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Author's Chapter Notes:
Choice that won:

B. I think Hugo should go back to the camp, where he can be given some medication to put him back in fighting shape and help everyone versus the saiyans. Joseh should use Sense and then he should be able to handle Raditz. For Kiryu, it seems he had the advantage so i´d say now that he has used The Four Witches and Turles ins trapped on the ground maybe he can rip Turles´arms off and the finish him off.
Raditz and Joseph continue to stare each other down without attacking each other. The two are studying each others posture to find a weak point. "Sense!" Joseph thinks in his head and than begins meditating, loosening his guard ever so slightly.

"Hehe, FOOL!" Raditz bursts out and charges towards Joseph with the intent to kill. He immediately noticed when Joseph loosened his guard and now plans on taking advantage of it. Joseph's eyes widen and he drops his guard completely. He closes his eyes and drops his arms to his sides, fully still.

Just before Raditz delivers his deadly clawed arm to the left side of Joseph's chest, Joseph's eyes open and he sways his entire body to the side, dodging Raditz completely. Anger builds up in Raditz and he spits onto the ground before continuing his ruthless assault. Without faltering, Joseph easily dodges every single attack made by Raditz.

"Wh-WHY CAN'T I HIT YOU!?!?" Raditz screams as he continues to attack, his breathing getting deeper and deeper at every miss.

Joseph doesn't reply, however. No emotion is on his face at all. "His guard has fell. It's time to counterattack." Acting on his own words, Joseph throws one of his arms into the air causing Raditz to whip his eyes up resulting in his block fully falling. "Don't let your eyes deceive you!" Joseph roars before smashing his open arm into Raditz's face.

"AAAAAAAAh!" Blood flies into the air and Raditz collapses to the ground, shaking. Less than a second passes and Joseph is already in front of Raditz once again, preparing to fire a Ki Blast into his face! Raditz pushes his hands off the ground and launches into the air, trying to escape Joseph's finisher.

"Atomic Blast~!" A straight Ki beam flies out of Joseph's right palm and into the gut of Raditz. Unable to hold back the firepower with his armor, the beam rips through Raditz's stomach. Blood falls from the sky. "The battle..." A loud 'THUD' explodes as the fallen Raditz drops from the air into the ground. "Is over." Joseph finishes as he stares at the body of his former enemy.

Joseph walks towards the body of Raditz and smiles. "I really can't...control myself." Joseph shakes around violently and looks up into the sky. "This feeling so good." He continues to shake around as if he just got his daily High and Hugo stares deeply at him from the ground.

"Joseph, are you alright?" Hugo questions.

"Just lovely." The shaking subsides until he finally turns to Hugo. "Come now, lets go back to the camp. Perhaps we'll be able to put you into fighting condition there."

"But...What about Chi Chi? I have to help her and the rest!"

"Be glad that you're alive. In your current condition, you'll only be a burden on Chi Chi and the others. Now lets go." Hugo nods and begins standing up, still weakened from earlier. The two of them begin heading back to the base camp.


You stare down at Turles from above. He's so still it's hard to tell if he's alive or not. A large puddle of blood has covered the area around you and Turles. It appears that every Soldier from each "team" have continued their battles to the death with one another. Well, why wouldn't they? This battle is already over.

You smash your rock hard foot onto Turles body and he coughs up blood once again. He tries to roll over, but is unable to do so. "Wakie wakie," you say to him with a smirk. "Nap time is over."

His eyes widen and he shivers in fear, and than looks to both sides of his upper body. "What done to ME!?!?" He screams out, almost crying.

"What do you mean?" You question in a sarcastic tone.

"My...MY ARMS!" He screams, trying to get up. "Wh...WHERE ARE THEY?"

"Ohhh, that's what you mean." You smile and point a few feet away from you to the left. "I put them over there. You know, after I tore them off. You can always pick them up and run along now...oh wait, you can't. Hahaha." You burst out in laughter as he stares at you in fear, and begins whispering to himself. Has he gone senile?

"You're a monster." Turles blankly states. "You sick FREAK!"

"Now now, don't get angry. I spared your life now, didn't I? Be grateful."

"You didn't spare my life. You just want me to be fully awake when you kill me."

"Potato patota."

"Too bad for you though," Turles smirks and begins backing away. "Your lust for blood has spared me. Perhaps we'll meet another day." Your eyes grow curious and a small light flashes inside his armor, causing the battlefield to go temporarily blind. When your eyes open, he's gone.

"...F***!" You scream. You messed up. "What now?" You turn your head and see no dent or scratch in the Plaza Gate. "S***. Did Chi Chi fail? Either way, I better go smash that Gate down myself. Everyone should be arriving soon." You start running towards the Plaza Gate, thrashing down random Soldiers during the trip.


Tom Friendly wanders over to one of the camps portable beds and falls down onto it. "Just 15 minutes should do it...that's all I need...hopefully."

Meanwhile, the Elite that Tom talked to earlier, Murasaki has taken charge. With the boost of confidence from Tom's orders, he's developed a plan to repel and defeat the Saiyan Soldiers that are currently marching back.

"Hurry up, set the traps!" Murasaki continues to instruct. Many Elites, Soldiers, and General Transny are on the ground creating pitfall traps to help stall the Saiyans. Once their in the holes, a mass genocide of them from above with Ki Blasts will take place to wipe them out. For the remaining Soldiers, Murasaki hopes that he'll then have enough man power to defeat them with the help of all the FBM Fighters.

"Everything is done, Mr. Murasaki!" A colleague of his finishes. "Do you think this will be enough though?"

"Whether it is or isn't, it's all we got. The ones on the offensive usually don't set up traps in enemy territory."

Worry crosses Murasaki's colleague, Cracker's face but he still nods with confidence. The Saiyans have sped themselves up and are now heading full speed towards the FBM's Camp. "It's now or never," Murasaki thinks to himself.

"Chaaaaaaaaarge!" A Saiyan voice calls out and loud screams ignite between them all.


Chi Chi, Big Daddy, Jones, and all the others look around in amazement. "So this is the Saiyan Empire." Big Daddy says in awe as he stares at a gigantic dome that tens of thousands of Saiyans call home.

"It's huge." Jones says, a little frightened of what's inside.

"Size isn't everything," Chi Chi begins.

"Hehe, that's what she said." Jones jokes.

Chi Chi shakes her head and continues. "I imagine all the top Saiyans will be in there, along with a lot of others. But if even the small fry catch us, we're most likely done for. Considering they call one of the bigger fish."

"That's true. So what's the battle plan, Chi Chi?" Daddy questions.

"None. We aren't going into battle now, and hopefully for this entire mission. Technically, we don't even have to go into that Domes front doors."

"Elaborate!" Big Daddy sharply replies.

"If we go to the west wing and get in through there, we won't have to enter through the front door. Thus, we'll avoid possibly all of our human obstacles."

"And if we can't get in through the west wing?"

"Don't be so negative. If we can get through the Plaza Gate, i'm sure we'll be able to squeeze through another Gate which is supposedly much more frail."

"Then stop talking and lead the way."

Chi Chi smirks while nodding and instructs them all to follow behind her. "This place is really empty. Is it because all the Soldiers are outside of the Gate? Perhaps this is part of the Saiyans' plan and we're being fooled thinking we're alone. Or maybe their all just inside and it's always like this. I really don't know what I want to be the truth...Either way though, we must push forward!" Chi Chi finishes.

Her entire crew finally make it to the west side of the gate, right outside the Dome. "Big Daddy, do you think you can help me break through this wall? I'm still low on Ki from the Kamehameha Wave I fired earlier."

"No, unfortunately I don't think I can. Though, if you're low on ki I can help with that."


"Just stay still and focus your Ki. Try to pick up on my presence."

Chi Chi nods and does just so. Immediately after, Big Daddy puts both of his hands on Chi Chi's shoulders and begins gathering Ki. Chi Chi gasps and starts to feel a tingling sensation travelling through her vulnerable body. "Haaa, finished." Big Daddy sighs out loud and removes his hands from her shoulders. "Do you feel it?"

"Yes...I do. If I didn't know any better, I would think i'd have more Ki than I normally my peak."

"Nice observation. That's correct. I can transfer my Ki into anybody I touch, not just filling them up to the limit but pushing their Ki to the max and beyond. This technique can heal or harm depending on my motives."

"How does it harm your opponents?"

"By putting negative energy into their system, I can break them apart both mentally and physically from the inside. You can call this "Dark Ki". It's all the negative energy one has in his / her body focused into a harmful substance."

"How did you develop this?" Chi Chi questions, curious.

"...An old friend," Big Daddy replies smiling for the first time in front of others.

A small smile builds on Chi Chi's face and fades away soon after. She's serious once again. "No time to waste. Lets get this done!" She jumps back and begins focusing her Ki into her hands as she loads up another Kamehameha. The rest watch her with confidence.


"We have them in our grasp! Don't falter. Kill them all!" Murasaki screams as he takes charge and directs everybody to victory. The trap went off perfectly and the Saiyans are all in a ditch being shot down by a rain of Ki Blasts from the FBM Elites and Transny. The fools charged directly into the traps that were laid out and it's costing them dearly.

"We've arrived." Joesph tells Hugo as he observes the battlefield.

"Yeah, th-..."

Joseph smiles that Hugo didn't finish his sentence and continues, "Go and rest. When you're finished resting, help hold off the Saiyans. Forget about Chi Chi for now."

Hugo nods and begins making his way back to the camp.

"Things are going well here, I suppose it's okay for me to leave. Kiryu might need some hel-, what the...!?!?" Josephs eyes raise to the sky and he notices a figure floating above the camp. A Saiyan! But not an ordinary Saiyan, this one is different. He's dangerous.

The floating Saiyans eyes turn down to Joseph and he smiles before turning his head back to where it was before.

"No good, what should I do? Stay or go? Hugo is out of commission and I can feel that Tom Friendly is in no condition to fight right now. Can Transny and some Elites take this guy? Can I even take this guy?" Joseph continues to worry, somewhat frozen.

While Joseph's mind races at the speed of light, the Saiyan Genocide continues. Ruthless screams and laughter burst out from the FBM fighters. Truly disgusting. Murasaki runs back to the camp to check on Tom Friendly and notices Hugo is in a spare bed. "Ah, General Hugo!?!? What are you doing here?" He questions before running to his aid. "Here, I'll take out the first aid kit."

"Don't mind me. Sorry for being a burden on you guys. I'll help when I can."

"No worries, sir. Just take it easy from-"

BOOOOOOOOOOOM! A large explosion erupts from outside the tent where the injured are resting causing Murasaki to run outside in shock. "It can't be...!" He says quietly to himself.

"N-Noooooooo!" Joseph screams at the floating Saiyan from the ground. No reaction is received from the Saiyan however. Murasaki and all the Freeborn Military Elites & Soldiers stare at him in shock.

"How refreshing. It's like taking out the garbage. It's boring but the sweet smell after is just... irreplaceable." He smiles and floats down to the ground.

"Who are you?" Murasaki questions while he walks towards the Saiyans face. Has he gone senile? Getting this close to a killer like that is ridiculous.

"Hmmm?" The Saiyan questions with a grin.

"You killed your own kind. That blast you did...It killed more Saiyans than Freeborn Officers. Why would you do that?"

The grin on the Saiyan fades and he responds after a short wait. "They were of no use. The only reason they were alive was to kill all of you fools, but they failed to even do that. I'll have to deal with this problem myself. So as you can see, I had no choice but to...take out the trash. :)"

"You disgust me." Murasaki bitterly replies.

"That's good to know. But bringing such foolish emotions onto the battlefield is the greatest sin of all time." The Saiyan raises his left arm up to his right shoulder and licks his lips. "Die."

"Watch out!" Joseph screams and throws a Ki Blast as fast as he could to knock Murasaki out of the way.

The Saiyan drops his hand down at light speed ready to kill Murasaki. Just before the attack connects with Murasaki's face, a generic Ki Blast knocks him out of the way, causing the Saiyans' attack to miss by centimeters.

"I expected as much, General Joseph Pike. Your speed is tremendous. Killing you will be a delight." He smiles.

Joseph doesn't respond. "Are you alive?" Pike calls out to Murasaki.

"Ya, thanks to you." He looks to his arm to notice that the Saiyans attack still connected. A large, gushing hole has surfaced on his right arm. "I'm completely outclassed by this guy. Just who is he?"

"My name is Taurus." He says, looking at Murasaki.

"What!?!? He read my mind?" Murasaki thinks again.

"Indeed I did. It's fine though. You won't have any thoughts left to think soon enough. Prepare yourself, Freeborn Military. Because today, I will take all of your heads!" Taurus roars with confidence.

A) Free Choice - Decide how you want to fight Taurus: If Hugo & Tom should get out of resting to take him on, if Murasaki should join in, how Joseph and all the other Elites & Soldiers will try to take him on, if you'll call for backup (Who?), etc.
Also decide what Kiryu will do next, whether he tries to take down the Plaza Gate, kills randoms, returns to the base camp, follows Chi Chi, etc.


Tom Friendly's Technique List:

- Repel: Tom fires an invisible wave of Ki using one mental image of what he wants it to hit in his mind. It blows back everyone that fits said description but causes no damage. The more people blown away, the larger the toll is on his body.

- Trapezoid: Locks are created around Tom's body, preventing any movements. Once 30 seconds pass, all the locks fire out onto an opponent and trap them in it, binding their body closed until they break free.

- Generic KI Blast: Yup.

Murasaki has no moves other than Generic Ki Blasts.

Power Level List:

Tom Friendly - 12 000 (weakened)
Transny - 14 000 (weakened)
Hugo - 12 000 (weakened)
Joseph Pike - 24 000 (weakened)

Murasaki - 6200
Elites - 4000 - 5000
Soldiers - 800 - 2500

Taurus - Dangerous!

(Authors Note: Remember that the longer each weakened person rests, the higher their power level will become as they will receive energy from resting).
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