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Author's Chapter Notes:
Choice that won:

1. We should have taken all his weapons anyway. As long as we don't do anything stupid, we'll be fine.

A. As for Silver. He's got no ki, and can only use Create

Run throughout the place. The more the big ape follows, the more he'll be plowing around through the building. I don't know how big it is, but surely he's doing some damage.

Take potshots at his eyes if possible, but if not, try and lose him. Either way, make our way outside. Hopefully our reinforcements that AREN'T fighting the Colds can own this ape.
New Generals Have Entered The Battle:

General Watson: 25 000 - He's the guy Echo was talking too in the last update.
Stiffy: 22 222
Aquadolf: 13 000
General Pooface: 18 200
The Bater Master: 17 000 - Sounds like a beast.
General Blue: 27 300
Pac ManTM: 15 000
Benjamin Windmore: 17 000
Dr. Fiasco: 19 200
Buddy Dies Quickly: 18 000 - Hopefully he doesn't die quickly.

(Authors Note: This list does not show all of the Generals here. Just a portion.)

Echo makes the first attack, swinging his destructive arm at the open Cold Family before him. They both easily do a small jump, dodging his attack. Without wasting time, Freeza fires a Purple Ki Blast directly out of his finger. Unable to recover in time, it hits Echo directly causing an immense pain. He takes a few steps back and watches his enemies closely. Even though they're drooling and unguarded, the power these two hold is incredible.

"Watson, Stiffy, back me up!" Echo calls. The two immediately jump into battle with Echo, though cautiously. One wrong movement can be fatal against these opponents.

"Cooler, I'll kill the big fish. You take care of the lackies." Freeza directs.

"Nu nu nu, I got the Commander. I refuse to waste my time on those weaklings!" Cooler argues.

"Well I guess we'll both just have to fight the three of them."

"How boring."

"Looks like their English is coming back," Echo examines. "Maybe that'll make them even more dangerous, assuming they get their old minds back. Watch out you two."

"Yes, Commander!" They say in sync and jump back into battle, surrounding Freeza and Cooler while Echo goes in for massive damage. Freeza and Cooler are prepared, and break their position, spreading out so they aren't trapped. Freeza smashes his hands together and a devastating Ki forms in his palms. It catches General Watson and Stiffy off guard, but Echo holds firm - examining what their next move will be.

Cooler leaps at the guarded Echo with a devilish grin. Echo notices a large portion of his body is unprotected this time, which is unusual for such skilled fighters. "Idiots, such a simple plan won't work on me!" Echo throws his arm out as if he's about to attack Cooler, but jumps in the air in a spiral instead. Two laser beams shoot out of Cooler's eyes and burn the ground, missing Echo completely.

"Bastaaa!" Cooler screams.

Echo grins and fires his giant arms down into Cooler's face, hitting him directly. He flies into the ground with explosive damage and coughs up blood. Echo lands in style and returns his attention to Freeza. Watson and Stiffy stare at Cooler and Echo confused; they weren't able to catch anything that just happened.

Freeza growls while drool squirts out of his mouth and forms the harnessed Ki in his hand into a Disk. A wicked smile crosses his face and he fires it at full speed.

"Like I'll get hit by that!" Echo laughs while swaying to the side, letting the Disk fly right past him. Freeza's smile doesn't fade though. It only intensifies. Watson's eyes light up in fear and begins screaming, "Echo, behind you!!!"

In shock, Echo turns his attention behind him and sees the Disk coming full speed back at him. He quickly gasps in fear and jumps out of the way, having it miss him once again - but not completely. Blood leaks from a cut on his left arm that he received.

"You...You've done it now." He says boldly while he stares at Freeza. Cooler stands up and grins himself, high fiving Freeza for the well done job.

Echo cracks his hands together and locks onto the two of them. He's finally serious.


On the other side of the battlefield, Commander Kaiba continues to attempt to shut down Cold and Chilled with General Pooface and Buddy Dies Quickly by his side.

Kaiba uses his vast knowledge and singles out Chilled while he lets Cold waste his time with the Generals. Once Chilled has gotten away from Cold, Kaiba begins to turn on the offensive fighting style. "His moves, I can feel them. Each attack has its own breath and I can use that breath to distinguish which attack he's going to do. He'll never hit me like this...But I have to go on the offensive and end this battle quickly. I've already spent too much time on the battlefield!" Kaiba analyzes mentally.

He continues to evade the wide open swings of Chilled until he sees an opening. But before he does, Chilled jumps back and begins mumbling jibberish to himself. Seconds after said event, the ground directly underneath Kaiba explodes with direct force. When the smoke clears, stone has barricaded Kaiba's legs in. Chilled smiles now that his opponent is locked up and runs wildly at him.

Kaiba is unable to stop his attack due to the stone locks on his legs and takes direct punches to the face multiple times. Blood begins to drip from his mouth as Chilled continues his deadly assault on Kaiba. Every punch that is delivered brings more and more anger to Kaiba. His temper is reaching its limit.

Chilled begins laughing hysterically as if he's won the battle but can't say it aloud. He delivers one more attack filled with Ki in his palm and it bursts into Kaiba directly. His head rips back and the stones holding his legs break apart. Blood spills from him as he collapses onto the ground. Kaiba slowly gets up with his eyes closed, and sharply opens them.

Chilled backs up three steps quickly, with fear in his own eyes. Kaiba stares boldly at him with his dead white eyes and begins to stand up gracefully. The fear continues to grow inside of Chilled, until he fully turns around and begins running full speed away - trying to save his life. The veins inside of Kaiba's forehead pop out and his body begins to change.

"Transform!" He screams as his head begins to grow larger and his body form begins to change. At the end of his transformation, a burst of power surges through the entire battlefield while he does nothing but stare the running Chilled down. As Chilled continues to sprint towards the cage that he came out of, Kaiba slowly puts his left hand up and a tremendous amount of Ki explodes from it.

"Kwah, ki ki, kaaa!" Chilled screams to Cold as he runs past him. Cold looks at him puzzled, unable to understand him at all. A brief laugh comes from Kaiba and he launches the blast at full power. Within a second the blast contacts Chilleds pointy back and explodes with a violent force on impact.

Once the smoke clears, Chilled is nowhere to be seen. The colour in Kaiba's eyes form back and he begins to lose his transformed state, going back to his calm and frail base. He looks around innocently and smiles. "My bad, I think I might have gotten a tad too angry." He says while laughing and brushing his hair.

Cold stares past Pooface and Buddy Dies Quickly to Kaiba, with both fear and anger in his eyes. Kaiba merely smirks at this.


"Hey, it's alright." Murasaki quietly says to the weakened Joseph while he gives him some sort of liquid medicine. "Are you sure you don't need anything, General?"

"Nuh, i'm like, totally okay. The blast barely like, blew up on me."

"Thanks for bringing him in by the way." Murasaki smiles.

"Haa, it's like, the least I could do!" Transny replies with a disgusting smile.

Joseph coughs up some blood and regains consciousness. "Am I...Alive?" Murasaki smiles and nods.

"Yes, but you need to rest right now. You'll be able to fight again soon." He reassures.

"Oh...okay." Joseph weakly replies before passing out again.


Meanwhile, back at Forte Valkyrie...

Rem stares down at the Autopsy Scientist with disappointment. "Why didn't you tell me that you were inspecting a dead body in a forbidden area?"

"I'm sorry, Lord Rem! Commander Kiryu said that you have too much on your plate right now and that you didn't need to be bothered by this so we kept it on the down-low. Please forgive me!" He begs.

"He's right. But knowledge on my organization will only help me, bitter as it can be. Next time something like this happens, inform me immediately."

"Yes, sir!"

"So how far along is the process? When will you find out the results?" Rem questions.

"I've already done all the testing. I'm just waiting for the results. It shouldn't take longer than a day at this point."

"Contact Kiryu on his Cell Phone when you find out the results. It may be of importance to him. If the Forte is still at peace, tell me as well."

"Yes, my Lord!"

Rem gives him a slight nod of approval and begins walking back to his room. "Red Ribbon Army...When will you strike?" Rem thinks to himself as he sits quietly in his quarters, playing a game of chess with himself. Two boards sit on his desk beside him, but one isn't in play as of yet.

Ring, ring ring! Rem's Cell Phone shouts out so he picks it up immediately, examining the Caller ID. Commander Dysect. "What's the situation?" Rem questions as he answers the phone.

"The Red Ribbon has made their move. The Camera's at the other end are showing a large squad of Soldiers entering through their base into the underground chamber."

"I see. Considering that, we can only assume that the majority of their forces have left their Headquarters long before now. They could arrive here as early as Midnight if they left at a fast pace."

"Yeah, it's possible. I'm cutting the line now. I don't have too much time before they travel to the end of the tunnel so I shouldn't waste any more time."

"Alright, thanks for the update."

"Later." Dysect ends the transmission between the two.

Rem looks over to his chess boards and moves a piece on the untouched board. The games have finally begun!


"Fine, I'll let you live. Now show me what you know about Commander Kiryu!" Chi Chi demands, almost as if a tear is in her eye.

The man smiles and waves his hand at Chi Chi, signalling her to follow. She does, and the rest begin walking with her. "Hey now," the man begins. "Only Chi Chi needs to be here. The rest of you can stay here until she's ready." He demands.

Rage returns to Chi Chi's worried face and she grabs him by the throat. "Don't test my patience. They follow me...or you die."

"Chi Chi sure has changed. She used to be a logical, calm, and friendly person. But right now, she's emotional, angry, and clueless. Daddy's death must have come as a shock to her...Her personality has took a full turn. I might have to take charge if this keeps up..." Jones thinks to himself while he follows the crowd.

The yellow teethed man looks around swiftly as everybody walks through the hallway. Chi Chi and the Elites are completely oblivious to his actions. "Hey idiot, don't try anything or I'll kill you." Jones instructs as he kicks him in the back lightly.

"My bad boss." The man jokes.

Everybody reaches the end of a hallway, where nothing but a flight of stairs awaits. The man begins walking up the staircase while two Elites hold each of his arms, making sure he doesn't make a run for it. After a long flight of stairs, a shocking sight comes into vision. A large Oozaru is straight down the hall, going all out to kill Colonel Silver.

Chi Chi's eyes widen and she immediately starts running to the battlefield. Jones tries to stop her for a second, but his efforts are ultimately futile. He turns to the yellow teethed man in anger and grabs him by the neck, putting pressure on him. "You knew this Ape would be up here, didn't you? Trying to play with Chi Chi's emotions because she's in a fragile state. Think we'll let you escape? Huh you freak!?!?" Jones snaps!

"I swear, I didn't know. How could I have known what was going on here if I was downstairs. You guys broke the Scouter."

"So that means you really don't know anything about Kiryu being in a critical state at all. You're just using us so you can trap us."

"Uh, ah, uhm, I swear..."

Jones gives him a slight backhand to shut him up, but due to his fragile body, his head yanked to the side almost as if it broke. "You aren't going anywhere. Elites, watch him intently. Make sure he doesn't move. I'll be back with Chi Chi in a minute." Jones directs before chasing after her.


While the war outside and inside the Saiyan Base rages on, 16 large Jets begin flying over the battlefield at a terrifying speed. One Jet is a fairly large distance beyond the others, but the rest trail behind without losing sight. The noise brutally shutters in over the base for minutes, yet nobody hears a thing. The death tolls continue to rise as the warriors down below fight to the death.

"Commander Pitou, we'll arrive at our destination in roughly 4 minutes." General John Giant informs.

"Good. Signal the others and have Thrigon's team split up. Get the men ready. This will be tricky." Pitou instructs and General John Giant nods before running to the front of the Jet and tapping into the radio machine. Pitou gazes out the window and sighs. "I have a bad feeling about this all. Perhaps this will be it. My death day..."

Seconds after, John Giant returns to his seat and 8 of the Jets split from the crowd, going to the opposite end of the Saiyan Base. They disappear from sight in a quick blink. A notice appears at the front of the Jet, signalling everybody to have a seat and refrain from smoking. Almost time to land.


"Chi Chi, wait up!" Jones screams before catching up to her.

"What are you doing here!?!? Go back and guard that insect!" She demands in rage.

"I'll take a pass on that, General."

Shock arises in her eyes and than anger. "It's Commander, idiot! Now GO!"

Jones smirks and begins to outrun her, leaving a trail behind. His speed is incredible. "Yo Silver, need a hand?" Jones calls out.

Silver hears a familiar voice and reacts in happiness, turning his head to see Jones and Chi Chi. He smiles for an instant before remembering his situation. Turning his head back to Oozaru Shugesh, he barely has time to react in time, dodging the smash thrown down by the great beast. Jones comes to a halt beside Silver and Chi Chi arrives soon after. The Ape stares at them with a smug look before smashinb a hole in the roof above them, causing it to collapse.

"S***, watch out!" Jones screams and grabs Chi Chi by the waist, jumping out of the way with her in his arms. Silver jumps to the other side. Rocks and boulders begin falling to the ground causing incredible damage.

Chi Chi holds onto Jones with an innocent smile. "Thank you."

"Yeah, whatever. In your mental condition, I didn't think you would be able to dodge the boulders." Jones lets go of her but she continues to hold before realizing that she's safe. Chi Chi blushes and pushes herself away from him, almost angrily. Jones looks at her confused and scratches his head for a brief second, before putting his full attention onto Shugesh.

Oozaru Shugesh turns to Jones and tries to stomp onto him. "Is that all you got, freak!" Jones taunts with a smile, jumping out of the way. He arrives at a 4-way intersection, seeing the front doors of the base long down the line - and on the floor near it is...Commander Kiryu?

"C-Commander!?!?" Jones calls out in shock. "Silver, what happened to Kiryu?"

"Huh?" He says shocked. "I uh, have no clue. He was with me a minute ago. Why?"

"It looks likes he's unconscious in the middle of the hallway..." Chi Chi turns to that in shock and begins sprinting to Jones, as does Silver. Shugesh looks around confused, before building up rage. He unleashes a powerful roar and tries to swipe them all away in one ground slash. Without paying much attention, they each jump up casually dodging the attack.

"Lets go check on him!" Chi Chi calls before sprinting towards you. Jones does the same, and Silver follows soon after. As they all zoom down the hallway, Shugesh stares at them in disbelief.

"Ra, Ra, RHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!" He opens his mouth wide and Ki begins to form in it. "RHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!" The beam explodes with power and flies out of his mouth at full speed. Jones, Chi Chi, and Silver all turn back in fear before it explodes in front of them all.


Jones Technique List:

- Eruption: You punch your opponent with an explosive punch causing them to burst into flames.
- Rapid Fire: You fire multiple Ki attacks at your opponent without rest.

Chi Chi's Technique List:

- Kamehameha


The smoke from Shugesh's attack clears slowly and the three Generals stand up cautiously. "You guys okay?" Chi Chi questions.

"I'm alright..." Jones confirms.

"It appears his attack just missed us. Fortunately for us."

"It didn't miss the floor though..." Jones replies while looking down beneath them. There, an enormous crater awaits in what used to be a solid hallway floor.

Oozaru Shugesh begins walking towards the three fighters with a inhuman grin on his face.

"Looks like he isn't gonna let us get to Kiryu without a fight." Chi Chi admits, finally with a serious face on her.

"So what's the plan?" Silver asks.

Chi Chi smiles and puts herself in a fighting position. "It's simple..."

Jones looks at her shocked, "Is she...back to normal?" He thinks. "So what's the plan, Commander Chi Chi?" Jones questions with a grin.

Ki begins to form inside of Shugesh's mouth once again as the other stare at him with confidence.

A) How will Chi Chi, Jones, and Silver fight Oozaru Shugesh?

1) Choose what to do with the new Commanders that have entered the battle.
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