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Author's Chapter Notes:
Choice that won:

I believe Joseph should stay defensive. Taurus is pissed and determined. We must dodge his attacks, and since he's already been impaled, he's losing blood.
The fool will be too busy attacking, and slowly his strength will fade, as will his blood. It's a really nice tactic.

Hugo should recover shortly anyway, since he wasn't paralyzed long. Taurus was foolish enough to leave him alive. Hopefully we can fire off another Lucky beam, and HOPEFULLY it will work. (I'm a gamblin' type). You know what they say, third time's the charm.

White will go to the home base to check on it. Of course, he'll come by Joseph and them, unless Hugo DOES hit, and Taurus is already finished. Otherwise, he can help out as well. I believe he's fairly strong, and without much damage, he can turn the tide against Taurus.
Silver will come with Kiryu, since I don't trust him, we keep him close. Be wary of him, and don't let your guard down. IIRC our mission is pretty much complete. So we make our way to Chi Chi, and make SURE that radar system is destroyed. Otherwise they'll see our forces coming!
"White, return to the base camp. I have a bad feeling that something is going down there. Either way, you can support them all and make sure that the front gate is broken down. Don't let me down."

White stares directly at you and nods, "Yes sir!"

"Silver, you're with me. We'll go back up Chi Chi ourselves. She has an important mission and I don't know if she can handle it herself so we have to go NOW. C'mon!"

"On my way, boss." He agrees and the two of you go running towards Chi Chi and her crew.

"Oooww....Am I running low on Ki or something? I feel...light headed. Ugh, there's no time for stomach aches in a war!" You think to yourself as Silver and you continue to run towards Chi Chi.

"So this is the entrance to their home?" Silver begins, "I wonder why it's so quiet."

"Yeah, something is off." You agree. "Nonetheless, if we go in here Rem told me that Chi Chi would be in the west wing."

"Roger that."

"Lets go!" You lift your right leg up and smash down the front door. Inside, a long pathway awaits that seems to have an intersection about a hundred feet over. Every few feet, there are doors side by side - almost all closed. While you examine the area, Silver begins running down the hall at full speed.

"He's hasty. Better not let him get too much of a lead..."

You sprint down the hall after Silver and the intersection gets closer and closer. "Make a right over here," you direct.

"Got it." Still slightly ahead of you, he turns down the hall and disappears from your sight momentarily.

"Die, f***er!" A Saiyan jumps out of one of the open doors and punches you in the face which causes slight damage, making you fall onto the ground. He grins at this.

"Do you want to die?" You question as you get up.

"Hehehehehehehe," he laughs maniacally.

You roll your eyes and clench your fist before teleporting before him and grappling his throat and applying pressure on it. He starts squealing as he attempts to break free but has no luck. He's lifted up so high that his arms won't even reach any part of your body other than your own arms.

"P-Plea..." He quietly says before drifting off. You drop him to the ground only to hear a quiet 'thud,' and spit on his corpse.

"Pth, don't waste my time." You turn around and freeze for a second as an immense pain implodes from within your stomach. "AH, AHHHH!" You scream aloud as you hold yourself tightly, collapsing to the ground in pain and agony. "What is...happening inside my body?" You try to say but can't get the words out.

You collapse to the ground in a ball position and your body begins to tremble in pain. Your eyes begin flickering from this world and the dream world. Just then, a man with sharp red hair approaches you with a demonic grin.

"S-Silver?" You question in a weak, quiet voice.

"Yeah, it's me boss. I came for you." His smile only sharpens as he walks towards you, clenching his fists. His eyes widen and he whips his leg back and throws it forward, kicking you in your stomach causing an explosion of pain. You cough up spit and scream silently.

"W-what are you doing?" You question with puppy dog eyes.

"Showing you my true colours, idiot. Now roll over and die!" Silver continues to kick you as you lay on the ground, totally defenseless. The ground quakes from below you two and Silver loses his balance momentarily.

"Damn it, Saiyans are coming. They'll deal with you, former Commander Kiryu. As much as I wish I could rip out your throat myself, I'll leave it to them. Guess I'll go help Chi Chi now. Hahaahaha!" He kicks you in your unguarded face and you lose consciousness for a second. When your eyes pop open again, Silver is nowhere to be seen.

Your eyes lose the strength to stay open once again and begin to close. Noises from below you continue, but nobody is coming...for now.


"Face it fool, you can't stall forever!" Taurus laughs as he continues his rain of attacks on Joseph. Blood continues to leak from his torn body.

"He's right. Even though he's impaled, I can't see nor feel any signs of his power dropping. His stamina and tenacity are incredible." Joseph thinks to himself as he ducks a wide open fist thrown by Taurus and delivers a hard blow into the hole in Taurus's chest causing him immense pain.

"Ugh, damn it!" He screams and rushes at Joseph once again.

"Is this really all you got, fool!" Joseph begins to taunt so he can get under Taurus's skin. "It's my only chance!" He thinks.

Taurus goes in for a series of punches but Joseph manages to evade his way through all the attacks with mediocre difficulty, counterattacking at every chance he got.

Rage continues to build up into Taurus until he finally calms himself and jumps back a few feet away from Joseph.

"Fine, I'm done with playing into your hands..." Taurus stops attacking and rips a piece of his undershirt off and ties it around the gaping hole in his chest. The blood flowing out of him stops for a second, but than continues at a slower pace. He spits blood on the ground and grabs his chest in slight pain.

"Damn it, he knows my plan."

"Of course I do you idiot, I've already demonstrated that I can read minds. No plan can defeat me so just lay over and die. You've done well stalling, especially considering your weak Battle Power in comparison to mine but no longer will I allow you to live." Taurus smirks at that last remark and begins to form Ki around his body.

Joseph's eyes widen in fear.

"Damn it...Such bad luck today." Hugo sighs as he stands up, conscious of his body now. "Oh God...what's with all that Ki emitting from that Saiyans body? It's unreal! Joseph...If he's struck with it, he'll die in an instant as well as almost everybody on this battlefield. I have to stop him before he unleashes it...Should I take another risk?" Hugo contemplates while looking at his hands. "I won't have any Ki left if I do it and miss, but if I don't do it I might as well just kill myself because he'll kill me any second now anyway. I have no choice, Lucky Beam!" Hugo fires out all his remaining Ki into his last resort attack and it flies at Taurus at a miraculously slow speed.

Taurus bats his eye to the incoming blast and shakes his head. "Fool, I'm not positive what that attack does but it isn't going to work." He holds his Ki attack back and jumps back, easily dodging the Lucky Beam (I actually flipped a coin 6 times...I got tails all 6, lmao).

"No, I failed..." Hugo thinks to himself before a jolt comes through his body immobilizing him once again.

"Now that THAT'S out of the way, I'm going to end this once and for all!" Taurus roars. An abnormally large aura of pink Ki wraps around him and the ground begins quaking as it breaks apart due to Taurus's miraculous power.

"AAAAaaaaHHHHhhhh!" Screams break out from the remaining FBM and Saiyans that are around the area as the blast begins to ignite nearly everybody within the base camp.

"Barrier!" Joseph screams immediately before the blast blows everything to pieces.

"Ahahahahahahahhahahahahhahahaha!" Taurus laughs hysterically as his attack comes to life.


"Hyashishishishi, hyashishishishi." The man in the chair with bright yellow teeth laughs as Chi Chi and the others stare down at him.

Chi Chi looks around the dark room carefully and examines it as he laughs. Above everyone shows dim light from the broken hole in the ceiling which gives this room the slightest bit of light. Just beside the hole, a light is still intact which might be turned on by some sort of automatic action by the looks of it. In front of the group, several computer monitors with quite advanced technology equipped to them is there. That must be the radar. To her left, an open door awaits that leads into a hall. Behind her, a pile of crates that all look like there could be something inside of them sits still. Finally on her right, a plain brick wall with a large red button awaits. I wonder what that activates.

"Our priority is to break the Radar. Don't let this old fool stand in our way. Lets go everybody!" Chi Chi directs.

The red eyed man stands up with a grin still painted on his face. He snaps his fingers and the light flicks on in the room. Big Daddy whips out a Gun from his chest pocket and fires at the man immediately. The bullet flies at an incredible speed and rips through the mans chest. It pierces through him as if he was transparent and hits the wall straight behind him.

"Huh!?!?" Big Daddy gasps.

"Very rash move of yours, General Big Daddy. And here I was hoping to play with you scumbags a little longer." The mans voice sparks from behind everybody. Chi Chi, Jones, and the remaining 6 Elites turn around in shock to see that same person holding some sort of advanced gun to Big Daddy's brain.

"Sorry you guys...Looks like i'm nothing but a burden now."

"H-How is that possible?" Chi Chi asks, worried.

"The person you saw sitting in that chair was nothing but a hologram. I saw you all coming. I wouldn't just sit here without a plan brewing myself."

"Where were YOU hiding then?" Daddy asks, annoyed.

"Just behind the crates. The loud gunshot made it easy to just walk out and over here. Now I warn you all, what I have here is no ordinary Gun. It's specially developed Ray Gun made by the Saiyajin Empire. No bullets come out of it. A Ray comes from it and implodes the body from the inside. What do you think would happen if this mans brain exploded right here and now?" He questions with a yellow grin.

"S***, what am I going to do?" Thoughts run through Chi Chi's mind as she stares blankly at Big Daddy and the evil man.

"So what's it going to be? Do what I say, or your beloved 'Daddy' will die."

What Should Chi Chi Do?

A) Break the Radar. Daddy will die, but it's for the greater good of the mission.
B) Save Big Daddy by doing what this man says. Trusting him is the only option we have now.
C) Save Big Daddy and break the Radar? It might be possible.
D) Stall! Maybe help will come and be able to help...somehow.


Silver continues running through the west wing wall at a great speed. He still plans on helping out Chi Chi and the others despite Kiryu not being with him. "Ah!" He says with a smile. "I see a hole in the wall. That must mean that Chi Chi and the others are around here somewhere."

Just as Silver states that an armoured man comes crashing through the ceiling above him and lands directly on top of him while laughing. "Hehe, the names Shugesh."

"Mind getting the HELL off my Shugesh," Silver screams as he throws the fat Saiyan off his back and into the wall.

"Sorry Freeborn Military guy but I can't allow you to go any further. Orders from the King himself. Better take this job seriously."

"Damn it, a powerful Ki is emitting from this guy." Silver thinks to himself. "But he's nothing that I can't handle. If I catch him off guard and fight smart, I should be able to kill him and help Chi Chi out."

Shugesh stares directly at Silver with a dumb smile written on his face. "Shugesh, you would be a lot more intimidating if I didn't have backup right outside this wall. Be smart and get lost before we have to take extreme measures on you." Silver informs as he points to the wall behind Shugesh.

"Huh? Backup?" Shugesh wonders. "Hehehe, stop lying FOOL!" He screams.

"Attack!" Silver screams while lifting his hand up in an open palm position. "Ki Wave!" He thinks in his head simultaneously.

The wall behind Shugesh smashes and he whips his face to look immediately, seeing nothing in sight. "H-how?" He turns back to Silver and sees nobody in front of him.

"Haha, this guys an idiot." Silver smirks as he smashes his fist into the left side of Shugesh's skull while he hides in the broken rubble from the wall.

Shugesh turns his head to where the fist came from and sees nothing. "How are you doing this!?!?" He screams while crashing in another wall.

"As long as I hide in this broken rubble from the wall I just broke down, he won't be able to touch me. My puppet will do all the work until he's fully worn down. I just have to hope that he isn't smart enough to find me in here..." Silver thinks as he continues to break Shugesh into walls around them. Shugesh's anger continues to grow and grow.

(Authors Note: Silver used his move "Create" to transfer his soul and power into a Doll that he created. In this scenario, a fist shaped Rock is attacking Shugesh without him knowing every time he turns around. The Rock has the same power level as Silver would. However, this move takes all of his Ki to use. In addition to that, Silver reduces his power level to 0 so he can give power to the Doll. If the Doll is broken or dies, all of Silver's Ki will be lost but his health won't be affected. Silver must use an object that is within 3 feet of him to turn into a Doll. Meanwhile, he hides his body and lets his Doll do all the work for him. He can only use this move once per battle. If his body is attacked when his Soul is in the Doll, he'll be killed. The Doll must be broken before he can return his Soul to his original body)


White begins running back to the Base Camp in a rush a while after Kiryu and Silver left him at the Plaza Gate. He ends up surrounded by a group of Saiyan Elites, attempting to win be sheer numbers. "You fools really think you stand a chance? Don't make me LAUGH!" White screams as he throws them all around in one swift kick, destroying them all easily. "I'll be taking this." White says with a smirk as he picks up a Saiyan Scouter, and continues running back to the Base Camp.

Within minutes, White makes it back to the Camp. Much faster this time due to the lack of numbers in the Saiyan and FBM Soldiers as opposed to before. Thousands of people have died today. When White makes it back to the Camp, he sees a horrifying sight.

"W-What happened!?!?" He screams, truly concerned. He runs to Joseph Pike in a rush, and grabs him to see if he's alive. There's a pulse. While holding Joseph in his arms, White looks around at the destroyed battlefield.

Thousands of burnt corpses lay around the field dead. The Main Gate that was tall and strong when White originally left has now melted to a crisp. Looks like it'll be smooth riding for the Vehicles when they come through this area. Continuing looking around, White can only see one soul standing. A Saiyan. A cold grin runs through his bloody face as he holds his chest and begins walking towards White.

"And you are?" White questions as he drops the weakened Pike to the ground. He's nearly dead. It's surprising that he lived considering the magnitude of the attack which took place here.


"I imagine that you did this to everybody?"

"That's correct. Do you like the scenery? Hehe."

"You could have done a better job. I can feel a few Ki's alive around this area, and it seems to have damaged you just as badly as the others."

An angry face appears on Taurus and he puts one of his arms up, ready to fight. "You and the others will die shortly. I have no more time to waste here."

"It's quite the opposite actually. I can see your condition clearly. Your stamina will give out any minute now. That's why you didn't finish all these people off after you unleashed your attack. You don't have enough strength. So stop bluffing because nobody is buying what you're selling." White taunts with a grin.

Taurus closes his eyes for a second and opens them up with a glare, appearing right in front of white as he does so leaving a trace of light behind. The Scouters readings go off the chart and peak at 37, 000 once he reaches White.

"No way!" White squeaks as he puts his arms in front of his face, tanking the vicious attack thrown by Taurus. A loud crash is heard when his fists contact with White's arms. Blood squirts out from Taurus's chest as he puts strain on it but White goes flying as a result, crashing and burning on the rugged wasteland.

Taurus tries to follow up on his attack but screams in pain and collapses to his knees along the way. White stands up with rage on his face and charges forward at the weakened Taurus. "His Battle Power is only at 9012 right now. It seems that he can control his power at will, which is dangerous. Even in his condition, he still outclasses me. I'll have to fight with everything I have!" White thinks while running.

Taurus looks up and grins at White. "Yes, you better fight with everything you have because I'm just getting started." He gets to his feet and wraps a dangerous Aura around him before charging at White once again, one arm out and ready to kill.

White stops in his tracks and puts his hands by his eyes. "Solar FLARE!" He screams while reflecting the Sun's powerful rays into the eyes of Taurus.

"Ooooow, what have you done?" Taurus squeals while putting both hands on his distorted eyes. Taking advantage of this, White puts his arms a fair distance apart and delivers a powerful "Ten Thousand Fists!" into the gaping hole inside of Taurus's chest. Blood explodes from his chest and he attempts to cover it up but is unsuccessful. Taurus tumbles to the ground and loses full control of the situation. White stares down at him triumphantly.

"Fool," White says while spitting on his ripped up body. "You let your ego get the best of you due to your tremendous power. And now you're going to die." A devilish smile appears in White's face as he loads up a Ki Blast in front of Taurus.

"Please...spare me. You aren't a killer...Don't do anything reckless." Taurus pleads with innocent eyes as he lies on the ground, blood leaking from his chest.

1) Kill the fool. He's caused too much damage.
2) Spare him. No point in killing an enemy who already threw down the towel.
3) Other?
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