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Kiryu is not forgetting anything.
Meanwhile, At Red Ribbon Headquarters...

"Are you positive that he's dead?"

"For the third time, yes!" Bojack screams at Phoenix Graham in a frenzy. "Nobody could survive my Big Bang Shot."

"We are not interested in your biased assertions." Geo Klush begins. "Facts. Phoenix and I want facts. Did you confirm Dyesct's death on inspection of his body?"

"What body? My blast disintegrated him. Trust me, we don't need to worry about him anymore. As for the rest of the FBM, I can't say. We need to strike back. Rem sending Dysect was a declaration of war, and the longer we wait, the more vulnerable we are to whatever scheme he comes up with."

"I agree." Geo promptly replies.

Phoenix sits quietly with his hands folded over one another, gently resting his chin on them. "Dysect came on his own accord. Rem would never send him to confront us alone. I do not think that the Freeborn Military is an immediate threat."

"What about Gero and the Super Saiyans?"

"I don't know."

"What do you mean you 'don't know'? We rely on you for reading into the potential moves of our enemies."

"Gero is a hard man to predict is all. I've never been able to grasp the old man's thought process."

"So he's smarter than you then." Phoenix scowls at this, but does not retort. "In any case, we need to get our hands on the final two Dragon Balls. I've had my men search the entire planet by now, yet nothing of interest has been found. We know the FBM has one, but the other is a ghost. Your thoughts?"

"The FBM would have them both. Black was found dead in an underground chamber in West City. It's probable that he was killed by the FBM and they retrieved the ball he almost had. As for the second ball, it would be from the World Martial Arts Tournament."

"So whether we like it or not, our eventual confrontation with Valkyrie is finally upon us." Bojack adds sternly.

"It seems so. But I'm hesitant to do anything drastic with Gero on the loose."

"You're overestimating them. With our current forces, a two-front war isn't impossible to win with good leadership."

"Perhaps, but I wouldn't bet on it. Prince Vegeta alone did a tremendous amount of damage just some months ago, and that was before he had fully ascended." Geo Klush contemplates. "Now imagine an entire team of those monsters, commanded by an intellectual mastermind."

"We knew this day would come eventually. In order to create a galactic empire, sacrifices must be made." Phoenix points out as he pushes his chair back and stands up, gracefully peering through a glass wall and into the night sky with both hands resting behind his back.
"Gather the other-"

Meteors of Ki plummet from the sky and bombard Red Ribbon Headquarters, melting all in sight. Phoenix gawks out of the window in complete shock, frozen stiff and listening to the unexpected bombings, unable to make a move.

Geo Klush and Bojack jump out of their seats and run to the window, taking in the scenery. Within seconds, both of them sprint out of the room and head to the command station.

Gero!? Phoenix clenches his teeth until blood seeps out of the crevices, still immobile. Why is he making his move so soon? Damn that old man... No, this is good; brilliant, actually. I prepared for this moment when I made that alliance with Kiryu. Phoenix slips his cell phone out of his pocket and smiles deviously. "Hahahaha! Gero, today is the die you will die!"


Back At Forte Valkyrie...

After watching the planes take off to the ground and blast through the air, you finally head back inside. When you reach the second floor, a group of scientists standing outside the laboratory come to your attention. They take notice of your return and one of them does a slow jog over to you, waving his hand in the air as he does so.

"What is it?" you yell from across the room. The scientist halts a few feet away from you and grins. "Well?"

"The Ultimate Forcefield is complete. It's been installed as we speak."

"Already? You said it would take-"

"I'm surprised as well, but we managed to finish it much earlier than predicted."

"There won't be an manufacturing issues I presume?"

"I assure you, Lord Kiryu, it's perfect!"

"A job well done," you congratulate. "Now get working on creating a device that will give us the ability to detect where the other Dragon Balls are."

"Right away sir."

Sighing with relief, you close your eyes and rest up against the closed elevator door. Suddenly, a ringing ignites from the depths of your pocket. Taking your cell phone out of your back pocket, you carelessly lift it up to eye level and read the Caller ID, however, as expected, the number is unknown.

"Hello?" You say weakly, quite bored.

"Kiryu," slowly, the man on the other end says. His familiar voice instantly energizes you. "It's me, Phoenix. We're in the state of an emergency right now, so I'll keep this short."

"...Go on."

"Gero and the Super Saiyajins are here. As agreed upon, I'm asking for assistance. If we work together, we can take care of this problem before irreversible damage is done."

Gero made his move on the Red Ribbon Army, eh. He must be after the rest of the Dragon Balls in that case.

"Kiryu, listen carefully." Phoenix boldly announces. "Gero is like a plague. To ensure that the virus does not spread, we need to kill it before it grows. Quite frankly, the only way to do this is by working together so that he does not escape."

"How long can you hold out?"

"Hm? What? How long do you plan on keeping us waiting!?"

"...I can be there by dawn. Try to hold the front lines until then. If all goes well, we can pincer the Saiyans in and finish them off."

"Very well. I won't keep you any longer. See you soon." Phoenix disconnects the phone line on cue, leaving you wide awake, carefully analyzing the situation.

Of course it's hard to tell over the phone, but I didn't get the impression that he was lying. Hm. You jog over to the Meeting Room across the hall and speak into the microphone, directing all of the Commanders to report there immediately. A few minutes pass by and they enter one-by-one, Piccolo arriving first and Echo coming in last. You promptly fill them in on the situation, refusing to leave out a single detail. There is a long, drawn out silence, until Joseph breaks the ice.

"I'm coming along. I've been board senseless for too long now. I need fresh blood."

"Again, I haven't decided if we should go or not. For obvious reasons, cautious is of the utmost importance when entering enemy territory." You remind him with a shred of frustration.

"Why would we go? Let them kill each other. Hell, we can go rake in the prize after all is said and done, but there ain't no way we should team up with them." Echo snaps.

"Only a few days ago, Gero captured a group of our men and was prepared to execute them if I didn't relinquish a Dragon Ball. That was him being kind; understanding, even. Once he figures out that I ripped him off, he'll target us, and then the Red Ribbon Army will no doubt come and rake up the prize. There is no guarantee Red Ribbon will manage to take out all the Saiyans and Gero."

"I...well, hate to admit it, but you have a point there." Echo submits, probably for the first time ever.

"So say we do go," Thrigon says nervously. "We'd need a plan just in case they try an' screw us over, right?"


"Tatito, we can think about that after. Me thinks who goes is more important."

"I don't think anybody outside of us should go," says Piccolo. "I fought one of the Saiyans firsthand, and I can guarantee that your average General will only weigh us down. Bringing them would be the same as giving 'em a death sentence."

"What I've heard from Phoenix supports that as well. I'm sure a lot of their men will be killed in the process. Ideally, a group of us can go--assure that the problem is properly dealt with, and make our escape without any casualties. That way, the RRA will be open for attack later on because they'll be in rough shape." You add.

"What about White and...Krillin," Joseph cringes at that last part. "They should be able to hold their own if we provide backup. It isn't like all six of us can go on and fight the Saiyans..."

"Why not? The Red Ribbon Army and the Saiyans will both be busy fighting!" Thrigon hollers with a wild grin. "We'll only be vulnerable for a couple days, at the most, and there isn't any military faction that could harm Valkyrie greatly during our absence."

"The new and improved Ultimate Forcefield is also complete," you remark. "So it really isn't like Valkyrie will be in a dire state."

"You...can't be serious?" Echo utters in complete shock.

"No, I'm not serious. Leaving Valkyrie without at least one Commander is ridiculous."

"Good. Oh, and that Commander will be me. I'll keep this place under control while you're gone."

"Ignoring Thrigon's nonsense, what about White and Krillin?" Joseph recites once again.

"It wasn't nonsense!" Thrigon yaks. "I swear, you just have it out for me. I should kick your ass."

"Can we focus? Thanks!" you roar, legitimately irritated.

"I don't know how much help White would be," Kaiba admits. "Krillin, I don't know. He's strong but-"

"White would be useful because of his techniques." Joseph breaks in, cutting Kaiba off. "He can morph his body into any other being he wants to, and also has the Solar Flare, which would do wonders on a large battlefield. Krillin is worthless. Forget that I brought him up."

You roll your eyes, chuckle a bit, and then return to your serious self. The group of Commanders continue to debate with one another, though you soon find yourself simply observing and taking in all of the information. While gazing over at the clock on the adjacent wall of the room, the dark sky consumes you. Dawn is closing in.

I have all the information I'll be able to get from this meeting. It's time that I made up my mind...

A) Betray your alliance with Phoenix. Do not go to Red Ribbon Headquarters.
B) Go to Red Ribbon HQ and fight the Saiyans, as well as Gero.
- Who will Kiryu bring with him? Does he need to plan anything in advance?
C) Send a group of people to Red Ribbon HQ, but have Kiryu stay at Forte Valkyrie.
- Who will he send?
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