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Author's Chapter Notes:
C We're taking this fool with us. Show us the way to King Vegeta. He's a saiyan, he's GOT to know at least that.

1 Use our ki blade to lay on some pressure, and try to stab at him, to make him dodge towards our other arm, which we'll use to steal his technique Afterimage.

Then we can try to absorb from him if we still have him held. You know what? While he's there, why don't we stab him also? I mean, no reason we can't steal a technique while stabbing, and then start draining.

However, if he gains the upper hand, and we can't grab him, simply fool him by acting as if you're greeting someone behind him, a comrade perhaps. If we fool him, we can get a good grab on him.
"What's your name, Saiyan?" You question the defeated Shugesh.

"Sh-Shugesh." He replies with fear.

"Show me to King Vegeta. I'd like to discuss something with him."

"I...I...I can't."

"You can and you will. Now stop wasting my time." You demand.

Shugesh closes his mouth and shuts his eyes, "Just kill me. Make it quick."

"Ha...hahahahahaha," You begin laughing hysterically. "Do you honestly think you're going to be killed quickly if you can't obey my orders? I promise you your life will not be taken from me if you bring me to your King, but if you don't...these last few minutes of you life will be very unpleasant."

Shugesh clenches his fists and looks up at you, "Fine, I'll lead the way. But I recommend that you don't go up to him. He'll kill you without hesitation."

You smile and lift him up onto his feet. "I think I can handle myself. Besides...It'll be a nice little reunion."

Shugesh turns to you in confusion and shock but remains quiet. You put your hand up to lead the way and he begins walking slightly ahead of you while Chi Chi and White trail behind. "Oh right...that reminds me. Silver!" You halt the group and begin moving towards Silver and Jones, who are exiting the building through the hole Silver punched through the wall earlier.

You warp in front of those two in what seems like an instant and grab Silver by the neck. Chi Chi looks at you in shock from afar. Clenching onto Silvers throat begins to drain all his energy as he tries to pull your hands off of him. Without holding back, you smash him into the wall and bury his face in the concrete.

"Commander!!!" Chi Chi screams while sprinting over to you. White remains by Shugesh with his head down and Jones stares up at you in total confusion.

"What's wrong, Silver!?!? Are you only man enough to attack me when i'm on the ground in pain? Is that it!?!? Did you honestly think you would get away after doing such a thing? Huh!?!?" You scream at him in hatred and rage. Chi appears by your side and begins grabbing your arm, trying to pull you away from his throat.

Silver tries to speak but is unable to get words out of his mouth. "Stop it Kiryu! You're going to kill him!" Chi Chi pleads with you, unable to even budge your arm from his throat.

You drop Silver to the ground and turn to her with devilish eyes. "So what?"

"What...are you talking about Commander? I...Cau!" He coughs up blood and rolls over, still breathing heavily. "I didn't do anything to hurt you..." He finishes.

"Is this his defense? Pretending nothing happened? I expected more of him..." You think.

Time slowly passes by and Jones and Chi Chi continue to stare at you in anger and fear. They aren't happy with what you're doing. Even Shugesh from afar looks disgusted at what's transpiring. White stands beside him without emotion. "I could kill you without remorse right now. But i'm going to give you one chance to explain yourself. Why did you attempt to kill me when I collapsed to the ground?"

"W-what? I did no such thing. Ask the others!"

You put your head down while clenching your fist. Another opportunity to kill. Now what?

A) Kill Silver. The traitor had it coming.
B) Let everything go. It seems he had a sudden case of amnesia. Forget about what he did for now.
C) Other?


As time goes by, the confusion turns into rage which turns into screams and desperate attempts at escape. By now, everybody inside the Dome has realized what's happening. Oxygen is already starting to run low due to the mass amount of people trapped in such a small area for that many people.

"What's happening!?" "Help us!" "I don't want to die!" "Why King Vegeta, why!?!?" "Please let us out!" "I'll go out with a bang!" "If I'm going to die, I'll take you all with me!" "Is this the end...?"

Countless screams of Saiyans and FBM fighters all scream, hoping their calls reach somebody. Countless Generals are running up to their leader in charge, Commander Echo and begging for a way out.

"Please Commander, you have to be able to do something!" Stiffy pleads while a large cast of Generals agree.

"I'm sorry guys..." Echo begins, "I already tried to shut down this Dome. Apparently it's made of the hardest metal on Earth, Katchin Alloy. At least that's what Cooler told me. Either way, we'll just have to wait things out and hope somebody on the outside will save us. I pray that this was in Rem's calculations..."

"Commander, we're all going to die at this rate! How do you expect us to just sit still?"

"Then do whatever the hell you want! It doesn't concern me at this point. Stop b****ing at us and make use of your time. Go kill the rest of those Saiyans!" Echo snaps.

All the Generals around him begin nodding and running off into the distance, no longer wishing to be near him. Some follow his orders and fight the remaining Saiyans and some just sit down and wait things out.

"What's going on out there?" Joseph questions while sitting up.

"Please sir, rest!" Murasaki responds.

"I don't wish to rest any longer. Besides, the air feels like it's getting thinner and my lungs are tightening. Now tell me the situation!"

"It seems that the Saiyan King, Vegeta has set off a Dome that blocked everybody outside of the Saiyan Base inside of it. We can't do anything but wait things out right now. Not even Commander Echo can get us out of here it seems..."

"All this going on and you wanted ME TO REST!" Joseph screams while standing up and stretching his limbs. "Oh well. Don't give up hope so easily. We'll get out of here."

A Saiyan runs into the tent with blood written all over his face and a large Katana in his arms. "I found your camp! Time to take your Doctors life! Haaaa~!" The man sprints at Murasaki full speed and starts swinging his sword wildly. Transny looks up from a newspaper he has in his hands and stares for a moment, before looking back down at it.

Joseph steps in front of Murasaki and puts his palms together for a brief second. The Saiyans blade collapses from the air and Joseph sways to the side, followed by a knee to the Saiyans gut. The Saiyan coughs up blood and falls to his knees. Immediately after, Joseph picks the sword from his hand and delivers a devastating kick to his face. The Saiyan screams in pain and flies out of the tent, landing on his neck.

"Thanks General, but I could've handled such a weakling by myself."

"He was throwing his Katana around so wildly...It could have been dangerous. I can't let anything happen to the only guy who knows how to prepare the medicine supplies."

Murasaki smiles for a second and has a seat on a large stone. Joseph stares at him coldly and begins walking out of the tent. "Perhaps I can enjoy myself killing some Saiyans. Hah, that sounds like a great idea to me!" He says to himself while running off to a pack of near Saiyans.


Goku and Pitou stare each other down, waiting for the other to make the first move. "Fine, I'll take the preemptive strike!" Ki begins to form in Pitou's left hand in a straight, pointy form. "Ki Sword!" A large blade of Ki is formed in his arm and Goku's eyes go wide in shock.

Pitou charges at Goku with his sword out, putting pressure on his opponent with a series of quick pokes. Goku easily evades every strike that is thrown his way, but finds it very difficult to counterattack without putting himself open to be struck by the sword. Pitou continues to whip the sword at Goku until he's eventually cornered at the edge of the room.

Pitou smiles and prepares his right arm, slashing horizontally to cut through Goku, but the blade strikes an Afterimage. Unsurprised, Pitou listens intently for an oncoming attack by Goku and hears him clearly. The wind pressure changes and Pitou ducks, causing Goku's kick to hit the air. Pitou reaches up with his right arm and grabs Goku by the neck, shoving him into the wall.

Pitou begins focusing his Ki into his right hand and screams, "Thief!" Goku attempts to break free but is unable to do so. He begins to deliver blows to Pitou's stomach, trying to break free of his grasp. Pitou puts his sword up and tries to pierce Goku right through his chest. Goku throws his arm up and deflects Pitou's attack, causing a crack in his wrist bone. After a few moments, Pitou jumps back and grins wildly while Goku breathes heavily.

"What did you do to me?" Goku questions.

Pitou doesn't reply, just smiles before leaping at his opponent again. Goku jumps to Pitou as well this time and the two begin to enter an exchange of blows. Pitou continues to try and strike his opponent with his sword, while Goku throws his powerful, Ki filled fists at Pitou. The two continue to dodge each for what seems like hours and sweat builds up between the two.

"This isn't good. In a battle of stamina, I don't stand a chance since I can only fight with the sword. I'm using twice the amount of energy to dodge his attacks!"

In an attempt to break free of the cycle, Pitou jumps back and throws a blast of Ki at Goku. A roar breaks from Goku's mouth and it explodes. Smoke covers the entire area while the two move through it silently, wondering when to strike.

Goku jumps into the air and fires a massive blast of Ki. Pitou throws his arms up and blocks the hit, taking minimal damage. While doing this, Goku snuck around Pitou and leaps at his back only to go right through his body. "W-what? You know the Afterimage as well?"

Pitou reappears behind Goku and grapples his arms, putting him in a lock. "Yeah, you could say that." He smirks while putting pressure on Goku. Struggling proves to be useless for Goku. Pitou reforms his Ki Sword and puts it to Goku's neck. "Sorry, but this is the end for you. I enjoyed our battle, while it lasted."

"Damn it..." Goku says grimly, "I didn't want to have to use this technique but you've left me no choice. Kaioken!" A dark red aura envelops Goku and his power reaches a new height. Pitou continues to try and slit Goku's neck, but before he can even reach his neck Goku is already at the other side of the room smiling at him.

"What did you just do...?"

This time, Goku doesn't reply. He bursts at him at a tremendous speed and smashes his fist into Pitou's face, causing blood to spill from his lips. Pitou regains his composure for a second and Goku is already behind him delivering a back-breaking punch. Right before it connects, Pitou puts an Afterimage on and Goku's attack goes right through him. Pitou reappears behind him and slashes Goku through the back with a sword but the blade slices through nothing. A detrimental kick to the side of Pitou breaks out and he's sent flying, crashing outside of the room and into the pile of mud he stepped in earlier.

"D-damn it..." Pitou breaks out while crawling on the floor, trying to get up.

Goku's firey red aura disperses and he smiles, "Like I would let you use the Afterimage trick on me twice." He says grinning.

Rage goes all over Pitou's face as he gets up, looking like he wants to scream at the top of his lungs. "Getting tired?" Goku questions.

"Keep calm...don't let these...'emotions' get the better of me. I can do this if I just focus and think rationally. Don't be stupid...I just have to keep my calm and counterattack." The Commander rationalizes.

Goku smiles once again and puts a fighting pose on. "Kaioken!" The same aura from before returns and he flies towards Pitou at an incredible speed.

"Repel!" He screams while punching the air with his palm, causing Goku to fly back for a brief moment. Pitou jumps at Goku with his right hand and grabs him by the throat with a grin. "I have you no-"

His grip releases and he collapses to the ground, coughing up blood. Goku removes his hand from Pitou's liver and releases his fist. He stares down at his inferior adversary for a second before kicking Pitou into the skies of the room. He begins flying in the air without moving for a few seconds before Goku puts his hands together and starts speaking to himself. "Kamehameha!"

An enormous ray of Ki explodes from Goku's palms and envelopes Pitou in the blast. The blast smashes through the ceiling of the room and Pitou flies into the skies of the Saiyan Empire, before falling back down to the ground, coughing up blood and rolling on the ground like a dog in pain. Goku slowly walks over to him in his now normal state and stares at him for a moment.

"You can leave. I have no wish to kill you. The battle is over. Leave this building and retreat home." Goku directs.

Pitou stares at him with anger he's never felt before. "How DARE YOU!" He begins crawling up in rage and stares at Goku with his hands free. "Leave? Do you think this is some kind of petting zoo where you can just leave whenever you're ready! Who the f*** do you take me for!" He screams.

"Everybody should always have a choice. I'm giving you one now. Please take it. I don't wish to harm you any further..." Goku replies in an almost mocking tone.

"Giving me a choice to either die or run away? What kind of choice is THAT!" Pitou screams in his head while staring at Goku.

1) Listen to Goku and retreat the area. The battle is over.
2) Stand up and engage battle once again. I still have a few tricks up my sleeve!
3) Leap at Goku's throat with your right hand and try to Absorb him! The fool let the emotions get the better of him.
4) Try to reason with him. If I can convince him that the evil King Vegeta is the real enemy, I might be able to get out of this situation alive and save everybody.
- What will you say to convince him?
5) Pretend to listen to Goku and say you'll leave the area, but once he lets his guard down counterattack with everything I have!
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