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Author's Chapter Notes:
The beginning of the second Arc...!
"The War Arc!"

Continue reading to find out how this arc turns out, and even more: What fate that Kiryu ends up following!
You walk over to Rem and signal him with your right hand to walk away from the raging crowd so you can speak in silence. He gives you a nod and begins doing so.

The two of you head roughly 30 meters away from the crowd. The noise is still tremendous, but bearable now. "What is it?" Rem questions.

"I assume you want us to travel via automobile?"

"Yes. I have a fleet of Trucks, Cars and Buses of all kind at the ready. Why?"

"That's going to be a problem. I refuse to travel to War with such a vehicle. We aren't going like that. Period."

A frown grows on Rem's face and he replies, "It's too late to change schedule. You should have told me earlier."

"Now is the best time to tell you. A Spy is among us and if they tell the Red Ribbon Army how we are travelling, and somehow the Saiyans get a hold of this information, it can cause detrimental damage to our assault. The assault that I lead. So you have to make quick work and change our transportation so we head over in Cars, Planes, and Moles."

"Fine." Rem agrees, clearly annoyed that you pulled this out on him at the last minute. "But I won't be able to acquire too many Planes and especially Moles on short notice so the majority of the transportation will still be Cars."

"That's fine. As long as we have variety." Rem nods and returns to the insides of the Forte. Meanwhile, you head back to the main lines of attack. It's time to survey all the Generals and Frontier Agents you'll be taking with you.

You begin looking around and notice that there is a fleet of them. Dozens and dozens of them. "Kiryu, who will you be taking with you?" A voice calls out, causing you to look over to your left - where you heard the noise. It was Pitou.

"What do you mean?" You inquire.

"I ran into Rem on my way out here just now. He instructed me to tell you that we're short on one "Leader" and to pick a General or Frontier Agent that we're most familiar with to take the position. Since you're leading the main assault, he wants you to pick."

"Hmm, what do you mean by "Leader"?"

"Every Commander going to War excluding yourself has an assigned Mission to do once we get to the Main Gate. Unfortunately, we're one Commander short on Missions that we absolutely must do once we get to the Saiyan Empire, so we need to pick the next highest Ranked man that we know is strong and trust so we can assign said person on this particular Mission Rem has laid out."

"Oh...I see." You say while rubbing your chin in a formal manor.

"Sucks that Loukar died; we wouldn't be having this problem if the guy didn't go down. God bless his soul of course." Pitou smiles at this, almost as if he doesn't mean that last comment.

You stare boldly at him, pissed off already. If he keeps talking about Loukar's death, you might just kill him. Ever since Loukar died, when people talk about his death at all, you really get frustrated. "Anyway, I'll be going now. I should pick the General who shall lead a personalized mission now." You begin walking away, leaving Pitou high and dry.

Noise continues to grow and grow as you approach the main lines once again. The thousands of Soldiers haven't settled down at all in the short time you were away from this area. You pick up the Microphone that Rem is using to instruct everybody of their orders. "All Generals!" You scream out at the top of your lungs, even with the impact of noise from the Mic itself. "Report right in front of my right now!" You finish and take a breath. "No point in calling the Frontier Agents. I don't know any of them; besides, the Spies tend to be weaker and more of solo missionaries."

A horizontal line begins to form before you and you can see an enormous amount of Generals in front of you. "I only know 3 Generals...really. General White. Chi Chi. Colonel Silver. I suppose I don't have too much else to choose from, but I'll look around for more promising ones either way."

Once the line is complete, you walk over to the far left side and begin inspecting them all. A skinny Blondie. A body builder in a speedo. A dude wearing a bikini strip. Oh God, these guys all look like complete fools. Ah, General White looking as strong and serious ever. Right beside him is his roommate, Colonel Silver looking as suspicious as ever. After a while of surveying, you pick out 5 people from the line to choose who can be the Leader of this mission.

"Congratulations," you begin speaking to the 5 of them. "You five are all nominations to become a Leader to do a personal mission. This is very important so if you're chosen, take it serious; you'll have a large squad of people to personally take care of." You look around at the 5 once again. "Heh, I choose-"

A) General White - A strong fighter with a lot of tenacity. You know him fairly well and have trust in him.
B) Colonel Silver - Is most likely a powerful fighter, but you don't know him at all and you're very suspicious of him.
C) Chi Chi - Her strength is unknown to you, but she seems like an optimistic person with a lot of personality. She could be a good leader.
D) Tom Friendly - He's a fairly bulky Human that seems he'd be serious with any mission that would come his way. His strength and personality are unknown though.
E) Big Daddy - Totally unknown to you and looks suspicious due to his suit and formal clothes. But you've seen him in the Training Center before and he can handle himself well.
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