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Author's Chapter Notes:
Choice that won:

B) Free Choice: Kiryu fights Turles for a bit, to test his power. We are a giant, so our defense is supposed to be pretty good iirc. So we basically just try and smash him, all while analyzing his fighting style. Once we know HOW he fights, we pull out our 4 Witches technique on him. Hopefully get a hit on him, if not, four way giant arm attack!

Hugo will fight Raditz normally. See if they are on par. If not, he uses his Mind Wave to try and trick him. If things get hopeless, fire off a Lucky beam, and Terrorize his paralyzed ass.

Joseph seems to just be mowing down random saiyans, go help Hugo. He's strong, he'll make it in time, just in case Lucky Beam doesn't work. Afterwards, he comes to meet up with us.
"I won't lose to you!" Hugo roars in rage, but Raditz simply smiles as the two of them grapple each other with all their might. "No good, he's keeping up with me in raw power and he's a Saiyan. I guess it wasn't exactly the smartest of ideas to send everybody off running..." Hugo thinks to himself while clenching onto Raditz with relentless force.

"What's wrong fat ass?" Raditz taunts with a large smile on his face. "I've had just about enough of this!" Raditz knees Hugo in the stomach and does a 180 degree back kick to his jaw, breaking the grapple and causing Hugo to fly into the Plaza gate head first.

"Oo-w," Hugo says to himself as he gets up, shaking all the way. "I don't have time to beat this guy normally. I'll have to go all out to win this one."

Raditz gives him no time to think and dashes at him full speed with his right arm up. Wasting no time, Hugo ducks and dodges Raditz's punch, and delivers a powerful uppercut to his jaw in retaliation. Raditz flies into the Plaza wall, but keeps his balance.

"Pth," Raditz spits out some blood and begins loading a Ki attack in his hand. "I've had just about enough of thi---s!" He roars and whips the blast full speed towards Hugo.

"Shi-" Hugo throws up his arms to block and the blast overwhelmed his entire self immediately, resulting in a terrifying explosion.


"Oh no oh no oh no," Joseph continues to cry out while sitting on the floor. Hundreds of Saiyans lay down dead beside him. It appears that none more have begun to challenge him. He's just been...left alone. "Wait, maybe I should be more useful with my time." Joseph takes a stand and begins looking around, wondering who is in the most danger. The camp...I feel a great danger that shall befall it momentarily. Commander Kiryu is also having trouble...but I feel I can do nothing to stop that. Chi Chi and her squad will be fine, but only for now. Our precious Soldiers death toll continue to rise but they are of no use. Hugo on the other hand...I can foresee his death. I must stop it at all costs!"

Joseph looks north and begins running at a full speed dash, with the goal of stopping Hugo's death.


"So what's the plan, Chi Chi?" Big Daddy inquires as he studies the gate. "How will we take this beast down?"

"I have nooooo idea. Commander Kiryu was supposed to be breaking down this wall, so i'm not sure if we have the power to do so, especially when Hugo is out of the picture for now. But, I do have one idea. Whether it'll work or not..." Her sentence trails off into the distance as she gazes at the Plaza Gate, ready to take action.

"No time to waste. I would imagine that the others are close to being here right now. If they get here and the wall isn't broken down, the plan will fall apart." Big Daddy responds.

Chi Chi nods and puts her hands together in a praying position. "Everyone, stand back." Jones, Big Daddy, and all the Soldiers do just so and Chi Chi jumps back a few feet herself. She begins to put her hands in a cupping position by the right side of her waste and Ki begins to form. "Kamehame," she continues to focus on a specific part of the wall and the Ki in her hand begins quaking with power. "HAAAAAA!" Chi Chi throws her arms out and the blast explodes into the gate at full power. Dust forms in the air immediately and everybody goes temporarily blind, hearing nothing but the heavy breaths of Chi Chi and the countless killings of Saiyan and Freeborn Military Soldiers.

The smoke clears and a moderately small hole appears. Barely big enough to fit a regular man inside of it. "It isn't much," Chi Chi takes another breath of toxic air and continues. "But it'll have to do for now."

"Nice work, Chi Chi." Big Daddy congratulates. "Hopefully the rest will be broken down before the other Commanders arrive though. But for now, lets take our leave. We don't have any time to waste."

"I think you're right. Good luck with the rest of the gate, Kiryu." She says that last part looking back at the battlefield. "Lets go!"

The three of them lead the pack and the Soldiers soon follow, all squeezing into the small Plaza Gate hole. Big Daddy has the most trouble getting through, but he manages to do so without slowing anybody down. They all crawl out of the hole and look around in awe, very slowly.


Turles and you continue to clash in a ruthless combat. Some Saiyan and FBM Soldiers have even stopped their battles just to watch yours. This match up is something you see once in a lifetime, if that.

Turles races across the battlefield with a speed blitz, leaving you nearly clueless. The only thing that keeps him visible is the subtle air currents that come into being due to his miraculous speed and the maniac laughter that comes with every step he takes.

"Ahahahahhahah, what's wrong Kiryu? Can you not even land a hit on me, fool!"

Without taking his bait, you continue to study his movements, looking for any opening you can find. Is there any? Irritated that you aren't even attempting to attack him, Turles makes the first move. You hear / feel a flash a light and he's right in front of you. Such speed!

"Hello, Kiryu." He smiles and disperses into thin air once again. "Ha!" He screams as he smashes his fist into your vulnerable skull, delivering a fair amount of damage. You turn around quickly and try to retaliate but he's long gone.

"Damn it, he's too fast and I can't find an opening in his combat because of it. Perhaps if I can slow him down," You think desperately and than smile. Turles continues to flash around the area at nearly light speed while you simply remain calm. "Earthquake!" You punch the ground at full power and a large crater comes into being immediately. You pull your arm from the ground and survey the area, looking for Turles.

"Found you!" Roughly 10 feet away from you, his legs are both stuck in the ground. You dash at him with a vengeance in your arms and his eyes go bold. You can see the fear inside of him as he shakes violently, trying to escape.

"S-stay away!" He calls out, now trying to rip his legs out of the ground. You've finally reached him.

"Hello, Turles. If only you decided to fly instead of dash. You might not have died." You put your two over sized arms together and focus your Ki. "The Four Witches!" Two arms begin ripping out of your backside along with mucus and everything else that makes the human body disgusting. You let out a huge smile and grapple onto his waste with two of your arms and begin squeezing him. You clench the other two and grab his head from each side.



"No good, even with White's Solar Flare, we just can't hold back all of these fighters!" Tom screams while he knocks down countless Soldiers. Back at the camp, Saiyans are continuing to overwhelm the FreeBorn Military fighters. The remaining Generals at camp, Tom Friendly and Transny had to join the battles and leave the Main Gate alone. But even with their added help against the Saiyan goons, sheer numbers will always win against raw power.

"Yee, oh noes oh noes I knows." Transny squeals like a little girl. "These pretty little Saiyanies are just too much. What ever can we do, Mr. Friendly?"

"I don't know. I just wish we had more guidance from a Commander. I'm not a leader. Clutch moments aren't exactly my forte either. Don't you have any special moves to deal with mass numbers like this?" Tom replies, still holding off weak Saiyans.

"Oh noes oh noes, I could never do that. Their just too handsome, oh yes oh yes."

"...What the F*** does that mean?" Tom screams back, not so friendly this time.

"Ahhhhh," Transny squeals out, scared of Tom and starts ignoring him.

"S***, I have no choice. This move takes a lot out of me so I didn't want to do it, but it doesn't look like I have a choice." Tom jumps back, avoiding a deadly attack from a Saiyan swinging a crowbar around randomly and focuses his Ki in his hands. Tom puts both his hands in front of him, flat like a piece of wood.

"REPEL!" A burst of Ki shoots out of his hands and every Saiyan Soldier flies back at least a hundred feet. Tom drops to his knees and begins breathing heavily, still shaking from doing the attack. An Elite casually runs up to him moments after the attack was fired.

"General, what did you do? It only sent the Saiyans flying? Why is that?" He urgently asks.

"If I picture a certain uniform, or clothes set, or body feature. Anything physical basically. If I do that, I can shoot a blast that will send all people that have said feature away. All the Saiyans wear uniforms, so it was easy. But the drawback is...the more people I send flying, the more tiring it is to use. But hey," Tom smiles and falls to the ground, beginning to rest. "At least I bought us some time. Now we'll be on the defensive so in the one minute or so that we have left, make sure you plan well."

The Elites eyes go wide and he cautiously nods before running out to the others. "Heeeeyyyy, get ready. The Saiyans are on their way back. Don't let them overwhelm us!" For some reason, even Transny is taking orders from this Elite. What a useless General.


The smoke clears and Hugo drops to the ground, half of his clothes have been ripped to shreds. "Is that all you got, Raditz?" He barks at him and than stands up once again. Raditz frowns that Hugo is still alive, but doesn't take it too personal.

"Looks like with all that blubber covering you, you managed to survive my blast. How lucky."

"Don't get so cocky!" Hugo throws his arms in the air and Ki forms in each hand immediately. "Mind Wave~!" Two beams of Ki fire into the air and collide together, creating a small explosion. After the blast subsides, twelve Ki Blasts come flying down towards Raditz in many directions. Hugo begins to control them to throw off Raditz.

"Ugh, what is this?" Raditz says as he jumps around, trying to dodge them. Hugo continues to focus and have the beams trace Raditz, but it seems that Raditz is starting to close the distance between the two.

"Damn it, if I don't explode the blasts he'll be able to reverse it on me. This isn't good. I have no choice now..." Hugo throws his arms up in the air and the group of blasts fly full speed into the air. Raditz smiles, thinking he's caused Hugo to disperse the blasts but still keeps his guard up. Fortunately for him, because momentarily after Hugo threw them up in the air, he swung them right back down.

"Hahaha, your filthy tricks won't work on me, scum!" Raditz barks as he prepares himself to dodge the whole lot of them.

Hugo rips the blasts from himself so his hands are fully free. However, the blasts are completely stray now. "It's now or never!" Hugo surveys Raditz's movements as he dodges all the Mind Wave's blasts with relative ease and accurately predicts what Raditz's next movement will be. "Lucky Beam!" Hugo shoots a spiral ray of purple Ki with all his might in the spot he thinks that Raditz will land.

Fortunately for Hugo, his prediction was spot on. Raditz dodges the Mind Waves last stray Ki Blast and lands directly in the Lucky Beams path. His eyes go wide literally seconds before the beam connects with him and jumps back, ducking while doing so. The beam goes right over his head, missing by centimeters.

"N-Noooo~!" Hugo screams and the Lucky Beams drawback strikes him immediately. A lightning aura explodes within Hugo and sparks begin shooting out from him, completely immobilizing him. Raditz smiles and charges full speed at Hugo, still unaware why Hugo is frozen. He doesn't care though.

"Say your prayers, fat ass!" Raditz taunts and jumps at Hugo with a fully loaded Ki Blast in his hand. Raditz throws his hand to Hugo's unprotected face, laughs, and releases the blast at point blank range. Blood squirts out of Hugo's eyes, nose, ears, and drips out of his mouth as he falls to the ground in pain, finally regaining the ability to move.

Hugo thinks: "No good, I don't have enough Ki to fire another Lucky Beam. And even if I did, another false attack and he'll kill me for sure. What can I do?" Hugo coughs up some more blood and starts standing up once again.

Angry that Hugo's still alive, Raditz charges at him with two deadly Ki Blasts in his hands. "This will kill you for sure fat ass! Your over sized freakish body has allowed you to live faaar to long. But no more!" Raditz lands right in front of the kneeling Hugo and licks his lips. "Now there's one less freak in this worl-"

A tremendously powered kick with an aura of Ki wrapped around it smashes into Raditz's unguarded face and sends him flying head first into the solid ground, bouncing twice before finally settling. "Hohoho, for someone as paranoid as you, even i'm surprised that hit. My attack landing a direct attack on you was best case scenario. Much better than what I had expected. This...saddens me." Joseph Pike cries out as he looks at the broken Raditz without turning his eyes.

Raditz groans and stands up in rage while holding onto his forehead like he has a headache. "You son of a b****." He barks!

"Don't be a fool. My father was no such thing." Joseph replies and finally turns his head to Hugo. "It seems this guy did a number on you. That attack of yours is quite flawed. I suggest you fix it before using it in combat again."

Hugo doesn't even try to defend it. He simply nods and attempts to stand again. "Thanks Joseph. You saved my-"

"Don't!" Joseph replies in a fearful voice. "Just...don't say it. I can't stand sentimental rubbish like that. I can tell by your body language what your true feelings are, so showing it means nothing." Joseph shivers a tad and turns back to Raditz. "So you want to finish this or what?" Joseph questions with one eye brow raised.

Raditz stares at him in anger, but Joseph shows no fear. No emotion at all, actually. Raditz begins to laugh for a minute and finally stops himself, "Bring it on, coward!"

Joseph continues to study Raditz with his plain eyes and body and than finally breaks the silence. "I can see fear...hidden deep within you. You know that you can't win, but you also know that you can't back down. A conflict with ones pride and ones mind. But I should tell you...the mind should always win."

"S-SHUT UP!" Raditz explodes and leaps at Joseph with his hands out like human claws.

"I will do no such thing." Joseph plainly replies while taking a mutual fighting stance.


Joseph's Techniques:

. Sense - Joseph senses everything about his opponent from his battle power, his race, his emotions and thoughts, and everything in between.
. Rejuvenate - Joseph wraps a large aura of Ki around him for 5 seconds and it heals his damage fully. This move takes a lot of Ki to use.
. Atomic Blast - Joseph shoots a compressed beam of Ki at the opponent.
. Barrier - Joseph wraps an aura of Ki around himself to block Ki blasts.


A) Continue everything without changing the battle strategy.

B) Free Choice - Change Kiryu's battle strategy against Turles (Considering he's alive :O), and what he'll do after the battle if he wins. Decide how Joseph will fight Raditz and what Hugo will do while that is going on: From helping Joseph fight, to going back to the camp, or even chasing after Chi Chi once again. Create a battle strategy for how the Soldiers at the base camp will fight the raw number of Saiyans, etc. Other?
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