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Author's Chapter Notes:
C. This is too straight forward to be true. It wasn't Silver, he wouldn't have made it so obvious that it was him. Honestly, he'd be a pretty terrible spy if we already suspected him from the beginning.

Explain this to them, and tell them exactly what happened. Come to think of it, he did turn the corner before we collapsed, THEN came back...perhaps an imposter.

After all, if we simply ask him to explain, he likely wouldn't have an explanation. Kiryu would take him out at that point.

4. If he cares about OUR life, and we're the enemy, surely he'd care about all the Saiyan's and other people out there being gassed.
You stare at your surroundings quietly, before letting out a large sigh and having a seat on the floor. "No, this doesn't add up. There's a bigger picture than this. Somebody is pulling my strings. They want me to kill Silver, which is why they've made it so obvious that he was the spy. But logically, it just doesn't add up. It's possible that he's just a bad spy but...I should wait things out a bit longer. Acting rash is always a bad move." You think.

"I apologize, Silver. When we were running in the hall earlier and I collapsed, I saw you come into my vision again. I don't know how long after...maybe a few minutes or 10 seconds. My vision was fading in and and out at that time.

"I never came back once I turned the corner, Commander..."

"Perhaps. But somebody who looked exactly and sounded exactly like you was in front of me, attacking me when I was defenseless. Now who could that be?"

White and Shugesh walk over to you, Shugesh still confused as to what is happening while White speaks up. "So you're saying an impostor impersonated Silver?"

"It's possible."

"I don't think it is. There is no such thing in this world as somebody who can just take the form of somebody else..." White argues.

"So you think i'm the culprit?" Silver questions White.

"I don't know. I'm just stating the facts here. Commander Kiryu says he saw you attack him and there is nothing in this world that can take the form so perfectly of somebody else. All the facts point towards it being you, Silver."

"All the facts on the table, maybe." You intervene. "But it being Silver leaves too many loose ends and inconsistencies. Why wouldn't he kill me? Why would he stay on the battlefield and fight after? Why would he play dumb after so obviously revealing himself? It doesn't make any sense unless you're just the worst spy ever.

White remains silent, thinking to himself. Chi Chi speaks up this time, "Commander, Silver was fighting with his life on the line the entire time when he could have just left the battlefield. He isn't a spy."

"Unless I just really wanted to save Jones' life." Silver voices himself, playing the devil's advocate.

You stand up and clench your fists. "We don't have any more time to waste. Silver, take Jones back to the base camp. You two are useless on this battlefield at this point in time. Recover safely." You direct.

Jones and Silver give Kiryu a nod and Silver helps him up, both nearly crippled. "What about us?" Chi Chi questions.

"You'll come with me."

Jones and Silver crawl out the broken base slowly. "By the way, Chi Chi." White begins. "What do you plan on doing with your Elites down the hall staring at us."

You and Chi Chi look over and she snaps her fingers in remembrance. "Commander, that guy with the bright yellow teeth is with the Saiyans. He killed General Big Daddy in cold blood and than offered to take us to you because you would be killed..."

"Do you need him for anything?" You wonder.

"No, I don't think so."

"Tell your Soldiers to take him and themselves back to the base camp. They aren't on a level to make a difference and it's best for them not to stay with him for too long. He's in his home field, after all."

She nods and runs over to them. "Are you ready to take me to the King, Saiyan?" You question Shugesh. He stares at you intimidated and gives a nod of approval with a little smirk on his face. You smile back, causing him to get a little annoyed. "Lets go everybody!"

The three of you begin following Shugesh through the base at a steady speed.


Pitou stares at Goku with anger for a brief second before putting his head down and standing up. "So what do you say?" Goku questions.

Pitou reveals his face from hiding and shows a great smile on him. He gently licks his lips and shows his blood stained teeth. "Ha, hahahahahaha. Ahahahahahaha!" He begins laughing uncontrollably. Goku frowns at this, but remains quiet. "You really are a rare breed. After everything I've done in my life, you want to let me go? But tell me, Goku, does trying to clean a sinned soul clean your conscious when you work under the most foul one of all? Doing everything that man, King Vegeta, does."

Goku looks at Pitou in disappointment before finally speaking up. "Take your chance and leave, Pitou."

"Answer me! How does it make you feel working under a cold blooded killer? One who would kill any one of his comrades without hesitation; joyfully even. You're nothing but a pawn to him. All of you!"


Pitou puts his hands over his face and begins laughing again, but this time he's laughing at Goku. "You're pathetic. There you stand over a control system that can save thousands of lives at the press of few commands. But no, you stop the person trying to save those lives and than try to earn your Jesus points by offering me to leave safely? Disgusting."

"It's not like that!" Goku breaks, preparing a fighting stance again. "Take your chance to leave, Pitou. I won't offer you it again!"

"Absolutely, disgusting." He says with a large grin.

Goku clenches his hands and releases his fighting stance, before falling to the ground. "Turn off the Dome.."


"Turn it off and save everybody King Vegeta plans on killing. I don't want my comrades to die from the work of the person they're fighting for."

Pitou smiles at this, but doesn't move. "No. Do it yourself, Goku. Why coward out of it halfway? If you're going to disobey your King's orders, don't half-ass it!"

Goku clenches his fists once more and stands up, running to the computer and entering some commanders into it. "Truthfully, I just don't trust turning my back to him. Who cares about him disobeying. Wait a minute...his's wide open. I can just grab the back of his neck and Absorb his power...gaining a newfound strength! Is that wrong? Could it backfire? Hmm..." Pitou thinks to himself as Goku works on deactivating the Dome, totally oblivious to his surroundings.

A) Grab Goku from the back and Absorb him!
B) Let him deactivate the computer in peace. He's helping me now, so there is no point in trying to hurt him.
C) Other?


Back At Forte Valkyrie...

Explosions and chaos continue to break out in the dark night of the Forte Valkyrie sky. The power is still disabled from the high tech technology that the Red Ribbon Army has invaded with. Rem continues to swiftly kill every intruder that came in the Forte through the plane that turned off the power, alone.

"Please, please don't kill me!" A Red Ribbon Eilte squeals.

"Then tell me what that piece of technology is that invaded the Forte's territory?" Rem interrogates while he stares down at the defeated soldier.

"It's called an Aeon. The Red Ribbon Army has been developing such technology for over a decade now, and we've finally completed it. It has the power to shut down every piece of technology that emit electromagnetic Radiation."

"Wouldn't that contradict itself and turn off its own power, rendering it useless?"

"If it did, why do you think it's working fine and dandy right now? We've been developing a new form of power that can act as an artificial power source, which the machine is running on."

"And what might that be?"

"How the hell would I know...I'm no scientist."

"So this Aeon. How many have been developed at this time?"

"That information hasn't been disclosed to many people yet. I don't know."

"How do you shut it down?"

"Haha, by destroying it."

"Well, now that you are of no use to me..." Rem says as a ball of Ki forms in his hand.


A small explosion erupts and the Soldier is no more. "I wonder how Dysect is doing in the bunker. He better be continuing his job despite this unfortunate power issue." Rem opens a door at the roof of the entire Forte and walks out onto a balcony, seeing the Aeon far up in the sky. Rem holds out his hand and fires a powerful Ki blast up into the air, colliding with the Aeon.

On cue, every light and power source in the entire Forte begin to turn on. Rem walks over to the edge of the building and stares down at thousands of Red Ribbon fighters running through the area and entering the Forte. Many explosions break down beneath from land mines that Rem has set up, but not nearly enough of them have been put down in order to hold the Red Ribbon Army out for long. They sent thousands of Soldiers, so even if all the landmines go off, it won't be able to take them all out. "They've breached the front gate. I better make the order to slow the remaining of Red Ribbon Army down with everything we have. I'll deal with everyone of them that enter myself..." Rem thinks while running down into the Forte, going to his room.


While the battle between the Red Ribbon Army and the Freeborn Military rages on above, Dysect and his team remain underground with torches so they can keep their position unknown to the Red Ribbon Army. "They're coming. Prepare the cannon." He orders a soldier.

"Yes, Commander!" The soldier runs over to the side while the rest watch him thoroughly. He lights a fuse and a large cannon fires out with a bang, smashing into the top of the bunker. Rocks and pavement begin to collapse and screams break out from the sneaking Red Ribbon soldiers.

"It's time. Back up everyone. Climb up the latter so you aren't hit."

Without fuss, the group of Soldiers begin climbing the latter and doing everything in their power to get off the ground that Dysect is standing on. He smashes his fists together, causing a loud thud and closes his eyes. His shadow below begins to bend and the tunnel begins to crackle and break down. "Darkness Glock!" He screams.

A spur of darkness shoots out of his body and flies through the tunnel, covering everything in front of Dysect up. The wave of darkness flies through the tunnel and begins to eat everything in its sight up.

The soldiers from above begin whispering to each other. "Dysect is a monster. Using that move like it's nothing. Everybody on the ground of this tunnel will die in an instant. Lord Rem putting him here was the perfect plan."

"You got that right. I'm glad he's on our side." Another says.

"And to think all the other Commanders have this type of power."

"They truly are monsters."

While the soldiers gossip from above, Dysect begins to scream in joy as the darkness sucks them all up. Finally, after several minutes, the darkness ceases to shoot out of his body. He lets out a large breath and stares at the empty tunnel with a sincere smile that has never been shown by him.

"Is it safe to come down, Commander?"

"Not yet guys." He directs with joy.

The soldiers don't fuss and continue to watch him work. He puts out his palms and closes his eyes. "Return!" All the darkness that he fired out before comes flying back to him at a tremendous speed, entering his skin through his palms. It finally stops entering his body and he lets out another deep breath, this time frowning.

"You can come down now." He says, eyeing them all like a hawk.

All the soldiers hop down the latter and land on the ground. "Commander, what is that darkness power of yours?"

"It's a manipulation of Ki to the highest degree by using all the negative energy in my entire body. I fire out a swarm of "Dark Ki" that instead of hitting the opponents outer body, it enters their inner body and once inside, it begins crushing their entire body until there is nothing left of them."


"So why do you return all that "Dark Ki" to your body?" Another questions.

"So I can continue to use all that negative energy in my further attacks. Negativity doesn't stay inside of ones self. Once it leaves, it's gone. You have no force it to stay inside of you. That's why I learned to return it to my body."

"Cool dude."

Dysect turns at him annoyed and begins walking through the empty tunnel. "But it comes at a price. With so much negativity in my body, I can never enjoy anything. I can't feel happy emotions unless I release it all from me..." Dysect thinks to himself while he picks up a phone that one of the Red Ribbon Soldiers had. He purposely made his Darkness Glock miss the phone, because he knew he would need it after.

He looks in the listed numbers and dials the Red Ribbon Headquarters. "You guys keep quiet. I have to do something here."

"Yes, sir!"

"Hoi, time to put on an act." Dysect thinks to himself as somebody picks up on the other line.

"Hello? Is this the tunnel brigade?

"Yeah! Boss, we found and captured the temporary leader of the FBM! It's their Commander Dysect!"


You, General White, and Chi Chi all continue to walk up a long flight of stairs beyond the Saiyan Shugesh. "How much longer until we get to the King?" You question.

"Not much if nobody blocks us."

"About that, Commander..." White confronts you. "King Vegeta...his power is on a totally different level than our own. Chi Chi and I will just weigh you down."

"White! We can still help. How are we just going to leave Commander Kiryu alone fighting the number one man in the entire Saiyan Empire!?!?" Chi Chi argues.

Before you can speak, White continues. "Look, I know it's a grim thing to say but it's completely true. I already saw my level against the Cold family. I was almost killed, and would have been if it wasn't for Commander Echo showing up. I couldn't even see their movements. How are we supposed to stand beside Commander Kiryu and fight if you can't even see the enemies movements?"


"We can't go..." White says, looking down to the ground.

You stare at him objectively and begin speaking, "You're right, White. Against King Vegeta, you two will only get in my way. I won't allow you two to come."

The four of you come to a halt at the top of the stairs and realize you're on a new floor, where a mountain of stairs await in front of you. To the sides, doors and doors are written down the hall.

"Alright Commander, we won't come with you..." Chi Chi finally gives in.

"I know you won't."

Chi Chi looks like she wants to say something but closes her mouth and than frowns. You hear trampling on the stairs below you and look down, seeing a brigade of Elites from the FBM running up along with Silver, Jones, and the yellow toothed man.

"Commander Kiryu," they begin.

"What is it?" You question, slightly confused.

Silver begins speaking up. "There's this...dome that's blocking the entire area out. I can't see inside of it, but I think that the entire battlefield is actually in there. Did the King do something?"

"What? A Dome?"

"Everybody's trapped?" Chi Chi looks shocked, and then begins running down the stairs at full throttle.

"What's going on?" White asks. Shugesh remains quiet, despite knowing exactly what's going on. "Go after Chi Chi," White directs the Elites that came with Silver and Jones." They nod and take the yellow toothed man and all head down the stairs.

"What are you doing?" Jones wonders.

"It's annoying having so many people in one area. Besides, them being with Chi Chi is safer since that guy with the nasty teeth is with them. The farther away he is from his comrades, the better."

"Let me go investigate this dome you guys speak of. If Echo is here and trapped though, he should easily be able to break free of it." You speak up.

"If he hasn't broken it yet, it may be because it can't be broken from the inside. Or maybe he's just occupied fighting other people!" Silver jumps in.

"Commander," White looks up at you. "Let me go with them. You stay here with Shugesh. Forget about the others right now. You have to get to King Vegeta. You don't have time to waste with some dome down below!"

"What's going on down there? Is there a point in me investigating it or should I just leave it be and continue with my mission? Damn it, I hate being ignorant!" You think in anger.

A) Send everybody else to the Dome while you go find King Vegeta.
B) Keep these three with you and head up to fight King Vegeta.
C) Keep only one with you and send the other two down.
D) Go down yourself with these three & Shugesh.
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