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Author's Chapter Notes:
Choice that won:

Take all of the Commanders and Generals except for Echo, and those who Piccolo wants to keep at Valkyrie.
Fifteen minutes have passed by since you gathered the Commanders together. They debated among each other vigorously, but you awaited quietly and patiently until finally reaching a decision. By raising one arm above your head, the Commanders swiftly silence themselves and give you their full attention.

"Listen carefully, because I don't want to repeat myself." You dictate, clearing your hands from your face and gazing straight ahead. "Echo, you will stay here and take charge until I return. Everybody else will accompany me to Red Ribbon Headquarters, including the Generals."

"Kiryu!" Piccolo snaps. "I don't want my team going under any circumstances. I fought one of those Saiyans and we were all obliterated in an instant. It's a death sentence for them!"

"I've made my decision. That being said, they are still under your command so if you do not feel certain individuals may not be at all useful when the battle begins, you have the authority to keep them here. However, I am asking you to bring them all along."

"...I'll think about it."

"Think fast. We're leaving in twenty minutes." You stand up and briefly size up the Commanders. Each of them looks determined and ready for war. "Thrigon, get a jet large enough to accompany at least fifteen men ready."

"Right away." Thrigon says with a nod, leaving the room in a rush.

"Echo, make sure the Ultimate Forcefield is activated. I don't want any mistakes made while I'm gone."

"Got it." He responds.

"Kaiba, Joseph, gather all of the Generals who are fit for battle. And Piccolo, hurry up and make your decision on if you want any of them to come or not."

Not wasting any time listening to their simple retort, you exit the room alongside the remaining Commanders, only taking a different route once in the hall. You make a sharp right and stroll towards your bedroom, changing your clothes and putting on fresh body armor underneath your shirt.

Before I hid the two Dragon Balls in my Capsule, I took out these... In your palm are four Elemental Bracelets that may very well assist you in the upcoming battle. Alongside the bracelets is a small piece of paper glimmering with a faint aura of Ki, with 50/50 written on the surface. Finally, the Book of Secret Arts which you won at the recent tournament resides in your large palm as well.

Heart beating madly, you are forced to take a seat on your bed and take a deep breath. Both palms flat out on your knees, you cringe at them with disgust. Your stomach turns wildly as you sit alone.

"I'm...shivering." For the first time in a long while, you feel so nervous that you can throw up right here and now. "Why am I afraid...? This feeling is abnormal. Even the few times I've been scared of confronting an was never anything like this." Vomit plunges up your lungs and beams onto the carpeted floor surrounding your polished bed. You bend over and grapple your stomach, hands still quivering, unable to help but scream; not because of pain or sickness, but due to confusion. "In any case, the call has already been made. There is no benefit in being afraid at this point..."

Not long afterwards, a rather large jet with the Freeborn Military's insignia on it rumbles violently as it skids across the ground and takes flight, blasting through the skies at unreal speeds.

You gaze back in the cabin and take note of all those who have accompanied you on this mission. Thrigon, Kaiba, Joseph, and Piccolo are all leaning back in their leather chairs--resting. Furthermore, Piccolo allowed Krillin, who was eager to join in, and Dr. Fiasco, under the condition that he stays in background, to come along. The other two members of his group, however, stayed behind. Also, an additional four Generals have been ordered to participate in the battle: General White, Shugesh, McGuy, and the Iron Mantis. With that, there is a total number of eleven fighters who have gathered to help defeat the Saiyans.


Meanwhile, a few kilometers outside of Forte Valkyrie...

Binoculars fall to the dry soil as someone watches a plane take off in the night sky and disappear under the bright moon. Immediately, he flips out his phone and dials a number while slowly raising the phone to his ear. "It's just as you predicted, Gero. Kiryu left."

"How many men did he take with him?" Gero asks on the other end of the phone line.

"I counted eleven, including Commanders Thrigon, Kaiba, and Pike."

"Perfect." Gero responds deviously. I knew Phoenix Graham would approach the FBM and ask for some form of an alliance once he discovered that I was working with the Saiyans. That fool is twenty years too young to be trying to outsmart me.

"Should Kakarot and I charge in?"

"No!" Gero instantly yells back. "Absolutely not, Maize. You and Kakarot will keep your distance for at least another eight hours."

"I don't understand, why? Kiryu and almost all of his Commanders are gone...we should attack while they're gone."

"Listen carefully," Gero begins. "You will hold off on the attack until Kiryu and his men are on the front lines, fighting against Bardock and Broly. Any other way and we will no longer be sure if someone within Valkyrie has contacted Kiryu. Once the battle at Red Ribbon Headquarters has begun, it will be too late for him to turn back."

"Ah. Got it."

"Call me again when you exterminate all of them. I'll drop by soon." Gero dictates, hanging up the phone upon doing so.

"Right..." Maize whispers to himself. He rests his dominant palm over his forehead and peers over at his comrade, Kakarot, who is leaning up against a stone and resting his eyes. Maize gazes at his left arm, reminding himself, once again, that he lost the part of his arm just short of his elbow back in the war. The green-haired Saiyan takes a seat on the soil beneath him and slowly shakes his head.

Kakarot snaps one eye open, taking notice of Maize's discomfort. "What is it?"

"Why are we doing this?" Maize wonders aloud. "I get that we need to gather the Dragon Balls in order to wish back all the fallen Saiyans, but I have a hard time believing that more bloodshed will accomplish this..."

"Try not to...think too much about it." Kakarot slowly speaks in between heavy breaths. "Just...follow orders."

...Follow orders, huh? My only question to that is: why are we still listening to Gero? I'll never trust that man...


The plane ride is rather calm. Besides a small bit of chatter from most of the Generals, and Kaiba, very few words are spoken. Naturally, everybody on this mission has been briefed on the contents of what they are trying to accomplish, which has lead to a very tense environment. Joseph Pike, Thrigon, and Piccolo do not speak one word during the seven hour flight.

"We're here..." You comment, standing up from your seat and stepping into the pilot's room. "Land the plane just below this ridge. We won't be detected by human eyes that way. I want to confirm that the Saiyans are down there before I send my men in."

"Roger that," the pilot conforms. Swiftly, the jet begins losing altitude--treading down from the skies. It safely docks, allowing everybody to start hopping out and stretching their ligaments. "Lord Kiryu, what would you like me to do with the plane? Shall I wait here?"

"No, drive down a few miles away so that you are out of sight. When I give you a call, get here within seconds. I'm going to assume the worst, so when you are picking us up, do not land the plane. Swoop by at a low altitude with the doors open and we'll jump aboard."

"Yes, sir!"

You step out of the plane yourself and eye everyone carefully. They are appear to be mentally prepared. With a wave of acknowledgement, they all start following you up the ridge until all eleven of you reach the summit.

"Whoa...I've never looked down at Red Ribbon Headquarters from such a view." Kaiba comments in awe. The sight is truly a spectacle, and all who are looking down on it from this ridge would agree. Everybody awaits orders as they examine the stronghold from such a promising view.

This is where Rem brought me after saving my life from King Vegeta. It feels like forever ago.

Two gigantic pillars stand tall, each well over four-hundred meters in height, tying a gate that connects them together. This same structure surrounds the entirety of Red Ribbon Headquarters as there are two more pillars in the back, with another great wall between them. When looking down on this enormous structure, one can see that a city is contained within these parameters. The city spreads across the insides of the great walls with a series of roads all connecting to the main structure in the center of the city.

"While the city is used for various things for all those employed in the Red Ribbon Army, the structure in the middle--called the Primary Terminal--contains all of the utmost important information and people involved in the corporation. Due to this fact, the Primary Terminal is most certainly the Saiyans' target. With that in mind, there is an extremely high probability that the city will be almost completely evacuated and a stronghold will be formed around the Primary Terminal."

"The Saiyans might be attacking from different locations around the terminal, then, right?" asks Thrigon.

"Most likely."

"So should we split up?"

"Absolutely not. In unfamiliar, enemy territory such as this place, we all must stick together until the very end. We'll go straight through the front doors and charge through the city until we arrive at the south end. Again, knowing the Red Ribbon Army, they'll be trying to hold the Saiyans off so that they do not get inside their main base. If all things go well, we may be able to pincer the Saiyans in from behind and take them out from there."

"I agree that we should stick together but," Joseph scratches his head and gathers his thoughts for a split moment. "...but I don't think we can rely on a pincer strategy working. The Saiyans can fly. They aren't grounded to the floor like most of us are."

"You're right, and I don't expect it to work, but with proper attack patterns on our part, we may be able to limit their ability of flight. The better chance we have of keeping them on our level, the better chance we have of winning." You turn around to face the Generals in particular. "I want you guys to focus your efforts on grounding the Saiyans." You pull out your Scouter and begin detecting massive power readings surrounded by dozens of other high levels. "The Saiyans are definitely down there..."

"Kiryu, no amount of planning is going to prepare you for this fight," Piccolo says in a very serious tone.

"Your optimism pleases me." You take a deep breath and leap off from the top of the ridge, soon followed by the accompanying soldiers. The wind ripples through your skin as you fall at an unstoppable pace, nearing the ground within seconds. You fire a small blast to the ground which slows down your fall considerably, allowing you to safely land on the grassy field. The others drop seconds afterwards. "Lets go! Follow my lead and charge in at full speed!"

They all cheer in unison and begin blitzing across the field until the front gates come into sight. You stretch both arms back and unleash a Giant Bulldozer into the center of the already damaged gate, smashing a hole right through it. For some reason it put up a surprisingly small amount of fuss, but you pay it little attention. With the current predicaments going on within their city, you can hardly fault them for not enforcing the gate securely after just being invaded.

Hyperactive flames from burning buildings inside the city spread throughout the area ferociously. Smoke burrows up into the sky and wild explosions of Ki flare up in the distance. Your Scouter warns you that the battlefield is near.

"We're almost here. Don't let your guard down!"

You skid to a stop and raise one arm out, halting the dashes of the Commanders and Generals. Two Saiyans are standing about fifteen feet away from each other, both dripping with sweat and panting heavily.

The one on the left, who you remember as Broly, has spiky black hair that reaches halfway down his back. He is very tall, matching even you in height, yet still has a lean but well-built frame. Currently, Broly is sporting a golden necklace, boots and wristbands, each of which contains a blue jewel in the center. The rest of his attire consists of baggy white pants that tuck into his shiny boots, with a red sash laying over top.

Bardock, on the other hand, has an appearance that greatly resembles Goku. You notice this for the first time now, when he takes notice of your arrival and turns around. Though there is a good chance that it is simply a coincidence, something about it seems rather odd. Bardock has unkempt hair which partially stands on end and a large scar on his left cheek. He's wearing a black and green suit of armor, and has a green scouter attached to his ear. Bardock has red wristbands and black pants which also tuck into a similar pair of wristbands over his ankles.

There is a brief silence as everybody present sizes each other up. Just beyond the two Saiyans, an army of Red Ribbon soldiers are laying flat on their faces, presumably dead. As of now, you do not see Phoenix Graham or any of the Fleet Executives. It appears as though the Saiyans were held off by a mass amount of soldiers of different ranks. Thousands must have died in the last few hours alone.

"Dr. Gero was right." Broly says with a loathsome grin. "Lucky we listened to him and didn't transform. If we had, our energy would have been depleted by now."

"I was skeptical at first, but once I realized that the Red Ribbon Army wasn't sending out any of their big guns in all of the hours we were here, it became all too clear that Gero's prediction was correct." Bardock agrees.

Dr. Gero's prediction? What the hell are they talking about? You wonder, still unsure of what exactly is going on. Breaking out of your train of thought, you dig into your pocket and clutch onto your cell phone, preparing to demand that Phoenix and the others get down here immediately. However, upon doing so, the front doors to the Primary Terminal open and six figures begin walking out.

Phoenix Graham is the first to surface. His back is slouched and his hands are dug into his pockets, yet even with his lax mannerisms, one look at his eyes and you are instantly put on guard. Behind and on the left of Phoenix, Geo Klush paces like a true military man; both hands are firmly pressed to his sides and it appears that he doesn't plan on blinking any time soon. He was advising former President Red before you even heard of the Red Ribbon Army. Beside Geo is Tao Pai Pai, another familiar man who has been here for well over a decade. The other three Fleet Executives are unfamiliar to you, however. Bojack, Korn, and Pluto are there names, and while you have read their files, you are unsure of many things revolving around them.

"Finally, the real battle begins." Broly calls out in sheer ecstasy. His muscles bulk up in size and a ferocious aura engulfs him.

"Phoenix!" you scream, suddenly outraged. "Where are the other Saiyans!? You said they were here!"

"...I suppose I was wrong. Only these two Saiyans came." Phoenix says nonchalantly.

"I...don't understand. If only two of them are here, then where are the other three!?"

"It doesn't matter anymore!" Broly roars at the top of his lungs, his voice soaring throughout the entire city. Without delay, Broly's hair gradually spikes up while blossoming into a golden shade, illuminating the area. His already large muscles expand even more and his eyes turn completely white. Blood vessels pop out of the veins in his arm and green mucus squirts out of them as it leaks down his forearm.

The sheer magnitude of his power frightens you to your very being. Unrealistic numbers beep onto your Scouter but your brain is barely able to process the information. Rocks skid around the area as Broly sinks into a small crater, still rising in power. You, and everybody else on the battlefield, are only able to gawk at the Saiyan in fear.

"Juggernaut!" Your body takes on a new form as you do the only thing you can do right now: give it your all. Broly stops his transformation for a brief moment and turns his head towards you. "He's coming!"


Broly zaps over to you and smashes his knuckles into your forearm, instantly shattering the bone. Before you can even react to the pain, an onslaught of ruthless fists are thrown into your throbbing arms, snapping more bones with every thrust. Blood sprays out of your lungs in between your silent screams.


A yellow disc zooms towards Broly but the Saiyan disperses from thin air far before Krillin's attack makes contact, so the disc simply brushes past you and flies off into a nearby building. You collapse to your knees and attempt to lift your arms, but are unable to do so. He completely disabled you from the get-go.

Dr. Fiasco steps forward and places a hand on each of your arms. He feels the broken bones and then reassures you that he will be able to heal the damage momentarily.

Meanwhile, Bardock, is merely sitting on an adjacent building and watching the battle with a cocky smile. This could be a lucky break, assuming he doesn't intervene at all.

Even Lord Kiryu couldn't stand up to these guys! I don't have a choice, if I'm attack next, I'll be killed in one strike. Shugesh realizes. He looks up at the moon and his heart starts pounding. Not long after that, a full transformation into an Oozaru is made, multiplying his Battle Power by ten. Shugesh roars at the top of his lungs and fires a Breath Blaster out at Broly, hitting the Saiyan directly.

The smoke clears and Broly is smiling psychotically. A few bruises have formed over his bare skin, but other than that, it appears as though very little-if any-damage was sustained.

"I can't allow this man to take complete control over the battle!" Bojack shouts while jumping into the air and charging his Ki in one arm.

After gazing over at Bojack for a brief second, Broly laughs maniacally and turns away from him, targeting Phoenix. Immediately, Phoenix begins jumping back long distances in order to get away but Broly disappears from space and time and reproduces himself behind Phoenix all within the blink of an eye.

"Behind you!" Geo Klush shouts from across the battlefield, but both of Broly's fists crash into Phoenix's head before the Fleet Executive can even react. A large crater erupts from under Broly's toes with Phoenix buried within it. Everybody freezes for a moment, taking notice that Phoenix is not moving from his position.

"Next." Broly remarks.

"Enough!" Bojack's voice rumbles from the sky with a shocking amount of Ki in his right palm. "Big Bang Shot!"


"Gwa ha ha ha ha ha." A snicker is heard from the crater that Bojack's most powerful attack made. All of the dust particles are blown away by a quick burst of Ki, revealing Broly in the center of the blast. To your surprise, there are a few drops of blood leaking from his bottom lip, though, despite that small accomplishment, Broly is still in perfect condition.

"Damn! I didn't expect him to be this powerful!" Bojack curses. These individual attacks aren't going to work. We need to all join up and handle this together, or else there isn't any chance of victory, especially with Bardock still in tip-top shape. But even if someone made a plan, I can't see the other side obeying...this isn't good.

Another spiral of energy zaps around Broly while he searches for his next target, keeping everybody else on edge.

Dr. Fiasco finally backs off after fully healing your arms. Thrigon jumps up beside you and sways back and forth, refusing to stay still in case of an incoming attack. Kaiba and Piccolo are hanging back with the Generals, presumably to protect them in case Broly or Bardock decide to attack. Joseph Pike is clutching his fingers into a ball as hard as he can, which tells you that even he is at a loss. Nobody on the Red Ribbon Army's side seems particularly joyful either, and Phoenix Graham is out of commission already.

I don't see us leaving here without heavy casualties. I need to come up with something, at least for my men to abide by, in order to do as much damage as possible. These one-man assaults are NOT working, and I can only hope that people on the other side are realizing that now too... You take a deep breath, analyzing the talents of your top fighters. Thrigon is the fastest person we have, Joseph and Piccolo have an arsenal of techniques, Kaiba still hasn't transformed and he may be able to kill-or mortally wound-Broly with his Acidic Meltdown. That's certainly something to chew on. Even the Generals should be able to contribute in the back. As long as I keep them away from a one-on-one with Broly, I think they'll be safe...maybe.

A) Come up with a battle strategy for Kiryu & his men.
B) Keep things as they are.


Kiryu's Items:

- Elemental Bracelets (Fire, Ice, 2 Electricity)
- Combat Bonus: 50/50
- Book of Secret Arts
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