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Author's Chapter Notes:
Choice that won:

Have Silver yell at the big ape. His huge ears should allow him to least that was the case with Lord Slug in his movie, so hopefully it'll work here. It's likely the only strategy he's got left.

A. Go after Silver and Jones

Hopefully Silver can distract him long enough for us to swoop in and save the day! :D
Shugesh opens his mouth wide and a tremendous amount of Ki erupts from within. "There's only one thing left to try. I pray that this works." Silver thinks to himself. Silver raises his mouth out wide and screams at the top of lungs, trying to destroy Shugesh's sensitive ears.

The Ki in Shugesh's mouth disappears and he screams in pain while grabbing his ears. Silver picks up a stone from the broken building and rushes at Shugesh at full throttle, still screaming. The beast doesn't notice this yet. Silver practically teleports to the side of Shugesh's body and leaps up, while taking a large breath.

Once the noise seized, Shugesh immediately reacts to Silvers whereabouts and turns to him with a demonic grin before attempting to swat him away. Silver predicts the attack and kicks his legs off of Shugesh's shoulders, causing the attack to miss. As he falls, he opens his mouth wide and screams once again causing Shugesh to stutter in his movements and grab his ears in pain.

Silver falls down and grabs onto Shugesh's furry elbow, before flipping up in the air and boosting himself up to the giant Apes head. As he gets there, he does a 180 degree flip and whips the stone he had in his hand into the Oozaru's ear, causing blood to squirt out and a massive scream from Shugesh. In rage, Shugesh smashes his tail against Silver at full speed.

It contacts Silver directly in the face and he gets sent flying while silently screaming in pain. He lands on the ground and skids across the floor, before finally coming to a stop. Shugesh grins at this and begin to load another Ki blast in his mouth.

"I won't...let it THI~~~~~~S!" Silver screams at the top of his lungs, cracking all the rocks around him with his sheer voice. Shugesh is blinded by the noise once again.


"No time to waste, I have grasped the situation. Our priority for now is to help Jones. Lets go!" You stretch your stiff legs and dash at a miraculous speed. Within seconds, you see a large Ape surface in the distance. It appears to be holding its ears, struggling to move. You put your hands together like a sword and leap at it with a violent scream. It turns to you and shock and launches a fist at your face.

You smile and drop your body in mid air, causing his fist to fully miss. You do a spiral in the air and locate the beasts tail at an angle. You throw a mediocre Ki blast at Shugesh's face, blinding him momentarily. The beast begins to rub his eyes and scream in confusion while you dash toward its tail. You put your arms back in the sword-like motion from before and jump at the tail.

"Say goodbye..." Ki forms in your sword shaped hands and you slash the Apes tail, ripping it off fully.

"Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwr!" Shugesh screams and attempts to swat you around without aim. You don't even have to move; he misses without fail at every attempt, before finally shrinking down to his normal size, naked and covered in wounds.

"It looks like all the damage we did to him has accumulated on his body the whole time. He just didn't feel the pain...sort of like Painkillers." Chi Chi remarks.

"Good observation." You compliment before looking over to the side, seeing Jones and Silver across the room, beaten up heavily. Down the hall even further, a group of Elites with a random man lay idle. You can barely see them from the distance you're at, but they seem shocked over something. Without wasting time, Silver walks over to Jones and picks him up before walking towards you.

"What should we do with this guy?" White questions. "Kill him, I guess?"

"Of course." You grin and walk towards Shugesh who is totally out of commission. He is no longer a threat in his state. He looks up at you and closes his eyes, not even trying to beg for mercy. He knows this is the end for him.

Ki forms in your right palm and you grin. "Bye...B..." The Ki disperses from your hand and you stare at him shocked. It just won't seem to form. "What is going on with my body now. This is beginning to annoy me."

A voice echoing, "Now tell me Kiryu, is this what you want your life to be...?" begins rumbling in your head while you stare down at the defeated Saiyan. "Do I have to kill him?"

A) Kill Shugesh. Keeping him alive will do us no benefit.
B) Let him live. He's defeated and wounded. There is no reason to take his life away.
C) Other?


The wind calmly blows on the ruthless battlefield as Echo and Cooler stare each other down. "So what'dya say? You still gonna chill with the bastards that destroyed your life... Or?"

"Gyua, this doesn't mean we're comrades." Cooler warns.

"Heh," Echo laughs aloud while scratching his head. "Don't wanna be partners with you anyway. You guys are f***ed. Ahahahaha."

Cooler laughs aloud with sanity and looks over to Freeza and Cold. "Father, Brother, seize the battle. We have no reason to fight anymore. The real enemies...Are those rotten Saiyans that cauki uht...ruined us."

Freeza stops his movements and turns to his eldest brother with a smile. "Not a bad idea. This way, we have a future on our own." Stiffy and Watson loosen their guard and drop to their knees, breathing heavily and sweating while Freeza doesn't have a drop of sweat on his own face.

"The difference in our power is absolutely astounding. If he was in his fighting prime...we'd be killed in an instant. I'm just glad they aren't our enemies right now. I don't think I could've held out much longer..." Watson thinks to himself as he gazes at Stiffy. "He must be thinking the same thing...haha."

Freeza begins walking towards his brother but Cooler stares Cold down, wondering why he won't cooperate. "Father, stop fighting!"

Cold jumps back from his prey and they collapse in sweat and blood. Cold begins walking over to his sword that Kaiba knocked away earlier and picks it up while licking his lips. "There is no place for me left in this World, my children. Carry on with your lives...But I...Will avenge my fallen son." Cold licks the tip of his sword, causing blood to leak out of his mouth. He grasps the blade with prowess and stares at his prey once more.

Buddy Dies Quickly and Pooface jump up immediately and look at each other in shock. "Just great, everybody else's opponent quits BUT ours!!!" Pooface complains.

"I know dude, I know. This suc-"

Cold blitzes at maximum speed towards Buddy Dies Quickly and rips his sword through his mouth. His head disconnects from his body and blood bursts out all over the ground, causing tremendous disbelief in everybody. "I will kill that Commander who killed my son...No matter what."

Pooface stares at Cold as if he's about to vomit but Cold refuses to look back at him. He simply yells, "Sword" causing the blade to disappear and begins walking away from the battlefield. Cooler and Freeza put their head down and sigh.

"You aren't goin' after him?" Echo wonders with his guard already up.

"No..." Cooler begins.

"Father has always been so illogical. We have to let him do his thing." Freeza continues.

"Aren't you sad that that other guy got killed by our friend though?" Echo wonders.

"We've lived on the battlefield our entire lives. Sacrifices have to be made. If anything, he was just too weak. Survival of the fittest is what we lived with for our entire lives." Cooler responds.

The three stare at each other momentarily before an explosion breaks the silence. Everybody in their inner circle look up to the Saiyan Base and see a gigantic wall building up off the ground.

The ground begins to violently shake as the entire Saiyan Empire begins to be engulfed inside a dome. "What's happening!?!?" Echo screams as he collapses to the ground due to the uneasiness.

"The King...he plans to kill us all..." Cooler replies with a tint of fear in his words. Echo, Watson, Stiffy, and Pooface all turn to him in shock as he says this.

"Huh? What'dya mean he plans to kill us all?" Echo responds with confusion.

"It's not that the Saiyan Base is being engulfed in this wall. It's that everything but the Saiyan Base is being trapped in this dome. He's going to trap us all in this dome and kill us!"

"S***! Well i'm not just gonna stand by and watch it happen. I'll get myself out before it's closed!" Echo begins sprinting with his huge body towards the Tower where the King resides, trying to make it before the wall closes everybody in completely. General Watson and Stiffy begin running with Echo as well, but it appears that most of the fighters on the battlefield don't even realize they're being closed in as of yet.

The wall continues to fly into the air, connecting with other walls at each side of the battlefield all with the mission to close everybody outside the Saiyan Tower in completely. Echo refuses to give up and leaps into the air, trying to grab onto the top of the wall so he can hop out but is unsuccessful. The wall gained too much distance in the air.

A loud thud explodes as the Dome closes everybody in. Echo falls from the sky and lands to the ground on his knees with his head to the ground. "I failed..."

Cooler walks over to Echo and has a seat beside him. "I won't die in a civilized manner. If you don't come up with an idea to get us out of here, my Brother and I won't go out quietly."

Echo turns his head to him with a deadly face, as if he wants to kill Cooler. "Go ahead and try you little s***."

Watson runs over to Freeza and begins talking. "Hey, how did your Brother know what was going to happen when the wall started rising?"

Freeza looks over to Watson with a frown but decides to answer him. "King Vegeta has done this in the past at least once. Of course in a more you know, tactical manner. A Warrior Race called the Anglicans attacked the Saiyans a little while ago, but when they got to the battlefield, they realized that hardly any Soldiers were there. Only grunts."


"Can't you figure the rest out? We were only watching from our cage but the King closed them all in with this same Dome, and they died soon after. Hardly any Saiyans died and the entire Anglican tribe were killed off in that same day."

"W-what!? In one day? What did King Vegeta do?"

"Nothing...he simply gassed them all to death while they were trapped in the Dome."

Fear runs through Watson's eyes and he looks up to the top of the Dome. "Oh God...this is NOT good."


The ground makes a subtle tapping noise as Pitou strolls through an underground chamber alone. "According to Rem, the control room should be somewhere around here."

Pitou steps in muddy slime and jumps up a little before frowning. He puts his shoe on the wall and begins to rub off all the grime that attached to his shoe. Once it's gone, he continues walking while looking around at all the tubes that run through this chamber. He turns a corner and sees a clean, steel door with a large lock on it stating "DO NOT ENTER!".

"Hm, this must be it. Considering it's the only door I've seen so far..." Pitou walks over to it and kicks the lock gently, breaking it down with ease. What a waste putting such a weak lock here. It falls to the ground and makes a loud noise. Pitou frowns and opens the door, seeing one large computer monitor that shows the battlefield and a bunch of controls under it. He steps into the room and freezes before continuing.

"Oh please, you guys can try a little harder than this can't you?" Pitou questions as he puts his fingers to his forehead, examining the room closely.

"Aww, how'd you know?" A cheerful voice responds with disappointment.

"Hurry up and come out. I don't have time to play games and you know this as well."

The light flashes on and a person begins walking through a flight of stairs at the far corner of the room. He has full body coverage with a orange Gi and a dark blue undershirt with the same colour belt and wrist band. His hair is long and black, pointing up like most other Saiyans. He walks over to a switch and presses a button. "There, the lasers are turned off now. So you must be my check?" The man questions while rubbing his chin joyfully.

"I am Commander Pitou of the Freeborn Military. I've come to deactivate that Dome that you guys set up."

"Nice to meet you," The man cheerfully responds. "My name is Goku and King Vegeta told me that I was supposed to stop you from deactivating the Dome at all costs. I hope you don't have any hard feelings."

Pitou smirks and puts on a strange fighting pose, crossing his arms over each other at his chest and putting his head down. "This fool seems like a naive brat. I'll exploit his weaknesses and kill him in an instant. No trouble here." The Commander analyzes silently.

Goku smiles once again and puts on a fighting pose of his own, now with a serious face of determination. "You ready?" He questions.

"Of course."

"Good. HA!" Goku jumps at Pitou at a tremendous speed with one arm out and ready to attack. Pitou smiles at this and throws his palm in the air causing the air current to change direction, pushing Goku back into the wall. Pitou jumps at Goku with one arm out and attempts to grapple his neck. Goku's eyes widen in fear and Pitou grabs him with a grin. But just as he does so, the image of Goku disappears and he stares at a plain wall.

He hears a scream of emphasis and turns to his right, taking a direct kick to the face by Goku. Pitou spirals in the air before doing a backflip and landing. Once again, Goku is gone. He takes a punch from the left side of his face this time and smashes into the ground. Concrete begins to flood in his mouth. Goku jumps back and laughs a little. Pitou slowly gets up and wipes blood off of his face.

Without wasting time, Goku rushes back at Pitou while Ki forms in his hands. "Hah, fire the attack and reek the consequences fool!" Pitou prepares for him to launch the blast but is fooled once again.

Goku fires his Ki directly at the ground causing him to fly towards Pitou at a massive speed. He sticks his head out and smashes directly into Pitou's jaw without remorse. A large crack explodes from Pitou's face and flies into the wall, breaking it immediately.

In anger, Pitou flips up and fires a parade of Ki blasts at Goku without rest. They all explode on impact and smoke covers the entire area. In the smoke, Goku's form stands still. "Another After Image?"

Pitou fires yet another blast into the smoke and just before it connects with the shadow of Goku it explodes. A loud roar is heard from Goku and all the smoke blows to the side of the room, making the two fully visible to each other.

"That bastard. He used the power of his scream to explode all my blasts before they contacted him. It appears I underestimated this guy. I better get serious."

Pitou's Technique List:

- Repel: When a projectile comes towards you, you stop it and repel it back at twice the speed.
- Absorb: You absorb your opponents Ki by grappling onto them, powering yourself up permanently.
- Thief: You grapple onto your opponent and steal a technique from them. You can only use this once per person. The technique stolen must be used by the opponent on Pitou first.
- Ki Sword: You create a blade of Ki to fight with.
- Fly: You fly like a bird!

1) Free Choice: How will Pitou continue his fight with Goku?
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