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Author's Chapter Notes:
Choices that won:

- Let Tien lead the base in East City.
- Make Piccolo a Commander.
- Hide the Dragon Ball in Kiryu's Capsule. Create tiny hole in bottom of wall. Get tape and place capsule near hole. Shrink down and tape it down inside hole in wall.
"I think..." You begin, getting the attention of the four Commanders. "I think that Piccolo should be the one promoted. He may not have been here very long, but in his short stay, he's proved to be a brilliant asset. He even managed to safely secure one of the Dragon Balls. And, technically speaking, he's on a level that only we can match. As opposed to White and Krillin, who each have their own flaws, Piccolo seems to be the most balanced decision."

"I'm down with that." Thrigon is the first to speak. He stands up and stretches his legs carelessly. "Want me to go get him? Bring him into our little group?"

"Sure. Go ahead." As Thrigon runs off, you turn to the other three. Joseph is rather indifferent, but Echo and Kaiba's facial expressions show that they are clearly on board. Even if you chose White, who was Joseph's primary choice, he would most certainly have that same face on, so you take it that there are no objections on his part. "Well then, meeting adjourned."

Kaiba instantly hops to his feet and whisks around the furniture, preparing to make his escape. However, Echo manages to spark his attention just before he exits the room. "What about the new base you wanted to build? The one in East City or whatever."

"What about it?"

"Ugh, I hate it when people do that."

"Do what?"

"That! Ask a question in response to my question! Dude, you know what I'm talking about! Can you just get out with it already!?"

Now smiling, entertained by Echo's brief burst of anger, you decide to answer him. "I don't know who wants to go as of yet. I've been off the radar for the last little while, so those who wanted to join, who I instructed earlier to come directly to me, wouldn't have been able to do that."

"So? Just make an announcement."

"I-," You freeze for a second, abruptly stopping your response, and then give Echo a firm nod. He rushes over to the Microphone at Rem's former desk and turns it on.

"This is Commander Echo speaking," he says into it, causing his voice to boom across the entirety of Forte Valkyrie. "Kiryu would like all those who have considered relocating to East City to make their decision by 8PM--tonight. If you want to go, line up in accordance of rank just outside the building. Kiryu will instruct you further at that time."

He actually knows how to talk professionally...! You note, quite surprised.

"We truly do hope that enough of you decide to relocate," Joseph calls over from his relaxed position in the chair. "Or else we may be forced to introduce conscription."

Careful with the words, Joseph. It would be one thing if Rem said that, but I only recently became the new leader. Any wrong move and there may be a rebellion on my hands..! Joseph, who clearly read your mind as you thought that, is taken aback. The fool failed to realize just how delicate the situation is.

Echo turns off the Microphone and has a seat once again, grinning toothily all the while. Kaiba jumps up and down by the door, restless as a child, so you finally wave him off. Just as he prances out of the room, Thrigon and Piccolo enter together.

"You wanted to see me?"

"Thrigon didn't tell you?" Piccolo shrugs. "I'd like to offer you a promotion. Presently, you don't even have a rank due to just recently joining us." You cough into your hand as a thought comes back. Actually, now that I think about it, Rem told me that I would be the one to give Piccolo a rank. Even after death he still predicts the future. That bastard. While Thrigon has had a seat back on the arm of the couch, Piccolo is silently waiting for you to continue speaking. "Anyway, this is me officially acknowledging you as a necessity to the Freeborn Military. Join us as a Commander."

"Didn't expect that." Piccolo scratches his head with a minuscule smirk forcing its way through. "Heh, how could I turn down such a promotion? I accept."


"But," Piccolo slyly goes on. "I do have one request. When I first agreed to join the FBM, you promised me an I Owe You, remember?"

"...Yeah, what about it?"

"I want my own squadron. The ones I went to West City to retrieve the Dragon Ball with. Blue, Krillin, John Giant, and Dr. Fiasco. You can keep McGuy."

"Those are some of the most renowned Generals. What the hell do you want them for?"

"Nothing, really. I think we work together well and I grew attached to them. So if a time ever arises where a group of soldiers are going to be sent on an important mission, my Squadron will be at the ready."

"Why do you need you own team for that? I can give you the proper men if such a time were to come..."

"After that announcement just now, I somehow doubt it. What if some of them are transferred to East City, then what? Let me guess, you'll substitute one of them for some random that I don't want to work with."

...Damn it, he saw through it.

"I'm cashing in my one favor, Kiryu. You promised me this."

"That's true..." You glare Piccolo directly in the eyes without showing any weakness; he, too, does the same. It doesn't hurt me to give him his own squadron, but I was considering sending some of those guys to East City. I could always tell him 'No', but then I'm denying the only thing he has ever asked for...

1) Very well, Piccolo. You can have them for your own Squad.
2) I'm sorry Piccolo, but I can't do that.
3) The best I can do is give you...(Choose which Generals you can allow him to have, and which ones he cannot have).


The sun soon sets, allowing the moon to shine brightly within the night sky. You gaze out of the Meeting Room, watching piles of soldiers step out of the main base and line up not too far outside. It reminds you of the day the FBM prepared to tread over to the Saiyan Empire, waging war.

Looking over to the corner of the room, the clock on the wall reads 7:43PM. You'll soon head outside to greet those who have prepared to move to East City. Of course if you are not pleased with those who volunteered, you can always pick out practically anybody you desire and send them off.

Valkyrie is secure. The Ultimate Forcefield will be ready in a few days, which will solidify our defense. It won't be impenetrable by any means, but it will surely hold off long enough to allow us to think of-and properly execute-whatever plan of action we take in case of an emergency. The key right now is keeping the East City base impregnable. Even though the Red Ribbon Army has regrouped all of their forces to HQ, I don't think it will be long until they start conquering land again. The last thing they want is to have us expand in territory, let alone grow in power as we gain support from the general populace. If that were the case, and I were in charge, I would order the extermination of said base. Taking that into consideration, I cannot deny the possibility of being attacked by the Red Ribbon Army, or for that matter, anybody else whose feet I may be stepping on. There are numerous kingdoms and organizations across the globe that I'm unfamiliar with because they pale in comparison to the Red Ribbon Army. Hmm... Fortunately, I do not believe the Saiyans will have anything to do with attacking this base. Gero is calling the shots, albeit in a very sneaky and manipulating way. With him in command, they'll only go after the big fish. Side projects like a small FBM base wouldn't concern them. At any rate, our fastest jets would be able to arrive at East City in just under twelve hours, fifteen at the absolute most. With that in mind, the forces will need to be big enough to hold out for that long. More than just that, the top dogs will have to be competent enough to direct their soldiers in a proper way; one that will allow them to survive that long. After all, an army is only as strong as its commander. I can also move King Nefro around; have him support those in East City as a backup. He's in the north, if I recall, so they would be able to arrive in East City much quicker than we could, even considering their inferior technology...

You let out a sigh and lean up against the nearest wall, noticing that the clock now reads 7:44PM. It may be because of the leading position, or perhaps Rem's ghost is simply haunting you, but your thoughts and calculations have been endless as of recently. To make matters worse, everything you think about is conjecture, therefore denying you the satisfaction of being positive that your plan of action will work.

"Kiryu." You look over to the left and see Thrigon standing by the door. "It's time to go. I don't think anybody else is going outside."

"Right. Speaking of which, we need a dozen jets outside within the next twenty minutes. I'd like to send them over now so they get to East City by morning."

"Already done. General Jones is fueling them up now."

"Looks like your a step ahead of me," you remark as you walk towards the door and stroll down the hall with him. "Maybe you should take my place."

"Hah, I think you're doing a great job so far. It's also nice that some of my opinions are unique now. Back when Rem was in charge, he had already thought of everything I could have possibly come up with a month beforehand. It got to the point where I just stopped trying to be smart."

So that's why Thrigon used to dumb himself down in order to fit in with others. Rem's brilliance shattered his self-confidence...

Both you and Thrigon step out into beneath the full moon. There are roughly five thousand men and women lined up formally, awaiting orders. Similar to before the war, they are lined up by rank.

"Thank you all for your cooperation. I truly appreciate it. Now, onto business!" straining your vocal cords, you roar loud enough for those at the top floor of Valkyrie to hear. "Numerous jets are being prepared to fly you all out to East City as soon as I finish speaking. I recommend you sleep on the trip, it will be a long flight. Upon arrival, you shall work together and begin manufacturing the base under the directive of the man I have assigned the position of leader to." You dig into your coat pocket and pull out a notebook with a pen attached to it. "Please, so that I know who exactly is going to East City, sign your name up in this notebook prior to your departure. I will leave it with Thrigon. Any questions!?"

There are a few rustles a midst the Generals until, finally, a familiar face comes out of the line and raises his hand shyly. You give him a wave of approval, so he clears his throat and prepares to speak. "Yeah, actually, I got one quick question." General Watson asks quietly.

"You're going to have to speak up!"

"Ergh, yeah, sorry!" Watson yells back nervously. "Who is our leader? Of the East City base, I mean. I want to know whose orders I'll be following once I get down there, you know."

"Yeah, I do. Please step forward Tien!" Near the back of the small line of Generals, Tien shimmies through the crowd and confidently treads over until he is standing a few inches apart from you. Slyly, Tien lets out a brief exhale in a way that nobody can notice, and then finally glares at his audience menacingly. "This man next to me is your leader. His name is Tien Shinhan. You will obey his every command while working under him."

"I look forward to working with you all." Tien firmly declares. "If you have any personal questions, I'll be happy to answer them when we arrive in East City."

"There we have it. If there is no other questions, remember to sign your name on the notebook." Tien takes a few steps backwards to let you take the spotlight once again, while also allowing him time to recuperate. "I'll hand it over to General Orez near the front entrance. That is all."

Orderly and efficiently, everybody rushes over to General Orez's front office and begin signing their names down. The Generals are the first to do this. Curious to see who signed up, you gawk at their small group. In it, General Watson and Stiffy stand side-by-side. Just behind them is Lind Thrasher, the man who you recently recruited from the tournament; it makes sense that he is choosing to return to what you can only assume is his home city. Finally, there is a man whom you have only seen around a few times: Murasaki.

Hmm... For better or for worse, those four will be Tien's main forces. I don't know if they'll be enough to secure the base in case of an attack, though.

Soon enough, the line thins into nothingness. Eleven planes are filled up with soldiers, while another has been supplied with equipment and supplies, including a vast amount of the new Ray Guns. Tien has not moved from your side as of yet.

"Do you really think you can do this, Tien?"

"...I do. I really do." He assures, "Looks like they're about ready now. Guess this is it."

"I suppose it is."

"Mhm. Any last words of advice?"

"Never forbid what you lack the power to prevent. You may be in charge, but they are not tools for your own personal use. If you ever forget that, it won't be long until they kill you." Tien doesn't say a word. He merely turns to you calmly and then locks his attention back on the planes, now walking towards them. "Goodbye, Tien." The new man in charge raises a hand over his head and gives it a little wave.

They'll be gone shortly. Have I made all the proper arrangements? I wonder...

A) Is Kiryu Forgetting Anything?
- Has he gave them all of the military equipment needed? Does he want to send anybody else over to East City? Is he going to request that somebody who is going to East City stays here instead? Other? Think of any possible last minute preparations/changes.
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