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Author's Chapter Notes:
Choice that won:

A. Dodge immediately, considering he's charging a blast. The dust likely to be kicked up will cover their actions, as Chi Chi runs to Kiryu. Meanwhile, Silver and Jones run up from the dust to distract Shugesh. Silver was his original target afterall, and the big ape won't care one's missing.

Silver's out of ki, so he's of no real help other than a distraction. Lead him out of the base, while Chi Chi wakes Kiryu. This will serve my other plan.

1. According to what was shown, Watson and Stiffy can't even keep up, even with their power levels. They, and all weaker than them should stay out of the way.

The generals should stay defensive while fighting. Try and turn the Cold's against the Saiyans. They seem to be regaining their intelligence, and perhaps we can remind them of how they've been humiliated, even if they don't fully regain intelligence. However, the generals should not hesitate to kill if they have a shot, and the Cold's have not been turned yet.

Hopefully they won't leave themselves open before getting turned against the saiyans.

And if Shugesh is brought outside, he'll meet a bunch of generals, and a pissed off Cold family, ready to reek havoc.
Oozaru Shugesh charges his Breath Blaster while slowly walking towards the three fighters. "Silver, Jones, distract the Ape and lead him out of the base. I'll go get Kiryu. You should have better luck dealing with this guy if he's in the middle of the battlefield. Be careful though!" Chi Chi directs.

The two nod and act immediately. But before they have any chance to lead Shugesh out of the base, he fires his destructive blast. It flies towards them at tremendous speed and power. "Dodge it!"

Chi Chi jumps to her left with Jones. Silver attempts to get to the right, but is unsuccessful. The Breath Blaster strikes the ground and explodes with rage. Silver, still out of Ki didn't have enough energy to fully dodge the attack. But without complaint, he begins to carry out his duty. Jones sees Silver running towards Shugesh and does the same.

Meanwhile, Chi Chi turns her back to the beast and runs off to you. When she arrives, she notices drips of blood mixed with green mucus like stuff are on the floor next to your mouth. "Ew...What happened?" Chi Chi shakes you violently but isn't successful in waking you. She slaps you in the face hard but receives no result. "Damn it, wake UP!" She punches you in the stomach with rage and seems to get some reaction, but you still stay asleep. She refuses to give up on you and continues to try and wake you up.

"Hey, Chi Chi!"

She looks over and sees that White has entered the building, about 50 meters away right now. He continues to run towards her but she doesn't acknowledge him. Instead, she focuses all her energy on waking Kiryu.

Silver rushes through the smoke with a ripped apart arm and jumps all the way up to Shugesh's face. He does a spin in the air and smashes Shugesh in the face with a drop kick. The beast just smiles and grabs Silver's entire body with a grin. Silver struggles but is unable to budge and the Ape puts his arm fully back and prepares to finish off Silver in one attack.

"Eruption!" Jones smashes his fist full speed into the Apes stomach and he coughs up blood. He drops Silver in pain and a spiral of flames explode within and ignite him. Silver lands safely and gives a nod of approval to Jones. While the beast is distracted, Silver runs to its backside and looks for an exit. Jones jumps back and focuses his Ki in both arms.

The flames disperse from Shugesh and he stares down at Jones, ready to kill. He's angry. Jones doesn't let this get to him, and lets his Ki run wild. "Rapid Fire!"

Shugesh puts his arms up to block for once and the blasts collide with his arms, doing nearly no damage. Silver throws a large stone that lays on the floor at the back of Shugesh's head but he doesn't even notice it.

"S***...Sorry Jones, I can't help you right now." Silver gives the wall a rock hard punch and it shatters, showing the battlefield to everybody on this floor of the Saiyan Base and vice versa. Not far down the hall, Silver notices a group of Elites that Chi Chi was commanding. With them, is a man with bright yellow teeth. Even in this situation he's smiling. But why?

Jones lets up on his attack, breathing heavily. Smoke covers the entire area and Jones jumps into it, taking him out of Shugesh's view. He speeds through the smoke, running to Silver and the beast turns to face him. Shugesh fires his fist down at Jones and misses. Jones escapes from the smoke and sees the Ape chasing him. He smirks and keeps running to Silver by the end of the hall.

Shugesh roars and fires another Breath Blaster. With no time to dodge, Jones is forced to put his guard up and block. The attack connects with his body and explodes with power, causing Jones to fall to his knees. Shugesh doesn't stop there though; he fires two more quick blasts from his mouth, both breaking Jones's body apart.

The Ape stares at his inferior opponent through his deep red eyes, and loads up one final blast. Jones stares up at him in complete defeat, unable to move his body at all. "Sorry guys...this looks like everything I can do."

"F***, I can't just let the guy die like this." Silver thinks to himself as he looks at the situation. "What can I do?"

A) Free Choice: Choose what Silver will do.


"What is this...Where is this...?" You think to yourself while staring at explosions and fires through your minds eye, still unconscious. You stand in the midst of a battlefield, unable to move due to the chains that cover your arms and legs. You can hear screams but can't see where they're coming from. Fires burn all around you. You see a large, black Rat run by you slowly but you're unable to stomp on it.

You scream in rage but nothing comes out. Afraid of hearing the screams of the people who are being killed, you attempt to close your eyes but to no success. It appears that they're pinned open. But what is that moving in the distance...? You closely examine it with your tired eyes and see a pack of Raven's fly by you at maximum speed, screeching all along the way.

"Why is this happening to me? Who did this to me!?!?" You try to break free of the chains, but are unable to put in any effort at all.

"This is what you wanted, isn't it Commander Kiryu?" A sadistic, yet very familiar voice echoes out from all angles. You look around in fear but see nobody in sight, once again. The screams from the battlefield settle down in an instant and everything starts to go dark.

"Huh? When did I want this to happen?" You wonder to yourself and a Snake begins slivering up your body, all the way up to your neck. It begins to wrap itself around your neck, gently strangling you.

"Before it all started you were excited for this War weren't you? Hehehehehehehe. You got what you wanted, Kiryu. War. Plague. Famine. Death. The whole package is here. Just like you once dreamed. Marvelous, isn't it?"

"No...this is anything but marvelous. But who are you? Why are you telling me this?"

"My name is Ryuki. I'm not telling you anything you don't already know either. I'm just...bringing it to the surface if you will. Now tell me Kiryu, is this what you want your life to be...?"

"...I...Don't know."

"Hehehehehehehehe," the voice echoes once again. "I think you do." A bright light flashes and the darkness begins to permanently fade out. "Funny how the things you dreamed of having for so long are never as great as you once imagined, isn't it?"

"That's it. Your voice. It was you...back then against the Oozaru's and I was frozen. You were the one who told me to master my fear, weren't you!?!? I thought you were...Conrad."

"Hehehehehehehehehe." The voice begins to fade away slowly.

Your heart thuds loud and the chains on your arms and legs begin to crack loudly. "They're breaking!" Just then, you noticed that your voice is coming back. Not only that, but it appears that this entire world is experiencing an Earthquake. The chains completely break apart and another familiar voice begins screaming for you in the distance. You stare at it for a second and smile before running towards it at full throttle.


Echo smashes his fist into Freeza but his attack is easily blocked. Freeza skids back from the power of the blow and throws a quick Ki Disk at Echo. Echo sways to the side in an instant, but is still cut due to his large body. "Damn it," Echo cringes as he takes the damage of the blade. Just then, Cooler parades toward him with his fists out. He fires them at Echo and the two go into a fiery combo, swinging back and forth between each other.

While Echo is busy, Freeza blitzes behind him and prepares to cut him in half with his deadly Ki attacks. Echo notices Freeza coming up but is unable to get away from Coolers fury. "No good, I can't get away from this guy."

"Get away!" A torpedo of Ki bursts right past Echo and Cooler and smashes into Freeza's gut, sending him back over 30 feet. As he slides back, Freeza throws the Ki into the air, causing it to disperse.

"Y-Y-You, freak ahku." Freeza rages. Echo and Cooler slow their battle down so they can get a look at where that powerful attack came from and see Watson breathing heavily with a smile. Freeza spits out blood and puts up a fighting stance. "You honestly think you'll live after that stunt?" Freeza questions.

"Haaa...haaa...damn it, these guys really are strong. He withstood my most powerful attack - the Crusher Ball."

Cooler and Echo continue to strike each other and are at a stalemate. Freeza smiles and begins racing towards Watson at an incredible speed, making sounds in the wind as he rushes through it.

"S***, WATSON GET OUT OF THERE!!!" Echo screams while turning his head. As soon as he does so, Cooler smashes him in the face with a fist loaded with Ki. Echo flies to the floor but gets up quickly.

"Don't take your eyes off the prize." Cooler grins and Echo grunts.

Within seconds, Freeza appeared in front of Watson with two Spears of Ki already in each arm. Freeza laughs and whips the Spears into the surprised Watson. They penetrate him harshly, but he manages to keep his ground. Just then, Stiffy comes out of nowhere and attempts to kick Freeza in the back of the head. Right before his hit connects, Freeza ducks and fires a quick Ki blast to knock Stiffy away.

It does just so, but Stiffy holds himself in the air for a brief second and lands gracefully. Freeza's eyes widen and he clenches his fists. "That's right. Just like your masters, I can fly myself. Hehe." Stiffy rubs his nose and puts up a fighting position similar to a boxer. Freeza, Stiffy, and Watson all go into battle with Freeza on the offensive and the others using their mind and skill to play defensively. At every free opening, the two will tell Freeza that the Saiyans are the real enemy.

Meanwhile, Cooler and Echo continue to punish each other with devastating blows. Eventually, Cooler jumps back and frowns. "This isn't right.'re going easy on me. Why?"

"Haha, guess you noticed eh."

"It's quite obvious actually. Now tell me why!"

"This is going to be a long battle...I have to keep my Ki level up so I don't want to go too hard yet. To be blunt, you aren't worth it."

Cooler spits blood onto the ground and smiles. "Is that so?"

"Ya, but maybe you would be worth it if you guys were in your prime. You know, before you started bowing your heads down and doing everything your former enemy wants of you. You're out of the cage so...why are you still obeying orders? Psh, I thought you guys were badder than THAT." Echo laughs mysteriously.

Cooler puts his hand on his chin and begins thinking to himself.


While everybody else battles it out, Kaiba and Cold continue to stare each other down as they circle each other cautiously. "You killed me SON!" Cold launches himself at Kaiba and a large Sword appears in his hands. Once he reaches Kaiba, he begins slashing the sword at every angle - attempting to finish things quickly. Kaiba keeps his cool and begins to easily dodge the wild slashes by Cold.

"Son? Is that what you call that disgusting creature. That coward. That weakling. It was better off dead." Kaiba taunts.

"SHUT U~~~P!" Cold lets a large swing down in rage, trying to kill Kaiba in one blow. A small laugh comes from Kaiba as he raises his arms and catches the sword by the sides of it so he isn't cut. A shutter squeaks from Cold's mouth but he continues to try and break free of Kaiba's hold rather than release the sword from his hands. In response, Kaiba lifts up his right leg and turns it so his boot is horizontal, turning his body slightly as well.

Ki forms in the leg of Kaiba and he releases it at full power. His leg smashes into Cold's gut, blowing the beast back into his cage. He smashes into the cold steel that once held him prison and falls to the ground without extra movement. Kaiba slowly walks toward him and Ki begins to form in his hand, throwing Cold's sword on the ground with his other.

Cold lays still on the ground, probably unconscious. Kaiba's pocket begins to rumble and he stops in his tracks, dispersing the Ki from himself. He puts his hand in his pocket and pulls out a Cell Phone. He stares at it for a moment and frowns before shoving it back in his pocket. "It appears you've gained a few extra minutes to your life. Unfortunately, I have to be going now..."

"Do you want us to finish him?" General Pooface questions.

"Try to get his sanity back. Teach him that the Saiyans are the real enemy. They imprisoned them. If you can't get anywhere with that, kill him."

"How are we going to do that? He's out cold!"

"Nah, that guy is just pretending. He's got plenty of steam left in his tank." As if on cue, Cold jumps to his feat and begins flexing his arms. "It won't be easy to beat him, so keep your guard up. They seem to be getting smarter the longer they stay out here...Hopefully that doesn't hurt us later on."

Buddy Dies Quickly and Pooface stare at Cold and put their guard up, ready to fight. "Yes, sir!" They scream in sync. Kaiba laughs a bit before putting a serious face on.

"Finally time for me to get some real fun, huh. Hopefully not too much...haha." Kaiba thinks to himself, running towards the east end of the Saiyan Base.

Tension raises between the three remaining fighters.


"Kiryu, you're okay!!!" Chi Chi chimes.

"Yeah..." You say quietly while you look around. You notice a gigantic crater in the floor that goes who knows how deep, and General White and Chi Chi at your side.

"What happened to you, Commander?" White questions as he leans up against the wall.

"I got this blinding pain in my stomach and collapsed. Everything got fuzzy after that..." You say aloud. "Oh right, that bastard Silver attacked me when I was down." You think.

"At least you're okay now," Chi Chi assures you.

"What's the situation out there? Tell me everything!" You demand as you stand up, a little tipsy at first.

White and Silver begin to tell you everything that has happened since you passed out.


A large fleet of planes land safely on the north bay of the Saiyan Base. Thousands of soldiers of all kinds begin flooding out at an incredible rate, while Pitou slowly walks out himself. He examines the area and notices a battle going on far in the distance. The main site is the large building that goes up hundreds of floors tall, which homes nearly every Saiyan in the entire army. The King is up there as well.

"If Rem is correct in his calculations, the Saiyan King should make his move on everybody very soon. I better hurry up. I'm already a tad behind schedule."

He looks up in the air and notices 8 planes are still in the air surrounding the Saiyan Base. "Hmm, I'm just so curious as to what Thrigon is supposed to do in this War. Perhaps we'll meet up soon. Nonetheless, I better focus on my job for now."


Lets Take A Look Back At Forte Valkyrie...

Rem stares at his Computer monitor without blinking. The Radar beeps and his attention turns to it immediately. "Hohoho, so the Red Ribbon Army is in the district. Looks like they are coming from the South. Just as I expected. This is almost too easy...But the real trouble will be when they get here. We're severely outranked in numbers and power. Any wrong move on my part will result in the destruction of the entire Forte...And the FBM."

Beeeep, Rem turns his attention back to the Radar and notices signals coming from the East and West as well. A mass amount of numbers in each direction as well!

"Not good. I won't be able to properly secure each area now that they are doing this. Not a bad move, Red Ribbon. But I still have time on my hands to change my plan. The problem with initiating such an obvious attack is that I'll know exactly when and where you'll be here." Rem gets up off his seat and walks over to his Mic. He puts an electronic device on his mouth which has the ability to change his voice, and turns the Mic on. "Attention Soldiers at Forte Valkyrie, this is General McGuy. Rem has left me in charge as you all should know, and I have an announcement to make."

Rem takes a deep breath and continues. "The Red Ribbon Army will be here shortly. Prepare the artillery and electromagnetic force fields. We must keep the Red Ribbon at bay while firing at them. I'll give you further orders when the time arrives. That is all." Rem presses a button on the Mic and it turns off. He takes the mask off of his face and sighs. "Can't let them know i'm still here yet. A spy could screw things over."

He takes a look out the window and stares at the dark black sky. He can hear the hustle and bustle going down below. Looks like everybody is listening accordingly and performing their duty. Beep, beep, beep, beep, beep! Loud beeps come screaming from the Radar machine all of a sudden. Rem looks over confused and rushes towards it, questioning what's happened.

He looks at it for a brief second and his eyes go wide with fear. "Not possible!" Spit and anger comes through Rem's teeth as he analyzes the Radar. On it, some type of high level machinery is coming full speed towards the Forte at a terrifying speed. Over 3000 miles per hour! "Is it a malfunction of some sort? It's moving at a speed so far beyond what the Red Ribbon is moving with for all their other forces. Even my top planes move at less than 4 times the speed. It's just too fast to be real. At this rate, it'll get to the Forte within two minutes...!"

Rem worries for what seems to be hours in his head before coming to a conclusion. He rushes towards the Mic and turns it on without wasting time with the mask. He doesn't even attempt to disguise himself. "Attention Forte Valkyrie Soldiers, this is an emergency! An unidentified aircraft is flying towards the Forte at a miraculous speed. Get the forcefield Web up and trap it mid air. Do not shoot it down! Its technology is too great for us to waste it. Go now, it's coming!"

Rem switches off the Mic and stares out the window. In the distance, he sees something zooming towards the Forte. In half a minute, a large forcefield surfaces over the entire Forte, trapping everybody in a sphere. It's near transparent, except for a small tint of white. This web is designed from fusing the webs of spiders and steel together to make an ultimate shield. It's difficult to break through and the web acts as a sticky container so you only get one chance to break through it. If you don't succeed, you're trapped.

Rem takes a seat on his chair and watches as the unidentified aircraft moves towards the Forte. In an instant, it appears right in front of the Forte and on cue, the Spider Web Forcefield shuts down along with every light in the entire Forte. Rem turns to his computer and notices that it has been turned off, as well as the Radar. "What...?"

He attempts to turn on the Mic but isn't successful. He hears a loud shatter from above him but can't see a thing. "So this is how you want to play it, Red Ribbon Army. Fine, I'll play your game." Rem puts his fingers by his eyes and closes them for a second before opening them and releasing his hands. "There, I can finally see." Rem laughs to himself and stares out the window. "I wonder what type of technology that they're using."

"Aaaaaaaah!" Rem hears scream cry out from above, so he begins walking out of his room, passing by a mirror before he opens the door. He stops and looks inside of it.

"Disabling our technology. What a dirty trick." In his reflection, dark red eyes cover his face. In the dark, you can see nothing but them. Rem opens his door and begins running up the stairs, following the screams he hears.


"So that's everything?" You question.

"Yeah," White responds and Chi Chi nods.

"Thanks for filling me in."

"Your orders, Commander." White replies.

"Hm, this is where things get tricky."

A) Go after Jones and Silver. See how things are going over there.
B) Resurface on the battlefield and fight off the Cold family among the Saiyans.
C) Go upstairs and head towards the remaining Saiyans in the Base. Perhaps you'll make it to the King himself!
D) Other?
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