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Author's Chapter Notes:
Techniques Have Leveled Up:

Speed Blitz (Lvl 3): Kiryu can now move around freely while using Speed Blitz X3, as opposed to only one direction like before. Also, Speed Blitz X2 no longer uses any Ki to perform.

Super Explosive Bomber (Lvl 3): The Ki usage of this technique is halved, leaving Kiryu much less drained after using it. Furthermore, Kiryu has learned to concentrate the explosion into a given area around his body, allowing for more damage to the opponent while also preventing excess collateral damage.

"The battle has begun." Gero says over the phone, observing Red Ribbon Headquarters from a few miles away with a pair of high-class binoculars. "Strike down Valkyrie at once."

"Oookay." Kakarot says slowly, putting the phone down and giving a nod to Maize. The two Saiyans stand up and wrap an aura around themselves. Kakarot's veins burst in size, causing green mucus to run down his arm like a water slide. Maize, however, shows no such symptoms. Unlike Kakarot, whose hair is glistening gold, while also showing the same signs as Broly when he transformed, Maize merely has a sharp vert aura scattering around his frame.

"Lets get this over with quickly."

"No. I want to savour the moment. I want to taste the blood of the fallen, and I want to watch them scream in agony as I take everything that matters away from them, just like they did to us." Kakarot continues to talk haltingly, but his psychotic sneer is what sends shivers up Maize's spine.

"...Kakarot, don't turn a mission like this into genocidal warfare."

"It's too late...for that." His chest expands, presenting another series of overly-sized veins poking out of his core. Kakarot grits his teeth until blood slips down his chin and roars obstreperously. The mountain beneath his feet crumbles to pieces and Kakarot blasts himself into the air, zooming towards Forte Valkyrie at full speed.

"Wait Kakarot! Don't do this!" Maize yells, trying to calm his comrade down, but ends up getting left behind. "Damn that idiot...!" Soon afterwards, Maize launches into the sky himself and races towards Valkyrie.


Back At Red Ribbon Headquarters...

"Play time is over." Broly's aura surges once again, causing electric sparks to zap around the entire battlefield. Buildings surrounding the area crumble at the sheer magnitude of his strength.

You gaze over at your allies. Multiple different strategies flood into your mind instantaneously, completely unrelated, yet you manage to string all of the thoughts together to create a battle plan.

"Number 86! Engage Broly defensively. Try to distract him as best as you can. Don't worry about anything else." White looks at your eerily, almost not trusting that you have his best interest in mind, but doesn't waste any time in wrapping a pink aura around his frame--greatly increasing his power.


Hearing that initial command signals everybody under your command to come in closer so they can listen to their part. Quickly, you begin directing them, noticing that Broly has begun attacking the Fleet Executives while this is going on. Upon explaining everything to the Generals and Commanders, they all spread out and prepare to deploy their orders.

Taking advantage of Broly's absence from your presence, you dig into your pockets and pull out the four Elemental Bracelets you bought so long ago. Mucus slips down from your shoulder blades as two arms sprout from the bones. Both Lightning Bracelets are put on your real hands, and you place the Fire and Ice Bracelet on the extra arms.

Broly barrages Fleet Executive Geo Klush with an array of devastating blows, bringing the man to his knees. Geo coughs up blood, grasping his stomach in pain, yet this brings a sadistic smile to his adversary's face. Just seconds before Broly slams his boot into Geo's face, General White smashes his left leg into the side of Broly's head.

To everybody's surprise, Broly's enormous body is lifted off the ground and he is sent spiraling into the ground nearly ten feet away. White does a front flip to land safely, refusing to take his eyes off of Broly for a second.

"Gwa ha ha ha ha," laughs Broly, standing up, completely unshaken. "You just signed your death warrant."

"..." White remains quiet, focused. His glimmering aura wavers around his body gently.

Meanwhile, Fiasco finally arrives at Phoenix Graham's side. Alongside him is Kaiba, who has yet to Transform or even put on a serious fighting pose. Upon touching Phoenix's shoulder to heal him, the Fleet Executive hops up in a rage, spitting out bits of blood as he does so.

"Get your...HANDS OFF ME!" Phoenix angrily whips his arm backwards, nearly bashing Fiasco in the face, but fortunately, Kaiba was quick enough to jump in front to protect him. Kaiba is pushed backwards, but doesn't appear to suffer any damage from the strike. "I'll kill that son of a b****. Who do you think you are, Gero!? Toying with me like THIS!" The hairs on Phoenix's arms all point up ferociously as his nails grow in size--turning into razor sharp blades.

So much for trying to help him..." Fiasco thinks, laughing gently afterwards. "Raise!" Energy circles around him and his comrades, boosting their speed and drive to fight.

"Titanium Mantis!" Broly's clenched right arm, which is now holding White by the throat, cutting off all his air supply, is suddenly struck from Mantis at an astounding speed. The force is enough to shake Broly up enough to loosen his hold over White, who then immediately kicks off Broly's chest and jumps back multiple feet to keep his distance.

"...Got it?" Thrigon finishes, now standing beside Bojack and Tao Pai Pai. "We gotta keep that bastard unfocused so that he can't take people down in one-on-one battles." Neither of them hesitate in agreeing with him. "By the way, can any of you bastards heal?"

"No." Tao is quick to respond. "Healing is for the weak."

"Balance!" McGuy shouts. A chunk of Broly's energy is sucked right out of him, which angers him to no end. "Return."

Broly whips his head around the battlefield, no longer interested in the severely tired General White, trying to find the man who stole what was rightfully his. A few measly seconds is all it takes for him to lock onto McGuy.


The Super Saiyan launches himself off the ground, instantaneously appearing in front of McGuy. Broly towers over the young General, who is now frozen stiff with fear. "You didn't honestly expect to get away with pulling a stunt like that, did you now?"

"...Ah....ahh!" A lone tear drips down McGuy's eye as Broly reaches down and grabs him by the face.


"Suction Cup!" Fleet Executive Geo Klush roars in a fit of anger, prying Broly's entire body off the ground. An invisible string of Ki pulls Broly towards Geo, who has charged a gigantic aura around the entirety of his right forearm. Broly whips around in the air so the two are facing each other.

"Blaster!" a green cannon is launched at Geo, but long before it even reaches him, a spark emits from the sky and explodes it. Tao Pai Pai laughs generously, knowing exactly what is coming next.

Broly, still being sucked towards Geo Klush, implants his legs into the ground to slow him down, however, Geo Klush leaps from his position and swings his entire arm into Broly's gut with a howl. Geo's unrivaled physical strength causes even Broly to spit out a ball of spit, before his entire body twirls around vertically and his head is buried in the ground.

"...You've been 'Muted'." Geo Klush arrogantly states. This immediately attracts Piccolo's attention, despite being dozens of meters away from Geo's location. Broly pulls his head out of the shattered pavement and immediately looks around incredulously.

"Meteor Burst!" Piccolo's swift blast crashes into Broly's bare back, burning the flesh on his skin. He didn't even try to dodge it. Is it just a coincidence, or...?

"What have you done to me!?" Broly snaps, clutching his hears and shaking his entire head back and forth. His tone is surprisingly loud, almost as if he can't hear the pitch at which he is speaking.

"It's troublesome, isn't it? Not being able to hear your own voice, or anybody else's for that matter. Yahahaha!" Geo laughs insanely. "Once I "Mute' my opponent, it is only a matter of time until they can't bare the silence and self destruct."

"Noooo!" Broly's power increases in size once again, allowing his muscles to bulk up in size for the third time. Bardock notices this immediately and his eyes widen. "RHAAA!" Everybody surrounding Broly is blown back by his sudden surge of energy, causing the entire city to rumble.

You gawk at the events from far away, still awaiting Echo to answer the phone on the other line.


Back At Forte Valkyrie...

Enjoying a relaxing day off, Echo is leaning back in his four-wheeled chair while watching One Piece on his computer. With a mighty grin, the Commander slips his hand into a bucket of popcorn and pulls out a bunch, chewing on them with ill-manners.

The main phone-line rings on the other end of the room, so Echo pauses his show and sighs. Just as he stands up, every hair on his back stand up and he freezes in his position.

" a Ki shouldn't exist!" Echo mutters, terrified, suddenly uninterested in whoever is phoning. The Commander exits his computer tabs and pulls out the Forte Valkyrie Radar. He confirms that the Ultimate Forcefield is up first, of course, but then re-positions the satellite so that it locks in just outside of the Forcefield straight ahead of Valkyrie. To his complete and utter bewilderment, a Saiyan with spiky yellow hair is floating carelessly.

"Not possible...! Kiryu and the others went to deal with the Saiyans at Red Ribbon Headquarters." Echo zooms in on the Saiyan, but is surprised to see another Saiyan floating down beside him. This one has long green hair put into a pony tail, who is also sporting black trousers and and a shirt of the same color. Further inspection shows that he is wearing a green undershirt. His power is noticeably inferior, but nothing to be ashamed about.

Suddenly, the door barges open and General Orez shows himself. Beside him are John Giant and Blue. They all appear to be equally panicked. The phone continues to ring in the background, but Echo and the others pay little attention to it.

"What IS that!?" Blue screams.

"Sorry Commander," Orez begins. "I left my post when I saw that Saiyan show up."

"Where did Lord Kiryu and the other Commanders go again?" John Giant asks, trying to keep his composure.

"Shut up, shut up, SHUT UP! All of you!" Echo paces back and forth, not taking his eyes off of the monitor, obviously because he is afraid of the Saiyans getting inside somehow. "Kiryu must be going straight into a trap! That bastard Phoenix Graham must have lied about the Saiyans invading to get Kiryu there and kill him! We need to send Soldiers over there to help Kiryu out..."

"Commander!" Blue snaps. "Think about us for a second. We don't have any soldiers to spare with those two outside...!"

"Damn it, you're right. Besides, anybody who steps outside the Forcefield will be killed in an instant. Bah, forget about Kiryu. He can handle himself. We need to protect Valkyrie at all costs..." The phone continues to ring in the background, but Echo ignores it still. "Can any of you contact Kiryu?"

"I tried reaching him on his Scouter," Orez speaks up. "But it was busy."

"Damn it! What is that idiot doing at a time like this!?"

"Echo, please focus! Think of a plan, or something!" John Giant insists.

"Listen you idiots. I am NOT fighting whoever is out there...!" Echo gulps tightly, finally noticing the phone is still ringing. He walks towards it while speaking. "Once the Forcefield is down, which is inevitable, it'll only take a few blasts to blow up Valkyrie from those Saiyans. And since Saiyans can fly and none of us can...we'll be even more screwed if it comes to an air battle."

"So what!? All we can do is wait here until they finally break through the Forcefield and kill us!?"

Echo is silent. He turns away from the three Generals who are still at Valkyrie and answers the phone. "Who the hell is it?"

"Echo!" you scream on the other line, outraged that it took so long for him to finally answer the phone. "Why the hell did it take you so long to answer the phone? Ergh, idiot. Don't answer that, just listen. There are only two Saiyans at Red Ribbon Headquarters, which means there is a high probability that the others will come to invade Forte Valkyrie."

"They're already here, Kiryu. Two of them. What the hell should I do? Their power..."

"I know, it's on another level. Listen carefully, because I won't have time to repeat myself. Prepare every cannon we have and turn on the scanner so you can see what is going on outside."

"I'm already watching them. But cannons won't do a damn thing to them, even if they do manage to hit."

"Probably not, but it will make it look like you're preparing for battle. While that's happening, take the opportunity to escape. Arm all of the soldiers with Ray Guns, just in case, and evacuate Valkyrie. Head into the Bunker as discretely as you all can. If they manage to get through the Ultimate Forcefield while you're still evacuating, fire the cannons at them to stall for more time. Make sure you are the last one to-"

"I refuse."

"What did you just say...?"

"I'm not running away from them. I'll never surrender Forte Valkyrie to those damn Saiyans."

"Echo, this is an order!"

"I know. And I'm refusing it."

"...You idiot. Echo, we can retrieve Valkyrie later. Right now the safety of everybody is the most important thing to consider."

"You left me in charge when you left, so I'll do what I think is best for the FBM. I was hoping to get some real advice out of you, but all I'm hearing is cowardice nonsense."

"Damn it Echo, listen to me!"

"Goodbye Kiryu." Echo hangs up the phone and looks over to the three Generals standing before him. "Blue, I want you to evacuate everybody. Bring them to the Bunker. Orez, get the cannons ready. John, go to the Laboratory and make sure any high-tech technology is brought with them down to the Bunker, just in case I can't hold the Forte down." Echo looks back at his monitor, seeing Kakarot throwing an onslaught of Ki blasts against the Ultimate Forcefield. All of a sudden, he is no longer intimidated. "If any of you three wish to fight alongside me, I give you my permission."

"Yes sir!" They each say simultaneously.


Meanwhile, Just Outside Red Ribbon Headquarters...

Dr. Gero, the brilliant mastermind behind the multiple attacks that are taking place at this very moment, stretches his legs upon standing up and turning over to Prince Vegeta. The Saiyan beside him doesn't bother acknowledging Gero; rather, he continues to gaze at Red Ribbon Headquarters, listening in on everything going on through the technology of the scouter attached to his ear.

"Are you sure this is alright?" Vegeta asks in a quiet tone. "Sending them in there like this."

"For the third time, Vegeta, of course it's fine. They'll all be revived once the Dragon Balls are collected, so any more losses are nothing but minor details."

"...Yeah. You're right." Vegeta reluctantly agrees, showing a tint of sorrow.

"Take this." Gero says while handing Vegeta a remote. "Use it if you don't hear from me in two days." Vegeta grabs the piece of technology and places it in his body armor, giving Gero a nod as he does so. "Well then, I'll be going now. Be sure to accomplish your part here."

"I will. You already told me the most likely places they'll be. Consider it done."

"Very well. Don't forget to return to the new hideout afterwards."

"I know."

"Splendid." Gero throws a Capsule on the ground and a small jet opens up. The old man steps into it and grins toothily. "I'll see you soon."


Meanwhile, The Battle Against The Super Saiyans Continues...

Broly stands in the center of the battlefield, flowing with an outrageous amount of energy. Just finished with your conversation with Echo, you turn your Scouter off, in fear of seeing whatever number Broly's power level reads at.

Upon seeing this, Kaiba's muscle bulk up in size and he takes an entirely new form. You told him to transform earlier, but, predictably so, he didn't have the proper motivation--at least until now. Kaiba splits into three identical forms. The one in the middle charges an Acidic Meltdown, while the other two remodel their stomachs in the form of a peculiar liquid.

Suddenly, a barrage of Flicker Jabs smack into Broly, each hit shoving his muscular body back more and more. Thrigon continues to pelt the Saiyan, but none of his attacks appear to do any damage. Broly lunges forward to try and grab Thrigon by the throat, but the Namekian jumps back at a whopping speed.

"Oh...?" Broly comments, again, rather noisily, and then sprints towards Thrigon at his maximum speed. Yet surprisingly, Thrigon manages to just barely outrun the Saiyan, sweating madly all the while. Thrigon slowly begins circling around the battlefield, so as to not get too far away from his comrades, making sure to stay on the ground at all times.

Two discs of Ki swing by Broly, which he just barely manages to avoid, causing him to target Krillin. However, prior to him moving even a step in Krillin's direction, a giant Breath Blaster is launched down from the skies. Unfazed, Broly grabs Shugesh's attack with his bare hands and crushes the ball of energy.

"You...!?" Broly snaps, no longer interested in Krillin. White sprints up towards Broly and Piccolo launches another Meteor Burst, but Broly disperses from space and time, reappearing a few meters away from Shugesh's face--hundreds of feet in the sky. "You're a Saiyan! A Saiyan!"

"What of it...?" Shugesh growls back, still unsure if whether or not Broly can hear or not.

"You are a disgrace to your race. Scum like you do not deserve to live in this realm." The Super Saiyan quickly forms another green orb of Ki in his right palm, frowning heavily as he does so.

Damn it, you think, searching around the area to see if anybody has any intention of trying to save Shugesh. Nobody does. Guess I have no choice! "Speed Blitz X3!"


"Urgh!" Shugesh grunts, then puts up the best guard he can.

Prior to your arrival, the Great Ape is blasted in the face with Broly's full force. Shugesh stumbles backwards, deforming while doing so, and eventually crashing into the ground.

You appear in front of Broly, annoyed by how much air travel slowed you down, ready to fire a Wipeout Wave into his temple. He's surprised by your arrival, but shows no fear. In fact, all he does is bend his left arm vertically and place his right arm across it in a parallel fashion. A sharp barrier surfaces around his guard.

"Big Bang Shot!" Broly's entire back caves in by a sudden attack and his block instantly breaks.

"Wipeout Wave!"

Your full powered blast shoots the Saiyan in the face, easily bending his neck backwards, while on the other hand, Bojack's assault from behind pushed his lower body towards you in a comical semblance.

Taking advantage of the opportunity, you clutch both of your hands together and smash them directly into Broly's stomach. With a roar of pain, Broly is sent spiraling towards the ground.

"Kienzen!" Two more discs skid across the ground, heading straight the stunned Saiyan. However, Broly immediately stops himself mid-air and sways out of the way of Krillin's attack.

White leaps up and kicks Broly in jaw, but the attack has absolutely no effect. Still a trance, White's instincts kick in gear, allowing him to kick off using his foe's chest before running away to gain his distance.

"I won't let-AGH!" Broly shrieks in pain while blood squirts out of his sides. Phoenix slides in front of Broly, his razor sharp nails now painted in Broly's blood, and gently licks his fingers. "No..." Broly gawks at the injury, noticing that a large portion of the left side of his stomach is now missing, allowing blood to shoot out at a ridiculous pace.

Roll over and die. Phoenix thinks to himself, still angry at Broly's initial attack on him.

Skin remains are burned away as Broly decides to cauterize the wound with his own Ki, screaming out in pain while he does so. Phoenix frowns at this, but only for a moment. It appears that he expected as much.

"Light Grenade!"

Once again, Broly is shoved to the side from an attack from Piccolo, only this time, his left arm has been burnt and a few drops of blood have started to boil at the surface.

"He's going to blast you! Keep your guard up!" Joseph shouts in Piccolo's direction, who swiftly takes notice and glares directly at the Saiyan.

"RHAA!" Broly points both of his palms forward. A radiant aura flows into his arms and small orbs surface on the tip of each finger, which grow in size until every small orb overlaps and forms into one. "Onslaught of the Kings!" Broly shakes his fingers wildly and with every shake, a dozen balls of Ki are fired towards Piccolo.

No! I didn't expect something like this...! Piccolo attempts to invade Broly assault, but only manages to dodge three blasts before he's struck in the stomach. That first explosion signals twenty more, all exploding around Piccolo at once. This is far from the end, however, as Broly keeps on going and going. Smoke rises into the sky. The crater surrounding Piccolo grows in size with every second.

"Screw you!" Your right arm crashes into Broly back and ice covers its entirety. This doesn't slow Broly down in the slightest, though, so you bash a flaming knuckle into his shoulder blades, which irritates the Saiyan to no end.

"Duck, Kiryu!" Joseph yells.

Broly calls out in pain, instantly stopping his onslaught, and swings an arm backwards to try and pelt you in the face. Fortunately, thanks to Joseph's warning, you have already planted yourself below his arm. Broly takes notice of this, but has no time to react before a double lightning strike zaps his entire body.

"Speed Blitz X3!" You dash away from Broly's reach and regroup a fair distance away from him.

Broly wavers back and forth, finally slowing down. Sweat bubbles drip down his body and evaporate within the soiled blood stains beneath him.

He's taking too long. Bardock thinks to himself, still sitting atop a roof and watching the battle. He looks up into the sky and sighs once more, then swiftly sizes his comrade up. Hmph. Broly won't be able to hold out much longer.

Two different Kaiba's surround Broly and laugh at the man arrogantly. This immediately catches Broly's attention, causing him to roar in anger and slam one fist into Kaiba. To the Saiyan's amazement, though, his hand splatters into what feels like a puddle of mud, which then hardens on his fist. The second Kaiba grabs Broly over sized wrist and jumps into his closed knuckle, once again allowing himself to harden over Broly's other hand.


Rumbles are sent across the city, embedding everybody whose feet are currently implanted on the ground into it. Funnily enough, Broly doesn't even seem to notice this due to him waving both Kaiba's around endlessly, trying to shake them off of him.

"Chaos Shocker!" Broly's spine freezes from Thrigon's attack, but he soon regains slight movement over his body. He appears to be having difficulty swinging the Kaiba clones around, but his overwhelming aura is still pouring out. Damn, I can't control this guy well. He's too strong!

"Acidic Meltdown!" yells a third Kaiba, now over top Broly. The acid falls on the Saiyan, still unaware that it is above him, when suddenly, a sense of omnipotence warns Broly of the attack. A Barrier suddenly forms around his body, which Kaiba's acid awkwardly hits, splattering across it. Bits of the acid manage to melt through the Barrier and burn chunks of Broly's skin, but he doesn't seem bothered considering his life nearly ended.

"How did he-!?" Confused as to how Broly suddenly knew of Kaiba's attack, you hopelessly search the battlefield for some sort of clue. Finally, it hits you: Bardock must have used telepathy to warn him. Joseph also appears to be eyeing Bardock, somewhat angry.

Fiasco, now holding a dying Piccolo in his arms, dabs his finger into Piccolo's chest and attempts to rejuvenate his body. Shugesh is also unconscious, but Fiasco is not paying him any attention now that Piccolo is in such a state.

You take a deep breath and focus. Broly shoots a blast out of his mouth and shatters the ground that was trapping him. Kaiba returns his excess forms to power himself up once again and retreats from the area, obviously intimated. Broly carefully looks around, sizing his enemies up whilst he prepares to make his next move.

Morale is dropping. We were at an all time high earlier, but after that stunt Bardock pulled, most of us are feeling confused. The main strategy didn't work, and our numbers are slowly falling. No, I shouldn't concentrate on the negatives. Broly is on his last legs. All I need to do now is rush him with my full strength while the others support me. That should be enough to take him down...

The Fleet Executives, Commanders, and Generals all gather around Broly. Nobody has enough guts to charge him by themselves, but everybody is prepared to do just that if somebody goes first.

All of a sudden, a giant explosion erupts at the peak of The Primary Terminal. Everybody looks over in shock, most notably the Fleet Executives, of course, but none of them have time to count their grievances as another heinous power explodes from within the city.

"It's Bardock!" Joseph shouts loud enough for everybody to hear, but upon searching for the Saiyan's location, nobody can locate him. Damn it, where did that bastard go!?

Thrigon looks back and forth, just as confused as everybody else, but even more worried, considering his primary job was to watch Bardock. "...I...I lost track of him."

Blood squirts out of somebody's chest, and everybody looks over to see what exactly is going on. A near silent squeal of pain is heard from Krillin. Everybody gawks at the scene in shock, clearly seeing Bardock's entire arm plunged through Krillin's chest.

There is a dark silence for a short period of time, which breaks when Bardock rips his bloody arm out of Krillin's chest and the soldier falls flat on his face, in a pool of blood.

"The real nightmare..." Bardock says coldly, unfazed by the obvious hatred and malice creeping across the city. "...begins now."

A) Update Your Strategy!
The End...Maybe?
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Chapter End Notes:
*Main Plans Still In Effect*

- Dr. Fiasco: He will continue to heal everybody up as they get injured, though he will place the Fleet Executives much lower on his list.

- General White: While still using Trance, White will distract Broly as best as he can (fighting defensively).

- Thrigon: If nobody is looking and he can do so successfully, have him invade the Red Ribbon Army base.

- Kiryu #1: If Broly stops changing targets and starts tanking everything, Kiryu will defend somebody with Absolute Safeguard (to take the damage later), and will use Recover to heal himself back up to full afterwards.

- Kiryu #2: Since Kaiba's Acid did not kill Broly, Kiryu will go in physical with Broly with his Elemental Bracelets to stun him with the Electricity. After that, he'll jump into the air and use a Super Explosive Bomber to finish Broly off.
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