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Author's Chapter Notes:
Okay, A wins after a close battle and Kiryu's Race is Giant.
Yippee. Now, onto the update.
You rise from your bed and yawn while wiping your eyes as you travel towards your closet.

"I should probably have a shower. After that dream, I feel so dirty." You say to yourself while walking away from your closet and going into the bathroom.

You throw your dirty clothes on the ground once they're removed from your body and turn on the shower as you walk into it. A powerful stream of water shoots out from the shower head filled with soapy water and cleans you in an instant. The shower goes through all the cycles one manually does by itself. After about 10 minutes of preparation, you walk out of your room and travel down the hallway. Nobody is around to greet you this time. You walk up a small flight of stairs and give a quick knock on somebody's door.

"No answer? What is that Loukar doing now. I suppose I'll see if he's in here..." You say to yourself as you open his door.

You walk in the room and stare down at him as he lies in his bed with a blanket covering up until his waist, shirtless with one hand under the blanket as well.

"Ugh...I'll come back later..." You say to him with an undeniable look of disgust on your face.

"W-wait! It's not what it looks like...!" Loukar calls out as you walk down the flight of stairs, ignoring his last comment.

"Things with him can wait" you calmly state to yourself, "I should get my squad ready for the trip. I'm positive that Echo and Pitou have already left. Thrigon too, if I didn't know any better."

You continue to walk down the base and take a turn into a door that says "General Cafe" on it. When you walk in, you're filled with multiple foot soldiers and some higher up soldiers as well all eating lunch and playing around.

"Listen up everybody!" You call out as everybody takes a look toward you. "I'm sure you all know of the mission that the Commanders have been sent on. Well, I'll be the final Commander leaving on this mission, and I'm here to gather some soldiers to help me in this endeavor. Now, who's man enough to do it. Hm?" You say while surveying the room as everybody looks around silently, dwindling their toes.

This of course, annoys you. "What kind of weaklings is Rem hiring right now?" You think to yourself.

"Fine...If nobody wants to volunteer, I'll choose who goes with me myself."

In a few minutes, you've picked out your squad. You chose General White (Highest rank under you), 5 Elite Soldiers, and 10 Foot Soldiers.

After picking out who you decided will go on the mission with you, you tell them to prepare for the mission. Once this is done, you decide it's time to try and tell Loukar your plan...Hopefully he'll be fully available this time.

Just as you turn around and exit the General Cafe, you see him waiting outside for you.


"Yo. Sorry about before. It really wasn't what it looked like. I swear." Loukar embarrassingly tries to cover for himself.

"Mmhmm...I'm sure it wasn't what it looked like either." You say with a grin. "But anyway, I've decided to go on the mission to deal with the Saiyans. I was just letting you know. You can stay here and guard the base with the rest of he side characters."

"You sure you want to go, Kiryu?" Loukar investigates.

"Why wouldn't I be sure? I just told you that this is what I wanted to do." You bitterly respond.

"...Okay. I don't mind. Still though, it's gonna be a huuuuuuuuuge bore guarding this lame base. Damn that Kaiba; why'd he have to leave me all alone."

"I assume Dysect left on his mission too?"

"Yeah, I think so. Not that i'd wanna socialize with that freak either way. He scares the snap outta me, man."

"Heh, I see."

"Wait...He isn't standing behind me by any chance?" Loukar fearfully whispers to you.

You can't help but laugh at that last comment. "No he isn't. This isn't a television show, Loukar."

"Uh, yeah, I knew that."

"Well, I best be on my way. I'll never hear the end of it if Echo or Thrigon beat me back to the base with their missions completed."

"You got that right. Well, I'll talk to you later. Oh...Lets leave what happened in my room this morning to ourselves, alright?"

"Heh, you wish. I'm telling everybody." You call back to him as you turn your back and begin walking away laughing at him.


An elevator rises and brings you up to the surface. Once you step out of it, a weight change in the system signals it to return back down. You see your entire squad waiting for you outside beside a large, grey van. It seems that it'll comfortably seat about 18 people.

"Are you all ready!?" You call out to them, trying to psyche them up for battle.

"Yes, sir! We won't let you down, sir!" They return with a loud cheer, all in sync. These damn soldiers must spend half their day practicing the 'Yes, Sir' routine.

"Good. Everybody get in the van. There shall be no room for failure during this mission. Your lives are at risk so look out for each other, and don't be stupid."

"Master Kiryu," The General questions you. "Do you have a plan on what we're going to do once we arrive to the South Terminal? I mean, the enemy was spotted nearly a week ago now. They've definitely moved from their old position...For all we know, we could be going into their territory. I just think we should be prepared, since our lives are all at risk." General White finishes.

"Don't worry about that. I'm not an idiot. I've figured everything we have to do out in my head." You calmly state, trying to reassure everybody on your squad of their safety.

"Thank you, sir. Sorry for my doubts." The General replies as he gets in the van.

"Hmm...People are going to die on this mission. I just know it. But...It appears that I'm so selfish that I'll take you guys anyway...For MY safety." You think to yourself while walking into the front seat of the van unknowingly. But before you go into the van, you take some sort of box out of your pocket and place it in the trunk of the van at the back. "Heh, this will surely come in handy for later."

A Foot Soldier starts the car, and it begins to drive away after a loud vroooooooom.


Hours pass by as you speed down rural areas looking for Saiyans with a built in radar in the van that detects all Ki in a 30 mile radius. You stare down at a map that you created during the drive which shows all the areas the Saiyans could be.

"They couldn't have left the South Terminal Bay as of yet. Even with the most advanced technology, it would still take over a week to break through our defenses and force fields. Though, those damn Saiyans can fly, which would complicate things. But we originally found them on land when our soldiers confronted them, so perhaps these Saiyans can't fly? Or perhaps they can and this was just a ploy to make us think that? No, that couldn't be it. Nobody can properly breathe let alone fly at over 30 miles in the air. We'd have detected them by now. But since we haven't detected any of them yet...It could mean one of two things. They headed to the East or West Terminals in which case, Echo or Thrigon would have run into them. The other possibility is...They haven't left the South Terminal as of yet. But why? What's the point if they know we're coming for them? Something deeper than what appears is going on here..."

"Sir, SIR!" The soldier driving the car calls out continuously to try to get your attention.

"Huh? What is it now? I'm thinking!" You yell back at him, clearly annoyed.

"Sorry, Commander Kiryu. But something funny is happening with the radar. It seems to be malfunctioning."

"Hmm?" You say, still puzzled as you look over to the Radar. "What The Hell!?"

"I know..." The driver replies in fear. "Is it possible for them to be so many?"

"Yes...But how did they appear so suddenly? There are hundreds of them and they completely surrounded us. If we continue to drive to the south terminal, we'll meet
up with them. However, if we turn back we'll be punished by the surrounding force behind us."

"Sir, please give us your orders!"

You lick your lips and devilishly smile. "Stop the van."

"What!?!?" All the soldiers scream in sync once again. "You...You can't be serious, sir."

"Are you questioning my orders!" You scream out to them while clenching your fists violently. "I know what I'm doing! There's a reason why I'M the Commander and you all are nothing but lowly TRASH. Now stop the van!"

"Yes sir!" The driver calls out, scared out of his mind. Once he stops, you step out of the van with your entire squad.

"Driver," you call out, calmed down. "Tell me what the radar detects."

"A total of 232 life forms have been detected. If they continue going at this speed, they'll reach here in just over half an hour. It can't detect their battle power in this large of a group though."

"Good. We don't have any time to waste then. You open the trunk of the van and open it up. Inside, nothing is there but a small, compact box. You throw it on the ground and it explodes with smoke around it. There before you, a tower filled with land mines appear from the box.

"Ahh!" The soldiers scream out. "What is that, Commander Kiryu?"

"It's called a Capsule. They are very rare and expensive to get a hold of. Especially for people outside of the Red Ribbon Army."

"Red Ribbon Army?" General White questions. "How do you have one then, if you don't mind me asking?"


"Doesn't matter. Enough talk though. We have to set up our battle grounds." You say as you pick up the empty capsule. "Move out and plant them about 200 meters from the car.
Space them out about 50 meters apart each. This way once one of them goes off, it'll detonate them all at full throttle." You smile at how things are turning out.

"This won't kill all of them, but it'll put an enormous dent in their numbers and weaken them severely. Still though, even I didn't expect a scenerio like this.
Heh, I wonder how things will turn out."


"Chaaaaaaaaarge!" The Saiyan leader, Nappa calls out as an entire army of Saiyans charge full speed. "We've completely sealed their movements! Even Kiryu, the so called "King" of battle commanding won't be able to stop us now. He fell RIGHT into our trap. MY trap. Ahahahahahhahaha" Nappa laughs as if the battle has ended.

"Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!" The Saiyans roar as they close the distance between you and your squad.


A huge explosion detonates and hundreds of Saiyans scream in fear, pain, and terror.

"Naaapaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! What's....WHAT'S GOING OOOOOOOOOOOOOON!?!?!?!?!?" Their elites scream out right before their obliterated.



"It appears the fireworks have begun," You triumphantly state with glory as rapid explosions take place all around you. "The fools didn't know what they were getting themselves into."

"What did you say, Commander Kiryu!?" You soldiers yell back at you, unable to hear anything due to the massive explosions.

You don't even try to talk over it. You just sit back and enjoy the show, with a huge grin on your face.

~After about 15 minutes of raw explosions, the smoke begins to fade away.~

"Driver, what does the radar detect now?"

"There are...19 life forms alive. The most powerful of them being at a high level of...4200!"

"Heh, not bad. I wonder which one managed to maintain such a battle power after said explosions. He must have been quite powerful prior to the damage, but he's nothing to me. General White could destroy him at that level with ease."

Light flashes immediately after you say that and a huge ball of Ki appears in the sky.

"Awww..." You cover your eyes as the light momentarily blinds you. "What do these Saiyans have up their sleeve now?" You angrily roar.

Your vision comes back to you and a fleet of gigantic Apes are summoned before you.

'Dun...Dun...Dun' Your heart repeatedly pounces as you stare at them in terror. Memories of your battle with King Vegeta begin to morph in your mind while you back up

"No...This transformation...Again?"

"Commander Kiryu, please give us your orders. The Saiyans appear to have transformed into Apes. The Radar has showed a massive increase upon all of them and the highest battle power now is 37 000! However, their still severely weakened and we have time before they reach us.

"Haaa...Haaa..." You continue to breathe heavily as your body shakes dramatically, unable to move.

"ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR," the Saiyans scream as the begin to smash the ground and run full speed towards you.

"Why...Why can't I move? I'm stronger than them...But...I'm stricken with fear? Why is this...Happening to me. Why now? Without my help, my squad will be crushed. I have to help, but...I CAN'T!"

"Sir! Sir! Please respond! We need your orders. The Saiyans are closing in the distance and our battle powers are completely outmatched. Sir, SIR!" The soldiers continuously scream out, but it proves to be of no use.

Commander White yells out, "Ugh, ****! Commander Kiryu seems to be frozen still. It might be an attack from the enemy. Either way though, I have no choice but to take charge! Everybody, scatter around them. We have to hold out while Commander Kiryu is unable to fight! Lets Go!

A) Perform a ruthless assault on the apes with all your troops. Try to pick off the weakest ones first.
B) Free Choice - Decide on your battle plan.


Team Technique List:

General White - Human:
10,000 Fists [Thousands of quick punches all shot within seconds]
Solar Flare

Your Squads Battle Powers:

General White: 19 000
The Elites: 5000 each
Foot Soldiers: Between 500 - 2000

Authors Note: Uh oh! Looks like Kiryu is unable to fight at the moment. Good luck trying to come up with a battle plan to get through this problem. Think outside the box and be creative.
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