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Author's Chapter Notes:
C Wins.
"Heh, I choose Chi Chi." You say as you triumphantly stare down at the 5 Generals. You can see General White's eyes go into shock, and than disappointment but you refuse to alter your decision.

"M-Me?" She questions, clearly surprised.

"Yes. Chi Chi, Rem and I will fill you in on the details of this mission later. Until you receive our call, stay in position. Everybody else, go back into line immediately. I have no time for chatter."

All the Commanders break position and begin marching back to line in a quick yet structured manor. Despite your orders to return to the line, White approaches you.

"Commander Kiryu, why didn't you choose me?" He questions, still amazed that the unknown girl was picked.

"Does it matter? What's done is done." You state, ending the conversation.

White refuses this however, and continues objecting your reasons. "This mission could have turned my entire carrier around. If I succeeded and trained hard, the remaining Commander slot that is currently open might have been in my grasp. That's why this matters."

"I didn't choose you for two reasons." You reply, finally giving White the explanation he wants. "I want you on the battlefield with me. You're a great fighter and you show a great deal of charisma. You'll be an excellent asset on the front lines."

"That's a very selfish act, Commander." He says, apologetically.

"But not only that, but there is a small chance that I suspect you as being a Spy."

White looks up shocked and outraged, but than his face settles down and he bows his head in disgrace. "I-I'm sorry, Kiryu." He replies, holding back tears. "Whatever I did to lead you on to think that I could be a Spy, I deeply regret. I am not a Spy." The General looks up at you, his eyes bold and civilized. You can't spot a trace of lies coming from his mouth, nor can you doubt the sorrow he shows. You have offended him (for the better?).

You continue to stare at him until he finally breaks the silence. "I accept and respect your reasons, Commander." You nod and signal him to return to the line where the rest of the Generals await and he begins walking away. "Commander..." He boldly states without turning back to you. "I will follow you to the ends of the Earth. Not only as my Commander in charge, but as my..." White stops and stutters a bit before continuing. "But as my friend." He solemnly finishes. It appears that White is a high introvert with little to no friends.

The conversation is over and White heads back to the line, totally defeated. He put himself in a very vulnerable state. You can commend him for that. A brisk wind floods by you and it's almost as if time begins to fast forward.

"Kiryu, we're ready." A familiar voice calmly tells you from an invisible place. It's Rem.

"About time." You reply before you begin shaking violently. With fear? No, this is excitement. You're truly a cold blooded person.


Your car shakes abruptly as it travels over the rocky desert. This is going to be a long, bumpy ride. Rem had given Chi Chi her orders and informed you of them as well just in case she and her crew needed backup. Naturally, she was set off with more than one General and many Soldiers and Elites to keep the mission safe but she will be in charge of them all. Hopefully she has enough charisma, power, and brains to succeed in this mission...hopefully.

"Sir, how long do you expect the car ride to take?" General Tom Friendly wonders.

"We're going as fast as we can and since the Planes aren't scheduled to leave for 8 hours after us, I'm going to say a long time so get comfortable." Tom frowns and you can see the car sickness growing in his stomach as he rests his head back once again. This monstrous Truck is full of 36 people and you've been travelling for 2 hours already without air conditioning in the blazing heat outside. You lay your head back on the head-rest and begin to think to yourself.

"Chi Chi. Infiltrating the West Gate and destroying the Saiyans Radar system is an important job. If you don't succeed, the Saiyans will be able to see right through our plans. The Planes. The Moles. Everything will be ruined if the Saiyans can detect all of that coming. Chi Chi and her crew absolutely has to get in and destroy it all beyond repair. If what I was told is true and the Saiyans have those so called "Scouters", then we're in big trouble. From what I hear, the accuracy on them is incredible. Proceed with caution..."

You gaze out the window and see a fleet of other Trucks, Cars, and other types of Automobiles nearby but your Truck still leads the pack. "Just what am I going to do once I get there?" A shocking thought breaks into your mind, "I've planned out a minuscule amount compared to what I should have done. I'm in charge of tens of thousands of Soldiers and every body that piles up will be on my conscience if I don't plan correctly. The clock is ticking."


Your head thumps forward and bangs into the window, causing an immense pain to your skull. "Ooooow..." You slowly say aloud as your eyes open and you take notice to your surroundings. The Truck has stopped. Outside the window, hundreds of other Trucks lay beside yours. Inside the Truck you're currently in, ruckus has broken out in the backseats. Everybody is glad that the ride is over...or at least halted. Without wasting a second Tom Friendly rips open the side door and runs out, puking all over the mountain top.

"Wait...Mountaintop?" You wonder to yourself. You slide open the door on your side of the Truck and exit it with caution and confusion. Tom Friendly still hasn't noticed it but you and every other Truck has completely halted on top of a gigantic mountain.

The Driver exits the Truck himself with a smile. "With record timing too, Commander." He greets you.

"Care to explain?" You question.

"With pleasure. Lord Rem has instructed me to lead everybody to the peak of this mountain. This way, we'll be able to partake in an air force attack on the Saiyan Empire. Of course, we can always walk down to the base of the mountain and enter casually if you would like. It shouldn't take too long."

"That's going to be quite a jump for most of us to handle. It seems unethical. Then again, I can always support the others' fall with my gigantic arms.

"Lord Rem said that you would have this covered. I've done my job. If you're afraid of too many deaths from the fall, climb to the base of the Mountain." The Driver smiles once more and begins walking back to a large line that has formed. Everybody has exited the Trucks in a neatly fashion. Generals in one line. Elites in another. Soldiers in the third. Frontier Agents in the final one. You can't even see the ends of the lines. General White is at the front of the Generals line, followed by Colonel Silver and Tom Friendly.

You walk over to the edge of the mountain and look down below. Your eyes go wide as you see the massive size of the Saiyan Empire; it may even be bigger than Forte Valkyrie! A large grey gate covers the entire plaza (Think of a huge square that covers the entirety of the fortress). Looking deeper, you can see thousands of Saiyan Soldiers have began to flood out of the Plaza and are entering to the gate area. They know that you're all here. A large dome covers the top of the Plaza, preventing anybody from flying directly in. You can fly no farther than the Main Gate because of this, hence why you're supposed to get rid of both Gates. No use wasting anymore time here though. If you don't hurry, they'll have too many Soldiers down there to deal with.

You walk over to the vehicle that drove you here and enter a command at the front of it. A green light blinks and a Radar begins gathering data. "It's best to scout everybody that matters." You say to yourself. Lights begin flashing rapidly and readings begin to appear.

General Battle Power List: (Authors Note: This list does not show all of the Generals here. Just a portion.)

General White: 21 050 - He's improved since Forte Hieno.
Colonel Silver: 18 000 - Quite powerful.
Tom Friendly: 16 800 - Weaker than the others, but nothing to be shy about.
Joseph Pike: 23 450 - By far, the strongest General here.
Transny: 15 200 - The lower end of the Generals for sure.
Chi Chi: 19 500 - With a power like that, she'll be able to lead well.
Big Daddy: 18 888 - The man in the suit is stronger than you thought.
Jones: 16 000 - Weakling with a cool name.
Hugo: 20 000 - Who is this guy? He's strong.

Kiryu: 61 000

"Alright everybody, it's time for battle!" You scream while raising your right arm in the air!

"YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH~!" An explosion of screams explode in sync refusing to settle.

"My Battle Plan..." You begin to think, "If I screw it up, many will die. Everything has to be perfect. The Saiyans will know that we're all up here by now too. I have to destroy the Main Gate surrounding the plaza, and create an opening at the front of the plaza so the rest of the Commanders and Chi Chi can flood in through there and do their own Missions. Meanwhile, my army has to hold out until the rest have done their missions. Heh, sounds easy enough." You smirk and begin trembling with anticipation once again.

A) Free Choice - Choose whether you'll jump off the mountain or not, how you'll do so, your battle plan for once you get down there, if everybody will come with you on the main attack or if some will be reserved for later, who will be with you when you try to smash down the Main Gate, etc. etc. etc.

B) Jump off the Mountain and see how things go. Plans are only for weaklings!

(Authors Note: The Generals that will be accompanying Chi Chi will be herself, Big Daddy, & Jones. You can assign more if you wish but only of the ones named.)
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