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Author's Chapter Notes:
Choice that won:


3: Perhaps he knows who the spy Kiryu mentioned is?
If he tells us anything interesting, we repay him by knocking him out.
If he doesn't, he's done for.
Either way, if we learn of Silver's betrayal, we should stay behind to guard those left alive from the rest of the Saiyans, until reinforcements arrive. Unfortunately Kiryu will have to wake up on his own.
"I'm not a killer?" White questions with a grin. "It appears you've mistaken me for somebody else..." He continues.

"Please, don't kill me. I'm a good person...Cau," Taurus coughs up blood.

"Tell me, Saiyan Taurus. Is there anything you know about spies being in the FBM?" White questions.

"I don't." He replies boldly.

"How unfortunate...I suppose you're of no use to me then. I hope you had a good life, Saiyan Taurus..." White states as he puts his right palm out and begins loading a Ki Blast, ready to exterminate Taurus.

"Wait, noooo~!" Taurus screams with pain all over his face as White unleashes the blast, blowing Taurus away. His body drops to the ground still. He's finally dead. White went overboard with his attack and blew Taurus's head clean off.

White smirks and begins walking away, towards the former Plaza Gate. "I have nothing more to do here. Maybe Kiryu needs some help back at the Saiyan Castle...Aha." White laughs and begins jogging through the battlefield. The War rages on and blood continues to shed.


"So what's it going to be, women!" The man with bright yellow teeth in the laboratory laughs sadistically as he holds the Ray Gun at the side of Big Daddy's head.

Chi Chi stares directly at his cold eyes with tension in her own for a second, and finally relaxes. "I'm sorry, Big Daddy. Your effort is greatly appreciated. I assure you, we'll give you a proper funeral once this War is over. I can promise you that much."

Daddy looks at Chi Chi shocked, and than smiles dearly. "Thank yo-"

"FOOL!" The man screams and pulls the trigger on the Ray Gun. It violently absorbs into Daddy's skull and he drops to the floor in pain.

"Ah, ahh, what is HAPPENING!?!?" Big Daddy screams and his head implodes ruthlessly in the middle of the room. His corpse collapses to the ground and Jones shutters and turns away. Chi Chi puts her head down for a second before raising it with charisma once again.

"Elites, seal this mans movements up immediately!" On cue, every Elite under Chi Chi's control jumps into combat and rushes the sadistic scientist. Within seconds, his movements are completely concealed and the Ray Gun out of his control. Without wasting any time, Chi Chi turns to the Saiyans grand Radar and begins gathering Ki. "Kamehameha!" She screams and launches it at the computer system, exploding everything abruptly. Nothing is left but a hole in the wall now.

"Madam Chi Chi, what should be do with this guy?" One of the Elites questions as they all hold the man as a team.

She stares ruthlessly at the man with a deep frown. "Kill him." She boldly claims with anger in her voice.

Jones looks at Chi Chi with shock in his eyes and grabs her shoulder. "But Chi Chi, we can interrogate him to get answers."

"I don't want his pathetic answers to cloud our knowledge. Now KILL HIM!" She screams with rage while throwing Jones' hand off of her shoulder. This is the first time she's been truly angry. Still in shock, Jones stares at her in disbelief.

"This anger...She's not fit to be our leader. Not right now at least...What will her next order be if she's being so ruthless right now?" Jones worries, silently.

The Elites stare at Chi Chi for a brink second and than follow through with her order. One of them puts a knife to the mans throat and prepares to slice it without remorse.

"KIRYU WILL DIE!" The sadistic scientist screams and everything comes to a quick pause. Chi Chi slowly puts her hands out to stop the Elite from slitting his throat and softly replies.

"What did you just say?" She questions, now worried to exhaustion.

"Let me live, and I'll tell you everything you need to know in order to save Kiryu."

"What do you mean, "save Kiryu"?" Chi Chi investigates.

"I saw him on the bases Scouter before you blew it up. He's in trouble and will most definitely be killed very soon...But I can help you with that. Under the condition that you let me live of course." He pleads.

"H-how do I know you aren't lying?" Chi Chi vulnerably asks.

"Hehehe, you don't!" The man smiles once again with pleasure and his yellow teeth bright up the lightened room.

Thoughts race through Chi Chi's mind as she wonders what to do. "I must save Commander Kiryu at all costs. But is he lying? Why would he lie!" Emotions continue to rush through her brain as Chi Chi continues to panic. What should she do?

1) Trust the man. Even if he's lying, it's best to save Commander Kiryu at all costs!
2) Forget Kiryu and kill him. Who knows what this freak will do if we let him escape.


"WHERE ARE YOU!?!?" Shugesh roars as he looks around for Colonel Silver, who's hiding underneath the rubble of the broken wall.

"This is good. His rage has built up and I have full control over the battle. This battle is over!" Silver smiles and continues to use the Rock Doll he made in order to attack Shugesh.

Shugesh turns to the right and sees nobody there. Just as he does so, a rock hard rock comes flying full speed into the left side of his open skull. Blood drips from the weakened Saiyan and he drops to his knees in anger and pain.

"Fine..." Shugesh states as he stops trying to find Silver.

"Hmm? What's he doing...?" Silver wonders.

"I've had enough of this. If you're going to continue to hide, I'll just destroy EVERYTHING!" Shugesh screams and stands up once again. "King Vegeta, please lend me your skills and grant me the power to begin metamorphosis!"

"Very well, I shall lend you this power." A voice echoes from the ceiling.

Shugesh smiles and puts his arms up as if he's about to hug somebody. "Thank you!"

"What is going on?" Silver wonders.

A bright light flashes and Shugesh's heart beats loudly. Thud. Thud. Thud. Shugesh's eyes turn snow white and his size begins to grow as his clothes rip off. Nothing stays on except for his elastic armor.

"What...NO! Is this the transformation that Saiyans are able to achieve. The legendary Oozaru!?!? Not good...I'm going to be killed..." Silver worries as he shakes still.

"ROOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAR!" Oozaru Shugesh screams as he completes his transformation and smashes through the roof of the entire floor.

"No no no, I'll have to have him break the Doll!" Silver throws his Soul Rock into the head of the Oozaru but he refuses to budge. It's hard to tell if he even felt the stone smash into his face. "Ra!" The Stone flies full speed to the ground, right beside Shugesh's gigantic foot. "Just step on it you overgrown freak!" He cusses in his head.

Oozaru Shugesh turns his head to the pile of rubble that Silver is hiding under and picks up the largest stone, revealing parts of Silvers body. The Ape smiles and he continues to throw the stones around, knowing full well that Silver is there. The beast roars as he unveils the last stone, leaving Silver wide open.

"This is it! Go!" Silvers Stone flies full speed into the Oozaru's knuckle and it cracks. Shugesh stares at his knuckle and flicks the stone that was jammed in his knuckle away. The stone shatters into hundreds of pieces. "I can control myself again!" Silver smiles and begins running from the violent Ape.

"Ro, Ra Roo ROOOOAR!" The beast screams as it slams its hand on Silver. Just before it connects, Silver notices it and immediately jumps out of the way, avoiding it by inches.

"S***, this guy isn't joking. How am I supposed to get out of here!?!?" Silver wonders as he looks around, seeing nothing useful. "Daamn It!" He screams aloud.

A dark grin emerges on Shugesh's face and he slams his fist down once more, attempting to kill Silver.

How Should Silver Escape?

A) Free Choice.


"The worst has happened, my King."

King Vegeta turns around from a chair that is moderating the entire base with a sick smile on his face. "Is that a fact, Fasha?" He questions the Saiyan.

"I'm afraid that our Scouting system has been destroyed. The enemies reinforces can arrive anytime and we won't be able to do a thing until their attack is already over. It puts us in quite the situation. On top of that, Turles has been ripped apart by their Commander in charge, Kiryu. And finally, Taurus has just been killed. He fought well considering the quantity of his opponents, but in the end...he couldn't win."

"Taurus...That idiot lived and died a fool. He's complete waste. Him dying has only bettered my army."

"Can you please elaborate, my King?"

"He tried to win a fight he knew he couldn't due to his pride."

"To be fair my King, you could have warped him back in the large time frame we had after he unleashed his Super Explosive Wave."

"No, I wanted to see how he would react before death. He failed his test."

"If you don't mind me asking..."

"He begged for mercy and cried before he died. That man is pathetic. He's no Saiyan. He's nothing but a low grade loser."

"Even so my King, his Battle Power broke 50 thousand and he just surpassed his wall. I'm positive that he could have gotten stronger if he continued to train and stayed alive."

"And?" The King responds, annoyed.

"Nothing, my King. I apologize for my rudeness. Please forgive me." Fasha bows down to him apologetically.

"Fasha won't you be a dear and grant me this favor. My legs have grown tired sitting in this chair."

"Anything, my King."

"Call the Cold family from the basement. I believe it's time that they made their appearance in this war."

"Are you positive, my King? Even before the Freeborn Military reinforcements arrive. It might be beneficial if you-"

"Silence!" The King screams and slaps the unprepared Fasha in her smooth face. She flies across the room and lands on the other side abruptly, bouncing twice before finally settling. A blood trail leaks across the floor but she begins to stand up almost immediately, shaking all the way. "Follow my orders you pathetic piece of trash. Unless you've made other plans that involve me killing you?" The King grunts as he flips his chair around, still sitting.

"I'm so sorry, my King. I'll never disobey you again. Please, I beg of you, forgive me!" Fasha begs while bowing to him, fear in her voice.

"Call the Cold Family. Have those disgusting creatures on the battlefield in 5 minutes. They have but one duty: Kill everybody." A wide grin appears on the Kings face and he begins laughing slowly to himself.

"Yes, my King." Fasha relieves herself from her bow and begins walking out of the room while holding onto her injured cheek.

King Vegeta puts his left hand on his forehead and begins shaking his right leg subtly with anticipation. He takes a deep breath and smiles once again as he looks out the window, staring down at the war going on beneath him. "Everything is going according to plan. This is almost too easy. Foolish Rem. Is this all you have?" The King puts his hand onto a chess board and moves a Saiyan looking piece that represents the Queen. Looking down at the board, Vegeta has a checkmate against his opponent - Rem.


White continues to sprint down through the ruthless battlefield, making his way to Kiryu and the others as fast as he can. Once again, the ground shakes in despair and he loses his balance, falling onto the ground. "What the...?" White thinks aloud.

Before he can get an answer out of himself, he sees a Gate connected to the Saiyan Base open. 4 Creatures each wearing chains along their arms, legs, and neck all begin walking out with shallow grins. "What the F*** is THAT!?!?" White worries and begins backing up. As the creatures continue to walk out of the cage, it's clear that the chains have been cut off of them.

"Brother Freeza, I can feel the fear inside that man over there. He can feel our power." One of the creatures speaks up.

"Yes, I can feel it too, Cooler. Lets kill him!" The tongue comes out of the two of them and they begin sprinting at near lightning speed towards White. In seconds, they're both within arm reach of White. "Die mortal!" The creatures scream as they leap at White.

Just before they reach him, the ground shakes once again and White falls forward, causing them to miss. The two creatures turn their wicked self around and fall onto the ground soon after. The Earthquake this time is much larger than all before. The ground continues to shake and rip open from the bottom.

"What's going on!?!?" White worries.

A large piece of machinery surfaces from underground with Commander Echo inside. "Is that the infamous Mole that only the FBM knows how to create?" White gasps.

The Creatures begin to growl as they look at it in confusion. Just then, 9 other Moles come sparking through the ground at different areas of the battlefield. Echo steps out of his Mole and stares at White with a grin. "Hehe, looks like you just seen a Ghost. Need a hand?"

White smiles joyfully, "Reinforcements...are here." Men begin flooding out of the Moles and start to partake in the battles going on all around them. Echo throws his hand to White and helps him to his feet.

"I take it these guys right here are the infamous Cold Family." Echo puts up his guard and stares directly at them. "Be on your guard. These guys...are nothing to laugh about." Echo warns White.

Kaiba walks out of one of the Moles himself and looks around at the Cold Family nervously. "Echo..."

"I know, I know. I'm fully aware of the strength these creatures possess." A large team of Elites, Frontier Agents, and Generals all run to Echo and White's side.

"Good, then don't go easy on them." Kaiba warns. "I'm still shocked that the Saiyans were able to capture and control this monstrous race."

"Commander," one of the Generals behind Echo begins. "Who are the Cold Family?" He wonders.

"They used to be demons of War. As a group, they would kill thousand upon thousands of people without remorse. They used to be very smart and cunning creatures, that just loved to start problems in the world. Eventually, King Vegeta from the Saiyan army got fed up with them and decided to take care of them. It took a lot of men and effort, but he managed to do it. I suppose he decided to capture and recruit them instead of just killing them. It buffed up his War greatly, but in fear that they would escape they must be kept at the base to be guards."

"Hmm...'smart and cunning'...they look like wild animals to me." A General wonders as he studies them.

"Yeah, I guess being in a cage for so long finally got the best of their mind and they turned...well, dumb."

"Either that or the Saiyan King is drugging them." The General finishes with a smirk.

"Heheh, yeah."

Drool drips from the mouths of the Cold creatures as they smile uncontrollably. Kaiba locks his target onto the two that are still by their cage - his motive clear.

A spark of light flashes and Kaiba appears beside the two creatures still by their cage. "Hey, you guys ready?" He says with a smile on his face.

Both creatures turn to each other and nod crazily. "Are you ready, Cold?" One says with a smile so large it's almost fake.

"Of course, Chilled." The other agrees.

Kaiba puts his guard up and studies the two cautiously. "Hey Echo, you got my back?" Kaiba calls back.

"Damn straight I do. You better have mine."

Kaiba smiles for a second and than looks back up at his enemies, fully ready. Echo does the same. All the Generals around the area begin surfacing the area, trying to be a help rather than a burden.

A dribble of spit drips from the creature, Freeza's mouth and he leaps at Echo with a smile, Cooler following soon after! Cold and Chilled do the same to Kaiba.

The battle between the FBM Commanders and the Cold Family begins with a bang!

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