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Author's Chapter Notes:
Choice that won:

A) Free Choice - Everyone that can will barrage them with many minor blasts at the Saiyans down below, to distract them/take out weaklings. Meanwhile, anyone that can fire a actual beam attack at the Saiyans, do so (Preferably Kiryu, if he can do so.) That should take care of the Saiyans down there, clearing the way for us to jump down, supporting everyone, and shielding them from the damage of the fall.

As we make our way to the gates, everyone stays together at first. More saiyans are sure to keep flooding out. If they get large enough that we can't keep their numbers down with our sheer power, General White flashes a solar flare to blind them, then we destroy their numbers with a quick sweep of our giant arm attack. If by some miracle they begin to overwhelm us, we break out our 4 witches technique, and take them down.

Lastly, when Chi Chi and the commanders go on their missions, send Hugo. I was gonna send Joseph, but Hugo should be enough, and we may need Joseph.
"Alright everybody!" You scream to all your army, "We're heading out now. 3 seconds after I jump off the mountain, I want you all to do the same. Don't hesitate; I won't let any of you die. I want everybody that knows how to fire Ki Blasts to come to the front. As we fall, we'll fire everything we got down there to prevent them from firing back and injuring us on our way down. Sound good!?"

"YEAAAAAAAAH!" They scream out in sync, together and some begin making their way to the front; mostly Generals.

You walk up to the edge of the mountain and close your eyes with a smile on your face. No more orders are stated. You simply load up two generic Ki Blasts in your hands, still quaking with power and jump off. Your entire body shakes violently as the wind pressure begins to rip it apart at a ruthless rate. Within seconds, you can already see the ground that wasn't there when you were at the top. A small bit of fear strikes in you when you hear voices from down below.

"The intruders are here! FIIIRE!!!" Saiyans scream from below as cannons, Ki Blasts, and bullets of all kind fly towards you at a terrifying speed. You don't falter however, and throw the Ki Blasts you had saved up from when you were at the peak of the mountain.

"Wipeout Wave!" You fuse your hands together and the waves of energy collide, creating a shocking force of power that erupts from it like a molten Volcano. Without holding back a bit of your strength, you throw the blast at full speed. It smashes through everything the Saiyans fired on cue, and spirals full speed towards the building where everything was fired. One second later, an explosion takes place and thousands of Saiyan lives are lost. They'll get no sympathy from you!

The ground edges closer and closer and the shots from the Saiyans continue. But they seem to be missing you this time; they're aiming too far above you for the attacks to hit you. Wait! Has 3 seconds passed already? You peak your head up and you see hundreds of Generals and Elites all flying off the top whipping out Ki Blasts in a ruthless barrage to destroy the Saiyans. It seems to be an even battle between the Saiyans offence and your armies counter attack. That isn't good...not at all.

You have no time to show any remorse for anybody though. You flex your arms and begin building muscle in them. The size of your arms multiply tenfold and you stretch them out horizontally. The immense weight makes it difficult to keep them up due to the wind pressure. Another second passes and the ground is just around the corner.

Screams are continuously heard from above and from the Saiyans. They fuse together so it's difficult to tell who is losing and you're focusing on holding your arms up so you refuse to look up. A large crack in your foot explodes and you shutter in pain. "O-ooow." You quietly exclaim. Suddenly everything going on around you speeds up. Pillars of pressure begin to collapse on you and the pain continues to explode in your arms and legs. You just noticed that you're taking all the damage just so weaklings can have it easy. The pain continues for seconds and finally subsides. "Haaaa...." You finally exhale and notice that everybody got on and jumped off of you immediately. How thoughtful.

You look around to notice that you're all in the main gate, faced by thousands of Saiyans of all kinds. But you don't feel fear...You feel excitement.


Meanwhile at Forte Valkyrie, Rem directs the FBM for takeoff. Everybody who isn't a Commander are already situated in the Planes, Cars or Moles, awaiting their departure. The Commanders however, are in the midst of a conversation.

"The battle is taking place right now. We should hurry up." Pitou says, looking at a small watch that's attached to his wrist. Inside the glass, you can see Joseph Pike slaying countless Saiyans without help.

"Yes, that's true. But I suspect that Kiryu and the others are in for a much harder battle than they suspect. Kiryu hasn't fought anybody who is above or even ON his level in a very long time. The Saiyans will have multiple people on that caliber of fighting."

"Well that's a given. Kiryu isn't an idiot, he should know that." Pitou replies, sort of irritated.

"Kiryu is very smart but it may be a shock when he struggles so much to take down one of the top Saiyans."

Thrigon cracks his knuckles and speaks up, "If Kiryu can't take down the strongest of Saiyans, than how the HELL are we going to do so? They have numbers and strength on us so how the F*** are we going to win?" He bursts out in rage.

Rem slowly smiles, "We have the element of surprise and we have the element of strategy. Thrigon, have you ever heard of the Battle of Thermopylae?"

"Yeah..." Thrigon replies, smartened up a bit.

"We aren't going back now. We will win."

"What about the Red Ribbon losers?" Echo interrupts.

"I'll handle all of them. You guys just worry about taking down the Saiyajins."

All the Commanders nod and stand up. Each of them go to a specific vehicle, some going to the Moles, some going to Cars, and some going to the leftover Planes. Once everybody is inside their designated travelling tool, the Planes begin moving at a tremendous speed and take flight. The Moles on the other hand, begin digging themselves into the ground with mechanical arms and disappear immediately.

Rem walks back inside Forte Valkyrie and goes to his Command Center. "I have no time to waste. It's time to prepare for the Red Ribbon Army." He wraps his hand around a large Mic that can message the entire base and begins making an announcement to the entire Forte. "Attention everybody, it's time for Operation Annihilation. You should all know what your designated job is so carry it out immediately."

After that, Rem walks away from the Mic and has a seat on his Computer desk. "It's all or nothing. I may not have been given life for this purpose, but I shall carry out my ambition without a doubt." He says silently to himself.


The Saiyans refuse to waste their time with the cliche 'freeze' that is so popular. Instead, they begin relentless fire of weaponry. You can tell that these Saiyans are all very low ranked. Let the weaklings die first is the motto of the Saiyan people. Your army takes the initiative and begin to exterminate the Saiyans. You don't waste your time however, but sprint through all the Saiyans and keep on bursting to the plaza gate. You can see hundreds of Generals doing the same thing. They know exactly what's going on.

More and more Saiyans continue to flood out, but none that are worth your time. You just run directly right through them, killing them quickly. "Gigantic Bulldozer," you scream out as you kill hundreds of them that had blocked your path. The fools. How dare they try to stand up to you.

Many of the other Generals are working on destroying the main gate that you guys jumped right past due to the mountain.

You look to your right and notice that Chi Chi is keeping up with you. She's quite fast. Granted you can go much faster than you are now but it's still impressive. "What are you doing?" You question.

"When you break through the Plaza door, I have to get going. No wasting time dawdling back there when I have important work to do," Chi Chi replies with a smile on her face. She's loving this.

You don't reply, instead just keep running. A jolt of sound crushes through your eyes and you come to an immediate stop. Just as you do so, you put your arm in front of Chi Chi's chest to stop her as well. Less than a second later, a deadly Ki shot comes flying past you two.

"Such...power." You say quietly, shaking with...fear?

"Oh dear," A voice calls out. "I missed." You turn your head among all the commotion and see a figure not too far from you. He's fairly tall for a Saiyan, has pitch black hair pointing up, and has moderately dark skin color. He wears black and grey armor that is generally wore by Saiyans who hold a high rank. His boots are dark, yet polished cleanly. Explosions and screams continue to surround you all as you stand before this man, staring deeply in his eyes.

The man continues with a wicked smile on his face, "So you must be the infamous Commander of the FBM's army. Kiryu, was it?"

"And who might you be?" You question after semi acknowledging his question.

"Turles." He answers you as he takes a bite out of his apple.

"Chi Chi, take General Hugo with you along with all the other Generals that you're going with and start working on that gate. I apologize but I'm going to have to catch up with you all later. I would have hoped to smash down that Plaza Gate myself, but this is more important."

She eyes Turles with tension, showing signs of horror and agrees with you. "Good luck..." She whispers and begins running away with her crew.

"WHERE ARE YOU GOING!?!?" Turles screams and his eyes turn deep red. He whips his arm backwards and throws a Ki Blast with devastating speed and power towards Chi Chi.

"S-Shi-!" You scream and jump in front of the blast with your arms out, preparing to block it. The blast collides with your hands and sends a flaring burst of pain down your spine. After a long second, the blast subsides into your arms and you begin breathing heavily. "Haaaa-, not bad for a Saiyan." You taunt.

Unfazed, Turles puts his left hand by his ear and clicks a button. He begins scanning you and you're fully aware of it. "61 000. Not bad, Kiryu. Though...If you expect to defeat me, I hope you have some hidden techniques up your sleeve." Turles laughs and takes another bite of his apple, finishing it.

Now you're unfazed by his comment but you react like you were, charging at him full speed. "Die!" You call out. He simply laughs and takes a fighting stance. The two of you clash with incredible force and lightning quakes all around you with terrifying power. The two of you are dead even in power, but while you're sweating nervously, Turles remains with a smile on his face.


Meanwhile, many of the Generals and Elites are working hard on destroying the Main Gate to help with reinforcements for later. Those with cars are going to have to come directly through this gate so it being put to rest is essential. While this is going on, the thousands of Soldiers are toe to toe with the lowest ranked of Saiyans, fighting to the death.

"This isn't good, we're starting to be overwhelmed!" Tom Friendly calls out to the other Generals. "Our Soldiers are doing well, but in sheer numbers we don't stand a chance. What're we gonna do boys?" Tom throws another Blaster Wave into the Main Gate and another crack breaks out in it.

"Don't worry, I got this!" White replies and jumps forward with his hands at each side of head and begins to focus. "Solar Flare!" A large light comes blasting forward and everybody in front of White begins to scream as their eyes are blinded. "Hahaha, got 'em!" He calls out. "Go forth, FBM Soldiers! Kill the Saiyans!"

On cue, all the Elites and Soldiers start to move forward and crush the blinded Saiyans.

"Nice job, White." Tom compliments him.

"Don't sweat it. You guys continue to break down the gate, I gotta get going. We can't waste all our time here. The Saiyans are just warmin' up. If we don't push them back, we'll never win."

"You have a point," Colonel Silver agrees. "After all, many Generals that aren't in temporary Commander Chi Chi's group left long ago too."

"I'll stay here and lead the Soldiers and take down this wall," Tom agrees. "You all get the hell out of here and take down those rotten Saiyans."

White and Silver give a quick nod and over 30 Generals disappear in an instant. Many remain here, but a large portion have begun to go.

Some Soldiers have begun to set up camp here near the corner to put the weakened in rest. Not a bad idea, but if we lose control it could get ugly. It's best for some Generals to remain here as well as many of the Soldiers.


While this is going on, Joseph Pike continues to exterminate anybody he comes in contact with.

Hundreds of Saiyan Soldiers surround him, all armed and ready to kill. Joseph doesn't lose his posture however. "Is it time for another batch to die?" He questions them in a stale, killer voice.

They all fire at him without regret, but Joseph puts his arms out and forms a quick load of Ki in them. "Barrier." He says and all the bullets collide into it, causing zero damage. "Hahahahahaha, you fools. Now you're all going to die!!! Ahahahahahah," he laughs hysterically and begins teleporting to them all, killing them each in an instant without failure. Many try to run, but none escape his deadly assault.

After their all dead, he smiles and licks the blood off of his hands. "So...where is the next batch?" He cries out.


"Hurry!" Big Daddy instructs Jones and Hugo as they all go running towards the Plaza Gate. Chi Chi is already ahead of the rest even though Hugo outmatches her in raw Battle Power.

"Be okay, Commander Kiryu." Chi Chi prays as she dashes through all the ruckus and death without losing focus.

"B****, stop right there!" A Saiyan pack yells to her as they intercept her path. She stops momentarily once she notices them. They're dirty and have creepy smiles on their faces. One has a bulging bump in his pants. Is it a weapon? "This is no place for a pretty women like yourself. How about you come with us and we'll treat you right, hehehe." The leader of the pack smiles as he puts out his blooded hand.

"No way, pigs!" Chi Chi replies and punches the leader the face. He flies back thirty feet and smashes into the Plaza Gate, splitting his head open.

"H-hey, she's a feisty little one. All the more fun!" The new leader screams and they all leap at her together. She ducks, causing them all to miss their initial attack and throws both her legs up in the air, kicking two of them sky high while holding onto the ground with her hands to keep her balance. The fourth and final scumbag looks at her terrified and attempts to run away screaming.

"Pathetic..." Chi Chi says to herself and dashes up to him, catching him in an instant.

"P-please don't-"

"HA!" Chi Chi delivers a fierce blow to his stomach, causing him to cough up unusual amounts of blood. He collapses to the ground, and Chi Chi spits on him, before walking away. "So this is it?" Chi Chi asks a rhetorical question to herself, as she gazes at the Plaza. It's huge.

"Sorry Chi Chi," Jones apologizes. "We took so long to get here which forced you to dirty yourself in combat."

"Don't put me on a pedestal, Jones - everybody." Chi Chi replies, still looking at the Plaza Gate. "We're all Generals; just because I was granted special permission, doesn't mean i'm God or anything. Lets just focus on taking down this monster of a gate. It shan't be easy." She smiles at that last comment, and prepares a fighting stance.

"A fighting stance for a wall?" Hugo wonders.

"No, not that. It's for the person standing on top of the wall." She smiles again and looks up at the barely visible man.

"HOOOLY..." Hugo gasper-jacks and jumps back like he's seen a Ghost. The man on top jumps down carelessly and lands gently, despite the fall.

"I see you noticed me." A cold greeting is offered from a tall man with black hair that nearly reaches his legs responds. "So what am I, the Gatekeeper up against?" The man wonders as he scans the Generals and the Elites that stand behind them and than smiles deviously.

"What's so FUNNY!" Hugo yells.

"So i'm up against a women, a businessman, an ill tempered idiot, and a guy that looks like he's gonna collapse from the short run from the Gate to the Plaza. Oh, how God has smiled upon me today. Ahahahahahaha!" The man laughs so hard, he nearly collapses on the ground. "And here I thought i'd have to stretch my legs." He puts his finger by his Scouter and instead of scouting everybody, he takes it off and drops it on the ground beside his left foot. "I don't need my Scouter for you trash."

Annoyed to the point of breaking down, Hugo leaps at the man full speed and lands a direct punch to his face, causing him to smash back into the Plaza Gate. A little bit of blood morphs onto Hugo's knuckle and he wipes it off on his pants. "You want some of this, b****?" He says, still pissed off.

The man gets up and wipes blood off of his nose and attempts to pick up his scouter. Before he can however, Hugo rushes to him and tries to deliver another sucker punch, just to his jaw this time. The enemy is on his toes this time, and blocks it with relative ease, and delivers a ruthless counter punch to Hugo's face, causing him to fly back onto the floor.

Within a second, Hugo stands up with rage written all over his face. "Chi Chi, Jones, Big Daddy...Everybody else. Don't you all have something to be doing right now?"

"We can take him together," Jone offers.

"No no, that won't be necessary. You all just do your thing and rip that gate to shreds and break into the Plaza. I'll catch up with you all soon. Once I decapitate this guy I mean."

The man is shocked at this but remains silent. He knows that having them all leave is the only way he'll be able to win. Chi Chi nods and begins setting out with everybody else. "So," Hugo continues. "What the hell am I going to call you?"

"Why does it matter, fool?"

"I'd like to know what I'll be telling the higher ups when I list all the people I killed that might matter."

The man spits on the floor and replies with one eye showing itself, the other covered by his hair. "Raditz. Gatekeeper Raditz."

Hugo smiles and jumps at Raditz once again, with his teeth showing. The two clash!


Hugo's Moves:

- Mind Wave - You shoot out a powerful Ki blast out and can separate it from your hands any time you choose.
- Terrorize - You jump on your opponent and rip them to shreds.
- Lucky Beam - Flip a coin. If heads, your opponent freezes for 3 seconds. If tails, you freeze for 3 seconds.

A) Have things continue as is.

B) Free Choice: Choose on what you want Kiryu to do when he's fighting Turles, what you want Hugo to do while he fights Raditz, if you want Joseph to change positions and do something else, if you want to send other Generals to different locations, if you want Chi Chi to change her current job (breaking down the Plaza Gate), etc. etc.
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