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Author's Chapter Notes:
Choice that won:

The random grunts and elites attack Taurus to distract him. This will provide Joseph the opportunity to Sense. Hopefully he can do so before they're all killed. Joseph will start fighting once the Sense is complete. He will fight regularly, but more defensively. In addition to the moves you listed, Joseph does have a barrier if necessary. (He used it earlier.) So he keeps on the defensive, only going for an attack when Taurus is open.

Tom will go watch the fight, and will charge up the Trapezoid after Joseph uses Sense and goes on the offensive. Hopefully this will help, and when/if it hits, both him and Joseph attack Taurus together. If something goes seriously wrong, and Joseph is about to die from and energy blast, Tom will repel Joseph from it. If Taurus is gonna physically kill Joseph, then Taurus will be repelled instead.

Murasaki is useless, and should go try and use that first aid kit he mentioned on Hugo, perhaps that could help. If not, then he should go to the battlefield killing random Saiyans.
If Tom and Joseph start to lose to terribly, then Hugo gets up, and goes for one last Lucky Beam to try and paralyze Taurus. Hopefully it won't come down to that...

Kiryu should just go along with his main mission, which I believe was destroying the gates.
The smoke clears and a moderately large crater now faces Chi Chi and her crew. "That Wave is quite the trick." Big Daddy compliments as he puts his hands on her shoulders once again, giving her his Ki.

"Thanks, I couldn't have pulled it off without you."

"Of course not." He boasts.

The entire crew enter through the hole that Chi Chi's Kamehameha Wave created.


"So this is all Chi Chi could do?" You wonder as you analyze the hole she put in the Plaza Gate. "Nonetheless, I'll crush the center of it down in one strike."

You build up Ki in your arms and screams as liquid starts spilling out of your back. Two extra arms rip out of your back along with mucus and sweat as you breath harshly. "Gigantic Bulldozer!" You smash all four arms into the gate and a large roar explodes as the gate screams in pain, crumbling to the ground. "It's even heavier than I thought it would be. That's all the damage I managed to do?" You question as you prepare another attack. You can't let up on this wall. You have to make sure it's fully destroyed.


"A-attack!" Murasaki calls out and hundreds of FBM Elites come running towards Taurus. He smiles and prepares a fighting stance which involves one arm behind his back.

"Too make things interesting, I'll kill you all with one arm. Come now! Go out with a bang!" He jumps at them with a grin written on his face and begins shredding through the whole lot of them.

"I have to make my move while he's busy." Joseph says to himself while he drops his guard and prepares to use Sense.

Tom gets out of bed and walks towards the camp door, still tired. "Well s***, this is no good." Tom says aloud with a frown. "This guy has an extraordinarily power, but I have to do my part. Trapizoid!" Tom mashes his two knuckles together and begins loading Ki inside of it while sweating nervously. "Are we all going to die?"

Locks begin to form onto Toms's body and he's now totally unguarded.

Taurus continues to shred through all the FBM Elites, killing them easily. He still hasn't even taken one blow from any of them. His technique is incredible.

"It's time." Joseph says aloud and begins charging towards Taurus and the rest. "Hey fool, eat this!" He taunts and throws a few Ki Blasts at Taurus's back.

Taurus's head turns violently and he smiles at the incoming attacks. "Idiot, you just killed your own men." He jumps up in the air casually and the blasts collide with a group of Freeborn Military officers.

Joseph stops running and stares deeply at Taurus's eyes without emotion. Taurus smiles at him briefly and begins walking towards him. "You should have ran, Joseph. Now you're going to die a very painful death. Better make this fight worth it, because it will be your last!" Taurus blitzes towards Joseph and in an instant is right in front of him.

"Imposs-" Joseph gets cut off in his own head as Taurus's right hand rips through his shoulder. "I knew it was coming from a while back, but I couldn't fully escape his attack." Joseph thinks to himself, scared as he flies back into a pile of rubble.

Taurus doesn't let up, and begins rushing toward Joseph as he stumbles on the ground, blood leaking out of him as if he's a broken water pipe. However, Joseph continues to evade Taurus's attacks, terrified at each incoming blow.


"Damn, Joseph won't last too much longer. That initial attack set him back far." Tom worries as he continues to gather Ki.

Rage starts to surface on Taurus's face as he continues to miss his attacks. Joseph begins to get back his cool now that Taurus is completely playing into his hands. Taking advantage of the moment, Joseph throws a violent attack at Taurus's unguarded self. Taurus freezes momentarily and the blow connects perfectly.

"Got you." Joseph declares.

"Don't be a fool," Taurus smirks and grabs Joseph's hand.

"It's ready!" Tom screams and he fires the Trapizoid at Taurus.

"Like I would lose my cool to a pathetic method like that," Taurus grins once again. "But great job leaving yourself open. Now die!"

Taurus's right hand fires out and moments before it connects with Josephs unprotected face a large Triangular shaped blast smashes into Taurus. He flies back at shocking speed and Joseph lets out a sigh as he looks over at the locked up Taurus, confused.

"You did well, Tom Friendly." Joseph thinks to himself.

Tom wastes no time and begins running to the two of them, trying to finish this battle quickly.

"What is this?" Taurus wonders as he studies the cage, trying to break out.

"It's your resting place. Atomic Blast!" Joseph quickly fires at Taurus's open chest, penetrating him deeply (Lulz).

Taurus and his cage fall to the ground whilst a rain of Generic Ki Blasts are fired from Tom as he charges. Blood leaks out of Taurus while he stands to the ground, and begins his attempt to break out of the cage. Bars begin to snap and break as he clenches his arms, roaring in rage. He's angry now.


Murasaki finally makes his way back over to the camp and picks out the First Aid Kit he had in a spare bag. "Here you go, General Hugo. Please take it."

Hugo asks no questions and begins sipping on the warm liquid, noticing a vast improvement in his health as his injuries heal right before his eyes. "Incredible..." He says in shock.

"These babies are pretty damn rare to find. Be glad we have some left." Murasaki smiles and Hugo stands up triumphantly.

"I have to help out. Whatever is out there is dangerous and they need my help." Hugo stumbles a bit as if he's a bit tipsy and begins running back to the battlefield.


"Rhaa!" Taurus smashes out of the cage and puts his head down. When he raises it, you see his true self. Plain cold eyes. This man has no soul. He takes his left hand from behind his back and cracks his knuckles together. "I have now...lost my patience."

Joseph and Tom both back up in fear, but know that they have no choice but to fight.


Within an instant, Taurus appeared in front of the two of them with both his hands shaped as claws.

"Barrier!" Joseph screamed as he wraps his body around the shield. Tom shutters for an instant as the right arm of Taurus rips through the center of his chest. His left smashes into the Barrier, causing it to explode and sending Joseph flying thirty feet back.

Blood gushes out of Tom's mouth and chest and he falls to the ground as Taurus rips his arm out of him.

"No matter what I do, I can't keep up with him. His power...speed...battle sense...everything about him is on a totally different level." Joseph thinks in fear as he gets back up to the ground.

"I'm glad you've finally recognized the depths of my power. Now lay over and die." Taurus charges again, ready to finish Joseph off for good.

"This is it..." Joseph states firmly, ready to die.

"REPEL!" Tom screams and Taurus goes flying. "IDIOT! Don't you dare give up hope like that." Tom warns Joseph while he lays on the ground, dying.


"If anybody is going to die, it's me. You're still in working condition so don't just lay still and die."

"Rejuvinate." An Aura of Ki wraps around Joseph and all his damage heals. "I cannot heal you, Tom. Your death is approaching and I can do nothing to stop it."

"Yeah...I don't have much longer here." He coughs up blood. "So let me leave this world on a happy, haaa, note." He breathes heavily, laying on the ground covered with blood.

"I make no promises...But I'll do my best." Tom smiles and his eyelids fall over. His movements have stopped.

"Quite a bold move that man just did. Killing himself to stall for 15 seconds. What a worthy cause. Ahahahaha," Taurus laughs to himself, mocking Tom.

It doesn't get to Joseph though. He simply stands still, contemplating on his actions. The ground begins to quake between the two of them, as if the entire area is about to explode from underneath.

"What is it now!?" Taurus frowns. After half a minute, the movements underground subside. Wasting no more time, Taurus dashes towards Pike one last time, both arms out.

"Lucky Beam!" A beam comes out of nowhere and flies towards Taurus at a mediocre speed. With ease, Taurus ducks and the attack misses once again (Bad luck, eh).... "Damn iii-" Hugo crumbles to the ground as the shocking effect takes it course once again.

"What a fool, I just told him not to use that move again!" Joseph angrily states while trying to avoid Taurus's attacks. The two continue their battle.


Chi Chi and the others walk into the west wing of the Saiyan Dome and look around cautiously to find nobody around. "This works out well for us," Chi Chi says as she continues to move forward.

"Do you know where you're going, Chi Chi?" Big Daddy wonders.

"According to the map Rem gave me, it should be down one floor on the west wing. So we just have to get down below here."

"Are you suggesting we break the floor?"

"That's exactly what i'm suggesting." She replies with a smile and puts her Ki filled hand on the base of the floor, causing it to crumble quickly. The whole lot of them fall down to the floor below and realize it's completely dark.

"Took you a while." A man greets them all as he sits in a chair facing a computer monitor.

"Huh!?!?" Chi Chi gasps while putting her palm by her heart.

The chair flips around and they all see a dark figure with one red eye staring directly at them. "I suppose you're here to, ah, break the Radar?"

"Something like that," Big Daddy cautiously replies.

"Well..." The man stands up, "I"m afraid I can't allow that to happen. You understand, don't you?" He smiles and bright yellow teeth shine in the dark room.


"Haaa...Finally complete." You say as you stare down at the Plaza Gate, finally crumbled to pieces.

"Good work, Commander Kiryu." A familiar voice says from behind you. You turn to look and find General White behind you.

"What are you doing here?" You question.

"Silver and I were slaying a lot of Saiyans out here and we finally found you. Awaiting your orders, sir!"

You look behind White and see Silver there as well, with total composure after all this time. These two must have had it easy.

"By the way," White continues once again. "I saw Hugo on his way back to the base camp earlier. That means Chi Chi is one General short. Do you think one of us should go?" He questions.

"Hmm..." You think aloud while rubbing your chin.


A) Free Choice - Choose how you want Joseph to continue his fight with Taurus, if you want White / Silver to go help Chi Chi or go back to the base camp (Or both), where Kiryu will go now, etc.
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