. Goku and Pitou look around and the walls begin to break down. It appears that an explosion has occurred somewhere. Those two look around the room in confusion before a voice begins speaking loudly.

"Goku, you FOOL! You let your pathetic emotions get the better of you and now the Dome has been put down. Do you have any idea what the repercussions for your actions will be because of this!?" King Vegeta screams through a voice monitor in the corner in the room.

"I couldn't just let you kill everybody in the Dome!"

"Yes, you could have and WILL! Now put the Dome back up NOW! I'll kill you if you don't!"

"I...I can't!" Goku screams.

King Vegeta goes silent for a second before speaking again. "Fine. But I command you to guard the entrance. Thousands of FBM agents will begin to flood through the doors of our Base now that the Dome has been put down. Put a stop to them all."

Goku closes his eyes for a second and replies. "As you wish, King Vegeta. I'll stop everybody from coming in through the front doors!"

No further communication is had between those two. Goku looks up at Pitou and begins to leave the room, walking up the stairs through he first entered. "Wait! Are you still going to obey that maniac! Haven't you realized yet that he cares nothing about nobody but himself! Lets take him down together!" Pitou barks at Goku, annoyed.

"No. I must obey him right now."

"Why? WHY now?"

"Because if I don't...he'll kill my son." Goku stares at Pitou for a second before leaving.

"If you just get your son here before you betray him, all will be good."

"My son, Gohan, isn't at the war. King Vegeta's son has him with a select few other Saiyans at another location. If I disobey this order, he'll tell his son to kill mine! I can't let that happen. But I promise...I won't kill any of your comrades." Goku reassures before he leaves the room.

Pitou frowns before jumping through the whole in the roof that he made with his body earlier. "Oh well, Echo is down there so things should be alright. I have to go to the summit of this building now that I've completed my mission!"


The shadow from the person leaving the plane surfaces and it's Thrigon! Everybody looks at him in shock while he begins stretching his legs and arms without a care in the world. "Yo, Kiryu. Ya' need a hand?" He jokes, though his facial expression is still intense. He's ready for battle.

"It appears Thrigon took that last bit of time serious and trained hard. He looks like he's in much better shape than he was before. I just hope it's enough..." You think to yourself before speaking back, "Yeah, against these three top Saiyans I just might. You happen to know anybody who's strong enough to make a difference?"

"Yeah, I just might." He smiles while checking out his surroundings. "Now that I unleashed my squad of Jets, this place will be under heavy fire for the next little while."

"What's happening?" You question.

"My mission was to stay idle in the air until the Dome was shut down. After that, I'm supposed to bomb the hell out of this place and once we're out of artillery for that, crash those planes into here with everything we have. It might just be a rough ride for some of those guys, that's why I only took a few people with me. Just in case somebody gets you know, hurt. Haha."

"Well, lucky for you that i'm here. Because I-"

A loud explosion bursts out from the underground and the entire room goes into shock, except Maize once again. Kaiba comes soaring through the ground with a ball of Ki in his stomach, that he throws into the skies of the building, smashing the roof fully. Pieces of glass fall to the ground and Kaiba lands with a bit of blood on his lips. "That bastard Cold, he attacked me in the back and got one too many blows on...hey, Kiryu, Thrigon! What's going...on?" He questions while looking around the room, taking in the situation.

Cold leaps up from the floor beneath with a large sword in his hands, but doesn't take his eyes off Kaiba for a second. Hatred is painted all over himself. "Looks like we have a little reunion going on here." Trunks states while standing up finally.

"What were you doing down there, Kaiba?" You wonder.

"Preparing for the future of this war. Don't worry about it...yet. Unfortunately I got interrupted by this bastard, Cold." Kaiba frowns with dignity.

Everybody in the room slowly looks around at each other while keeping quiet when finally your phone rings, breaking the silence. As it does, Cold leaps at Kaiba with the urge to kill and Thrigon charges at Trunks. Explosions break around the room as everybody begins to battle.

You pick your phone from your pocket and answer it. Fasha jumps at you as you do this but Shugesh jumps in her way, blocking her temporarily. "Don't worry boss, finish your call. I can hold out here for a little..." He tells you.

"Yes, what is it?" You question into your phone.

"Commander Kiryu, is that you? It's me, the Autopsy Scientist!"

"You found out the results?" You quickly ask, ready to hang up.

"Yes, I did."

"Good. I'm busy now so I'll phone you back. You take the phone off your ear and begin to hang up but a shout coming from the phone stops you from doing so. You put it back on you ear and the Autopsy Scientist continues speaking.

"Commander, you're going to want to hear this."

"Er, hurry up. What is it?"

"The General who died...the DNA belonged to General White."

"What? That's not possible. He's here at the war with me. You must've made a mistake!"

"No...there's no mistake," he grimly replies. "General White was murdered. The man who is at the war with you..." Everything he says begins to blur as you take the phone away from your ear.

"If General White is dead...then who the hell did I just send downstairs with Silver and Jones?"


Cries and screams break out as the killings down on the battlefield continue. Echo sits idly beside Cooler, conserving their energy. Finally, Cooler stands up and cracks his knuckles. "I think it's time I kill you." He says to Echo bitterly.

The Dome begins to crackle and shake and slowly close on cue, and the Sun shines brightly on everybody. "Hehe, if only you had a smidge more patience you wouldn't have made yourself sound like a total douchebag." Echo taunts Cooler while standing up.

The Dome finally closes back into the ground and a great length of screams of joy explode from everybody. Echo takes a deep breath and begins screaming with all his might through the entire battlefield. "Listen up, everybody! King Vegeta is the enemy! ALL Saiyans and Freeborn Military fighters unite with me so we can take down the evil King who tried to kill EVERYBODY on this battlefield!"

Cooler smiles at this and thousands of fighters begin marching full speed toward the Saiyan Base. Few Saiyans attempt to stop their former comrades from invading their own home, but are easily overwhelmed by the mass amount of people now against King Vegeta. Echo puts his hand on Coolers shoulder and they begin running together, so they aren't caught in the mob.

As the distance between everybody and the Saiyan Base closes, a Saiyan walks out from the front, causing hundreds of fighters to halt. The majority keep running however. "Is that who I think it is...?" Freeza says to his brother as they continue to run.

"Yup. It's Goku alright. Prepare yourself for one heck of a battle."

"Goku?" Echo says with joy. "I heard of him. A happy go lucky guy who tries to keep everybody safe, yet has incredible power. I'm just aching to fight him!"

As the mob continues to run Goku begins firing mediocre Ki blasts, knocking out multiple people at once. Though, he's unable to slow the rest down. "Solar Flare!" Goku screams, causing the entire battlefield to go blind. While everybody is unable to see, Goku continues to pick off fighters with generic Ki blasts.

Echo's vision comes back and he leaps at Goku. A firy red aura envelopes Goku and he teleports out of Echo's field of vision. The mob keeps moving, some finally breaking into the Base. With such a large number, Goku is unable to stop most. He stays beside Echo and engages him alone in combat though.

Echo searches for Goku but takes a nasty fist to gut, causing him to fall onto the ground. General Watson and Stiffy decide to stay behind and back Echo up against Goku. "Ahahaahah, not bad at all - Goku." Echo laughs while standing up. He puts his fists together and his body begins to grow, gaining a mass amount of muscle mass. "Deighty Form!" Echo screams as he takes a metamorphasis.

"W-what's going on?" Watson calls out to Stiffy.

"I don't know this the Commanders true power?"

Echo finally stops growing and stares at the now mini Goku. His body grew over 10 times in size, and his power is at a new level. "Hahaha, lets dance boy."

Once again, a firy red aura envelopes Goku and he flies at Echo at full throttle, in which Echo only laughs at. Watson and Stiffy stand in the background, observing the battle as the mob continues to run into the Saiyan Base, destroying everything in sight.


Time stands still for you while you think in mazes, not even seeing what is in front of you "S***, if White is dead and here at the same time, that would make him a spy. But why would he fight in a war with us? How did he take the form of White? White's techniques too? This doesn't make sense!" You scream silently before seeing the battle in front of you unfold.

Fasha is now on top of Shugesh, pummeling him into the floor. Thrigon is battling it out with Trunks, but seems to be on the losing end and Kaiba is fighting Cold in what seems to be his advantage. Maize is still sitting down at the far end of the room. "Is he just monitoring to make sure I don't try to double team anybody on his team or does he just not care about anything that's going on?"

Explosions continue to erupt around the Base and walls in the room start crashing down. You hear violent screams of rage far downstairs, perhaps even at the bottom floor. It looks like a ton of people just entered the Empire for better or for worse.

"No, I've made up my mind. I have to:

A) Stay up here and fight. I'm needed!
- Choose your opponent(s).
B) Go downstairs and find White and the others before anything bad happens. It's time I learned what the hell is going on with him!
C) Other. But what can I do?
Chapter End Notes:
R.I.P General White. Had this coming for a long time but it's still sad to see him go. :'(
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